Dubious Stories, Damn Lies and Fading Heroes–Jackson County HOF Thread

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After writing sports for 17 years in Pascagoula, I have really enjoyed seeing so many familiar names. It is amazing that so many great athletes could come from the same area; and this does not even include Moss Point. I always pushed for a Jackson County Sports Hall of Fame to honor these people, but it never got any support. Maybe you can pick up the cause and see it through.”     –Mark Bryant

Update–2-26-09  If you came over here from the Jackson County HOF page, what follows is a record of the discussion that took place in response to the idea of starting a Hall in the first place. Some of the discussion even relates to the Hall. Feel free to continue the conversation; this has been the most enjoyable thread in the blog’s history and there’s no reason that should stop now.


Travellinbaen’s blog posts on Pascagoula sports have proven to be  popular (by this blog’s standards anyway) subjects and have brought a lot (by this blog’s standards anyway) of readers to the TB site. Because of the interest, and the direct suggestion by a (by this blog’s standards anyway) local celebrity, consider the Jackson County Sports Hall of Fame hereby established. (The hereby gives it legal credence.)

A Hall of Fame should not be only one person’s opinion, especially when the whole county is included and the writer only knows a few athletes from some of those towns. And if you’ve read the blog for awhile, you probably know that TB isn’t likely to be partial to a small, elitist committee making all the decisions either. So I hereby declare you, the reader, as a member in good standing of the HOF selection committee. If you think someone deserves to be in our Hall, nominate them. Tell us why they belong. Then we’ll vote on whether they should be enshrined. Maybe one of these days we’ll even inform the electees of the honor we’ve bestowed.

I suppose we’ve gotta have a few rules to get started. If my provisional rules turn out to be unpopular or incomplete, we’ll just change them. But for now, I’m going to suggest that each of the following communities get ten inductees in the first class–Pascagoula, Ocean Springs, Gautier, Moss Point, and the County. And yes, I know its going to be hard to come up with enough OS athletes. Each community should be represented by at least one coach, one female and one representative from the Big Three sports–baseball, basketball and football. We’ll take nominations for awhile (another technical legal term), then we’ll vote. Top vote getters are Hall of Famers. We’ll have a special wing for the great teams the county has produced and a special exhibit on the greatest games ever played in our little corner of the world.

Ok, the ball’s in your court. I have some nominations, but I’ll let you get the first shot. Nominate, or rule propose, away. Let’s see how this turns out. Oh, I almost forgot, anybody who lands a sponsor for our Hall gets a lifetime free subscription to the TB website.

491 Responses to Dubious Stories, Damn Lies and Fading Heroes–Jackson County HOF Thread

  1. Zeek says:

    This is too formal and too vast for me, I feel overwhelmed, can’t pull it off with this equipment.

  2. OB says:

    Here are my nominees from Gautier. I’ll try and give some statistics or reasons why I am selecting them later.

    Coach Bloomfield (Jr. High Football Coach)

    T-Buck (Football/Baseball/Track)
    Keith Joseph (Football)
    Mitch Doze (Football/Baseball)
    Terry Graves (Football/Baseball)
    Richard Harvey (Football)
    Kez McCorvey (Football)
    Grant Fair (Football)
    Eddie Flora (Football)

    Robin Higginbotham (Baseball)
    Kenny Taylor (Baseball/Sportmanship)

    Antonio Harvey (Basketball)
    Elbert Rogers (Basketball)
    Fred Williams (Basketball)

    Felecia Graves (Girls Basketball/girls Track)

    Scott Jackson (Golf)
    EJ Blanchard (Golf)

  3. Smilyj says:

    Do the nominees need to be or have become famous or successful in sports after high school? If not, then BR Summerlin blows away some of OB’s so I nominate him. As does Rob Holifield, Blair Varnes and John Grant. Shane Mattews should also be nominated. If there is a knuckleballer hall of fame or maybe just an off shoot of the main one, I’ll nominate BDW. For a chick I nominate Erin Sims and suggest you cannot be eligible if your sport was golf. Coach would be Sixto Aleman because of the widespread links he had to many other ballers from Pascagoula.

  4. OB says:

    Hooch was pretty darn good in High School, so I won’t argue with you there Smiley. I did however make it to and start for South Mississippi in the Diamond Club High School All Start Game. I was from Gautier, so BR and I are in two seperate brackets.

  5. OB says:

    Can I throw out nomineeas for Goula? If so, here are some that haven’t been mentionet yet:

    Teddy Bishop (Baseball)
    Ritchie Tillman (Baseball)
    Cliff Ord (Baseball)
    Fishburn (Baseball)
    Mike Moreland (Baseball)
    Tony Dees (Track)
    Sony Grubbs (Golf)

  6. sweet says:

    Since I was 0 for career hitting against BR, I second that nomination. crafty bastard

  7. Jessie Lou says:

    Off the top of my head, I must nominate
    Rocky Byrd (football)
    Twig Branch (football)
    Mitch Doze (football)
    Jimmy Colmer (Baseball)
    Johnny Zelenka (Baseball)
    Rusty Lachausee (football)

    Martha Byrd (basketball)

  8. OB says:

    I’ve never heard of Twig Branch, but he/she has to be in the HOF for the name alone.

    Chalk up another vote for BR. He now has three!

  9. Jessie Lou says:

    And I could be wrong on Twig Branch being from PHS – I’ll have to verify with my dad. He went on to MS State while my Uncle Rocky with to Ole Miss. The year was 1947. I’ll check my stat references when I get home.

    I’ll also vote for Tony Dees, my classmate.

  10. Jamie Ellis says:

    There’s too damn many to mention. Hell you could just about put the entire team from the 1985 State Chamionship Baseball Team on there. I got to throw my brother in there. And I got to give another for OB. Another vote for BR, Higg and (Bugger Nose – Teddy Bishop)

    Jeffrey Ellis (Baseball)
    Blair Varns (Baseball)
    Mike Thomas (Baseball)
    Danny Coleman (Baseball)
    Rob Holifield (Baseball)
    Danny Holifield (Baseball) He a meathead, but still one of the best shortstops out of Goula
    Doug Crump (Baseball)
    Mike Moreland (Baseball)
    Cliff Ord (Baseball)
    Richie (Hero) Tillman (Baseball)
    John Grant (Baseball)
    Terell Buckley (Football)

    Thats a good start.

  11. sweet says:

    James Edgar is in the house!
    Big John more for football than baseball

  12. Jessie Lou says:

    Frank “Twig” Branch – Class of 1947 – Scholarship to MS State.

  13. Smilyj says:

    James Edgar could be in there if you count all the players that went on to play in the “over 30 semi-pro league”

  14. Smilyj says:

    You have to put Dale and Isaac Brown in ther too for basketball. Greatest summer league baseball team would be Myself, BDW, Mike Meyers, Alllen King, William Kelley, jerry Macdaniel……help me out, cant remember all of them. It was 15-16 yr olds and Sam was one our coach. Anyway the greatest summerleague team ever!

  15. OB says:

    Really like James Edgar. Really successful dude, but I’d have to take his lefty brother first. Jeffrey was freakin awesome! He pitched some really good games at Arkansas Little Rock. I think he beat an Oklahoma State team, which had Incaviglia and/or Ventura, that made it to College World Series.

  16. quail09 says:

    JessieLouise…..are you the only one from your group here who can remember and give credence to anyone who played a sport before their own time?…..come on guys, we’re talkin hall of fame here…..i’ll try and be an example of objectivity to show you what i mean….didn’ t grow up in OS, but I’ll put up 3 names just to honor some obvious candidates….Hugh Pepper (football USM, coaching), Eddie Hornback (football Notre Dame, MSU), Richard Dickson (football LSU)….please

  17. Fish says:

    Pretty interesting: I have never thought about how many athletes have come out of the JC area. I grew up watching some you “old cats” ha, J Edgar, Puddin’Head, Higg, BR, OB, Smily, etc. Here are just a few off the top of my head…

    First off…My fellow Shortstops!
    Rob Holifield
    Nathan Bosio
    Paul Gatchell
    The Rest…
    Blair Varnes
    Rico Jones
    Mike Mooreland
    Robin Higg
    Rob Holifield (Miss 3rd base???)
    Brian Summerlin
    Richie Tillman
    Johnny O

    Football: Terrell Buckley
    Shane Matthews
    Mario Edwards
    Treg Thomas
    Randy Grierson
    Prentiss Williams

  18. Jessie Lou says:

    Thanks for the nod Q09 and I remember more than I put down since I didn’t want to turn from a Byrd to a hog with one blog comment.

  19. Smilyj says:

    HEEEYYYYYY. Fish acknowledged watching Smily play growing up. Have to admit i dont belong in same conversation as guys and gals on this post. However, I was scrappy and believe I may be considered in an area of most improved players over his baseball lifetime. Some one who went from completely sucking when i started to an above average decent player when I was finished.

  20. OB says:

    Don’t mean to go off on a tangent, but I think there needs to be a seperate wing of the HOF for fans. People like Neil Bekham and Chip could go into one area while people like Zeek and Donny Davis and the whole crew of the PHS Express to go in another. There weren’t two bigger fans of sports in the Pascagoula area than Neil and Chip. Neil would definitely get in on the first ballot. It may take a couple of years for Chip to get in, but I think he should get there eventually.

  21. Quail, thanks for injecting a little perspective. I’ll echo what he said. I intend for this listing to be serious, even if eventually debatable. But the first class should be slam dunks–think Ruth, Cobb, Cy Young. There will be future classes, so don’t worry if someone good doesn’t get in on the first go around.

    Then again, this thread is for brainstorming and nominations, so keep them coming. In a couple of weeks we’ll figure out the voting process and get on with the inducting.

    My nominations are the backfield from my all time Pascagoula team (sorry linemen and defensive players–those aren’t first ballot positions to TB), Earl Sanders, Billy Miller and Litterial Green from Moss Point, Tony Dees, H. Pepper and E. Hornback were good calls and I second those nominations. I mentioned Harry the Hat earlier. He was born in Pascagoula, but I need to know how long he lived there before I officially nominate him–anybody know? He had a long MLB career and won a batting title and a WS ring.

    If you know anyone from MP or OS or up in the county tell them they need to make their hometown nominations or risk being underrepresented. And if you know any local sports historian (calling Richard Lucas) we could use their input too. And Mark Bryant, you started this thing, and I know you’ve got some ideas, so let’s hear your nominations!

    • Shirley chambers says:

      Eric(hot dog) Berry and Micheal (chief ) Seal , won more basketball games in their three year at Moss Point High School from 1981 to 1984 than any pair of guards in Moss Point history. Look it up. Also the 1983 Moss Point High School State Football team should be in the Hall of Fame. They won the first ever state football championship for the high school.

  22. Puddin Head says:

    Fish watch your lips about the 3rd base deal I was running too fast. I will throw out a couple of old timers

    Mike Thomas
    Keith Coleman
    Paul Tanner

  23. Madd Dawg says:

    One throwback for quail 09, and 3 very recent ones:

    Fred Cook—Goula football—played D-line for the Colts in the 70’s
    DeAndre Brown—OS football–hopefully he recovers from the broken leg
    Casey Summerlin was a monster for Vancleave baseball a few years back and his brother Ty Summerlin is doing very well for SE LA’s baseball team right now

  24. OB says:

    I’ll throw in Melvin Booker from Moss Point and Irving Spikes from Ocean Springs.

  25. fullcontact says:

    No Roster Jones????? Whats up with this list????
    Randy Retherford and Charlie Williamson were very tough High School defensive guys from Goula. I think Retherford and Lance Thompson were named to 1st Team 1987 Burger King High School football team. Thompson was also one heck of a baseball player in his youth.

  26. Jamie Ellis says:

    What up Sweet & SmilyJ. You right about old farts club, I was a late bloomer.

    I like Isaac & dale Brown. What about Antonio Harvey. There was a basketball player from Moss Point around 87/88 that was really good too. Cant remember his name.

    Also, Coach Luther Kuykendall should be on the ballot.

    Throw more names at y’all

    Jon Reynolds (Baseball)
    Michael Young (Baseball)
    Rooster Jones (Football)
    Franky Godfrey (Football)

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to mentioned Dale Brown name first with basketball,he played at Kentucky,and the NBA, plus he’s already inducted to hall of fame at Miss. Gulf Coast Community College in 2006.

  27. workinbaen says:

    FC, I think Rooster will get in by acclimation. I did officially nominate him in my reference to the all time Goula backfield though, along with Ben Garry and Shane Matthews.

    I also forgot to put up the Wonsley brothers–George, Nathan, Otis–are there others?

    James, I’m glad to see you found us. Linwood and Six are on my personal coaches list, but I’m pretty biased about them and don’t know for sure if they belong on the first induction group or not since my objectivity is compromised.

  28. Greeg says:

    Nobody has mentioned Phillip Haigler. Pitched for Vanderbilt and was drafted by the Twins. You mention ‘success’ as being professionally employed. Well, he spent several years in the Twins Minor League system and actually pitched in an exhibition game for their Triple A club against the Major League team one time. I don’t know much about who did what, but what other Goula baseball player in the modern era had as much ‘success’ in the professional realm as Phillip did?

  29. workinbaen says:

    I think professional advancement is an important criteria, but not the only one. Rooster is a prime example.

    Good nomination Greeg–I’d forgotten about Phillip.

  30. sweet says:

    MD, Cook was not a Panther but in JCo and definite HOF nonetheless. Zeek was a mgr/trainer on the 87 team …..Jim Marsaelis (sp)

  31. jester40 says:

    This board needs some folks who didn’t graduate b/t 88 and 92.


    Moss Point

    Earl Sanders (Blue Jays)
    Scott Bosarge (catcher)
    Mark Miles (pitcher)
    Paul Tristani (infielder)

    Ocean Springs
    James Brune (catcher w/ a frigging cannon, played at ODU, South and minors)
    Scott Bray (pitcher and my roomate at FSJC, Marshall Oliver – outfielder; played in pros

    Paul Tanner – still holds record for highest batting average in a season and pretty sure a record for the 30 plus bombs he hit out of Gibson Field when we were 12.

    Steve Boyd (catcher) turned down several scholarships to go to engineering school
    Keith Coleman (shortstop)
    Troy Summerlin (2nd base)
    Mike “Spermy” Seaman (pitcher)
    Kim Seaman (pitcher); Cardinals
    Tommy Seaman — he was still hitting .330 when he played with us on the Pascagoula Merchants and he was over 40 then

    Kirk Larson (pitcher)
    Ricky Sutherland (middle infielder)
    Jimmy Colmer (pitcher)
    Billy and Bobby Collins – OF
    Johnny Olsen OF
    Johnny Zelanka — 2nd base and terrible poker player


    Lee Henry Perkins (82) (Ole Miss) — he knocked me out cold and knocked my face mask off my helmet when I was in 7th grade at Colmer, think he was supposed to be in college at that time
    Mike Thomas (83) and baseball – he was MHSAA POY in 83
    Clarence Davis (85)
    Danny Henry (84)
    Norman Hance (84)
    Dino Hawkins (84)
    Michael Walker (86) what a waste of talent
    Guice Smith — quaterback of 76 undefeated team


    Marty Noblitt – 83 Goula

    Rugby (one you don’t see everyday)

    Scotty Montague – Gautier


    Dump Cook – 83 Goula
    Chance McVeay – 85 Goula

    I saw someone put up Coach Jim Bloomfield. He was JO’s assistant at Goula in 84-85. He should get in just because of his wife.

    TB are you still practicing law or muching off your wife?

  32. jester40 says:

    If you talking bout coaches

    Billy Wayne Miller — MP
    Steve Tomayscki (sp) — OS baseball
    Coach K — who was also an All-American DB at Delta State
    Donnie Davis — Goula 83 state champs

  33. workinbaen says:


    and thanks for the excellent submissions

  34. AFRED says:

    Fish, I agree with your list of former baseball players to consider, however your forgetting one: Matt Anderson.

    Greeg, I agree with you on Phillip, was moving up within the organization against some really good and some great players.

    Other players out there from a different era:
    Ricky Conerly (Football)
    Lynn and Pappy Thomas (Football)
    Chuck Comminsky (Football)
    Jim Marsalias (Football)

    Also, a few others with Jackson County ties:
    Jack Jackson (Football)
    Tony Sipp (Football/Baseball)
    Damarious Bilbo (Football/Baseball)

    Lastly, haven’t seen Rickey Alexander (Football) mentioned.

  35. billybrewer says:

    football:herman barnett, simply the best d-tackle ever,
    of course shane matthews,jamie oatis, john grant, ricky alexander, mike miller, frank godfrey, carlos moulds, craig burton. all legit
    FULL CONTACT your right on that one, bobby thomas won more slobberknocker awards than anyone, also lance thompson threw in the 90’s in 11-12 @ flanagan

    • Danny hand says:

      What about Kenny white shoes Johnson moss point football and all moss point coaches from 83 state champ team Archie Fariley center off that team are Dave red man Chris osgood heck The Who starting offense and defense it’s was great getting to play with those great players

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. fullcontact says:

    Wait yall are forgetting Perry Huckabee. Arguably one of the greatest guards to ever step foot in War Memorial Stadium Dutch Binion Field.

  38. sweet says:

    He did make a key block to spring Danny Robinson on a kickoff return in the playoffs….or somebody just tripped over his carcass

  39. Jessie Lou says:

    Now I’ve got the blank stare…….

  40. Greeg says:

    Baen, sorry to hijack the thread but this is urgent and action needs to be taken. For people in Pascagoula and surrounding areas, you might want to cancel your Super Bowl parties.


  41. jester40 says:

    TB, you may want to include a separate HOF category for backyard ballers. The formidable team of Sweet and Fig were destroyed by the Ellis Brothers in a best 2 out of 3 matchup. The score in the first game was so bad, Edgar played the second game with both arms duck taped to his waist and I played without sneaks and on crutches. The second game was a shutout. There were about 20 people there to watch but I remember Sterno and Shane “Supre Freak” Fredrick.

  42. sweet says:

    I couldn’t work with a teammate with so little talent and such a big mouth

  43. Smilyj says:

    Tiny Frazier! Great Pick!

  44. quail09 says:

    TB…glad to be of service….if one were to just start with players who went pro from Jackson County….Rooster aside….work our way all the way down to fans, backyard players, and managers(ahem)…..listing those folks first would be a worthwhile exercise…sort of focus the discussion….takes away a lot of the subjectivity that our brethren are chronically infected with (i.e. 88 to 92)…..MD had a good one in Fred Cook of OLV…..Greeg dropped some amazing knowledge about Philip Haigler….you would think with all of the talent that’s existed around Goula alone in baseball, more would have gone pro….I’ve got two names to add to the modern era list…..Tyler Conn of OS is playin pro now…Eric Lane, son of Jerry Lane (chevrolet) was shut out of high school tryouts by Donnie Davis…coach was loaded that year (77)…Collins twins, Olsen, Mike Summerlin (the original Summerlin…Casey’s dad…4 year letterman at Ole Miss), and many others….he moved over to Live Oak Academy in Moss Point…ended up getting a baseball scholarship to Tulane…played there with Olsen and Zelinka….stole the starting catcher’s job from a stud ….went on and played pro for a while(i forget with whom)

  45. jester40 says:

    Good post, Quail. Since we talked about all the Summerlins, we left one out, Guy Summerlin, who was maybe the most talented of all the Summes!

    Can’t believe I left out Eric Lane since I worked out at Gerry Lane’s house after my senior year. Must that senility! Donnie Davis shut Eric Lane out of tryouts in 77? Don’t think he was the basbeball coach then.

  46. face says:

    I nominate Eric Dotson ’93. Player of the year in the state of Miss. and went on to a nice career at MSU and a little time in the NFL.

  47. quail09 says:

    Jester…they won the Big 8 that year…Davis was the coach….yea, didn’t forget about Guy….he also lettered 4 times at ole miss….that’s why i get chappped when folks bring up these local guys (who are amazing athletes, don’t get me wrong) when they can’t hold a candle to the achievements of others just a few years before them….that brings me to another subject that has to do with baseball…some of these guys…Olsen, Toups, Collins twins, Summerlins, Daggett, Keith May, etc…..didn’t go pro…but they totally dominated the state of mississippi at every level (dixie youth, dixie boys, colt league, high school) for years…hell, they won the world series in dixie youth…..give me a break

  48. quail09 says:

    I nominate the Dixie Youth World Series Champs of 1971…Pascagoula All Stars (Gibson Field)…for the Jackson County Sports Hall of Fame

  49. OB says:

    I would like to nominate a couple more from OS. Deandre Brown was a top 5 national recruit at WR and is one of the toughest men alive. Chad Boudreux played at Gulf Coast and South Alabama and had one of the prettiest swings I’ve ever seen.

    I would also like to throw out someone from St. Martin, since they are officially in Jackson County. Scotty Jurich was a great SS for Southern Miss. His total runs record was broken at Southern Miss last year.

  50. Zeek says:

    TB, This is not what I had in mind. I just wanted to hypothetically dicuss an all-time baseball team from Goula, the same way we did football. Seems things have gotten skewed. I do not pretend to know enough about the rest of Jackson Co. sports figures of past to even begin to discuss. I think you would be hard pressed to find many who could, except for maybe AJ Giardina(JK) and a few other old-timers who actively followed area high school sportsfor the past 50-60 yrs. I just know Goula from 70’s(a little 60’s from lore) to now. So, I will give list of all-time Goula team as I see it, and let the chips fall where they may. I tried to pick those who either went somewhere due to baseball, had the talent to do so, or was just dominant during his tenure.

