Thursday Pickin

Quote of the Day     “I’ve lost my mojo, baby.”     –Austin Powers

Waldo Pepper is the patriarch.  The penultimate power wielder has been Sweet for several years now.  But perhaps from long association or possibly it may be innate, whatever the reason, TB has a great connection to the power that influences sporting events worldwide.  My theory is by publicizing my picks to a worldwide audience, I angered the power or maybe taunted it.  Not only did I lose 4 of 5 regular picks, but I lost my pick of the week in blowout fashion, got Alabama on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and probably contributed to Mississippi State’s embarrassing defeat just as an extra kick while I was down.  The gambling gods are obviously displeased with my decision to go public with my predictions, and must have laughed heartily at my decision to choose my second most hated team (sometimes most hated) as the loser in my first public pronouncement.  

But the strange thing about the power is that it cannot be walked away from.  It cannot be looked away from.  No matter how much pain, disillusionment, shock and financial ruin it causes you, once you have wielded the power, you cannot help but see if it can be recaptured each weekend.  So I will carry on.  

Last week we had a ringer chime in with Tennessee and Wake as locks.  Flash may be a pro, but you know the pros pretty much suck.  With a site like Flash has, I’d expect better than break even.  We’ll see if he/she/it shows up to look for redemption this week.

Joining TB as week one POTW losers were RockStarRambler, Madd Dawg, OB, BR, and Stone who gets two losses for the price of one. I may deduct extra points from Stone just for spite.  The biggest winner of the week was Fig who correctly called the Bama win and Florida cover, but gets just a single point.  TB has decided mid-game to penalize those who pick two losers but not reward those who pick two winners, especially when they come at my expense.  The rules are subject to change each week by the way.  Ed, Supercynic, and Smiley get credit for a win, though Smiley loses the tie-breaker for the week of this trio for going with Miss State as a third pick.  Fig gets bonus points for a nice playlist, and Ed gets a bonus for picking up on the idea of making a thematic music choice.  RSR got enough musical points to take the lead in the loser’s bracket and the ladies’ division.

So after week one, its Fig, Ed, Supercynic, Smiley, RockStarRambler, Flash for the Cash, OB, BR, Madd Dawg, TB, and Stone.  TB hasn’t decided yet how to allocate the points, partly because I just decided points should be awarded as I typed this sentence.  This means new competitors are still in the running for the season championship in addition to the weekly ones.  So join in, friends and strangers, each Thursday.

This week’s 5 picks are:

  • Vanderbilt     +9′
  • So. Miss        +17′
  • Stanford        +14
  • Kansas          -21
  • Ga Tech        +7
The pick of the week is Ole Miss +8.  Ole Miss is good.  They can score a lot of points.  The gambling mojo gods are torn between taking my money and my heart, but they usually go for the heart.  The Rebs are ascendant.  Dammit.
Finally, here’s a few more tunes to ease the pain of a football season devoid of joy already, this first weekend of September:
  • If I Had a Million Dollars–Barenaked Ladies
  • Jealous Again–Black Crowes
  • Say it Isn’t So–The Outfield
  • Man of Constant Sorrow–The Soggy Bottom Boys
  • Gone to Carolina (Live)–Shooter Jennings

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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30 Responses to Thursday Pickin

  1. TKH says:

    I’ll leave the music picks up to people who know more about that stuff than me, but for football…

    -navy +7
    -gt +7
    -SDSU +22 (mostly for the hatred of ND)
    -Tulane +30 (UAT still has John Parker Wilson at QB and he’ll do his best to keep it under 30)
    -UConn -7

    P.O.W. AU -17′ just to be different. Do i get a prize if I missed all of these?

  2. Maybe a little “crab boil” care package, but you’d have to send some “old bay” back this way.

  3. RockStarRambler says:

    Texas -26′

    Playlist for my ascendant team:
    Spacehog – In The Meantime
    The Smiths – How Soon is Now
    The Call – Let the Day Begin
    Placebo – Pure Morning
    Cake – The Distance

  4. Jessie Lou says:

    I used to have good psychic ability to pick teams myself but I was never one to bet. You get points for having the strength of your convictions and sticking to your bets. You could have gotten all nervous and layed/laid them off with someone else. That is loyalty that some do not have. My song pick for you is “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” by who was that…..Poison. There is a chance of loss with every bet.

  5. RSR and ED are the music gurus, though Fig intrigues me. Looking forward to his submission. (Freudian slip?)

    Waiting for JLM’s football POTW, though her Poison musical selection should go over very well with Ed and Smily.

  6. RMac says:

    I’ll go with Tulane because they need the moral support after having to vacate for Gustav, well at least their fans did.

