The Best of Travellinbaen

The Travellinbaen Universe burst forth from nothingness in late May, 2008. I’m reminded of a passage from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, which, you should know, was a major inspiration for the direction of the blog and continues to influence every spasm of its life in subtle and random ways, a fact about which, if you are a fan of the book, the movie, commas or the series you might find mildly amusing. Oh yes, the passage. I can’t recall it well enough to paraphrase and I can’t find it to copy. But it would’ve fit in perfectly right here.

All of which is a long way of saying, the posts on this page are the ones I consider my best. Or at least my favorite. And one or two that seem the most popular. If you don’t like anything on this page I don’t blame you. Please leave quietly and quickly. If on the other hand you think you might like to have citizenship here there is no such thing as an illegal alien. Just speak up occasionally. A universe is compelled to grow or die and this one thrives on words, lots of them, mostly mine, too many commas, and a lot of yours.

Old Stories Told Funny

The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told

The Key West Story

The Train Story

The Day the 240Z Almost Died (and took TB with it)

Smily’s Story

The Proud Larry’s Story

The New Year’s Eve Girl

Essays and Thoughts at Various Depths

The Proud Father

The Old Neighborhood

Questions That Keep Me Up at Night (the lesser list)

Woke Last Night to the Sound of Thunder


Cookie Monster, Revisited


Stuff I Made Up That’s Funny

One Small Step (the moon landing tribute)

Funny Stuff Happens (sometimes when you’re not lookin)

The Walk of Shame

TB’s Guide to Life (in the event of a second Great Depression)

Russian Spy Predicts US Civil War

Pascagoula Sports

The Legend of Rooster Jones

All-Time Pascagoula Football Team

Pascagoula and The Golden Age of Sports

Pascagoula Baseball

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