    Coach- Doug Horn– an old timer who played for PHS and then coached in 60’s– did a lot for program as i hear it

    Jimmy Colmer-Ole Miss
    Blair Varnes-Florida St.
    Phillip Haigler-Vandy
    Mike Seaman-Perk
    Kirk Larson-Perk
    Cleon Davidson-Faulkner St??

    Position Players-
    Mike and Guy Summerlin-Ole Miss
    Eric Lane-Tulane/San Fran Giants
    Bubba Toups- Miss St.
    Bobby and Billy Collins- I don’t know where they went but they were awesome athletes
    Johnny Zelenka-Tulane
    Johnny Olsen-Tulane
    Paul Tanner-Perk?
    Mike Thomas-?Perk?
    Keith Coleman-Univ Little Rock Arkansas
    Mike Moreland-USM
    Robin Higginbotham-Minor Leagues?
    Enrico Jones-Miss St.
    Kirk Kinard- Millsaps

    I do not certify that all info above is correct, but it’s atleast 95%. I realize there are many that I left out before my time and after my time,(it is my era) that is why those older and younger than me should rationally put up their candidates and see who measures up. REGARDLESS, that is a damn fine group of ball players I just named.

  51. I’ll save a lot of these posts for an all time baseball team some other time. I’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of old familiar names.

    On the HOF, any one person may only know a handful that belong, and that’s as it should be. With our collective wisdom, we can come up with an obvious class of inductees for this year. In fact, I think we already have a worthy list, though I’m by no means shutting down the nomination process. Several new people, some old friends have jumped in today and I think that’s great. The more opinions, the more memories, the better the conversation.

    An example among several things I’ve enjoyed today–Billy Brewer went with a bold statement that Herman Barnett was the best d-tackle ever. I’d never heard that and I only barely remember Herman. But Brewer should know as he had one of the best views of Herman’s work. That’s some good new knowledge for TB.

    And I while I agree with a lot of the names, I have to comment on Paul Tanner. Man I idolized that dude growing up. I can remember getting to warm up with him one time for one of those “only in Goula” pickup games on Gibson when I was about 8 that had 18 guys of all ages playing games all day long all summer long. I was afraid he was gonna knock me down just tossing the ball with great ease, but I by God wasn’t gonna show the fear in case he decided I wasn’t good enough to throw with. Funny how something like that sticks with you. Another thing about Paul’s home run prowess when he was 12….he was a free snow ball granting machine. Dude got on deck, TB headed for centerfield. Got a lot of purple and blue sno-cone stains on my gear that year. Sometimes they even let me come in the dugout and give him the ball. Good times.

    PS, Pascagoula American sux.

  52. quail09 says:

    Zeek…good list, man….Toups played football at State though

  53. billybrewer says:

    earl and george blair, both all -americans at ole miss, earl played in the cfl, while george played for the chargers, the football field in laurel i think is named after george, where he coached football for a number of years.

  54. Zeek says:

    I will certify that Herman was an absolute beast, would have also dominated his junior year if hadn’t torn up ankle early in year. The best ever?…definitely one of the best…
    I know Toups went as kicker/LB to State, I was just putting where he went. Did he play any baseball at Suxville?

    TB(& B.R.), Remember when Paul used to come to b-ball practice with Sonny, he used to dunk every now and then, that was a treat.

    **1980 Flashback**- Pascagoula Nat’l hosts state tourney(12yo) and ends up winning it(Troy Cobb, Stan Crawford,Kirk Larson, those boys). They beat a very good Hattiesburg team (Had two kids that were @ 6’3 190) to win. During one of the games I saw Mike Dry throw out a guy from left field. I’m talking line drive single to left and he scoops it up and fires a frozen rope to beat runner at first. It was quite impressive. I think that is only time I ever saw that happen. I want to say Six was a coach on that team, good bunch of ball players on that squad.

  55. Zeek says:

    Never heard of the Blair Bros., where are they from and when?

  56. Jessie Lou says:

    George Blair is a peer of my parents so that would put him in his late 60’s, early 70’s in age. He coached the Laurel Tornados (usually a PHS homecoming game in my years) for many years and as Mr. Brewer pointed out, has a field named in his honor. Sadly, I cannot comment on Earl.

  57. billybrewer says:

    lafayette st. pascagoula, ms, wiki them, by the way herman graded out 100% evey single game his senior year, ted taylor , who you know as well,used to search through hours of film to find somthing to complain about, never did…… oh yeah what about your boy carl tart, serious speed

  58. Smilyj says:

    Zeeks list didnt include Hooch Summerlin? Better than all on that list except for maybe 2. Higg got better after High School. No way he was ahead of Rob Holifield on an alltime Goula Team list.

  59. quail09 says:

    Zeek…earl blair was a running back at goula circa 1951….starred with the rebels…george later played running back at goula and played DB at ole miss….i see him almost every ole miss home game in the Mclub room….he left coaching at laurel for one year in order to coach the rebel freshman team..was on ken cooper’s staff….let go when sloan came in….side note….yours truly played on that freshman team

  60. Sycopedia says:

    Time for real facts. Many great players have been named but unfortunately we “younguns” don’t know our true history. Quail is no doubt the most informed (not that others don’t know alot). Before I list a few “greats” from PHS, let me say I wish the current school administartion cared about Panther Pride like the folks on this board. It’s great to see.Baseball – Lots of greats have been mentioned (I’ll not repeat them) Here’s others:Con McGrath 60s, Robert Earl Siedell 60’s – Ole Miss, NY Yanks system, Sam Leslie 20’s – played first base for NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers in 30s, Walter Hallberg 60s – Cleveland Indians org, Earl Gilbert (the best pitcher EVER from Goula bar none) – signed with Seattle Pilots (now the Milwaukee Brewers) out of PHS. Torn up shoulder in minors.

    Basketball: Barry Barganier 70s UALR 6’6 F
    Jimmy Cobb 60s 6’8 C MGC

    Football: Beauchamp Colle 58-60 Finished 2nd in state POY voting (by one vote). All-SEC at LSU.
    Jennings Moates 36-38 led MSU to its only SEC title.
    Bruce Grimes 65-67 FB at Tulane – not a wall he couldn’t run through.

    These are just a FEW. There are many more. Again, everyone mentioned in previous posts were great Panthers. These are just SOME of a great past that most people aren’t aware of.

  61. Jessie Lou says:

    It is about time someone mentioned Bruce Grimes, I’ve been waiting….

    I also wanted to note that Tyler Conn is the grandson of former PHS principal J. J. Milstead – just a little more family trivia to make it interesting.

  62. billybrewer says:

    fair share of big guys who performed well
    alan bush ole miss-chicago bears
    thunder thornton-ole miss
    ben crimm- southern miss
    ken williams-ole miss
    r.t. wade-ole miss
    sorry if mentioned earlier, marc haarala was also one of the best og’s to play for goula.

  63. Jessie Lou says:

    How about Moss Point? The obvious ones for me in Football are Kevin Fant (MSU), Vann Bodden (Bama), Demarious Bilbo (Ga Tech), Brad Bingham (Kicker, Pearl River CC). Those are recent. Anyone with info on the earlier days? All I am recalling are the Wonsley Bros. right now.

  64. billybrewer says:

    chris clausell?-miss state
    keswick joyner-minnesota
    chris osgood-texas a&m-ole miss
    cornellius patterson (wr) texas a&m
    late 50’s
    poncho tillman-perk
    robert kayatt-ole miss-redskins
    charles simmons-lsu

    • Shirley chambers says:

      Don’t for get the pair of guards from the 1984 moss point basketball team Eric berry and micheal seals. They won more basketball as a pair than any pair in moss point history

    • Shirley chambers says:

      Eric berry played for rust college and two years in the philippines. Micheal seals played at Delta State University.

  65. Sycopedia, thanks for the post and the nominations. The intent of this HOF is to recognize greats from all eras, so if you have any more to throw out there for discussion please do.

  66. jmac says:

    look forward to joining this TANNER WAS THE MAN

  67. Syco you are a beast. Glad to see some of you guys still kicking- nasty class of 87

  68. billybrewer says:

    baen,sycopedia will scare you with his sports knowledge, get coach seay on here with him and its over.

  69. Sycopedia says:

    Ok a few more names from football:Mike Nelson 58-60 G Ole Miss bad mfJim Horne 68-69 MS Lineman of Year LB Ole Miss
    Mark Brown 74-76 LB HS All-America MSU
    Ricky Rozzell 75-77 LB HS All-America, MVP MS all-star game Bama/Delta State
    Buster Bosarge 30s RB LSU
    Claude Brown 63-65 G HS All-America DSU
    Greg Clemens 77-79 OT LSU
    Dwayne Curry 89-91 LB All-SEC MSU
    Dick Ingwerson 63-65 DE Auburn
    Ted Vlahos 45-47 T All-South Ole Miss
    Coach/AD Dutch Binion – MAC Hall of Famer

    There IS a lot more…

  70. Sycopedia says:

    As for MP – here’s a few:
    Willie (Bill) Lee – 70-72 Played everything – MSU
    Gary Clay 66-68 FB/DT Southern Miss
    Barry Gibson 69-71 WR Southern Miss
    Alcindor Jackson 93-95 OG Stae POY LSU Dallas/Green Bay
    Muskinghum Barnes 94-96 DT LSU
    Ken “Dynamite” Farragut 44-46 C All-SEC Ole Miss 10 yr w/Phila Eagles
    Ray Costict 70 @ Goula, 71-72 @ MP All-SEC?America LB MSU

  71. Syco, I’m impressed. But start preparing to narrow things down to the cream of the cream. We’ve got to cut some good guys to leave this first class with only our Ruths and Cobbs.

    Hopefully word will keep getting around and we’ll get even more Goula historians on board.

    I’d like to know more about Earl Gilbert. I’ve heard more than one person say how good he was.

  72. BR says:

    Here are a few sports that have not been
    brought up

    Moss Point
    Boxing- Donald “Tiger Stokes”
    Tennis- Jason and Micheal Kennum

  73. Zeek says:

    Syco- nice input, all new info, unbelievable. I know there are some people out there who know.
    I’m just not old enough…yet.

  74. quail09 says:

    Syco…glad you remembered Sidell and Gilbert…those guys were gods to me when i was a kid…..probably not HOF material though….also, many of the linemen you mentioned either quit once arriving in college or NEVER played…not HOF material in my book…Ray Costict (you beat me to it) was the real deal at MSU…i’d be willing to bet he WAS all-sec and pro…need to check on that
    BBrewer…Robert Khayat from Moss Point kicked his way through ole miss and the redskins…great pick
    His brother, Eddie Khayat, also from Moss Point, played for Milsaps, Perk, and Tulane in college (in that order)…..then for the redskins and the 60-61 philadelphia eagles who were the “world champs” that year….also coached in the NFL for years

  75. Sycopedia says:

    What is the criteria? Is it what they did in HS or is the whole picture after HS considered? The cream is obvious, but what qualifies anyone. After all. many were great but went on to do nothing and others are just average joes or exceled in other areas outside sports in the real world.

  76. Sycopedia says:

    btw, prayers are requested for Rodney Siedell. He is in SRH now battling cancer. He’s only 57. All would be appreciated by family and friends…

  77. I think the criteria is pretty subjective, but Quail had some good guidelines earlier in the thread. I would personally look at professional achievement, then college, then high school. But someone like Rooster Jones is such an icon locally that he would be an exception, and not necessarily the only one. An all SEC performer would have a strong case, but we may have more of those than I realized a few days ago.

    When we get to the actual voting, I’ll give an opportunity for everyone to make the case for whoever they want to. Then we’ll leave it up to the people.

  78. Best wishes to Rodney and family.

  79. Sycopedia says:

    Earl Gilbert RHP 90+ fastball, great curve, could handle the bat too. Led Goula to back to back state titles in 67 & 68. He was undefeated in 69 and team was 13-1 when PHS was forced to forfeit all wins costing them a playoff berth. PHS used an ineligible player (unknowingly) in the last inning of a blowout win – but back to Earl. Also was a PK/DE with a power leg in football. Drafted by Seattle in 69 – signed – got hurt. I would have to check but I think he was undefeated all 3 yrs of HS. If he lost, I don’t remember it. Came from athletic family – older bro Jerry played OT 64-66, younger Rpbert was a very good RB 68-70 who played at Miss State. Nephew Casey (Jerry’s boy)96-98 TE for Bama/Delta State.

  80. quail09 says:

    another reason we’re not getting a lot of info from other parts of the county is that there were no programs to speak of in the county before about 1960 except for Goula and MP….OS had a little program but that was the only other….all the hurley guys came down to MP….St. Martin, Vancleave, East Central, OLV didn’t have much, in my understanding, before about then

  81. Sycopedia says:

    Quail is a bonafide candidate. Rooster could do alot – but not without 66 (or 68, 74, 60, 64 or 80). The best OL Goula ever had! He’s a great example of achieving after sports. We need him back in Goula.

  82. Zeek says:

    Gilbert sounds like he was a beast. If he went undefeated in high school that would be very impressive. Reminds me of something John Elway’s high school baseball coach said of him at ESPN’s Homecoming program at Elway’s high school. He claims that in Elway’s junior and senior seasons he only had ONE game where he went hitless. One game in two seasons where he went 0-for. And something tells me there weren’t a lot of 1-4 games either. That is CRAZY!!!Funny how athletes can get in a zone for a long spell or just totally dominate at one level, then when they move up or on just kinda fizzle.

    Good point on other county programs Quail, that is why i like Goula HOF idea better, but when in Rome….

  83. Zeek says:

    In the above, I did not mean Elway fizzled, just that some do(a lot actually). Thought I would clear that up before the Elway lovers attack full force.

  84. quail09 says:

    Zeek….exactly!!!!…i can give you endless examples of local athletes who dominated in high school only to “fizzle” or outright disappear in college….to me the HOF should be for those who truly showed themselves a cut above that almost normal scenario…..otherwise we would be debating the “high school” HOF….Commiskey is a great example….honestly nothing to write home about in hight school….but big ….therefore got a lot of attention….he developed slowly at ole miss over 5 years, moving from center to guard….by the time he left, he was a true pro prospect…played in the senior bowl and spent several productive years in the pros….to me, HOF material

  85. Jessie Lou says:

    Yes, I do think the criteria would be helpful. TB – as the blogowner will you provide that or do we need to give you points to establish?

  86. irvineredd says:

    So is there a category for most underachieving group of athletes?

    If so I nominate my graduating class of 2002:

    Following are my reasons:

    TLMS 8th grade basketball team: Division champs, including an away win at Ed Mayo Junior High. A bunch of white boys rarely go into that gym and come out with a win. We did. Not that I actually contributed.

    In high school, we accomplished nothing. So, boom underachieving. I blame the convergence with the players from Colmer. We were team ballers, they weren’t.

    PHS Baseball, general choke artists. Good in regular season, blow it in the playoffs.

    Football- my senior year we lost our first 5 games (although technically speaking we did beat Long Beach in overtime, but a blown call by the ref who was so blind he didn’t notice we scored a touchdown, and the ensuing goal line stand went nowhere.) I think we won maybe 3 games that year. Although the holder-kicker combo of myself and Wes Lucas was pretty devastating. There is film proof of this if needed. As a matter of fact I nominate myself and Wes for the special category of holder-kicker combo.

    Track- Greg Lawrence (who deserves to be in this HOF as a three sport star, who was also the best player in each sport he played) false starts twice in regional 100 meters final, and thus the fastest kid in the state doesn’t even make the state championships.

    I think our resume speaks for itself. We accomplished absolutely nothing.

  87. irvineredd says:

    I would also add that none of the athletes from PHS 2002 graduating class really did anything after high school either. So continuous underachieving shows consistency, which places above the norm.

  88. Irvine, good to have you and the voice of both youth (fading though it be) and a sense of humor.

  89. Stan Crawford says:

    Nice blog. When nominating potential Hall of Famers, are we looking at just high school, college, and pro or their complete body of work in Jackson county. Can dual sport guys and gals get some love?

  90. Hey Stan, thanks for the two kind words.

    We’re in the early stages here. My feeling is, name a guy/girl and make their case. Then we vote and see how it all shakes out. I posted my personal loosely organized criteria a few comments up, and Quail’s pretty much on the same page with me. But if there is a different perspective, I’m open to hearing it.

    I figure to narrow the list after another couple of weeks and give the opportunity for people to make a pitch for the ones they think are most deserving.

  91. Stan Crawford says:

    For starters, if you’re looking for the some original studs for the inaugural induction, there’s no way you can leave Fred Cook out. High school at OLV, star at USM and play with Unitas and the Colts. An all-pro as well.

  92. OB says:


    Despite the opinion of most of the readers of this blog think there are quite a few “Great” athletes from Gautier that helped contribute to the success of Pascagoula High School. After GHS opened the crop of athletes at PHS thinned out considerably and there really hasn’t been much success since the late 80’s.

  93. OB says:


    I was thinking about an All-Time baseball team in my mind starting at catcher and working my way around the horn and I had you and T-buck as my choices for CF. Ya’ll were great!!!

  94. irvineredd says:

    I would also like to add my support of the Isaac Brown nom. I’m pretty sure I saw his name up there somewhere. He actually coached our 9th grade basketball team after being let go by the Kings (I believe I’m thinking of the right person, could be wrong. I have lost some brain cells). He was a phenomenal player and a classy guy. Since he wasn’t in the league long though, I would say he isn’t a first ballot. He should be saved until maybe the third class of inductees.

    And the nomination of Demarious Bilbo is a good one. Dick Butkus (msp) high school player of the year award, a state championship, and he chose the school he attended in college, GA Tech, because he wanted to go to a good engineering program. So he should get a lot of respect for being a realist and caring about his education.

  95. irvineredd says:


    I would agree totally with you. I just think my class embodies that lack of achievement. Other years, while not stellar, had some high points of above average success. There was none of that to be had with our class.

    Although, we were good at softball. I believe.

    I support consistent terribleness when it is amusing. Although I will say at the time it was mostly just shameful and embarrassing. Looking back on it our sporting teams resembled the Indians in Major League, except without the eventual success. It would be like if the conclusion to that movie was them continuing to suck and the evil team owner getting to move the team to Florida while the Wild Thing goes back to the California Penal League.

  96. OB says:

    Dale Brown was the player let go by the Kings. Isaac played at Texas A&M while Dale played for Pitino at Kentucky. I remember seeing Dale’s name in the papers not too long ago. He is trying to finish his degree at Kentucky so he can get a fulltime gig coaching somewhere. I think he was an assistant at South Alabama before deciding to finish his degree.

  97. irvineredd says:

    Ah, thanks for the correction.

    He left PHS to take the job at USA.

    Good to hear he trying to finish up.

  98. OB says:

    Looks like I was half right:

    Dale Brown – Head Coach
    Coach Dale Brown enters his first year as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach for the Dillard University Blue Devils. Brown brings a wealth of experience having coached at every level.

    Prior to his arrival at Dillard University, Brown was the Head Coach at Moss Point High School in Mississippi. He led the Moss Point Tigers to the semi-finals in the Mississippi State basketball tournament with a school historical performance record of 32-6.

    He also served as an assistant coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Developmental League. Brown assisted the Southern Crescent Lightning to a victory in the 2004 World Championship with an astounding 21-9 record. In 2005, Brown was named the head coach of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Bandits and finished the season ranked third in the league with a 20-11 record. During his coaching tenure in the NBA Developmental League, Brown has mentored the athletic growth of 15 young men who have received opportunities to play in the NBA and European basketball leagues.

    As a player, Brown attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College where he was a first team JUCO All-American. Brown helped lead the Bulldogs to a 33-4 record and back-to-back Region 23 Titles. Brown’s outstanding athletic ability earned him a scholarship to the University of Kentucky. Brown played for the Wildcats under the guidance of legendary coach Rick Pitino. He played in the renowned 1992 East Regional Finals against Duke University and assisted the Wildcats to an appearance in the 1993 NCAA Final Four. He is a two-time SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

    In 1994, Brown signed a free agent contract with the Sacramento Kings and played professional basketball in the European league representing Greece, Italy, Australia and France.

  99. irvineredd says:


    Good research.

    Do you have a lot of free time, or are you just a speed reader with a google addiction?

  100. OB says:

    Hahaha. I do have a little free time and I do like to Google. I’m basically here at work waiting on 12:00. It’s pretty quiet, slow and relaxed here in the office on Fridays.

  101. Jessie Lou says:

    And what is the job title that goes with that job description?

  102. OB says:

    “Gravy Train”

    No seriously, I am an Eletrical Designer at Mustang Engineering in Houston, Texas. No, we don’t engineer the Ford Mustang. We design and engineer petrochemical facilites and refineries. Conoco-Phillips, Exxon, bP and many, many other companies are laying off and putting our projects on Hold until the economy straightens out, so it is getting scarey around here. I hope it doesn’t start looking like Detroit!

  103. Zeek says:

    Since ya’ll brought up Dale Brown,my classmate, and you like to research, see if you can find info on how bad he got screwed by Kings once they signed him. Only days after signing a free agent contract and making his dreams come true ( I would think) his mother was tragically killed in an auto accident here in Goula. The Kings, being the kind, understanding team they are, told Brown he must report immediately to camp and begin earning his pay. He chose to do the honorable thing and make sure his mama was laid to rest and younger siblings were looked after,meanwhile the Kings cut him for lack of commitment I guess, and his refusal to jet out to Sacramento. Dale was never able to get pro career on track after that. What a nice example of a franchise’s treatment of it’s players, huh?

