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Thursday Pickin’ Season III Week 5

Quote of the Week: “That was about a piss poor performance on my part last week.” –Coach TeaJay It was the first football weekend of autumn last week and boy did the TBU celebrate the occasion with a big fall. … Continue reading

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TB’s TP Write-In Campaign

Quote of the Day: “I dabbled in witchcraft. I never joined a coven.” –Christine O’Donnell (TP) Behold Christine O’Donnell. The best thing that ever happened to Ron Paul and Sharon Angle. The Palinest of them all. A mirror of America. … Continue reading

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TB, Hat Fashion, and Middle Age Angst

Quote of the Day: “…excuse yourself from obsessing on the state of the economy, the meaning of life and the clash between science and religion…” TB’s Leo Free Will Astrology excerpt The local rag here in Jackson, MS, runs a feature … Continue reading

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Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 4

Quote of the Day: “I am getting more addicted by the week!” –Tiny D The last two weeks have been tough on TB, the fan. It looks like, once again, next year is not here quite yet for my beloved … Continue reading

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The Recession is Dead! (Long Live the Depression)

Quote of the Day: “A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.” –W.C. Fields It was all over the tube, the interwebs and of course the great postmodern bulletin board that is Facebook, the recession is over. … Continue reading

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Team Jon vs Team Colbert

Quote of the Day: “Never forget–Reason is just one letter away from treason.” –Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both made their hugely anticipated announcements last night of planned rallies which will be held in Washington D.C. on October … Continue reading

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Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 3

Quote of the Week: “This is great!”     —Flyin’ J TB warned you degenerate gamblers who follow the site that past results are not indicators of future performance. The TBU is off to a staggeringly mediocre start, though we … Continue reading

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Underdog of the Week, Paul Thorn

Quote of the Day: “The song says ‘Hank Williams was in the darkness when he sang I Saw the Light. I believe there’s good in everyone, I hope I’m doing this right’,” Thorn reflects. “I was talking to somebody the … Continue reading

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It’s Time

Quote of the Day: “Time is but the stream I go a fishin’ in.     Henry David Thoreau The universe, as in the royal universe, the editorial….it speaks to me sometimes in theme, and when it does, TB passes the theme … Continue reading

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Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 2

Quote of the Week: “ok I think that last post just earned me quote of the week.”     –BW Buzz It’s been a hard week here at the looms of the TBU. TB’s Mac is laid up with an early season … Continue reading

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