    Play list for the the week
    Dear Mr. President – Pink
    Hey Baby – Stephen Marley

  7. larry says:

    I will go with

    Texas Tech -10′
    BYU -9′
    Central Fla +13′
    Maryland -13
    Syracuse -4′


    The University of Mississppi Southern +17′

    My playlist

    Up Against the Wall, Rednec Mother – Ray Wylie Hubbard & The Cowboy Twinkies/Jerry Jeff Walker
    Ain’t Living Long Like This – Rodney Crowell/Waylon Jennings
    Guitar Town – Steve Earle
    Old Weakness – Delbert McClinton
    Anything by Guy Clark

    I am in a rock-a-billy stage at the moment

    Favorite Snowman and Bandit quotes

    “Hold on to your ass, Fred”
    “The g#d-damn Germans have nothing to do with it?”
    “I’ll have a Diablo sandwich and Dr. Pepper to go, I’m in a g#d-damn hurry”
    “Thank you, nice lady”

  8. OB says:

    I’m gonna go out on my own this week and pick my own fave five. Here are my picks:

    Georgia Tech +7
    Southern Miss +17.5
    Oklahoma -21.5
    Ole Miss +8
    U of Miami +21.5

    Oklahoma defense gave up only one first down to Chatanooga and their offense seemed to be just as deadly. I don’t see Cinnci doing much better!The Sooners could give up one first down to Pascagoula High School and I’d be impressed.

    Southern Miss has shown they can run the ball effectively against anybody. If they can keep the turnovers to a minimum they can keep the clock ticking and keep the score close. If Auburn stuffs the run and forces the Eagles to throw the ball, they could be in for a very long day. I don’t see it!

    Ole Miss looks like they are for real and I not only think they will cover, but I think they have a chance to win this game. Houston Nutt and the Rebs are on a roll. Yaw! Yaw! Yaw!

    The “U” can’t possibly get blown out by the Gators can they? This is a big rivalry and I just think no matter what the circumstance each team comes to play.

    Can’t say I have any playlists, but I can tell you what’s in my IPOD. I have podcasts of Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd, Fantoo Girls, Steve Czaban, and Dan Patrick. I also have podcasts of local Sports Talk show hosts “John and Lance”, “Sean the Cablanasian” from “1560 the Game” and Charlie Pullillo of 610 sports.

    Good Luck this week!

  9. Stone says:

    There is probably be no line but I will take State to cover whatever you want to make. I suggest 40.

    I will take WF versus Ole Miss. My rebels come back to earth versus real competition.

    Award/deduct points as you see fit.

  10. Fig E says:

    Ben, thanks for catching the slip. Here are my picks:

    Florida -21 1/2
    La – Monroe + 12
    Tulane +29 1/2
    Air Force + 3
    UAB + 13

    I’m going to ride the Gators for a while. La-Monroe did beat Alabama last year, so maybe they can stay close with what appears to be a weak Arkansas. I hope the Tide will be a little flat after the Clemson game. Air Force is a pick out of the air. Hopefully FL Atlantic will be thinking about possible hurricane Ike problems at home and the Blazers get the W.

    IPOD this week:

    Elvis: 2001 A Space Odyssey/See See Rider
    Hank III: Low Down
    Johnny Paycheck: I’m the Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised
    Ratt: Wanted Man
    Merle Haggard: Are the Good Times Really Over?

  11. Fig and OB which one is POTW for my arbitrary scorekeeping purposes? Stone, MSU -40 it is, but if you are purposely trying to come in last, I reserve the right to award you points. For spite, of course.

    Larry, nice tunes. Nice quotes, but wrong post. And I can’t believe you didn’t add “I’ll meet you at OLLLLL Miss.”

    RMac–was that so hard? Great reasoning btw. Right up my alley. And Face will appreciate the moral support as his alma mater pursues a moral victory.

  12. OB says:

    I would have to say my POTW week is….


  13. BR says:

    Here we go with this week’s pic’s
    Texas A&M -2.5
    Syracuse -4.5
    Auburn -17.5

    Don’t have a Ipod but i would suggest
    Living Colour / Cult of Personality
    J.Geils Band / Centerfold (Skating ring)
    Ronnie Milsaps / Smokey Mountain Rains
    POTW Auburn -17.5

    TB what was that Autograph song that you and
    Smiley use to jam to.

  14. Autograph–Turn up the Radio–it’s now bumper music for a talk show I listen to on XM.

    Nice reference on the skating rink music genre. “You Dropped the Bomb On Me” comes to mind. What else?

  15. OB says:

    Wow! Great Vandy pick TB. Maybe we should give you some bonus points for that one. Are the Cocks the most over rated team in the country or what?

    I’ll have to download some of these great tunes! I usually just tune my XM radio in the car to the Kenny Chesney channel or Highway 16 and my Sirius radio in the house to Sirius Hits.

    I can’t believe nobody has “Push It” by Salt N Peppa….Just kidding!

  16. Fig E says:

    UF is my pick of the week

  17. Ed says:

    Take the Mountaineers -7.5 over the Pirates.