  104. Jessie Lou says:

    My memory served me correctly – I knew it was something oil related from past comments. You don’t want your town to have anything in common with Detroit, besides unemployment they have major problems.

  105. OB says:

    For what it’s worth they did pay him his entire salary of $150,000, but that was freakin wrong for the Kings to treat him like that. That’s why I don’t mind players holding out for more money. When management is ready to get rid of you they will.


  106. billybrewer says:

    man i forgot all about stan crawford, dude could do everything, if goula would have run the wishbone in 85 stan would have been tom osbournes right hand man.
    also forgot about mark massengale-ole miss
    im pretty sure alot i have listed might not be “hall of famers” but it has been fun reading everyones posts and reminisce, and remember this, nobody could basketball it up on del norte cicle better than bad brad cunningham……..nobody.

  107. Stan Crawford says:

    What about Laterrel Green? He came around during the Macmood Abdul Rauf era. Green was an awesome guard who played at Georgia.

  108. Stan Crawford says:

    Please don’t forget all of the Thomas’s. Norris, Lynn, and Pappy. Did all of these guys go to Moss Point? Jimmy Marsalis was their cousin and he was NFL rookie of the year. (co)

  109. Greeg says:

    You must have never seen Bad Brad’s little brother play up on Del Norte.

  110. Zeek says:

    All the Thomas boys(Norris,Lynn,Pappy,Cornelius[Nut]) are PHS grads, and have been mentioned before extensively. Stan, check the old blog about all-time Goula football team. You should enjoy that. I mentioned your dad,Earl”The Pearl” Stanley Crawford,circa mid 60’s, played for the Bear at Bama, and was honored as Best Physique at PHS.(just another nugget of trivia for you kids)

    And btw,Zeek Brown was the best b-baller around Del Norte Circle, Baby!!

  111. Madd Dawg says:

    Come on Zeek, no one on Del Norte Circle could dunk pine cones on your goal like MD!!

  112. sweet says:

    Its about time somebody recognized the skills at 1133

  113. BR says:

    OB wasn’t there a kid from gautier: Ray Ray Bivens (football)
    did he play at ms. state?

  114. Zeek says:

    Yes,he did.

  115. quail09 says:

    Seems like Jackson County’s most respresented football position in the NFL over the years has been defensive back….We’ve already mentioned Terrell Buckley, Jim Marsalis, Norris and Lynn Thomas…….Johnny Woitt played for the 49ers…… seems like i remember him on the front of sports illustrated …he was intercepting one of Unitas’s passes….went on to head coach the 76 championship team…He was an MSU bulldog…..Kenny Johnson returned punts and played DB for the bullies after graduating from Moss Point……almost positive he played at Atlanta Falcons for a few seasons…there may be more, but i can’t think of any other position that’s this well represented

  116. BR says:

    Reggie Miles CB played at Goula
    went on to Alabama and i believe
    played a few years for the Bengals.

  117. BR says:

    Sorry, i spelled his name wrong (Myles)
    I confirmed He played for the Bengals 2003-2005

  118. Sycopedia says:

    Kenny Johnson played for Atlanta for about 8 years before retiring with the Houston Oilers. Add Gerald Jackson from MP (MSU, KC Chiefs) to the DBs.

  119. Sycopedia says:

    Two Goula DBs – Pappy Thomas signed with the Falcons but played in the USFL as did Eddie Ray Walker. ERW also played in the CFL.

  120. JessieLou says:

    Q09 – Johnny Woitt went to MSU begginning in 1963/64 -I was just a mere babe at that time. I’d love to see that SI cover.

    I believe RayRay Bivens was around 2000/2001.

  121. Madd Dawg says:

    yea I remember watching Laterrel Green in high school–he was outstanding, but it seems like he was overshadowed by the more dominant Chris Jackson (his momma calls him Chris, I’m gonna call him Chris—“Coming to America” reference for you newcomers). I just tried to google Green to see where he was now, and the site kept asking me if I meant “literal green” or “lateral green”.

  122. billybrewer says:

    didnt lynn thomas(db) play in a super bowl for the 49ers,think he rcovered a fumble, also otis wonsley(fb?) was a member of the redskins super bowl team that featured the funkybunch celebration that created a nfl rule about no more group celebrations. fig was never the same after that.

  123. billybrewer says:

    its litterial, really good guy as well, when antonio harvey left the salukis and transfered to georgia i think he played a major role in that deal.

  124. billybrewer says:

    also talking about dale brown above, he played with pelphrey at kentucky, the head bb coach at arkansas now, isaac brown is currently a hog assit. coach. of course they were at south alabama before that, credit dale with that hookup.

  125. My recollection of the Duke-Kentucky game where Laettner hit the game winner may be flawed, but didn’t Dale go down for about 10 minutes in the second half with a twisted ankle and didn’t that coincide with Duke getting back in the game? Anybody recall? I DO know (ok, I think I know) Dale was on the floor at the buzzer because I’ve seen his incredulous stare a million times on the highlight.

  126. billybrewer says:

    i think he was going for a loose ball and one of the duke players rolled him up and he got hurt, you are right about him missing alot of time because of the injury, either way ive hated duke ever since.

  127. Zeek says:

    Nice observation on the DB success Quail. Goula just specializes in skill positions. A lot of times DB’s are best athletes on team,they have to be able to do it all. Jim Thorpe and all.

    All accurate accounts on the pro DB’s and Super Bowl participation. Don’t forget that T. Buckley also played in Super Bowl and got ring for his year with Patriots.

    Nice link to article on Dale,I guess I was pretty accurate.

  128. quail09 says:

    JessieLouise…..from the looks of you, i would have thought you were a mere babe in 73/74…i’ll see what i can do to find a copy of that cover

    Lynn Thomas did play in the Super Bowl…i believe it was the “scab” year…the 49ers first, i think….he was a rookie along with Ronnie Lott…he did recover a fumble…hocked his ring during a tough personal time…Norris had to go get it back

    Rooster was the last man cut from that 49ers roster…..

  129. Stan Crawford says:

    In 1980 we hosted the state tournament in 12 year old baseball. Linwood Ellis was the coach and what he made us do as 11 and 12 year olds was legendary. Pitchers threw 100 balls per day, all players worked out with weights during practice, and he ran us to death. Practice was held early in the day in summer heat and he didn’t want any parents around. (He held practice @ that time while parents were working) It was like “Junction Boys” for kids. Awesome! We won State undefeated and lost in World Series. Coaches could never do that to kids now days.

  130. JessieLou says:

    Stan – your post confirms my thoughts on the basics and how they need to be drilled into the kids – alot of times I don’t think the fundamentals are stressed enough. The fundamentals are the foundation for any really good team in my view.

    Zeek – I finally got to look at your list and it is a really good submission. I’m wondering about Mike Seaman and what year that would have been?

    Thanks for knocking 10 years off my life first thing in the morning Q09.

  131. quail09 says:

    Zeek…didn’t Kim Seaman pitch in the majors?…do you know?….he probably graduated PHS about 75

    JessieLouise…..that’s my specialty

  132. coachteajay says:

    Jack Jackson- Moss Point
    Greg Cox- OLV

  133. sweet says:

    I got Kim Seaman tossing 2 innings in ’79 and
    23.2 IP in ’80
    Career stats (StL): 27 Games 25.2 IP 16 H 15 BB 13 K 3 W 3.16 ERA

  134. sweet says:

    I looked up Sam Leslie from Syco’s post. He had 102 rbi in ’34 w/ the Dodgers and 93 the next year, .304 career hitter in 2460 AB. Man, I bet he shook the Babe’s hand (daydreaming 1000 yd stare) Was he a PHS/Goula dude?

  135. Zeek says:

    Yes, as sweet confirmed,kim seaman pitched in majors, for Redbirds I believe.

    Mike Seaman graduated in 83 or 84, he was
    on title team.

    Stan, nice story,was Sixto a coach too?? I remember that tourney, looked up to you guys.

  136. quail09 says:

    NOW we’re diggin up some good HOF stuff!!

  137. Zeek says:

    Since Stan brought up Jim Marsalis, we need someone to bring up old Carver High players
    (pre 1970). There had to be some great players pass thru there during segregation years. Anybody got a clue??

    Also, it would only be fitting to honor Ed & Eddie Langford and Mark Jones who were tragically lost to us before their time. I would also make Dutch Binion a first ballot candidate, and
    Mr. H.K.”Kenny” Seay, a fine Pascagoulian.

  138. quail09 says:

    Zeek….brilliant on the Langfords…..i grew up with little eddie….i don’t think any of my peers would disagree with me on this….he was headed toward greatness as a quarterback….

    Also, i’ve been meanin to toss a coaching nomination in that hasn’t been mentioned….Johnny Olsen…..25 years….speaks for itself

  139. quail09 says:

    Sweet….weren’t you the one who nominated a manager?…..and got beat in a backyard game?….in all due respect, sounds like sour grapes to me

  140. Sycopedia says:

    Little known fact: According to Aug 1965 Chronicle Star – Calvin Huey, the first Negro to play football at Navy, was the starting flanker in the final two games of last season (’64) after a standout performance against Maryland.He caught a total of 14 passes for 123 yards and one touchdown to rank fourth among recievers. His TD came on a 10-yard pass from Roger Staubach against Maryland.An outstanding reciever and a determined downfield blocker, he played end with the Plebe team after reporting as a quarterback.He was football and basketball captain at Carver in Pascagoula as well as All-City in both sports. He was alson MVP in football.Huey attended Oakland City College and was a second team all conference choice as a quarterback as well as an honorable mention Junior College All-American choice.

  141. Sycopedia says:

    Little known fact:
    According to Aug 1965 Chronicle Star –

    Calvin Huey, the first Negro to play football at Navy, was the starting flanker in the final two games of last season (’64) after a standout performance against Maryland. He caught a total of 14 passes for 123 yards and one touchdown to rank fourth among receivers. His TD came on a 10-yard pass from Roger Staubach against Maryland.

    An outstanding reciever and a determined downfield blocker, he played end with the Plebe team after reporting as a quarterback.

    He was football and basketball captain at Carver in Pascagoula as well as All-City in both sports. He was also MVP in football.

    Huey attended Oakland City College and was a second team all conference choice as a quarterback as well as an honorable mention Junior College All-American choice.

    (Side note) Huey started for Middies in ’65.

  142. sweet says:

    I figured that would draw a response or two. Reminds me of Pile on Perry recess day at Eastlawn. no, I didn’t nominate a manager and OB I have never pouted on a field or court, not about me. You say great, I say far from it. But when the bronze busts go up, I’ll pay your way to visit

  143. quail09 says:

    Sweet….on January 28th, in the middle of pronouncing Fred Cook a “definite HOF” and mentioning Jim Marsalis…….you said, “Zeek was a mgr/trainer on the 87 team”…..are you saying this was a random thought??….totally unrelated to discussing two sure JCHOFs?…..dude, you nominated a manager

  144. quail09 says:

    Syco….you ain’t nothin but the man for coming up with that info

  145. Jessie Lou says:

    There’s no crying (or pouting) in baseball (or any sport)… it should be duly noted that I have exercised some restraint in the area of commenting on pouting. And that is said with ALOT of humor.

  146. sweet says:

    Zeek instructed me to clarify that he was not part of the “PHS Express” but in fact the manager/trainer on the team. That was my attempt, feeble as it may have been, to do so. But if there was a mgr wing, he would be a first balloter by damn

  147. quail09 says:

    Did you hear that, sweet?

  148. quail09 says:

    I agree, Zeek is the man

  149. Zeek says:

    Au Contraire gentlemen, what Sweet was trying to do, was point out that I was not a member of the PHS Express (as suggested by OB), but rather a Trnr/Mgr. on Football Team and received State Championship Ring as well as invite to MS High School All-Star Game and a 1/4 Scholarship to Rebs as a trainer,under Leroy Mullins Sr.He was NOT nominating me,that would be silly,unless it was Athletic Supporter HOF. (That’s funny I don’t care who you are) Sweet was just having his boy’s back and pointing out that I was member of team,not of Express.

    Kudos to Syco, you f**kin’ rock on the research facts,dude. Are you trying to tell me that the first black man to play football for the Naval Academy was from Goula?? For real???

  150. quail09 says:

    I stand corrected….but you did get your ass beat in that pickup game…and i still stand behind Olsen for HOF

  151. sweet says:

    Q09- on your second comment above, THAT is correct

  152. JessieLou says:

    Very funny Zeek. Nice to know your personal part in the history. Nice to see you guys kissing/making up – makes the blog very entertaining on a dull Saturday afternoon.

    Was Perry Huckabee really any good or was that a sarcastic comment earlier? I’ve been waiting for clarification that never came so I must come out and ask that dreaded question.

  153. quail09 says:

    Zeek…Leroy once snipped the skin of my bicep with scissors as he was attempting to cut my jersey sleeve at halftime of the Tulane game….when i looked up at his face, he was shocked…mortified…i’m laughin as i remember this

  154. sweet says:

    JLB, they say that there are no dumb questions, but if the blank stare with one eybrow up was in order now is the time. I did however witness history when the Huck got the lone hit of his baseball career off Michael Young when we were 17 or so. Back up the box and into CF. Randy Meek gathered the ball from the OF and gave it to the Huck at first base. I think he got a standing ovation

  155. Zeek says:

    Quail– Was Leroy’s Asst. when you were there a guy by the name of Joe Joe Petrone??? I got to be good friends with him at Ole Miss Baseball Camp and he is who got me into taping ankles and wrists. He was a cool dude, later joined Tampa Bay Bucs organization in late 80’s. Wonder what ever happened to him.

  156. Zeek says:

    Nevermind Quail– I just googled him and surprisingly he just this past August became Auburn’s Director of Sports Medicicne,so apparently he is doing well.Didn’t come to Ole Miss til 81-87.

  157. JessieLou says:

    Every dog has it’s day – perhaps that is when the Huck peaked.

  158. smilyj says:

    Sweet. I will take someone out on this board if they keep hounding you. Just give me the greenlight and it bye bye time for some unlucky soul. (OB). Also, I was involved in the game when Huck got his one and only hit. A clean rip up the middle. It wasn’t no fluke either as Young was trying his best to stirke the Hukster out.

  159. Cue says:

    Does anyone remember where they were when ESPN made the announcement about the overdose of Len Bias?
    I was playing tennis ball with several of you guys at Bradford Cunningham’s house. That was a long time ago. The “General” Ben White was their for sure. Nice site Baen! My name has come up a few times and it’s nice to see. We won 20 in a row my Junior year (Still the school record) and we didn’t even make the damn playoffs! I’ll add more after the Superbowl.

  160. sweet says:

    Backyard w/ Kirk

  161. Stan Crawford says:


    The other two coaches were Phillip Scott Sr. and Jerry Walker. Lynwood ran the show. What year was the PHS baseball winning streak. I know we did it my jr year and we did make the playoffs. WE lost our 1st game in New Orleans and reeled off 20 straight.

  162. Zeek says:

    I remember Kirk calling me early and waking me up telling me turn to ESPN. Very tragic. A lot of wiffle ball was played in Sweet’s backyard that Summer,even kept stats.

    Stan, don’t know about streak, ask Kirk, I know he knows.

  163. smilyj says:

    “Tennis Ball”?

  164. sweet says:

    That too. I was given the name Hal Lee to check out and he played in the majors from ’30 -36 for the Brooklyn Robins (wtf) , Phi Phillies, Boston Braves, and Boston Bees (wtf) .275 career hitter and 18 HR 85 RBI in 1932, 79 RBI in ’34……also I just noticed that there is a smi-LY face at the bottom of this page

  165. Mike Moreland says:

    This is a great site and nice idea in “getting the ball rolling” with this Ben. Just thinking of all of the great baseball players from Pascagoula in itself is mindboggling. From the 1960’s till now, the list can be lenghty but all well deserving.

  166. Thanks Mike, I’m glad you joined in. We all know and recall your contributions to baseball excellence in Goula and later at USM too.

    I’ve been thinking of a way to start the narrowing process. Hopefully we can start a whole new round of debate on who makes the first cut in a few days.

  167. jester40 says:


    We lost to Brother Martin in N.O. and our next loss was to M.P. No, we did not make the playoffs! We lost a one game district playoff to Cook Lewis, Ben Lee (remember he pitched right-handed and left-handed in that game) and Gulfport at Ocean Springs. Larson threw a gem but we got beat 3-2 in 9 innings and had 1 or 2 two guys thrown out at the plate. I think Gulfport won the state that year, 1985.

    I remember you 12 year-olds running around the complex at Gibson and lifting weights. I also had to throw BP to y’all. Remember, Reggie Woods and “Cornbread” and “Buttermilk” from Tennessee?

    Ran into Mike Backel (sp?) at a restaurant Sat. night in Madison and all he wanted to talk about was our football games. He said tell you hello.

  168. jester40 says:

    Smilyj, fast-pitch tennis ball was the rage back in the mid-to-late 80s. We made our own bats out of pool cues, shovel handles, ax handles, etc. My dad like to beat my a** when I charged about $200 worth of handles to his account at City Lumber to make bats out of. Dad had a table saw, planer, etc. and we would cut them to length, harden them, make grips, etc. We played at Troy Summerlin’s family’s lot behind Jerry Lees and at Gibson Field. Next to “potato chip top” baseball (the ball was the plastic top off a Pringles chip can and the bat was a rolled-up and taped magazine) that was maybe the greatest game ever invented. Tennis ball was for outdoors and potato chip top baseball was a rainy day or nightime game.

    TB, sorry to burden your site with this but Smilyj asked and it brought back some great childhood memories.

  169. Jester, great stories. That’s what makes this fun.

    My 6 year old t-ball team, mighty J’s Floor Covering, practiced on that Summerlin field.

  170. Puddin Head says:

    jester40 and who was the all time best “potato chip top” player? Just wondering

  171. jester40 says:

    Puddin Head,

    Ask Kirk. Unless Katrina washed them away, I am CERTAIN he still has the stats if not on paper then in his head. James Edgar gets the award for best swing when he took a silver and black 28 oz. Louisville Slugger and swung it at Bubba’s head. Only problem is that Bubba closed the door and Edgar splintered Linwood’s brand-new bathroom door. I think Edgar got a stern talking too about that one and Linwood threatened to beat Bubba a** if he messed with Jamie again! I am sure if Linwood were alive, he would claim to be the all-time greatest pitcher in the PCT baseball league.

    You know its weird nowadays with kids. I got a 16 year-old who is 6’3 bout 165, can throw 85-87 without trying and without good mechanics and rains 3s on the BB court. I don’t think he and his friends have ever played wiffle ball, tennis ball, pick-up basketball and certainly not potato-chip top baseball, ditch chase or any other of those games we all played when we were kids. All they do is play X-Box and go out to eat. Don’t get wrong these kids are good but it is a different environment out there now.

    With that, I am off to see my 7th grade daughter play basketball and then watch my 11th grade son play tonight. Ryan’s team is ranked #1 in the state and are 2 time defending state champions, so watch for them come MPSA tourny time.

    It is good conversing with all you and I am glad that Ben set up this website. Makes me feel young again and I am pretty sure I could break 65 mph with a fastball right now.

  172. Puddin Head says:

    Yea I have really enjoyed this site an awful lot, I just went back and read the Remembering Six article it really brings back alot of good memories it would be great to have an all time summer league all star reunion. Between L-Rod and Six we sure had alot of wisdom to follow

  173. PH, you sound like this is your last day! Stick around, the blog covers a lot of ground. Plenty to argue or reminisce about and some good one liners every now and then. I’d like to write about some of the old stories, but there’s a fine line between funny and embarassing to someone, especially myself, so I gotta be careful with that.

    PS, that essay I did on Six really just scratches the surface. I’ve been meaning to do some more on the subject. I working on a post in my head right now that needs some fine tuning before I try to put it on paper.

  174. Puddin Head says:

    TB, not planning on going anywhere I will chime in when I can and as often, brings back alot of memories” Jones County All Stars”

  175. Zeek says:

    The “shrimp pickers” showed those boys from Jones Co. a thing or two about baseball. Don’t go making hotel reservations when you have to face Goula,baby.

  176. quail09 says:

    Zeek….i thought that was sweet that said you were on the express….

  177. If you had a comment disappear, it was my attempt to clear the mini-threads that started with what I consider to be personal attacks. TB ain’t no hall monitor, and I won’t cloud up the site explaining again, but I wanted to let you know because some of the reaction posts were justified.

    I really appreciate everybody reading; its not much fun to write this stuff and have it met with the sound of cyber crickets. I even expect 95% of you to disagree with my politics, and I won’t mess with posts pointing out when you think I’m wrong, but as I’ve said before, the only people I’d like to see bashed on this page are politicians.

    PS, I have already changed my mind about only glamour positions going on my personal first ballot for HOF. (I was only half serious anyway.)

  178. quail09 says:

    RIP Rodney Siedell

  179. bc14 says:

    Here’s a couple

    Shannon Poole Pasc. Baseball, Perk, Louisana Laf
    Chad Davis Ocean Springs, Perk Ole Miss

  180. bc14 says:

    As far as teams go the Pascagoula 1996 team was a great one. 31-5 won state.

    Jared Becker, Milsaps, Lousiana Lafayette
    Rico Jones, MS State
    Chris Fishburn, UNO, USM, 4 year D-1 starter, SS
    David Spencer, Birmingham Southern, Dr. now

  181. OB says:

    Another couple names that haven’t been mentioned are Nathan Bosio, who went on to play ball at Tulane, and Ryan Jordan, who went on to play at William Carey. Ryan received Conference Pitcher of the Week and Regional Pitcher of the Week honors while there. I believe Ryan was an important piece of the puzzle on that State Championship team. Ryan is coaching at Ressurection.

  182. bc14 says:

    Ryan was good but his brother John was the 1996 team guy. Varnes was 16-0 that year and John was like 11-1 or something crazy. Ryan was much younger.

    Forgot Blair on my earlier posts. But he is a “gimme”

  183. OB says:

    Sorry. John was ther guy I was thinking of. Not to take anythign away from Ryan, because he did have success in high School and at Carey, but John was like Greg Maddox. He didn’t throw hard like Varnes, but could paint the corners with the best of them.

  184. Jessie Lou says:

    I believe Ryan graduated in 2001 or 2002.

    I echo Q09’s sentiments with regard to Rodney Siedell – Goula has lost a good man.

  185. larry says:

    baen, We just called the field “The Lot” Searstown practiced there as well. We played tape ball there a lot. We would take some paper towels and wrap black electrical tape around it until it was hard and use rake or broom handles for bats. I still have one at my house if anybody is up for a game. I went by ‘The Lot” the other day and you can not even tell there was ever a baseball field. Another good spot that BR and I played was behind Eastlawn.

    I will nominate Phillip Scott Jr. I think he could play anywhere, run a little, and had one of the best swings around. If he could have played more, who knows? His dad was pretty good too.

  186. Jessie Lou says:

    I remember going down Mantou to Jerry Lee’s when I was younger and that “Lot” was always full of boys of all ages. Cute ones too! For along time it has been empty but I did see some kids playing there last year but nothing like before. The organization was lacking. Larry – I would think the Summerlins have the lock on the most baseball players from one family from our area. It would be a good point to debate if anyone else has another family in mind.

  187. Mike Moreland says:

    I see a lot of names are being mentioned with this, but just a suggestion with the “big 3” sports, baseball, football, and basketball. Once the criteria is set, maybe select some sort of “All-Decades Team” that will give everyone something to go by. From there a selection through some type of voting of those athletes, and any “write ins”. Kind of like a MLB All-Star type ballot. Is this an idea of even looking into?

  188. jester40 says:


    You are correct that the 96 team was a great team. I once asked JO which team was better the 1983 team or the 1996 team. Much to my chargin (just kidding), he claimed the 96 team was. Might have something to do with his only being an assistant in 83.

    Out of the varsity players on the 83 team, 12 signed scholarships to play baseball after high school, one other turned numerous D-1 offers down to go to engineering school, two others didn’t care enough about academics and/or baseball to qualify for college and two others elected to play football in college.

    Plus, we had the finest set of “bat girls” ever to step foot on a BB field. Is there Jackson County Bat Girl HOF? Quick story about bat girls.

    My senior year we played East Central at home. It was frigging freezing and I was not pitching. Coach K built fires in 50 gallons drums to keep us warm in the dugout. So, in an effort to keep warm, I volunteered to pick up the bats. There was a fine bat girl from East Central and as I went out to pick up a bat after the third out, she approached me at home plate. I thought she wanted to go out, wanted my phone number to meet after the game, etc. What she wanted was a dip! She had seen the can in my back pocket. I thought she was kidding or one of the EC players needed a dip. I gave her the can. Right there at home plate, she popped it like a pro, took a big scoop, put it in her mouth, gave me the can back and walked away while I stood looking like the stupid, 17 year-old that I was.

    Oh, other childhood sports fields — the island across from Stan Crawford’s house on Belair Street for football games, the field beside Davenport Field for football, climbing in the broken window at PJ for basketball, Larson’s house (with screwed up driveway), my house, the John May t-ball field for wiffle ball and the basketball court at Bobby Williams’ apartment off Pascagoula Street. My favorite is the Summerlin Field.

  189. OB says:

    I like that idea and I’d like to break it down by position, much like the MBL Ballot you mentioned.

  190. Fish says:

    I agree that JO was biased on our 1996 team. That is his only championship team as a head coach. Quite honestly, we had 31 wins with 5 losses and Varnes and Jordan were 27-1 as stated in an earlier message by someone. We were really sound defensively but hit only a little compared to some of the older teams.

    Now, the late 80’s teams were the ones that stand out in my head the most. Probably because I was tagging behind Rob and everybody else trying to be like them, haha. There were some great players on those teams. Like I said in my first post, it is really interesting to see all of these names come flying out. A lot of good ones.

    By the way, keep Ryan off the court and on the field, ha. I would like to see him at USM but what do I know.

  191. larry says:

    I would nominate the leftfield lounge at Big Ingall Field as the best place to watch a game back in the day. A lot of good time were had out there.

    Baen, I remeber getting a few colorful messages from you in the dugout between innings.

  192. OB says:

    Can we all get together again and play an alumni game? I heard they tried to organize one in the past, but I’m not sure how it went. I played adult league baseball here in Houston last year and was throwing harder than ever. I also didn’t have a clue where it was going. I know, I know, I never did!

  193. Jessie Lou says:

    I think they have done those sorts of things (Alumni games) as fund raisers before. That might be helpful to PHS baseball and if money for the team was involved someone might be more willing to see it get done.

  194. jester40 says:

    I was joking about JO’s being biased, but he did tell me that. No worries though mate! Varnes and Jordan were awesome. I recall JO invited me down to watch a game, throw out the first pitch, etc., and Jordan broke 2 or 3 records which I had held that very day. Both of those guys were very, very, very good and way more talented than I was.

    In addition to the 1983 and 1996 teams, a team that has not got any love on this board is the 1984 Panther team. Yeah, I was on it. We were ranked #1 in the state, swept the south state on our home field beating, Wingfield, McComb and Hattiesburg. But Hattiesburg got in a dispute in the consolation game with Wingfield. Hattiesburg’s coach would not leave the field after being ejected. A forfeit was declared in favor of Wingfield. The Panther bus left the next weekend for the state championship at MC and when we pulled up to the gate, there was a sign on the gate stating that the state championship had been put on “hold” due to Hattiesburg having obtained a court order halting the entire state championship. That court order remained in place and the state 5A baseball championship was never played in 1984 (that is something for you history buffs). Pascagoula was favored to win that 4 team playoff but we never got the chance. Had we played, I feel we would have won as the only real competition was Starkville High School. Starkville had Meredith “Mo” Stanford, who pitched at Alabama and in the pros but that was all they had. Goula had Mike Seaman and myself as the starters and we were a combined 23-1, plus we had 3 more quality bullpen arms all of whom could have started on other teams. Moreland, Coleman, Jimmy Default, Bobby Ogle and others led the offense. There is no way we would have been beaten twice that weekend as we were deep in pitching. That court order took away, possibly, the only back-to-back championship in Goula history. When I was at Faulkner, my mom sent me the court’s opinion denying Hattiesburg’s appeal but it was way too late by then. Talk about a bum deal. Makes me mad everytime I think about it. Not to mention it cost some people some scholarship offers.


    My personal all-time best (limited to 1983-85) of players I played with, in no particular order:

    Keith Coleman – SS, OF
    Mike Moreland – OF
    Stan Crawford – OF
    Bubba Holifield – SS
    Troy Summerlin – 2B
    Richie Tillman – C
    Kirk Larson – P
    Steve Boyd – C
    Paul Tanner – OF
    Mike Thomas – 3B, P
    Mike Seaman – P

    I will admit that I am prejudiced but, I dare anyone to find two better outfielders than Mike “TC” Moreland and Stan Crawford. If memory serves me, Moreland left Pascagoula as the all-time and single season home run champion. Crawford was just a freak of nature, an all-around athlete who could play any sport at a high level. Since I was a control pitcher, it didn’t happen often but when I got behind, I give a little glance out to left and center indicating that a “groove” fastball was coming and Crawford and Moreland would go get it. Moreland hauling stuff down in the recesses of centerfield and Crawford bouncing off the tires around the light poles that were for some unexplainable reason inside the left field fence. Those two saved my bacon on several occasions.

    For you researchers out there, over a 3 year span, has any other Goula baseball teams had a better winning percentage or won as many games as the 1983, 1984 and 1985 Goula teams?

  195. OB says:


    I love your stories. Those are some great players and I seriously doubt anyone can come up with a group of players like that.

    So, did you end up asking for that chick’s phone number? That was freakin funny! I can only imagine that ole TB blank stare you put on her.

  196. 89 Fan says:

    I remember when Clinton came into goula with a record of 29-0 and 14th in the nation and a pither who went by the name of “Hooch Alabama” made those boys look silly. That team in 89 went on to beat Clinton 2 out fo 3 and go to the state final against Southhaven to lose the best of three series. The 89 team was pretty good also and problably compared to the 96 and 83 team

  197. Zeek says:

    Jester, Nice story and I can’t believe I don’t remember about that bum deal ya’ll got. No doubt in my mind that ya’ll woulda repeated. Your list is superb and is very close to mine. I would venture to say that it would be hard for Goula to field a team as good as the 83-85 squads. I would definitely have to add you to that list, but your modesty is refreshing. Say hey to Kim for me.

  198. Zeek says:

    I just noticed after I said last statement that I inadvertantly left off Jeffrey Ellis on my original list, coulda sworn I had him on there,easily makes my list with records set. Big Lefty.

  199. jester40 says:


    After she got my can, took herself a dip and gave it back, I was left standing at home plate with my proverbial dick in my hand. I caught much hell once back on the dugout. I can still see her today though, long, auburn hair, nice rack, tan legs (though they were red from the cold and her wearing shorts) and a butt that …, well I better quit now! The stare she got was why she took half my can at one time. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I am remembering that another PHS baseball player went out with her about 2 or 3 years later and kissed her while she had a dip in her mouth. I ain’t mentioning any names but you can guess, the PHS player had to graduate b/t 86 and 88. Oh, the memories of high school baseball.

    I got some more stories (as I am sure others do) about the Panama City high baseball trip, the hotel room in Jackson during the state tournament (that one is a true classic), playing semi-pro ball and college ball with a lot names mentioned on this list, but I will save those for another day.

  200. OB says:

    I wish I could’ve seen you play. I heard a lot about you after I started playing in Goula. I heard from a couple of the older players that I was a lot like you, but it sounds like we were completely different, since you were a control pitcher.

    I really miss your dad too. He was one cool dude and treated me really great. He used to call me “Gone Ass”, because I was really skinny in 10th and 11th grade and didn’t quite fill out my uniform. I had a bad case of the droopy draws.

  201. quail09 says:

    Jester….your description of the bat girl sounds a lot like Jessie Louise

  202. quail09 says:

    Jester….your description of the bat girl sounds a lot like Jessie Louise

  203. Madd Dawg says:

    Excellent stories everyone.

    I think it’s time for you to set some criteria, and let’s get the voting going!!

  204. I’ll try to figure out how to condense some of this. May take a couple of days.

    In the meantime, while we are doing a lot of strolling down memory lane while we nominate, I think its worth mentioning later era Del Norte participant Jay Walton who played a supporting role on Mississippi State’s 1996 Final Four team. I don’t think Dale did it, and if he didn’t I doubt any former Goula hoopster has made it that far in the tourney. I also saw him dunk against Georgia in the SEC Tourney semi’s. I passed up a chance for a ticket to the next day’s monumental Tournament victory over Kentucky, the eventual national champs that year. Dammit.

    • DALE BROWN says:


  205. jester40 says:


    I miss my pop too! Never got to see you pitch either. but heard you were better than good. If pop gave you a nickname, you must have been real good cause he only gave nicknames to real players. When we got more time, I will tell what I mean by the phrase, “control pitcher.” Up early, got a trial.

  206. Jessie Lou says:

    Q09 – very funny – another PHS baseball player once thought he was going to teach me how to dip Copenhagen. He only got so far and I had to put a stop to that.

    J40 – Your story is priceless. I just read it to my office friend who is an EC grad. The mark of a good story is when you have folks dying to know who the people really are and leave them wanting more and wondering.

  207. Zeek says:

    JLou-always a tease.

  208. Time to vote. If you just check on this thread for updates, go to the main page and you will see the thread for voting. Round one ends on Monday at midnight.

  209. Hey Quail, tell me about Davy Davis.

  210. quail09 says:

    He’s a kid i grew up with in Goula……he looked like SweePea from Popeye when he put on his little league uniform at Gibson Field….puny….he started powerlifting in high school…and to make a long story short, he won the national title in powerlifting in his weight class at a meet in Miami….this was around 79-81…he won many other meets and honors…i don’t know them all…conerly and i used to workout in the summers while home between football seasons at his parent’s garage….that’s where all the powerlifters went ….another is Joey Ladnier….he’s nationally known…..and, there’s a del norte connection….Larry Plumley was the granddaddy of the whole thing…lived up in the del norte neighborhood somewhere….Davy is a cop in goula now……he has a great inspirational story of his development and the sacrifices he had to make to be a champ…thanks for askin….oh, and i couldn’t resist putting raymond on my list….he’s lived in JC for over 50 years and is such a superlative football player

  211. I’ll vote for Raymond on Round 2. I think long time residents should qualify too.

    Thanks for the info. I remember Davy, but didn’t know his sports background.

  212. Madd Dawg says:

    If y’all are bored this weekend and want to see some of the top baseball players in the area (and possibly some potential future nominees for the Jackson County Sports HOF) compete, there is a tournament with about 30 travel teams (ages 8 to 12) playing at the Goula Fields with some of the following coaches that most of you know:

    Goula/Ocean Springs 12 year old team (Tide)–Frankie Godfrey
    Goula 9 year old team (Patriots)–Lee Tingle
    Gulfport 9 year old team (Outlaws)–Me
    Ocean Springs 9 year old team (Hounds)–Ken Williams

    The three Jackson County teams mentioned all have on them kids of people that I went to high school with, so it is always good to see them at tournaments all along the Coast.

  213. Mike Moreland says:

    Jester…hey teammate and longtime friend. What great memories you have brought up after all these years. For all those out there, Jeffrey Ellis was a lefthanded version of a Greg Maddux pitching style. Many times from the CF position I would watch him hit the inside/outside corners of the plate with perfection while making hitters look foolish. It was a site to see. He went on and pitched successfully at Faulkner St. and UALR. Your right, the 1983-85 seasons are the best 3-year span in school history, as far as win pct. is concerned, in school history. They were 72-16 overall (.818%).

  214. Stan Crawford says:


    I was playing as a 10th grader in right-field on the infamous 84′ team. We crushed our competition in south state. The games were like 17-1 and 16-1 if memory serves me correctly. Since we were ranked #1 at that time and we never played the state championship out on the field, can we get a pro-bono suit filed in Jackson petitioning the MHSAA to declare a state champion. It’s been 24 years, and I need some closure.

  215. Jessie Lou says:

    Davy Davis – I remember his lifting days – the Sweet Pea reference is dead on – I would have never thought of that and got a kick out of it! Joe Ladner was in my class and I am training with him right now – Joe was on the weight lifting team in high school, never stopped and has done quite well as Q09 has said.

  216. Just wanted to put another reminder on the bottom of this thread to go vote on the main page. I know its not well organized, but my tech staff is on unpaid furlough right now and I’m doin my best.

  217. jester40 says:


    No closure is coming. You will have to live with that open wound forever. I do believe that the court opinion decreed that Goula was the south state champs. How nice of them since we actually won it on the field. Seems like I was in Idaho in the Air Force when that opinion was finally handed down and my mom mailed it to me. That was in 1989 or 1990 some 5 or 6 years after the fact.

  218. jester40 says:


    Thanks for the kinds words. How much do I owe you?

  219. jester40 says:

    FYI —

    I know all lot of you on this board still live in or around Jackson County and us who don’t still keep up with sports from the coastal area.

    Go to yahoo sports online and check out the main story. “Who shot Billy Joe?”

    Billy Joe Johnson, Jr., was a star tailback out of George County with his entire future ahead of him. About 2 months ago, he was killed by a shotgun blast during a traffic stop outside Lucedale. Some say the wound was self-inflicted; others think something more sinister. I was in Goula several times over the past month and the story is a hot topic.

    Just thought I would pass this along.

  220. OB says:

    Do any of you know anything about Bruce James?I am trying to do a little research rather than just throwing names out there. This guy was a stud at Moss Point ansd Arkansas.

    “Bruce James was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi and graduated from Moss Point High School. He was All-State Football in 1965-66, played in the Mississippi High School All-Star game in 1967, and chose the University of Arkansas over 20 other major universities. Bruce lettered at Arkansas in 1968, 1969 and 1970, made Look All-America and Football Writers All-America Teams in 1970. He was voted Most Valuable Player in the All-American Bowl in Tampa, FL in 1971.

    Bruce made 26 Career Quarterback Sacs, 9 Fumble Recoveries and batted down 6 passes in 3 years. He graduated with a B.S. Degree from UA, then was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1971. He married Barbie Hawkins from Lake Village in 1973 and has three sons, Brad, Blair and Blake. Bruce has been a Sportsweek co-host for eight seasons.”

  221. Stan Crawford says:


    JO’s first year as PHS head coach was 1984. History may have remembered that team very favorably if they would have let us finish the deal. What I can’t understand is why the coach’s and parents just laid down and accepted the eventual outcome. Just think what we would say and what we would do today if the same thing happened to our kids Jester.

  222. Jessie Lou says:

    I think parent’s attitudes today are very different than in 1984. A parent today would never let that slide. I never hesitated to question something when my child was playing; however, I never faced something that large either. Either way, I would/could not have let it go easily.

  223. jester40 says:


    If someone did that to my kids’ team(s), I would “break red” on them. I don’t remember exactly what the PHS administration, coachs and/or parents did or didn’t do in an effort to get the order lifted. Nor do I know what the MHSAA was doing, probably sitting on its a**!

    Jessie Lou, you gotta remember this was 1984: before Al Gore invented the internet, a cell phone was a 20 lb. bag mounted in a vehicle and most people didn’t have one. Hell, no one from Pascagoula knew the tournament was postponed until our bus pulled up the gate at MC. There was an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper hanging on the gate with the court order taped to it.

    As I recall, the Forrest County Chancery Court (Hattiesburg ran back to their home county and found a friendly judge) (I now know that a Forrest County court should not have had jurisdiction since the incident occurred in Jackson County)issued the injunction and that injunction was good for 10 days. The 1984 state championship was at the end of the school year and I can’t remember if graduation had alreay occurred but don’t think so. I know the previous year, 1983, our cheese hound pulled out of War Memorial stadium headed for the state tourny 1 hour after the graduation ceremony at PHS. I know in 1984, we were at the very end of school which had a lot to do with the tournament not being rescheduled.

    There are two people for sure (maybe more) that should have had their arse kicked and that is the head coach at Hattiesburg (Knight or something like that) and the judge who issued the order barring the state championship.

    Based on what transpired the very next year, 1985, with the PHS teacher’s strike and the baseball team getting screwed out of a college showcase tournament at Eddie Stanky Field in Mobile, I doubt that the Pascagoula School Board did much of anything in 1984. Mr. Boutwell, the PHS school board president would not let us play during the teacher’s strike in 1985.

    I vividly recall talking to him on the phone in 1985, begging him to let us play, that it was an opportunity for a lot us to maybe get a scholarship or at least get exposure. He was not persuaded, in fact, he was downright rude, told me it was not his problem.

    JO had us in tournament with teams from Miss., Alabama, Georgia and Florida at USA. There were scouts from all over, and of course, we could not play. I went over there but was not allowed (by the school board) to even participate in a bullpen session. Definitely cost a lot players on that 85 team free exposure and probably cost some a shot at a scholarship or a better scholarship.

    I guess with those two legal issues in high school, I should have taken it as an omen, karma or destiny that I would end up being a lawyer.

    Damn you Crawford, you done made me mad all over again thinking about this stuff!

  224. Mike Moreland says:

    Here is my list of top catchers and shortstops in PHS history. I’m sure I have missed a few along the way, but these stand out in my mind. Pitchers will be at a later date.
    Catchers-Melvin Whitfield,Bill Marchant, Bubba Toups, Bobby Collins, Eric Lane, Steve Boyd, Richie Tillman, Teddy Bishop, Shannon Poole, and Jared Becker.
    Shortstops-Russ Walker, Rickey Sutherland, Van Graham, Danny Holifield, Keith Coleman, Rob Holifield, Chris Fishburn, and Jansen Rayborn. Also, here is my list of top teams….1967,1968,1983,1996 for reaching the ultimate goal of State champions….others are 1976,1977(some of the best pure athetes PHS has ever had),1984(ended the season ranked #1 in state by Jackson Clarion-Ledger even though state playoffs were cancelled),1985(ended season ranked #4,highest PHS ranking w/o winning state,and had a school-record 20-game winning streak) and 1997 team(upset in playoffs with many returnees from ’96 team)
    Trivia interest…PHS baseball has had 3 former players participate in the College World Series in Omaha..Donnie Davis(Ms. State), Rodney Siedell(RIP)(Ole Miss), and Blair Varnes(Florida State)

  225. Cecil Ann says:

    I went to school with Bruce for 12 years in Moss Point. In fact we liked each other on and off for the most part from grades 1-8. Our families were friends and he dated one of my good friends in high school.
    He was an awesome football player at MPHS and was very well known all over the state.
    His sister, Carlotta Fleming, lives next door to my
    my sister in M.P.
    Bruce was down visiting in Moss Point not too long ago. I do know he was recently inducted into the Arkansas Hall of Fame.