    Tying it all together…mountains, easing pain, and your fourth song:

    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains you never change your socks
    And the little streams of alcohol come a-trickling down the rocks
    The brakemen have to tip their hats and the railroad bulls are blind
    There’s a lake of stew and of whiskey too
    You can paddle all around ’em in a big canoe
    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

    By the way, your Reb choice would be good if the spread was say 13. A once young, yet astute gambler told me the Rebs were a great double digit road dog, not so hot otherwise.

  18. Jessie Lou says:

    I am taking:

    Ole Miss
    Air Force
    Texas Tech

    The song of the week should be “Welcome to the Jungle” by GNR

  19. Madd Dawg says:

    I’ll go with Vandy as my Stone (no relation to Adam) Cold Lead Pipe Lock POTW. Bet the kids’ college money on this one.

  20. Madd Dawg says:

    Just “for sh-ts and giggles” to quote __ (was it Weeble who said that?), I’ll also take:

    Michigan -14.5
    USM +17.5 and

    POTW: Oregon St. +15

  21. Soon to be "Local Man" says:

    This post is coming directly from inside the teeth of Hurricane (Not Quite but we can hope for the big time) Hanna. I am braving the elements and going to try to ride out the storm with my 2 new york strips, 2 cases of Miller Lite, and a bottle of Pomagranite Vodka (which I have found young girls really like when mixed with food Lion Cranberry/strawberry Juice). I know that the gods are doing this to wreck my dreams of actually being able to watch a Rebel game on TV in this god forsaken Purgatory I call ACC country.

    I know it is an attempt to cut not only cable and power to my TV but through some crackpot legeslation also deny me the ability to pick the network game up via Satellite. Odd how the entire world works against me to keep me from watching the Rebels. I am going to make the call at 10:30 am on weither or not to make the harrowing 4 hour ride to Winston Salem to actually go to the game in person. But I know the power won”t go out until after I have decided to ride it out here and wait til its to late to make the drive.

    My Picks are:

    Rebels +8
    Saints -3
    Texas Tech -10′
    Tulane +30
    Michigan -15
    Rashad Evans at 5/2 vs Chuck Lidell

    A few songs for you are (see if you detect a theme):

    Got to Get Better in a little While – Derek & the Dominoes
    Knockin Round The Zoo – James taylor
    Flashlight – P Funk
    Payback – James Brown
    Spanish Moon – Little Feat

  22. Fig E says:

    TB, forgot to comment on you Ipod tunes this week. I have the Outfield CD, believe it or not. Many memories of 1984/85 come to mind (fake ID from Hit Parader magazine enabling one to purchase Miller High Life and Swisher Sweets at 15 rocked). Shooter Jennings live anything is cool. Saw him at Soul Kitchen in Mobile several weeks ago (and at Seville Quarter last year). Go see him if you get a chance (I think he played at The Library in Oxford a couple of years ago). Jason Boland & The Straggler hit Proud Larry’s. Right now they aren’t tourning because Boland had some vocal cord problems several weeks ago. When he recovers, we’ll need to check him out somewhere (possible road trip to Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth).

  23. supercynic says:

    I’ll take (1) Michigan -23.5 (2) UCONN -7 (3) Utah State +35.5 and my POTW is (4) Minnesota +5.

    TB, go ahead and calculate my winnings b/c those are all locks.

    (Anyone who knows me knows the above cockiness is all pretense.)

  24. Sweet’s POTW is Central Florida. He’s not had the energy to click on the site and type all those letters, so I’m doing it for him. Why you ask? Because it is very important to document his powers on a public forum.

  25. Sweet says:

    Madd Dawg (knelms) it was Neil Lee who said shits and giggles
    Who is Jessie Lou, she sounds familiar
    My POTW hit today…..stick with someone in the biz and you will go places

  26. Sweet says:

    Larry (assuming Luscious), if you are going to quote one of the greatest movies of all time, get the lines right

  27. OB says:

    Since I have a hurricane approaching and may or may not evacuate in the next three days I want to go ahead and submit my fave five for the week.

    Oklahoma -20 at WASHINGTON
    Ucla +8 ½ at BYU
    FRESNO STATE +1 vs. Wisconsin
    TEXAS TECH -36 vs. Smu
    East Carolina -12½ at TULANE

    UCLA is my Play of the Week.

    Oklahoma will continue to role versus a very frustrated, unfocused and sloppy Washington team. I had a feeling UCLA would be the favorite versus BYU and I would be glad to take 8 ½ points. A very underrated Fresno team will beat a tired, beat up Wisconsin team that has to travel out West. SMU is starting a freshman QB, who just happens to be from Katy, TX (my hometown), and can’t keep up with a very potent Red Raider offense. There will be moments of brightness for Bo Levi Mitchell, but he will make many, many mistakes trying to play catch up. East Carolina has looked very, very good so far and I don’t see Tulane slowing them down.

  28. Noted, OB. Stay on the high ground, and good luck with Ike.

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