  226. Mike Moreland says:

    Q09, I remember quite well the powerlifting days of Davey Davis, Larry Plumlee, Joey Stevens, and Joe Ladnier. Davey was my nextdoor neighbor and I spent many days/nights after school hanging out with them and looking up to them as a young teenager. Other than my dad, these guys in their own way inspired me to train. I remember Plumlee actually putting me on a strength and conditioning program during the summers. I have many good memories of those days. When I was next door in my house and the house would shake, I knew then there was some serious deadlifting going on next door, which I always went to check out!!

  227. Wow, the state or the University of? Either way, that’s impressive.

    Class of 84/85, that was the worst screw job ever, but to soothe the wound, not only can you take pride in your Clarion Ledger mythical title, but we will hang your banner in equal status with the other championships here in the HOF.

    2 questions for you guys: First, do any of you remember the game in Pascagoula, I want to say against MP where you/we were down about 9 runs in the last inning and came back and won? I want to say it was y’all’s era.

    Also, remind me about the incident, I think in 86 where Hero (I think) got called out on a home run against Hattiesburg (I think) for slapping hands with the guys as he rounded 3rd and headed home.

  228. OB says:

    I remember Wendell Green being called out for missing third base or for slapping hands or something. I think that ocassion was at Biloxi. Boy was Johnny Hot!!!

    There was a game versus Moss Point where we came from way back to win. It was a very, very foggy night. It reminded me of the Fog Bowl between the Bears/Vikings.

  229. Jessie Lou says:

    J40 – I could not agree with your assessment more, I just didn’t express it as well as you did. Attitudes and a means to accomplish certain things are both different now vs. 1984. Like you, I work in the legal profession and have for the last 19 years so that puts a bit of a different perspective on it for me and how I would go about handling it. That is not to say I could/would have done anything differently had I been involved in anyway back in 1984. Let me just say I’m angry on your behalf.

    Speaking of catchers, there was one in my memory from OLV around 1976/77 whose last name I believe was Humphrey(s) – maybe David Humphreys.
    Q09 – do you remember him at all? Clear me up on that – I thought he played with Bubba Toups and was fairly good.

  230. OB says:

    Sorry TB, Fog Bowl Bears/Eagles, but regardless that was after our Senion season.

  231. Mike Moreland says:

    Some other great PHS teams I failed to mention, 1969 team and the 1989 team. Both were strong teams, with the ’89 team finishing runner-ups to Southaven. How could I have forgot? Mnd is going bad as I get older!!

  232. Fish says:

    Anyone have details on Charlie Doggett’s career at PHS? He is my uncle and I was wondering just how good he was.

    I agree Mike, the 89 team was great but the 96 team got the hardware.

    just kidding

  233. Fish says:

    And the 83 team, sorry for forgetting that guys.

  234. 89 Fan says:

    If that Higg kid wouldn’t have swung at a ball four call with bases loaded which the pitch was 3ft over his head they might have gotten some harware also. FISH

  235. Puddin Head says:

    I didn’t think that was to funny about the hardware, but if you want to put the hardware up for stakes I believe I can get enough players off the 89 team to see who was better.

  236. OB says:

    I’ll take Hooch Alabama and the 89 team!

  237. Puddin Head says:

    Thats a sure winner OB

  238. quail09 says:

    Jessie Louise…..Yes, David Humphreys went to OLV and was an awesome baseball player….however, he was a southpaw pitcher….he was on the Dixie Youth World Series championship team with JO, Collins boys, and Toups….Collins boys dad was the coach btw…..JO told me a funny story recently about Humphreys….said his Tulane team was about to play Humphreys college team (some small school i forget where) ….Tulane coach said, “Olsen, you grew up playin against him….give a scouting report”…so, JO gets up and tells how mean his curve ball is and gives a lot of detail about what he could do as a pitcher….anyway, Olsen said when they took the field, ole Hump had put on a few lbs and had grown a “hippie goatee”….said he just didn’t have the old stuff…..Tulane pounded him….he took a lot of grief from the guys for buildin Hump up so big…..he was a beast in little league and pony league though….they dominated the state for years…that group…Hump was a big reason why

  239. BR says:

    Here is a guy from Moss Point that has slipped
    through the cracks and could be first round
    Verlon Biggs from Moss Point
    Played Defensive End for 11 years started 10 of
    those, drafted in the 3rd round by the Jets. He
    started for the Jets when they upset the Colts
    in Super Bowl #3. Played in 4 Pro Bowls and
    was MVP of one of them. He also played in the
    72 Super Bowl for the Redskins and lost to TB’s

  240. Anonymous says:

    good call br (TB)

  241. Jessie Lou says:

    Thanks for that Q09 – I have a face in my mind of a guy but can’t put a name on him that was a catcher for OLV. I’m giving myself a bonus point for remembering Hump was a good player at all!

  242. Fish says:

    Puddin Head
    I’ll have to pass. Need all types of surgeries but I would play you in horse for my ring. The “curse of the turtle” would never let me down.

  243. One person emailed me that he would prefer this be a secret ballot. I don’t know how to do it that way, but if it makes you more comfortable, you can email your votes to me at benwhite731@aol.com

    Then, only I’ll know and I’ll keep it private. Remember, this is just the first round of several that will make up class number one. If your candidate fails in this initial vote, you can keep voting for them in subsequent rounds until they get elected or the class is full.

  244. Cue says:

    Off the top of my head here are some guys that I think deserve consideration for the 80’s team of the decade. I’m sure that I left some obvious guys off by mistake and hopefully nobody’s feelings are hurt. If I have someone out of position it’s because I know they could make the switch with ease. Here we go.

    Mike Thomas (RHP)
    Cleon Davidson (RHP)
    Danny Coleman (RHP)
    Kirk Larson (RHP)
    Jeff Ellis (LHP)
    Chris O’Brien (LHP)
    Brian Summerlin (LHP)
    Mike Seaman (LHP)
    Mike Thomas (3RD)
    Mike Alvarado (3RD)
    Troy Cobb (3RD)
    Rob Holifield (SS)
    Bubba Holifield (SS)
    Cliff Ord (SS)
    Troy Summerlin (2ND)
    Phil Killingsworth (2ND)
    Rob Walker (2ND)
    Kenny Taylor (1ST)
    Frankie Godrey (1ST)
    Ben White (1ST)
    Richie Tillman (C)
    Steve Boyd (C)
    Teddy Bishop (C)
    Keith Coleman (LF)
    Philip Scott (LF)
    Craig Summerlin (LF)
    Mike Moreland (CF)
    Stan Crawford (CF)
    Terrell Buckley (CF)
    Paul Tanner (RF)
    Terry Graves (RF)
    Robbin Higginbotham (RF)

    Several of these position players could also step on the mound and do some serious damage as well. J.O. had a nice with this group of guys! I think this group would be hard to beat by in Goula decade.

  245. OB says:

    I like all these. Here are a few more:

    Mark Haarala- C
    John Grant- 1B
    Lee Tingle- 2B
    Michael Young- 3B
    Hyler Krebs- OF

    There’s just too many to count. There were many, many great players in this Era.

  246. Cue says:

    Your exactly right O.B. How could I forget about those guys? I also forgot Wendall Green.

  247. OB says:

    Ben was a very good player, but I remember him being especially dominant as a pitcher in Dizzy Dean. There were a couple of years where he was unhittable and had a very good stick too. I thought that was worth mentioning. I wish I could’ve played more years with a lot of these players, but I grew up in Gautier and the competition there wasn’t all that great. All these players made me better.

  248. OB says:

    also, another very, very good player was Phillip Hinkle. How freakin good could he have been? A great competitor!

  249. jester40 says:

    Cue and OB,

    That is a helluva list! Don’t forget Jimmy Default at 2B. He could hit and was slick in the field. DU took the concept of “staying in on a breaking pitch” to a whole new level one sunny afternoon. He followed a high slider right to the point where it moved his nose over about 3 inches. SOB bled all over home plate for about 10 minutes. Bobby Ogle (84) for OF also.

  250. Sycopedia says:

    JLou, Quail – David Humphries played at Spring Hill. He also played first base.

  251. smilyj says:

    Trivia Question? Who was on deck in the 89 state championship game when Higg swung at ball4 and also had the rip single that R. Holifield decided not to touch third on in the game before that? Was the same person both times.

    Also, for the powerlifting segment Ladnier held a world record for teenager benchpress. Probably the only jackson county athletic world record holder. He also was at a recent exhibition and benched 405 for something like 40 reps! He’s in his 40’s now. That’s mindboggling.

  252. quail09 says:

    smily….i was around when joey was just gettin started with davy davis and plumley and joey “catfish” stevens….can you drop any detailed knowledge on us about davy?….he dominated his weight class on the national level, i just can’t remember the details

  253. mike says:

    Here is my list of top pitchers from each decade @ PHS. Apologies go out to shortstops Kirk Kinard and Nathan Bosio who I failed to mention in my previous list of shortstops. They were both good ones. Again with all due respect, I’m sure I have overlooked a few…..
    1960’s-Robert Earl Siedell, John Kitchen, Earl Gilbert, Donnie Rasberry
    1970’s-Paul Mizell, Sammy Smith, Ronnie Mayfield, Roger Parker, Keith Necaise, Lynn Hill, Llyod Palmer, Jimmy Colmer
    1980’s-Mike Thomas, Mike Seamen, Jeffrey Ellis, Cleon Davison, Kirk Larsen, Chris O’Brien, Brian Summerlin
    1990’s-Justin Russell, Phillip Haigler, John Jordan, Blair Varnes, Nick Parrish, Matt Anderson,
    2000’s-Ryan Jordan, Timothy Jones, Justin Rayborn, Andrew Haygood, Ian Underwood

  254. smilyj says:

    I dont know much about Davey, except for who he is. I tried looking it up but its hard to find those kinds of details. I see Joe in the gym everyday and most of Ladner’s info can be found easily since he is still relevant in powerlifting and his teen records still stand as far as I could find out.

  255. jmac says:

    just a litlle respect though maybe biased coach mcdaniel won back to back state stae championships alot people didnt likem because politics were out to bad they cant stay out . by the way a few more f balll and b ball sites as in front yard jmc and larsen couldve won a super bowl if there were only 2 players to a team ,i just cant remember anyone better than paul tanner scott was good but stan covered some ground along w moreland, keith and paul i believe to be the best ss ob no hard feelings but no dice

  256. jmac says:

    smiley our irashy bfi team came back like the bad news bears

  257. jmac says:

    1st danny coleman mike thomas john grant
    2nd ? ss waggy the way budda talks mike dry in left jk catcher tillman cf crawford Lf moreland rf p scott 3rdKcoleman
    ellis jeffrey
    not a final list however hrd to beat just a quick thought so dont hold me to it

  258. Jimmie Dufault says:

    Wow…..great list of names. Can’t dispute any of them. Each decade has thier great athletes. I am partial of course to the 80’s.

    The 83 team with the likes of Mike Thomas, Paul Tanner, Steve Boyd, with Jeffro Ellis on the hill with Spermy Seaman. Morelan and Coleman roaming the outfield.

    the 84 team with Fro and Spermy still on the hill, Moreland, Coleman at shortstop, David Winstead at 1st, Stan the Man….

    Those were some good times, some good friends.
    It sure made J.O’s first year interesting with the court intervention and the off field shananigans.

  259. Mike Moreland says:

    A vote goes out to Stacey Carmichael(PHS of 1977) for baseball and football, asolid performer in both sports. At Miss. College, was an Academic All-American and 2-time Conference player. Played about 10 seasons with the P’Goula Merchants Semi-Pro baseball team, coached by current city councilman Robert Stallworth, being named All-State Semi-Pro 3 times. Yes, Pascagoula supported 2 Semi-Pro teams in those days with the Merchants and the Pas-Point Pirates. Man, how times have changed. The last season of its existence for the Merchants(1986), the team placed 2nd in the State tourney in Jackson, coming one win away from going to the National tournament in Wichita. It’s sad P’Goula hasn’t fielded a Semi-Pro team in 23 years because that is some quality baseball. Coach Stallworth formed the team in 1971 and had some great teams. He is actually in the Miss. Semi-Pro Hall of Fame.
    Another vote goes to 2b Jonny Zelenka(PHS of 1979)-Had a solid career at PHS and was a 2-time All-American @ Tulane Univ. Was drafted in the 25th rd. by the KC Royals-Left Tulane as the all-time hits leader with 277.
    A note of interest, the 1979 PHS team eventually had 3 players drafted out of college: Zelenka(Royals), Eric Lane9Rangers & Giants), and Jimmy Colmer(Orioles)

  260. Jimmy, good to hear from you. Mike, Jimmy and everyone else, be sure and cast your actual ballot on the post I’m linking here. First round vote closes at midnight and we’ll move on to round two with the goal of eventually filling up this year’s class.


  261. Mike Moreland says:

    For those out there who don’t know, semi-pro baseball was/is top notch baseball consisting of college players wanting to stay close by and play quality baseball, along with former college and professional players who loved the game and wanted to continue playing in some capacity.Games were played out of the Mobile Semi-Pro League and against teams throughout the state of Mississippi and ended with a first class State tournament held at Smith-Wills stadium in Jackson. Very nice!
    Thanks Ben for that information….I’ll be sure to place my vote(s).

  262. jester40 says:

    DU, you still remember watching that breaking ball rearrange your nose?

    Moreland, where do you get all this information? I had forgotten about those P’goula Merchant teams we played on.

    A guy from the K.C. Royals dominated us in that championship game and some Yankee farmhand took a 1-2 curve ball I threw him and hit it in the pine forest over the Marlboro Man (it was 45 feet high) in right-center at Smith-Wills in Jackson. I do remember that you (in CF) never moved. That damn baseball is probably still in orbit. They took the Marlboro Man down about 8 or 10 years ago. I should have got him as a souvenir.

  263. I used to love sitting out in some Summerlin’s pickup on Sunday afternoons listening to their old stories and legends and watching either the Pirates or the Merchants. Too bad they never played each other–would’ve been fun. I believe the original “Mad Dawg” managed the Pirates for awhile didn’t he?

  264. Zeek says:

    Moreland- I’m glad you mentioned Stacy Carmichael. He is someone that I had forgotten at first and meant to slip in there. He would definitely be a first ballot all-timer in baseball in my book. Powerful man. I see him now and then and played golf with him coupla years ago and he can still smack the little egg 300+ yds.(I still beat him, though)
    Zelenka I already mentioned and is also easy first ballot member.

    I agree it is a shame the semi-pro teams are defunct. Lotta good ballplayers came thru those ranks.

  265. Mr. Grammar says:

    Hey JMac, it seems that you had Mrs. Crawford for typing and Coach Wells for English. Reading your entries is like trying to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls or hieroglyphics. Can you please try to type in english so we can understand you? Thanks.

  266. Jimmie Dufault says:

    Yes sir Jeffrey, remember it well….. messed up that pretty White Sox uniform that we wore. As I remember that was the rally starter, Biloxi had jumped on us early and were laying the wood to us. Nothing like taking one for the team to get the rally started….. at least thats how its told these days…….lol.

  267. BR says:

    Jimmy, i’m waiting on that call to go floundering!!

  268. Jimmie Dufault says:

    Hooch, I switched phones and lost ur #, hook a brotha up with it again. Its getting time to get after them. Here’s my email address send it to me.


  269. jester40 says:

    Those pretty White Sox uniforms with the red cleats? Worse looking uniforms JO put on the Panthers in his 25 years as a coach. My mom has that team picture taken in front the Longfellow House hanging in my old room at the old homestead in Goula. You were the rally monkey!

  270. Jimmie Dufault says:

    Longfellow House was your senior year. 84 we took it in the bleachers on the visitors side of the stadium. Roeders dad took it. And I agree about the uniforms. Although at the time we thought they were the shizzle.

  271. Cue says:

    Ellis had a perm back then.

  272. Stan says:

    I loved those uniforms. Jester, I felt like Darrell Boston out there. We were some bad mo fos. Bold move by JO in retrospect. 84″ was one hell of a year.

  273. jmac says:

    zeek i could write a novel on ur stupidity but ill be nice by the way perry likes his joc w downy by the way i have a degree mr, brown . wonder if u do. ck that for correct grammar. a famous person once said “why remember it when u can look it up”

  274. Zeek says:

    I have to agree with Stan the Man on the uniforms. I thought they were cool at the time. But, Stan, it was more like Harold Baines than Darrell Boston.Ha Ha!! 83-85 teams coulda played in old-school wool and still kicked a$$. 72-16 record says it all.

  275. jmac says:


  276. Stan says:

    Damn sure was Baines. My memory seems to be more selective these days. I remeber Du’s face shot though. Jester was right. Du had some sweet hands and a strong throwing arm.

  277. jester40 says:

    Cue, that fro was all natural. No need for a perm. Spent 3 years of high school trying to straighten it, now I try to keep it from falling out. Maybe I’ll just borrow your flowbee and shave it.

  278. Jimmie Dufault says:

    All these are great names from Goula, I know Moreland will remember the names I’m about to mention from other teams in the county. I think they deserve a shout out as well.

    Mitch Peters – 84 Ocean Springs
    Stuart Weidie and Scoot Worsham from Ocean Springs 82 State Championship teams. Those two could hit some bombs on the City Lumber building over there.

    Mark Ruffin put up some huge numbers at Vancleave in 83 and 84. Granted he couldn’t make the Goula team and transferred, sorry had to get that dig in……lol

  279. Zeek says:

    James Brune was also on that 82 O.S. team, played catcher, then went to ODU and played minor league ball with Reds, actual teammate of Reggie Sanders.

  280. Jimmie Dufault says:

    You are right zeek, forgot about Brune, he had a younger brother Reese that graduated in 85 I think. He was also a pretty good catcher.

  281. Mike says:

    Zeek, if it wasn’t for the very talented James Brune and his cannon of an arm behind the plate for Ocean Springs, Pascagoula would have had 4 players named to the All-State team in 1983. PHS catcher Steve Boyd could have easily joined 3b/p Mike Thomas(State Player of the Year), RF Paul Tanner(the most naturally gifted hitter I’ve been around), and SS Danny Holifield, who made it look so easy at shortstop, on the ’83 All-State team. Only two other high schools in the state can claim the honor of three from one team, Jackson-Callaway(1981) and Oak Grove(1993). Your right though, James Brune was an outstanding all-around ballplayer as his college and minor league experience indicates.

  282. jester40 says:

    Dudes, I nominated/mentioned James Brune about 3 weeks ago on this thread. He caught me at FSJC. Cannon for an arm, could run like a deer, and became a good hitter after he left OHS. He played at FSJC, South Alabama, and ODU in college. He got looks with several minor league clubs. Think he was also a black belt in karate.

    His brother, Reese, also caught me at FSJC. Good arm, average bat, not much speed but good player.

  283. Zeek says:

    Brune and my boy play ball together and his kid is amazing. Brune is very good coach(knows his ball)

  284. Zeek says:

    I would also like to formally apologize to Mr. jmac for my attempt at correcting his “grammar”. I did not realize that at the time of his entry he was using the net via cellphone at 4AM doing 80 in his Denali.

  285. oldtImer says:

    I would like to add a few players to the list. In 96′ Goula had a state championship baseball squad. I have not seen many of those names on any lists yet. I have not looked at all the threads. I would like to add Jared Becker- if you recall, had those grand slams to propel the team into the finals. He was Mr. Clutch. Also, the best defensive catcher ever at Goula (according to the coaching staff!). He played D1 ball. Also, great pitching staff with Varnes. There was one more stud but for the life of me I cant recall his name. Was it Fisher?

  286. oldtImer says:

    What about the great running back T.THomas, who went to play at Delta St. He very good.

  287. oldtImer says:

    We’ve had some damn good managers as well!

  288. MyEdsel says:

    There were some very good players on that baseball team. I remember the ‘jack’ he hit against Biloxi in the bottom of the 7th. It wasn’t a walk off homer but it was a big one. I thought Becker went to Millsaps and not L.L

  289. On the Round two voting, I want to make a pitch for several guys in hopes they get to the 2/3 threshold.

    First, Tony Dees was an All American HS and college hurdles runner. He also has an Olympic Silver Medal. To me, that makes him a strong choice.

    Earlier in this thread, information came up about Verlon Biggs and Sam Leslie that convinced me they belonged on my ballot. Please look at Sweet’s and BR’s posts on these guys before you leave them off your ballot.

    Ben Garry is the all-time leading rusher at USM and had some good years with the Baltimore Colts. I think he is tough to leave off your ballot too.

    Finally, Sarah Bailey was the first female to referee a Division I college football game. I think this gives her an edge over the other ladies.
    Here’s an article about it fyi:


  290. Du says:

    Old timer, the other pitcher I think you are referring to is John Jordan. Not sure if he got many innings, but Rico Jones was a good pitcher coming up through the summer leagues.

  291. quail09 says:

    TB….good points on these folks….i regret that no one from the fifties is on the list except raymond brown….and he’s being discounted….my hope was that Eddie Khayat would make it on….pro lineman with the Eagles and NFL coach….i forgot to list him on my original list and remembered after my post…..i would be willing to move my good friend and teammate chuck commiskey to next year in favor of putting mr. khayat on the list…mr. khayat had a longer and more distinguished pro career and is from moss point….along with being weighted naturally toward goula people, this list is also weighted post-1980…..this proposed change/addition to the second round list would aleviate some of this

  292. I think his case is good enough to add to the ballot. Consider it done.

    Hopefully, word will continue to spread about the site and we can get more information on some of the older guys. They may come too late for year one, but we’ll find em all eventually.

  293. sweet says:

    I propose we not be limited to the rd 2 list. As I considered syco’s info about the first black player at the Naval Acadamy being from Goula. Also, other worthy nominees may come to light with more research and discussion

  294. I don’t have any problem with that. I would rather just add people to the ballot though when asked. If i don’t limit the choices in some way, it will be very difficult for candidates to reach the 2/3 ratio. Of course, we could drop it to 1/2, but that would dilute the group a little too much I think.

    I’m open to suggestions. For now, I’ll add Huey to the ballot, and I too consider him a good candidate. I haven’t decided whether he makes my cut this round or not tho.

  295. Nails says:

    The best PHS double play combo ever. (In my humble biased opinion) came from the class of 1996.

    Chris Fishburn SS
    Justin Black, 2B

  296. Greeg says:

    Just in case some people may not be aware but Tony Dees was banned from competition due to positive tests for steroids. In many cases for real HOF’s, people who get caught cheating never get inducted. Just like Barry Bonds, A-Rod, McGuire will never be inducted into MLB HOF.
    Also, Raymond Brown was not from Jackson County and never played anything in Jackson County. He was from north MS, Greenville I think.
    And Phillip Haigler is not getting any respect.

  297. Zeek says:

    I agree with Sweet on not being limited, for the simple reason that it limits. Good call on adding Huey and Khayat to list TB. Are there still going to be a certain amount of women and non-Goula people? Maybe we should just scale this thing back to Pascagoula (and Gautier if they went to PHS or OLV or Live Oak). I don’t know enough about the women’s side or honestly the rest of Jackson Co. It is something to consider and maybe even vote on. I also would like to see more than three rounds of voting.

    I would also like to join in the pitch for Calvin Huey at the Naval Academy, I find that to be pretty significant for a Mississippi town.

    Hugh Pepper(if we keep it all Jackson Co.) is an icon in O.S. and was one of the best coaches ever from coast.

    Johnny Woitt was an excellent athlete at PHS,MSU, and I’m pretty sure the pros. Then went on to be one of if not the most successful and decorated coaches ever at PHS.

  298. quail09 says:

    Greeg…..i didn’t know about the steroids thing with dees…..i’ve been sittin here tryin to remember somethin he said in an interview after the olympics….somethin derrogatory about mississippi or pascagoula….anybody remember that?….i’ve googled it and can’t come up with anything….but i distinctly remember him having some negative things to say about his home state

  299. Sycopedia says:

    Two more countians that most people don’t remember:

    Terrence Wells – 70s RB at East Central, Southern Miss. Played a few years with the Packers.

    Steve Broussard – 70s punter from OS, Southern Miss. Played about 6 years for Packers and maybe a few other teams as well.

  300. On the doping, if that rules out your vote, so be it. I don’t believe it affected his HS or college record nor was his medal stripped. Correct me if my info is wrong. On his possible statements about MS, that would make me not like him, but does nothing to detract from his accomplishments. (The old Ty Cobb analogy fits).

    Greeg, this is a real HOF. Also, the R. Brown issue has come up. Is there some sort of family feud I need to be aware of?

    Zeek, perhaps if OS or MP residents feel slighted they will join the discussion and convince us of their candidates. The blog needs more readers and more interesting discussion. For that reason, the rest of the county is included. This list won’t be perfect, just like the OTHER real HOF’s are imperfect. But we can make it as good as we can.

    I will add anyone to the ballot that someone feels has a legit shot to be elected if there is a “second” to the motion. There will also be a final round of voting and possibly a veteran’s committee vote, so don’t give up on your guys. Undoubtedly, someone deserving will have to wait a year or more, but that will give us something to argue about on slow news nights.

    I appreciate the pitches. I’m still considering my ballot and it helps.

  301. Syco, I’ll be looking for your round II ballot. Your info has been illuminating.

    Greeg, if you had voted in round I, Phillip would be on the ballot. I’ll still add him if there is a “second.” Where’s the love, indeed. But seriously, give me his numbers if you know them. I know he played at Vandy and made it to the high minors. Do you know his W-L, ERA, or anything, even for HS? I just don’t know many specifics about his career.

  302. face says:

    Good point on the roids, Greeg. I forgot about that.

    I posted on my round 1 ballot about Jerry Alexander’s state championships. He won 4 titles. I haven’t seen many stats for the other coaches nominated, but I can’t imagine any of them come close to being as dominant as Alexander.

  303. face says:

    Both Richard Harvey and Eric Lane are in the Tulane Hall of Fame, and Johnny Zelenka was named Tulane athlete of the year in 1982.

  304. face says:

    And Harvey had an 11 year NFL career.

  305. Zeek says:

    The Dees question was enough to make me hold off on him whereas he was a shoe-in for me before that. Good reminding Greeg and Quail. Now that you mention it, I seem to remember something about both the banning and the negative comments.

    Face- Alexander was also an asst. for years at MP before succeeding Billy Wayne, and I know he had a championship or two himself. Alexander is likely to have been a part of more state championships than any other football coach in the state (except S.Panola coaches). Good Point Lachaussee.

    **I would also like to nominate for the inaugural induction year an honorary spot in HOF for
    Ed and Eddie Langford, it only seems fitting.**

    TB, you still did not address the female situation.

  306. If you don’t know enough or learn enough about a girl you would vote for, don’t. But read the article I linked about Sarah Bailey before you decide.

  307. Zeek says:

    What i meant was that I do not see evidence so far that one will be voted in, BAEN!! Will we end up having a bonus round for just females,etc,etc…. I voted for Bailey and Sims in an attempt to be well-rounded(Don’t even say it).

  308. We’ll debate whether to have a special ballot. I’ll move that we do. Didn’t mean to insult.

    Face, R. Harvey is definitely a finalist for my next ballot. He barely missed being on my first one.

  309. Just read up on Eddie Khayat. Not only did he have a 6 year career with the Skins and Eagles, winning an NFL championship with the Eagles, but he was Mississippi’s Golden Gloves champion in the early 50’s. I think that puts him over the top for me. He also was head coach of the Eagles for a season and a half and is on the All Time Tulane team.

  310. Madd Dawg says:

    If we listed ten nominees in round 1, most people voted for the three guys that made it in already and round 2 is limited to just 8 nominees, mathematically speaking, there is a good likelihood that no one will get the 2/3 vote necessary to make it into round 2 unless a lot of people switch their votes. I humbly make a motion that round 2 voting be expanded to 10 nominees.

    Also, I don’t know Fish at all, but if he was the SS for the ’96 team, I remember seeing him play two games in the playoffs that year with TB and Sweet when I was visiting home from law school and was extremely impressed. He was smooth, had good hands, a cannon for an arm and just had an confidence about him that dared the the batter to hit the ball to him. I don’t know anything about Fish’s stats at PHS or what he did after high school, but I remember thinking to myself THAT is the ideal SS.

  311. workinbaen says:

    OK, I’m down with that. If you already voted, you can add two to your list. I’ll edit the original post in a little bit.

  312. jester40 says:

    FYI — Sarah Bailey also became the first female to referree a bowl game when she was the replay official at the Music Bowl in Nashville this past bowl season.

  313. Zeek says:

    Wow, maybe I need to call MD and get him to suggest my ideas for me, he seems to have TB’s ear bent pretty well. MD makes a suggestion…. Done Deal!!! Is this some type of esquirian(just made that word up btw) good ole boy network???

    TB, Can I get a response on my nomination of Ed & Eddie Langford and their honorary membership, please sir?

  314. I’ve pretty much adopted every suggestion I think, other than to make it a Pascagoula only HOF. You gotta quit whinin son.

    I know Ed and Eddie were well respected and deeply loved. I think there is a place for them and others like them, but let’s get the on the field folks in, then work on other wings of the building. I have a few other ideas on this, but I’ll bring them out later.

  315. karl kuhn says:

    Travellinbean, Please nominate Charles ( “Charley” as one Oct 14, 1949 …Miss. Press I think… of the news clipping had his nick spelled) Kuhn jr. ( football, track ) Pascagoula high school 49-51. Thanks, Karl

  316. Karl, is there any way you can post the press clipping or email it to me?

  317. karl kuhn says:

    TB, I will be happy to do it, once MY tech support staff returns from her trip! ha! I have but one lone clipping that was dated 10/14/49. My grandmother,Odette, had a memory book that was chuck full of such things, but it was another victim of Katrina! I have located some archived newspaper
    ( Pay) sites that would have more info. Does PHS have any records / rosters that I/we could access ?

  318. bc14 says:

    Madd Dawg, I was around when the 96 team played and you’re right, Chris Fishburn was a solid player. I know alot of you guys made it in baseball but I can’t think of another SS in Pascagoula history that signed D-1 out of high school and start all 4 years at college.

    Also, he had 3 or 4 high school records when he left. He is the only player I’ve seen in high school that other teams use to come just to watch him take infield. Very solid defense but didn’t hit well. Sorry about that Fishburn.

    Nails, I agree with the double play comment also. Fishburn and Black turned more than anybody guaranteed.

  319. jmac says:



  320. jmac says:



  321. Jamie Ellis says:

    What up fellers! Got some names on here I havent heard or seen in a long time.

    How can I tell who everybody is, or do people not want everyone to know.

    BTW – Y’all got way too much time on your hands. hehe!

  322. jester40 says:

    1983 — Danny Holifield and Troy Summerlin had the single greatest middle infield play in Goula history in the state championship game against Hattiesburg. I had the view from the cat-birds seat (right behind the mound) and I still would swear the guy was safe. How Holifield got that ball remains a mystery!

    Greatest double play combinations? Maybe Fish and Black are it. Don’t know much about Black but have heard Fish could flat out get it and heard Bubba’s little brother, Puddin Head, could play but he is probably known more for his bat.

    Based on personal experience, from 1983 through 1985, the middle infielders didn’t get many chances for DPs.

  323. Jimmie Dufault says:

    Hows it going Jamie, I started reading some of the posts, it didn’t take long to figure some of them out. Poor ol puddin head is fairly simple, and that jester fella hard not to know him with that infinite amount of knowledge…..lol. Still working on some of them.

  324. FYI, here are most of the candidates who were closest to election in Round I but didn’t reach 2/3

    Sam Leslie
    Tony Dees
    Fred Cook
    Ben Garry
    Hugh Pepper
    Litterial Green
    Blair Varnes
    Jim Marsalis
    Johnny Olsen
    Mike Moreland

    Several others had support from multiple people, but these were among the closest to getting in. This isn’t a pitch, some are on my ballot, others are not, at least yet.

  325. jester40 says:

    If you have not done so already, scroll back up to the top of the page and read TB’s “Pascagoula and the Golden Age of Sports.” I could feel my youth relived and damn near made me cry.

    Great job TB!

  326. Fish says:

    Two people that I feel aren’t getting any pub are Haigler and Kinard. Both could play and both played a little pro ball I think.

    I still think Rob Holifield “puddin head” was the most talented shortstop I saw play. But we are cousins so I am obviously biased on that one. Also related to Phillip Haigler though distantly. But who isn’t related in Pascagoula, hahaha.

  327. jester40 says:


    you were a SS, Puddin Head was a SS, and y’all were cousins. That makes you cousins with Bubba, PH’s brother.

    How bout that? 3 of the best SS ever to play at PHS are brothers/cousins.

  328. Fish says:

    Ain’t that something. I don’t claim Danny Bubba though.

  329. mike says:

    I agree. Fishburn, and the Holifield boys definitely get my vote as three of the best shortstops at PHS. Your right Fish, about Kirk Kinard, he’s another good one that ranks high on the list. I’ll even include Rickey Sutherland(USM/White Sox) and Keith Coleman(USM/UALR). All six of these could flat out play the position of shortstop.

  330. Nails says:

    I want to throw out another name. Scotty Scott. I remember JO commented in MS Press one time saying he was one the best pure hitters to come out of PHS. Class of 2000, 2001? Played ball at Murray State i believe. Pascagoula Police now.

    Yes on Kinard. If memory serves me correct, Kinard was a late bloomer and really made a statement at Millslaps.

  331. Nails says:

    One more from the 90s. Chris Dawson. I remember that dude could hit. Did not do much after senior year though.

    Believe he hit .430 ish and hit 9 bombs?

  332. Nails says:

    Yep, Fish to Black = Tinker to Evers. I believe they turned the most double plays in PHS history.

    Others on the team that deserve some mentioning: David Spencer, J. Broadus, Scott Smith, Brent Lachaussee. i know there were others. Memory is getting bad

  333. Fish says:

    You’re right Mich, Dawson was a do it all kind of player. Tons of great ballplayers around JC>

    Mike, I totally forgot about Ricky Sutherland. Great player and still helps kids around town with extra looks.

  334. Stan says:

    “Golden Age” rocks. TB, you nailed it for sure! Jester, thanks for putting me on that one. Looking back, you know we played full scale baseball games on these fields w/o umpires and really never argued. You just knew your team would get the next close one. The game was to important to argue. Nobody ever took their bat and went home. Baseball was what held us together.

  335. Madd Dawg says:

    jester40 had a Hershiser-like scoreless IP streak of 50+ from the end of his sophomore season through the beginning of his junior season, then had another scoreless IP streak of 40+ right after that which was broken by the Court order that stopped the State Championship (discussed above), and went 11-0 his jr. season, all complete games, plus afew saves.

    Not bad for a guy with a perm.

  336. OB says:

    If there’s a place for Don Sutton’s perm in Cooperstown there’s definitely room for Jester and his rocket arm in Jackson county.

  337. jester40 says:

    MD, thanks for the words. I guess I have to buy your beer at the next family gathering.

    Keep telling you the “fro” was all natural! No PEDs on my lettuce! Y’all just jealous, y’all didn’t have curly locks that attracted all the womens.

    BTW, never saw Kinard play in high school (I did teach him in a summer camp or two) but he was the man at Millsaps here in Jackson. Went out and watched him a few times during his career up here. Is Kirk related to Frank “Bruiser” Kinard who played at UM in the 30s and is a member of the Pro Football HOF?

  338. workinbaen says:


    Jester, don’t let em get you down. Pascagoula circa 1985 was the Mullet Capital of the Free World

  339. Nails says:

    Fish – I was going to go with Mich, but decided on Nails… Anyways, good catch.

    Still in DC? But not with NGSB, right?

  340. Fish says:

    Still in DC, Work overseas alot now with a new company and I really enjoy it.
    email me…fishburn.christopher@ism-hq.com

    Here are some numbers for Kirk Kinard…

    Kinard earned SCAC Player-of-the-Year honors in 1993 as a freshman and finished his career with three All-SCAC selections. He finished his career with 159 runs driven in (10th all-time in the SCAC) and 13 triples (tied for seventh all-time). He led the league in hits in 1993 (45) as well as triples (7), home runs (5) and RBIs (35). After graduation, Kinard played one season of minor league baseball with Bakersfield of the California League.

  341. OB says:

    Man, I was lookin at one of our old team photos at the Longfellow house and I was rockin one big, bad mullett in that White Sox JV uniform.

    My wife and oldest daughter have curly hair, so I can make fun. I hope she doesn’t read this, but there is one photo of her as a child sporting a Dr. J Fro.

  342. Mike says:

    Man, so many great topics of discussion and players mentioned. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what coach JO’s all-time team would be? Here’s a guy whose been associated with the baseball program since the mid-70’s either as a player or coach. He has seen so many great players come thru the program. He alone could probably select an All-Decade’s team for each decade since the 1970’s. He’s closing in on 600 wins as a coach, which puts in the top 10 coaching victories in the state aaccording to the MHSAA. It’s probably safe to say he has the most coaching wins by any coach of any sport in Jackson County. Heck, coaching 27 years at one school is a victory in itself nowadays. No surprise when I say this too, he was one heck of a baseball player…..two outstanding years at Tulane earning MVP honors after earning MVP honors at PERK.

  343. Jessie Lou says:

    As a girl with red curls I can sympathize J40 – don’t let the guys get you down – I think they are jealous! Try having red curls and braces – whatever doesn’t kill ya, makes you stronger, believe me.

  344. Great idea Mike. If somebody sees him, ask him to come on. He’s on a lot of induction ballots too by the way.

  345. jester40 says:

    I told JO about the site a few days ago. He may be on reading but not commenting. I know Coach K checks it from time to time. Don’t think you would ever get JO to name all decade teams. I already had to kick his butt for his comment that the 96 team was better than the 83 team. Bet he does have 25 years of stories about most of us on here though!

  346. jester40 says:

    Jessie Lou, they are not getting me down. In fact, everytime I get a haircut, I’m saving the clippings so CUE can have a wig.

  347. jester40 says:

    FYI – for those interested. A George County Grand Jury found today that the shooting death of high school football star, Billey Joe Johnson, was the result of an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound. Story at clarionledger.com

  348. Mike says:

    83 team vs. 96 team? A coin toss. Proud to say I played on the’83 team and coached on the ’96 team, and both were great teams. Both teams had great pitching and a solid defense. ’96 team probably had an overall better basestealing team. The ’96 team did the little things so well like bunting and hit and running to move runners into scoring position. And there is no doubt the ’83 team is the best hitting team in school history with a .368 TEAM average, 39 HR(only team to hit more HR than games played), averaged almost 11 runs/game,along with about 14 other team records. Of interest, the’83 team faced 3 pitchers that year who would eventually get drafted and play pro ball, and beat each one(M.P.Earl Sanders, H’Burg Larry Knight, Starkville Meridith Sanford)
    Let’s not forget about the 1967 and 1968 state title teams with the great Earl Gilbert(Seattle), Russ Walker(Auburn), Donnie Davis(Ms. State), Rodney Siedell(Ole Miss), Jimmy Haygood(All-American at PERK), Wayne Graham(PERK). These teams could play with anybody….and they used wood bats back then!

  349. larry says:

    MD knows a thing or two about a perm himself.

  350. quail09 says:

    Jmac…..Rayford Ryals was a good coach….couldn’t understand a word he was sayin, but a good coach….always had a cigar butt stickin out the corner of his mouth as he hit infield….our Civitan team won the city championship in 1970….beat IBEW (itty bitty earth worms) on their field (Flanagan)….his two step sons were on the team….Jody White and his brother……Ricky Conerly, Gary Ladnier, and I were all on the team….we were all starters on the 76 football championship team as well….owe it to Rayford (sort of)

  351. jester40 says:

    Quail, you are older than I if you started on the 76 football team. I remember Coach Rayford Ryals and his infamous cigar when I played 11 and 12 year-old on Gibson Field, which would have circa 77 and 78.

    Rayford and his cigar and his assistant at that time Miss. State Trooper Judson Locke. Rayford was in his t-shirt, shorts and cigar and Trooper Locke in his blue MHP uniform. There was Sonny Tanner, Phillip Scott, Sr., Linwood Ellis, Coach Six, Coach Myrick, Jerry Walker, Harold Goodwin and others decked out in their hog-nutting, coaching shorts with striped tube socks. Made for quite a picture.

  352. Zeek says:

    I am proud to say that I was on that Civitan team with jmac in 82. Coach Ryals still is my all-time favorite coach. He had faith in me and let me know it. Came out to the mound one time(in 83) and told me that if I got upset about one more dropped pop up he’d put his size 9 up my butt(cigar in mouth of course)!!!! Don’t know if I would have made all-stars that year(state champs) if anyone else would have coached me.
    He also used to give us a chew too, which goes to show how the world has changed, wasn’t a big deal back then.

    Don’t forget about Buck Buckley, he was one of a kind. Never been more scared of a coach like I was of him as a 9 yr. old in ’80. But we won John Engel field and I learned more baseball from him than anyone. I actually got the chance to tell him thanks a coupla years ago at the post office and he and his wife were real appreciative and he claimed he remembered me, it was pretty cool.

    Had Jerry Walker and Sonny Tanner at Eastlawn and won Championships with them in football and roundball.
    Not any guys like them around anymore. They coached teams for years,even without kids on the team. For Love of the Game.

  353. Eastlawn basketball under Tanner was a dynasty. I played for him 3rd grade through 6th and we won the league 4 straight times and the tourney 3 out of 4. I think Tanner won something like 6 in a row. Apropos of nothing, I used to love playing Beach because I knew I’d get to score some.

    I always liked Tanner. He used to shoot half court jumpers after practice and could hit more of them than anyone I ever saw. I wish I could’ve played for him more than just two games in baseball.

    BTW, only a few more days to vote. Get your ballots cast, and if you only voted for 8, add your two additional selections (Cue and Edsel)

  354. quail09 says:

    Jester….that’s a hilarious mental image you just gave me…..we used to practice at a field on 11th street….just a little north of washington avenue….mike brooks, frankie trehern, r. conerly, g. ladnier…..i was 11 and it was my first year….the older guys decided to initiate us by chasing us down and givin us “red bellies”….that’s when i first realized i had a little running speed….they chased me for a half hour….i split time in left field with eddie thornton…owner and manager of the tiki restaurant….i remember mike brooks, our shortstop, was playing right field one night…rayford had put him out there for fun during a blowout….he fielded a grounder and threw the kid out at first…only time i ever saw that happen….his dad, rudy brooks was rayford’s assistant

  355. quail09 says:

    Rayford had two daughters with his first wife….one was a year or two older than me and the other was three years younger….both really pretty….took after their mom, i guess….anyway, lisa, the younger one, married bobby collins (collins twin fame) and the two of them had a set of twin boys, Brandon and Brendon….

  356. mike says:

    Yes, those summer league days were great. I was fortunate to have coach Sonny Tanner and Harold Goodwin as coaches from the time I was 11 yrs. old until 17. They taught me so much about the game and gave so much of their time to make us better. Sonny Tanner early on believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. To this day, he is like a second father to me, and I make sure to tell him that everytime I see him. Helped lead us to runner-up in the 1979 Dixie Youth World Series along with Linwood Ellis and Tony Saulk. I remember as a 14 yr. old on Davenport field, we were practicing to get ready to face Todd Stone and his awesome 12 to 6 curveball and coach Goodwin, for 1 hour threw nothing but curveballs to us during BP. Not too long after that we found out he had injured his arm and his pitching days were over.
    I also remember, as a 14 yr. old, Coach Sixto Aleman, who was coaching another team ,would always go out of his way to give a word of encouragement or baseball advice, called me up and worked with me one Sunday afternoon on how to throw a slider w/o too much pressure on the arm. That’s how it was back then…..they all coached because they loved the game and didn’t worry about who got the credit. Man, I love those guys!

  357. Jimmie Dufault says:

    I too was lucky enough to have Sonny Tanner and Harold Goodwin as coaches, starting on 9-10 yr old Twin City Glass. As Mike said they devoted so much of thier time to help us. He certainly had a huge influence on me, along with L-Rod and Six. I think what set these men apart is that they genuinely thought of you as one of thiers. To this day every time I see Sonny, first things out of his mouth is” can you give me one more inning”. My response is always ” you got it coach “. When I was drafted by Coach Myrick to First Federal in 11-12 yr old, I didn’t want to play, I wanted Coach Tanner and Goodwin. But he called the house and told me, it didn’t matter what team I was on he would help me anyway he could. Linwood coached Dick Sutherland Realty, I don’t know how many times after playing them he’d stop me and show me something I was doing wrong, or something that helped me with my pitching. When my high school days were over and I had quit at Perk, I think Fro was at Faulkner, I’d play golf with Linwood. He’d tell me my butt should still be playing and to go workout with the high school team and he’d get me a try out with USM or some other team. I’d thank him and tell him I can see the writing on the wall, it was just time for me to do something else, I had lost the desire. But, it was the thought and the fact that he was concerned enough to want to do that. And it wasn’t just baseball, they offered guidance to life in general.

    I could go on and on, but speaking of the 1979 Dixie Youth team. Mike I’m still going to try some kind of reunion. I have spoke or emailed most of the guys, still can’t locate a couple. Drop me an email Mike and give me your thoughts. Maybe you might know where a couple of these guys are located.

    j.dufault@vthm.com or jmedu@yahoo.com

  358. Jessie Lou says:

    Judson Locke and Luther Kuykendall are both bailiffs at the Jackson County Courthouse these days. They put people through the metal detectors as they enter the courthouse.

  359. OB says:


    I am still trying to figure out everyone here, but I think I have figured out who you are. Are you my old pitching coach? If so, you made a big difference in my life. You gave me confidence and taught me how to pitch and to believe in myself. I am sure there are a lot of pitchers and catchers for that matter that believe they know it all and can call a game themselves, but I loved it when you called my pitches. You knew better how, when and where to throw different pitches to different batters in order to set them up and get them out. Sure I would lose focus for one or two innings each game when I didn’t have a clue where the pitch was going, but you always got me back in the game and helped me have a relatively successful career. I never made it to the pros, but I did get the opportunity to play against some very good players, had a great time and learned a lot of lessens along the way.

  360. quail09 says:

    OB…who’s bruce james?…was he on the list?

  361. jester40 says:

    The C/L released its baseball dandy dozen this morning. Jackson County players listed among “seniors to watch” were Nick Purdy – C – Goula and Zach Desoto – OF – OSH. Anybody know anything about these kids?

  362. quail09 says:

    Nick is the son of Chuck Purdy….fellow 77 graduate….good family….i think he pitches some too

  363. OB says:


    Sorry I made a mistake. I nominated Bruce James in round 1 and forgot that we needed to select our round to votes from the list.

    Here’s some info on Bruce James, who is from Moss Point and in the Arkansas Hall of Fame. Why isn’t he in the Mississippi Hall of Fame?

    “Bruce James was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi and graduated from Moss Point High School. He was All-State Football in 1965-66, played in the Mississippi High School All-Star game in 1967, and chose the University of Arkansas over 20 other major universities. Bruce lettered at Arkansas in 1968, 1969 and 1970, made Look All-America and Football Writers All-America Teams in 1970. He was voted Most Valuable Player in the All-American Bowl in Tampa, FL in 1971.

    Bruce made 26 Career Quarterback Sacs, 9 Fumble Recoveries and batted down 6 passes in 3 years. He graduated with a B.S. Degree from UA, then was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1971. He married Barbie Hawkins from Lake Village in 1973 and has three sons, Brad, Blair and Blake. Bruce has been a Sportsweek co-host for eight seasons.”

  364. Jimmie D says:

    Jester, thats Lisas nephew. He’s talented, hits well has a good arm and looked to be solid behind the plate as well.

  365. Mike says:

    OB, I’m sorry to say I was never a pitching coach at the high school level( or any level for that matter). I mainly worked with the outfielders and hitters for Olsen’s teams from about 1993-98. I do remember you though if your who I think you are on this site.

  366. Fish says:

    J40, I use to work with Nick Purdy. He was strictly playing basketball and everyone talked him in to playing baseball a couple of years ago. He grew like 5 or 6 inches I’m told and he is really strong. Lefty hitter with natural ability. Real raw talent from what I understand now.

    Good Kid though.

  367. Fish says:

    By work with him, I meant hitting and stuff. Pretty good ball player.

  368. Puddin Head says:

    Effery J

    I beleive the Zack Desoto kid moved from North Mississippi somewhere. I was talking to the George County coach and he asked about some new kid that can really bring it so I figured it must be this kid.

  369. jester40 says:


    Moreland a pitching coach? I’ll give TC his props, dude could flat out mash, clutch hitter, run like a deer, played center like a pro and the most dedicated athlete I have ever been been around. Pound for pound he may have been the strongest athlete ever to come out of Goula. Dude could bench like 375-400 lbs. and worked out with D. Davis and Ladnier next door. But a pitching coach? If he was a pitching coach, Spermy and I taught him everything he knows!

    The only problem I had with Moreland was that his maroon, Ford Mustang would not go over 60-65 mph when we were on our way to Panama City for our senior trip. Everybody passed us and almost all the beer was gone by the time we got there. Pretty sure that Coleman and I rocked TC’s world that week!

    BTW — trivia question for the weekend. What does Moreland’s nickname “TC” stand for and who gave it to him? TB will give $50 to first person with correct answers!

  370. jester40 says:

    Daubert (aka Puddin Head), if you don’t quit using all my nicknames on this site, I will get a bird to shat on your brand-new Florida State hat!

  371. jester40 says:

    Heard JO had a stud that came from New Hope this year. Who is he? Can y’all tell I am bored sitting in court waiting my turn?

  372. Puddin Head says:


    Thanks to that bird James and I had problably one of the funniest golf trips ever, I still tell that story today, but it’s kinda hard to finish because I cant’t stop laughing are picturing your reaction that day.

  373. jester40 says:

    Very funny PH! You and/or James sharded on my brand new hat that day and that is the way I remember it.

  374. Puddin Head says:


    I believe you are refering about Mike McGrath “Crank” by the way do they sale 9 packs
    in Houston

  375. Jimmie D says:

    Jester, Do I get the $50. Or Am I ineligible?? Cause I know the answer…..

  376. Jester, I assume your firm just became the first paying advertiser for my little enterprise?

  377. jester40 says:

    Dream on travellin or workin baen! However, if you reverse this thread to where the most recent posts are at the top of the page, I might consider it. What do I get for my advertising?

    No. DU you are ineligible as is anyone who graduated b/t 83 and 85.

    If this f***ing judge doesnt get on with his docket, I am about to break red and will need TB to represent me for contempt of court. You charge $50?

  378. Jimmie D says:

    TB, your money is safe, I know the first part, but can’t remember who give him the nickname. I’ll let someone else try.

    I will say this, Jester is right about Mikes dedication. I always admired his work ethic. I remember many a night taking batting practice at Ingalls Field. Saturday mornings, any free time he had he was working on his game or next door pumping iron.

  379. OB says:

    I was thinking it was Mike McGrath on this site. I know who Mike Moreland is and how good he was. I never knew Moreland coached at Goula though.

    I’m still searching for that perfect 9 pack. Maybe if I move to Shiner, TX they might come out with the Shiner Bock 9er. I liked your Sarah Bailey nomination! Say-Rah!!!!

  380. Mike says:

    Jester, I just had the best laugh I’ve had in awhile with you bringing up that trip down to Panama City. That was definitely a great time. Of course, I know the “TC” answer and not only do I know who gave it, but I remember exactly where and when it was given. And I take it as an honor considering who said it……….

  381. jester40 says:

    DU, I thought you knew! I think there are maybe 1 or 2 other people on this thread who can answer both questions. Obvisously, I am excluding Moreland himself.

    I was throwing BP to Moreland, Coleman and others at Ingalls Field at 6:30 Friday nights during football season. People were walking up the portals yelling at us. Didn’t mind throwing to them but was pissed when they would only let me have about 5 or 10 cuts, after they got 50 or 60 a piece. Plus, b/t Moreland and Coleman they only threw strikes about 20% of the time so I spent most of my “batting” time watching crap go in the dirt or over the backstop.

  382. OB says:

    Jester I hope your client is watching over your shoulder while you’re playing on this website. I bet he/she’s probably wondering what they got themselves into.

  383. jester40 says:

    Moreland, somebody like Larson, Crawford, James Edgar, Dufault might recall the answer(s) but I doubt anyone else does. Pretty sure DU knows the moniker. Hell, I didn’t know who gave it to you until I was in college or afterwards.

    Hint: Moreland got the nickname when he was mere youngster.

  384. jester40 says:


    Prepared b/4 I got here and have read and re-read everything in the 6 or so hours been here. Client is not here and is not required to be.

    I am next. H*** Yes!

  385. OB says:

    if things aren’t going your way just break out the old Evil Knievel saying “Do you know who the hell I am?”

  386. Du says:

    J40, I have heard the story and heard who give it to him, but can’t for the life of me remember who it was. I know the nick name, just can’t remember the one resonsible for it.

  387. Stan says:

    “Toy Cannon” final answer! Now tell us how you got it Moreland. I’m thinking coach Tanner. My guess is that it was opening ceromonies and you guys played early. Sonny had been playing music all night and his eyes were still bloodshot from the smoke-filled lounge at the King’s Inn he shut down about 4 hours earlier. You hit a bomb to mercifully end the game early by the ten -run rule. He looked down at you with a thankfull smile and named you right then and there. Am I close? Pay up TB!

  388. Stan says:


    My second guess would be coach Davis. I don’t remember that name being used until you got to high school. It may have originated out of that legendary quote in the Ms press where coach Davis said the 10th graders on the 83′ team were stepping up and they had ice water running through their veins.

  389. Stan Crawford says:

    TB blog guys

    I know alot of you guys are not living in Goula, but I need some support from the locals. Bill Glenn and myself do radio for PHS football on fri nights. We’ve been broadcasting on WPMP for years and the radio station sucks at night. We recently struck a deal with 104.9 FM(#1 radio talk channel on Ms coast). The school board will decide if the switch can be made in Mar 10th board meeting. It’s a no brainer, but there seems to be support for the staus quo from the politicians and not the fans or listeners. If we get our way, PHS football will be heard from Slidell to Hattiesburg to damn near Fla. Any letter to Ms press, school board, or Pas school superintendent would be appreciated. These people are closed minded nimrods.

  390. Du says:

    Stan, ” Toy Cannon ” I’m sure correct, your first guess sounds very possible… lol . The second guess even more plausable, my guess would have been his grandfather.

  391. mike says:

    Alright guys, you got the name right but your way off with who come up with it. What about it Jester, should I go ahead and reveal the answer?
    Stan, hope things go your way with the possible new station. I always try to listen to the PHS football games and you and Bill do an excellent job. It’s sure nice knowing those in the radio booth have a connection to P’Goula and it’s athletic program. I appreciate your hard work and dedication, although enjoyable, I’m sure takes a lot of time and energy.

  392. jester40 says:

    Go ahead and tell them. TB you off the hook for the $50.

  393. jester40 says:

    I was forwarded an email from Ryan Frederic, head of Alumni Relations at PHS. It contains info on the Alumni Game, PHS roster and schedule, info for ads in the program and outfield wall and info on purchasing a memorial brick (like they have at the Miss. Sports HOF), which is to be laid outside the field house. I was asked to pass it along to other alums. Know there are many on this blog.

    If you want this info, shoot me an email and I will forward it to you.


  394. mike says:

    The nickname “TC” actually came from Jester’s dad Linwood my sophomore year in the on-deck circle during one of our district home games. I distinctly remember Linwood, standing near the chainlink fence near the 3rd base dugout, say to me, “Come on TC hit the ball”. I said, “TC, what does that mean?” Linwood said, “It stands for Toy Cannon and that’s now your nickname, now hit the ball”. Now, if that didn’t fire me up to hit, I don’t know what would! And as I said in an earlier response, to this day I have always taken great pride in that comment and have an appreciation of it from who it came from.
    That’s my version of it….Am I right on target with it Jester?

  395. Du says:

    I’ll leave the Alumni game to you young bucks. My oldest daughter plays for the PHS soccer team and I was at the stadium for one her games while they were playing the alumni game last year. Varnes and Ryan Jordan were throwing some bb’s. I’d just have to take Heros spot in the 3rd base coaches box.

  396. Last day to vote in Round II. If you know anybody that may want to vote, please let them know to.

    FYI, on the bubble are Sam Leslie, Hugh Pepper, Litterial Green, Ben Garry, Tony Dees, Eddie Khayat, Jim Marsalis, Fred Cook, Johnny Olsen, Erin Sims, Blair Varnes, and Jerry Alexander.

    But don’t neglect other votes as there will be a minimum to advance to the next round. But if your guy wasn’t on the ballot, don’t waste your vote–they don’t have the support this year.

    Cue and Edsel if you read this, you both have two more votes to cast if you want to.

    Also, I’ve received one ballot so far by email and I’ll accept any others if you want to send them in that way.

  397. Comment by Alexis de Toadville, moved from another thread:

    Okay, I’m a latecomer to all this, so I have lots of questions and comments, but only time enough to mention a few. I won’t vote this round since I just started reading this stuff. Comment 1 : If this is a JACKSON COUNTY Hall of Fame, and Bob Khayat isn’t nominated, then something is wrong. He played baseball at Ole Miss on conference championship teams as well as being a good enough football player/kicker to be chosen to play in the College All-Star Game (there used to be a yearly College All-Star Game in which the best senior collegians squared off in an exhibition contest against the defending NFL champion–you can look it up). He also kicked for the Redskins for a few years and played in a Pro Bowl. (Also, his brother Eddie should be a shoo-in–head coach of Philadelphia Eagles in addition to his other exploits as a player and coach.) Comment 2: The Blair brothers (PHS). Both played at Ole Miss. Earl played in the CFL one year. George played for the Chargers several years and played in the AFL all-star game at least once and has an AFL Championship ring. He was successful high school coach to boot. The high school field in Laurel in named for him. Comment 3: Steve Bowman (PHS). All-SEC running back (twice I think) at Alabama for the Bear during the 60s. Two National Championships (although disputed in those days by the likes of Nebraska, Michigan St., Notre Dame). Played for the New York Giants for a year. (His brother Gale was no slouch either, at Ole Miss in the 50s. Some old-timers say their dad, Mac, was better than either of them.) Comment 4: Thanks for including Sam Leslie and Hal Lee in your list of nominees (I thought I should write something positive at this point). Comment 5: Thanks for including females like Erin Sims. There is really no good way to compare female athletes to male, though, in my opinion. Perhaps a separate category should be established. In fact, it is difficult to compare one sport to another when you think about it (e.g., was Robert Earl Siedell or Earl Gilbert a better baseball pitcher than Kez McCorvey was a pass receiver?). Maybe separate categories should be established by sport, with allowances made for a larger number of potentially eligible stars in football and baseball as compared with, say, basketball or track. I know there are problems with comparing athletes from different eras, especially considering changes brought on by desegregation, but those problems are unavoidable in creating any Hall of Fame.
    Comment 6: Ever think of establishing eligibility criteria? Wise man Greeg Cunningham says if they didn’t make it to the pros, he ain’t votin’ for them. That could be a criterion–at least in baseball, football, and basketball. Or should the criterion be that they had to play in college? Or should the picking be totally subjective? I’m actually agnostic on this question. One of the best local running backs I ever saw was Gerald “Book” Thomas who led Perk to a national j.c. championship. Comment 7: The “Raymond Brown” question, i.e., including sports stars that didn’t grow up here. At a recent wedding, I met a guy who now lives in Ocean Springs who once kicked a 60+ yard field goal for Oklahoma State. No offense to fans of Raymond, but isn’t it opening a can of worms to include those who grew up elsewhere? Coaches might be an exception, but, following the logic expressed in Comment 5 above, perhaps coaches should be put in a special category of their own anyway.

  398. Alexis, thanks from all of us interested on this subject for putting a lot of thought into your comments. Many of the issues are addressed in the discussion above. The resolution to some of the disagreements is surely imperfect, but hey, its sports talk, so there’s bound to be debate.

    On R. Brown, it’s a non-issue at this point because he’s not getting votes. Most people probably agree with you on this. Tell Greeg to get over it and cast a ballot.

    On criteria, subjective. Just like every other HOF.

    On your nominations, I really appreciate them. That’s part of the purpose of this whole thing is to recall some of the forgotten greats. I had never heard of Sam Leslie (for example) until I put this out there and now I consider him a must include on my ballot. There will be one more open round of voting, then a couple of special rounds for girls and non-Pascagoula nominees, so your nominations that have been omitted stand a fair chance of gaining traction. If they don’t get in this year, there will be another chance next year.

    As for something being “wrong” all I can say is, undoubtedly you are correct. Another side benefit of this effort is to bring more people to the blog to add new knowledge and different perspective. It is slowly succeeding and you are further evidence of that.

    Finally, great user name.

    Be sure and vote–latecomers are welcome.

  399. jester40 says:

    Was that Congressional preemption?

  400. Zeek says:

    Alexis- Nice of you to throw out some people that are worthy yet have gone unmentioined, like TB said, the more input the better. Bob Khayat and Steve Bowman sound like they have merit to me.

    Of course, so does Calvin Huey, but no one seems to be voting for him. If you don’t, scroll halfway up and sycopedia will tell you how he was first black player to ever start for varsity football team at Naval Academy. Caught TD from Staubach, that’s HOF dude!!!

  401. Zeek, I’m glad you mentioned Huey again. He’s one of several I haven’t voted for who I think have as good a case as some I did, to say nothing of names we’ve barely (or not at all) discussed. I probably should’ve let everyone vote for 15-20, but 10 seemed like a lot at the start. Still, I plan to keep at this blog thing, and I have some ideas to make a good HOF site. So we’ll need some good people to induct next winter. Plus we have one more round of regular voting and as I mentioned a special vote for non-Pascagoula athletes and maybe females.

    As the process goes forward, I’ve seen some ways I could’ve done this better and its definitely imperfect, but even so, I think its pretty good overall.

  402. Alexis de Toadville says:

    Okay, TB, substitute “damned dubious” for “wrong” in my previous post. Didn’t mean to be so judgmental. Incidently, I always heard while growing up that Hal Lee played in the same outfield with Babe Ruth while Ruth was playing out his career in Boston, but I never verified it. Question I forgot to ask: did Walter Hallberg play 2nd base while Russ Walker was SS at PHS? If so, that’s a pretty good combo going back to their Little League days on PMP. Walter may have played third, though. Those were some great Panther teams in the mid to late 60s. And a name I haven’t seen in here yet: Bobby Canty–played third for Fla. State in the 60s after a stellar career in Goula that included making Little League at age 8 in a circuit created for 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds. I saw/heard Bobby break his arm throwing a curve during a Babe Ruth League game when he was 14. After college, Bobby returned to coach PHS–right after Doug Horn, I think. Bobby’s older brother Billy Canty was a Panther QB in the 50’s who went on to play at Furman and may have played in the Senior Bowl, if memory serves. Two warnings about my future posts: (1) I’m old and I know many stories; (2) I was an eyewitness to some Del Norte years, so guys, easy on the bs if you please.

  403. Old stories are the best and I look forward to reading them. However, except under special conditions, anyone exposing my personal lies will be subject to shame and degradation and lies. I’ve spent a lot of years perfecting them. (I do welcome factual corrections however on issues of world and sports import).

    I met FSU baseball coach Mike Martin before my own promising career (remember that lies thing) went down the tube–all I recall of the conversation was he asked me about one of the Canty’s.

    And Alex, please vote. There are some people on the bubble I’d like to see get elected if they have the support, and by request I held open the vote until tomorrow am. The more people that participate, the better the final result will be. And if your last name and the clues you’ve dropped have led me to the correct deduction as to your true identity, your input on a host of issues will be welcome, particularly by the management.

  404. Jessie Lou says:

    Alexis – go back to some other posts and you will find that the Bowman Brothers have been mentioned before by me. You are correct in that they were not nominated for the HOF but they have been touted on this blog.

    You sound like a woman with attitude who can keep these guys straight – it is a tough job but it is fun at times. I look forward to your comments.

  405. Fish says:

    Interesting Tony Dees info that I didn’t know. Sorry if it was already posted.

    In 2001 Dees tested positive for norandrosterone at the Pontiac Grand Prix USA Indoor T&F Championships and norandrosterone/noretiochdandone at the Norwich Union Indoor Grand Prix. [1] He received a life ban from the IAAF.

  406. Zeek says:

    JLou- Alexis de Toadville is not a woman,but does play b-ball like one sometimes.(JK A-Toad)

    That info above about Dees is why I didn’t vote for him.TB, do we really want a lifetime-banned guy in our HOF?

    Glad A-Toad threw Bobby Canty out there, I can’t believe I forgot him. Quail, you should have remembered him too.

  407. Jessie Lou says:

    I worked for Bobby Canty in the office at PHS for two years and he never talked about this. I did know he played Bball but not to that degree. He was never as mean to me as the other kids thought he was.

    Perhaps A-Toad is bisexual at heart? Girl’s name, boy’s body? Ah, I love a good mystery, even a solved one. Speaking of the first mystery – Q09 privately had hinted as much to me about the sex of said blogger earlier today.

  408. jester40 says:

    Didn’t know that about Dees. Speaking of PEDs, A-Rod press conference going on now. He seems evasive.

  409. Jessie Lou says:

    I’m not surprised that A-Rod is being evasive. He may be having trouble moving past the “deny, deny, deny” stage. After a few years it become a habit.

  410. sweet says:

    Borrowing from Toadville….if this is an all time JC HOF and Hal Lee is not in, then something is damned dubious – he was a teammate of Babe Freakin Ruth for crying out loud
    Also, Alexis de Toadville once held a MS state record in a track event (200 meters maybe)

  411. I think the same thing of a silver medalist in the Olympics 9 years before he was tested for banned substances, but I understand there are different opinions. Remember, not only may he still get in this year, but this isn’t a one year project. Hal Lee is definitely deserving. On my personal ballot I left him off for two reasons–one, he’s not had a lot of votes and I wanted to vote for people I thought deserving and that did have a chance and two, with one of my spots for someone with less votes I decided to go with Paul Tanner reasoning that he was a schoolboy legend, baseball’s counterpart to Rooster.

    I mentioned a veterans committee before. I think after we get done with all this in a few more days I’m going to put up a poll with names of athletes who played in the county prior to 1960 and propose that whoever gets the most votes be enshrined through that route. It will partially address the modern day bias.

    AdeT, you have already given us a phrase that will become part of the lexicon of this blog. Look for future posts tagged and featuring the phrase “damned dubious.”

  412. Jessie Lou says:

    I like the idea of a veterans committee – that is a good one.

    AdeT – I’m waiting on your visit but I’m guessing timing is everything and I haven’t been in the right place at the right time.

  413. quail09 says:

    Zeek…i’m shocked about bobby canty….his brother is the one i know….he played at furman…and he coached DB’s at ole miss under sloan when i was there….sorry, bubba

  414. Sycopedia says:

    Bobby Canty coached PHS baseball 69-73. His 69 team was the one that got rooked out of a state title. He was an asst principal after that. The Canty brothers were just one of MANY brother or family tandems at PHS that excelled at all sports. Some (like the Summerlins, Bowmans and Collins) have already been mentioned. There’s tons more. As for the vet `committee – good idea. That’s the only way to give the 50+ age group their due. I propose Alex or Q09 to chair it.

  415. Syco, your information has been great, but we need your vote too. There ain’t no peanut gallery here at TB.

    I think Q and eau de toad would be excellent chairmen. You two are now in charge of submitting between 3 and 5 names of a veteran who isn’t elected in the regular voting. You’ll know who’s not in yet by Saturday. Then I’ll post a poll and the top vote getter will go in. That is, unless there is dissent on this and we need to go all parliamentary on the issue.

  416. Syco, what’s the scoop on Farragut?

  417. Zeek says:

    I think we should break this HOF voting down. Obviously, there have been more noteworthy careers in football than other sports for Jackson Co. We are a football dominant region and our voting so far proves it. Why not let the inaugural year have 10 football inductees, 8 baseball, 5 basketball, 5 misc.(track, golf,tennis,boxing,etc.) and 2 women, that way we get it proportionately correct and get original desired number of 30, which I believe is a relatively low number considering if this HOF would have started in the 60’s and inducted new members each year there would be way more than that by now, ya know? Hard to get fair membership by playing catch up with old timers like Leslie, Lee, Khayat,Blairs that woulda been in years ago. Just a suggestion.

    I would also like to throw support to Tiger Stokes, who has not been mentioned much if at all. Olympic boxer( I think) and successful pro who was real contender until hand injuries shortened career. Good guy to boot.

    Also,for misc. or female category, Beverly Brown(Raymond’s daughter) was an unbelievable dominant force in tennis while at PHS. She started and won on the varsity as a 7th grader, yes, 7th grader!!
    Do not know her stats, but they have to be impressive with 5 yrs. of play.

  418. Zeek says:

    TB, you got syco’s vote but I think it’s on wrong stream.

  419. larry says:

    Au contraire mon fraire


    I think baseball has been the more noteworthy sport in Pascagoula

  420. Sycopedia says:

    Ken “Dynamite” Farragut was a C/DL at MP from 44-46. All-Stater became all-SEC center at Ole Miss from 47-50. Spent 11 years with the Phila Eagles snapping to HoFer Norm Van Brocklin. Also played some LB next to Hofer Chuck Bednarik ncluding the 1960 NFL champ team that defeated the Packers and Lombardi. At last word he still lived near Philly but many of his family still reside in Pas and MP.

  421. Zeek says:

    Larry, I meant there have been more people from this community make it and succeed in pros than any other sport. Our voting just proves it.

    Farragut will get my vote one day.

  422. Zeek says:

    I have a correction. Since Beverly Brown started in 7th grade that would give her 6 yrs. of Varsity play, not 5 as I previously misprinted

  423. Alexis de Toadville says:

    Point 1: Apparently, Alexis is a perfectly acceptable male first name in France. My nick is a play on Alexis de Tocqueville–ask TB if you don’t know who that is. In any case, I feel confident in my own masculinity.

    Point 2: JL, you thought me female because of the name? And bisexual? And you are wondering when I am coming over? No further comment.

    Point 3: I probably need a shorter user name.

    Point 4: No Sweet, I never held the state 200 record. But my PHS 220-yd record was broken by Tony Dees. I thought it had been broken by his brother Willie, but years after the fact Willie told me it was Tony. Makes a better story anyway.

    Point 5: I had forgotten about Billy Canty’s college coaching career. Ups his stock.

    Point 6: Great info on Dynamite Farragut, Syco.

    Point 7: Brothers disussion is interesting. Made me remember the Larson brothers, A.J. and Bootsie. A.J. was a three or four-sport letterman at PHS in the 50s who played football at Perk with Pancho Tillman and my brother (see below). Bootsie was a three-sport star at PHS who played center on the great 9-1 PHS team of 1960 (were 8-0 and would have been state champs had not QB Beauchamp Colle been knocked out in the Natchez game) and then for the Bullies of MSU who went to one of the first Liberty Bowls, and was a college assistant coach at USM and SMU under Bobby Collins. A.J. was my brother’s best friend and died young (about 30) of cancer. There was a third Larson brother, Stephen, my first grade classmate, who was killed in a car/bicycle accident on Canty Street at age 6 or 7. (I warned you that I was old and had stories.) The Larson brothers had a big sister, Barbara, who married Clyde Bosarge. And have you heard about how good a lineman Clyde Bosarge was in the early 50s?

    Point 8: There was another group of brothers in a different (but maybe related?) Larson family: Billy, a PHS QB in the mid 50s who went on to play at USM and later coached some, I think, and ended up teaching at USM; Frankie, now deceased,a Golden Glove boxing champ several times over; Vickie, also now deceased, a state champion water skier.

    Point 9: Must mention my brother, Jimmy Smith, an All Big 8 guard/linebacker in the 50s, played in the h.s. all-star game, and played at Perk (All-State JC team) after turning down opportunities to play at U. of Wyoming and DSU. If you ask him today about his exploits, he is likely to tell you, “We beat Moss Point all three years I played.”

    Point 9: Zeek’s comments on Beverly Brown are right on. Did she continue to play in college?

    Point 10: To Zeek’s and TB’s comments about basketball skills and Del Norte, respectively, I can only respond:

    Were guys who played ball ’round Del Norte
    As good as they say?–Oh Lordy!
    When it came to the crunch,
    This damned dubious bunch
    Had trouble beating guys over forty.

  424. tkh says:

    They do still know what basketball is in Jackson County, right? The all-time leading scoring at an SEC school, Georgia, is from Jackson County.

    I would argue that is as impressive or more impressive than many of the baseball players that are mentioned here. I understand the TB has a greater connect (memory, history, etc.) with baseball in the area and therefore it is more likely that readers of this blog are friends, teammates or acquaintances from those days, but Litterial Green should be in.

    That’s my campaigning for the day.

    I’ll work on Erin Sims info for a later date. In fact her dad might need some consideration if contribution to athletics is considered.

  425. Jessie Lou says:

    AdeT – our chemistry is already quite evident I believe and now the education begins! Or continues as the case may be. The fact that you are old and have stories only adds to your allure. I have some to add to points 7, 8 and 9 but not of the sporting variety.

  426. face says:

    I just reviewed the inductees in the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, and see several of those mentioned here are inducted including Sam Leslie, Hal Lee, Verlon Biggs, Hugh Pepper, Eddie Khayat, and Robert Khayat. There may be others, but those are the ones I caught.

  427. Du says:

    AdeT- Billy Larsen is my Uncle, I have read old newspaper clippings of his days at PHS and USM, and listened to countless memories from him. Heard plenty stories from Frankie as well. Jester can more than likely re-tell some of Frankies. Frankie could command a room when he started a story. My father in law (Coach Seay) has told me many a story of Billy, Frankie and Vickie as well as Bootsie and AJ, but once you get Coach Seay going, it starts with the Larsens or whom ever and a couple of hours later we have covered the original subject as well most all of the other players he coached…..lol. Its all good though, I enjoy hearing him tell them. He has a wealth of knowledge of local athletes, particulaly from the 70’s back.

  428. Just in case you missed it, the last regular round of voting for 09 is ongoing and will end Friday. Here’s the link to the post where you should vote


    There will be a vets committee vote after the results of this ballot are in, then everybody, including TB, gets a year to complain about their choice that came up short.

  429. Fish says:

    After looking into all of the names on these ballotts and looking into suggested people from this forum, I am leaning with Greeg on only voting in these guys that played professional sports. In my opinion it is going to be hard for me to put some people up there with Leslie, the Khayats, Buckley, Matthews, etc…To me, those guys are in a class all by themselves. But we’ll see.


  430. That’s how I cast my personal ballots and how it came out with the first year’s induction. Mostly pros and a couple of exceptions.

    One thing about this angle–I consider the definition to be making the big leagues or the NFL, NBA, Olympics, etc. I would consider college football and minor league baseball equals.

    Today is the last day to vote on the special ballots, then its all over for electing new members until after next year’s Super Bowl.

  431. MyFarzReik says:

    and continuing with that logic – College baseball = Powder Puff Football

  432. MF, thanks for the analogy.

  433. quail09 says:

    MF….pretty much

  434. TWeikle says:

    This question is for jester40. I noticed some of the names (Mike Seamon, Kirk Larson, and Richie Tillman) you listed and was wondering if you new anything as far as how they are doing. Its been more than 20 years since I have seen or heard anything of them. I played ball with all of them at Perk. I was the one of the few “yankees” there (Illinois). If you know them or see them on the street tell them Weikle said “Hi” and alls well. Any ifo would be great . Thanks

  435. jester40 says:


    If you played with all 3 of them, I feel sorry for you. JK. Tillman is the assistant baseball coach at PHS. Larson is working at what used to Ingalls in some cush office job and playing golf bout 3 times a week. Last I heard Seaman was working offshore but lives in P’goula. I think Tillman and Larson get on this site so maybel they will see your post. Larson’s email is — victor.larson@ngc.com

  436. jmac says:

    lets pic up discussion jimmmy d how did the motor i gave you like too hear from you email me at gmac39581@yahoo.com

  437. this is a very good site for athletics in jc. was looking for donnie rasberry on google and found site. there are some really outstanding athletics over the years. our coach for 66-68 seasons in baseball was doug horn. he was the best to play for.

  438. Thanks for the comment Walter. I hope you will be a regular. I have started on the bios of our first class for the HOF on the Jackson County HOF site and have 5 of the 12 written. We’ll be doing this again next year after football season, but as for me, I can talk Jackson County or Mississippi sports year round. I know there are a lot of athletes and coaches out there we haven’t even discussed yet and we’re always looking for more information.

    I hope you like some other parts of the blog too and feel welcome to join in our discussion of all things sporting, political, cultural and otherwise worth a laugh.

  439. karl kuhn says:

    Alexis, great read. Did you brother play in the early50s with my dad , Charley Kuhn FB/ LB ? And I know who Alexis de Tocqueville is! nice one .

  440. Vogleval says:

    Scott Worsham (OS)
    Tim Flemming (OS)
    Weren’t they both All Americans?

  441. USC Trojan fan says:

    Well, there are alot of players who, in my opinion have been forgotten. As a Moss Point Grad, and growing up I certianly remember these great athletes:

    Charles Croon (Football)
    Micheal Seals (Basketball)
    Chris Clausell (Football)
    Leon Magee (Football/Track)
    George Wonsley (Football)
    Nathan Wonsley (Football)

    …I will talk about Charles Croon for a second. He lettered for Billy Wayne Miller for three year s, as a kick and punt return specialtist, shut-down corner, and in his last year added offensive threat (wingback) to his resume. He made the front page constantly carrying the Tigers on his abilities. Unfortunately he was injured before the last and most important game, and it hurt the Tigers…he was then forgotten…by Coach Miller (actually neglected)Moss Point, and the Stste of Mississippi. So, let me stop my rant about ‘CC’. This wa ssimply a sound boardfor me (30 something years in waiting.

  442. Trojan, that’s some good info. If you think of more we’ve forgotten chime in. We know MP has gotten shorted on the deal so far. Season two of Jackson Co. HOF voting will take place in January btw, so definitely be here then to pitch the case for your fellow Tigers.

    BTW, for anyone who’s wondering, I will finish the HOF bios for last year’s class before the Round II voting starts. I have most of the info on my computer somewhere, just have to write it up.

  443. USC Trojan fan says:

    More for the board:

    Archie Fairley (Football)
    David Redmond (Football)
    Karl Taylor (Football)

  444. Anonymous says:

    had good athletes at vhs in 1984

  445. YLC says:

    Class of 85

    Chris Osgood – Moss Point High – Ole Miss
    Archie Fairley – Moss Point High SMU-Texas
    Richard Harvey – Pascagoula High – Tulane
    Coach Billy Wayne Miller R.I.P.

  446. The politician says:

    People that worked hard and was screwed because of Olson and never received credit they deserved was Jj Chisholm and Billy Moseley. Like a bunch of people who never wanted to try out for high school and ride the pines to watch nephews and cousins of Olson to play. Baseballl is about as political as it gets.

  447. Jessie Lou says:

    Baseball is political from t-ball on up in Pascagoula.

  448. MDM says:

    This is a long over-due response/statement of “appreciation and thanks” for my former HS coach and long-time friend Coach Johnny Olsen. Since our local school district and “newspaper” has yet to express a word of appreciation or to acknowledge his accomplishments, I will do so at this time…..However, before I do so, I must respond to an earlier comment on this post that questioned some “players not recieving credit that they deserved” during Olsen’s reign because of a thing called “politics”. Are you kidding me? I have to respond to such a statement, especially when we are dealing with HS baseball players. One recieves the “credit, when one earns the “credit”. As a former player and assistant coach under Olsen, I saw firsthand many who wanted the credit, wanted the playing time, wanted the “right” to play more than they were, wanted the spotlight and headlines, but were not willing to put in the time, effort, and commitment thru dedicated hard work with the program. They were former youth league “greats” that experienced a level of personal success at a young age and when they reached the HS level, believed they could continue to get by with what “got them there”. In other words, they didn’t work to get better and they couldn’t understand why they weren’t playing as much as they thought. Realistically and truth be known, they were not as talented as those playing ahead of them. As a coach, if I had a dime for every parent conference I’ve had thru the years about hearing how great “Little Bobby” was when he was 10 yrs. old, I’d be a rich man! Coach Olsen evaluated talent (and non-talent) during week long tryout sessions of 100 or more kids and selected , along with input from his assistants, a team of 30-35 players. He developed that talent thru structured and organized practice, often better planned and prepared than most college programs. Coach Olsen knew talent and 99% of the time the best overall talent was on the field to represent PHS….562 wins-275 losses with only 1 losing season and close to 100 collegiate signees! One doesn’t have that type of success by being “political”! You have that type of success thru hard work and knowledge of the game, with some luck along the way….Coach Olsen is a competitor-One of the most intense, competitive people I have ever been around. Unfortunately, when you are working with HS age kids, very few players could or wanted to raise their “competitive level” up to the level and standard that Olsen brought to the game, but he expected you to work hard and get better each and every day, and he worked to get the best out of you. His teams were always fundamentally sound, well-disciplined, and well-coached. When other schools faced a Johnny Olsen coached team, they knew what they were about to face. Olsen’s success didn’t come without it’s price of hardwork, dedication, and perseverance and for 27 years he devoted his time, energy, and knowledge of the game that goes far beyond the wins and losses. In a day and age where success is determined by immediate results, Olsen taught his players to constantly set realistic goals and strive to reach those goals because success doesn’t come easy in life on or off the playing field. There’s nothing “POLITICAL” about that philosophy!! You got better and played your worth under Olsen because of dedicated hard work, not by playing the “blame game” called politics! One constant that I witnessed was when players, and parents of those players, had come and gone, the one thing that remained secure in the PHS baseball program was the leadership of Johnny Olsen. Many don’t realize that Olsen came along as head coach at a time when the PHS baseball program was struggling to keep a head coach(4 coaches in a 6 yr. span from 1979-1983). In 1984, the Pascagoula School District Administration chose one of their own, a PHS alumni, 23 yr. old Johnny Olsen to lead and direct one of the top programs in the state. In his first year he led PHS to a 23-5 record, a South State title, and an overall #1 ranking in the state by the Jackson Clarion-Ledger newspaper. He was also named the state’s “Coach of the Year” by the same newspaper. This “State Bound” team didn’t get a chance to play for the state title due to a court order that cancelled ths state playoffs…..But it was a first of many successful teams that Olsen would put on the field in the coming years….12 District Titles, 3 South State Titles, 1 State Runner-Up, 1 State Title, 56-44 playoff record, and 7 Top 10 rankings….Again I say, this doesn’t happen by “playing favorites” or where “politics” are involved. Coach Olsen knew how to coach and develop talent with the best of them. This is a coach who initiated the annual summer baseball camp teaching youngsters the skills necessary for the game of baseball and in doing so influenced and in the process helped thousands of kids during that time. Olsen has had more of an impact on the youth in the Pascagoula School District than any administrator, school board member, or superintendent will ever think about having. So, it is quite obvious that Olsen’s success goes far beyond the wins and losses, even though that is impressive in itself. The success that he has brought to the PHS School District can’t be measured. Unfortunately, school leaders has yet to realize, appreciate, and acknowlede this fact…..but, then again, that might be “politics” because Olsen has yet recieve the “credit in which he deserves”…..Thanks JO for your dedication through the years!

    • ZEEK says:

      MDM– You should cut and paste that and send it in to MS Press and Sun Herald to at least get it in Sound Off, if not a Sports front page article. Nice work, well said.

  449. Calvin Williams says:

    What about kid the called Fruity or Spud went to Eastlawn Elem ran schoolin football and basketball Coach Sonny Tanner says he is the best player to play elem ball back in day.Thats Paul Tanners dad who coach him and he is coach best ever also went to P.J. and did same thing.Pretiss Williams his younger brother.Post his name and see what responses you get.

  450. Jerry says:

    The most dominant athlete in Pascagoula’s History was Craig Martin. The person who dominated his sport the most was Ricky Rayborn.

  451. Jerry says:

    South Elementary had a team in 1975 that went undefeated and UNSCORED on. Cant top that!

  452. Dwayne Todd says:

    Does anyone in this blog know how I might get in touch with Mark Bryant, the Jackson County Mississippi Sports writer, who posted in this blog? I was his roommate for a year in college and would like to reconnect.

  453. Anonymous says:

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  468. GHS says:

    Baseball (Pitchers)
    Chad Pylot – Vancleave
    Lance Davis – George County
    Miles Clark – Moss Point


    Antonio Hargo – Gautier
    Ray Ray Bivens – Gautier
    Carrio Rudolph – Gautier
    Charles Estes – Gautier

  469. Anonymous says:

    What the progress on the Hall of Fame ??????

  470. Anonymous says:

    What is the progress of a Jackson County Hall of Fame?

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  478. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget Robert Dubose, Glenn Green, Abram Green, and John Henry McArthur. All are four of the greatest basketball players to come out of Moss Point.

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