About Travellinbaen

The Travellinbaen Universe is my outlet for recording the observations, questions and humor that I see day to day.  It is a free speech zone and all comments are welcome. It can get occasionally political or righteously indignant, but I try to keep that to a minimum. The subject matter encompasses most anything I’m interested in. Hopefully it is written well enough to communicate the idea barreling out of my brain, and hopefully my attempts at humor writing will translate. Please keep a glass of water handy while reading. Mainly, I think you will find from my blog if you are a regular reader that you can’t pigeonhole me.

I am a native of Pascagoula, Mississippi. I now live in Ridgeland, Mississippi, with my family, where I also practice law. The author’s nom de guerre is Travellinbaen, or TB for short. In the real world I answer to Ben White. You can email me at ben@travellinbaen.com.

The following link is to my one year blog-aversary post and tells you more than you’d ever want to know about the blog and some of its idiosyncrasies. Click here for that. I said Click! Really, that post is a lot more informative than this one.

The picture currently on the front page is a blowhole and was taken by TB in Maui, Hawaii. And yes, the irony is intentional.

6 Responses to About Travellinbaen

  1. Bruce McLellan says:

    Does anybody know how to get in touch with Shane Matthews?

  2. I think he’s on Facebook.

  3. Amy A. Allen says:

    Hey! I was home this weekend and heard about your blog. Randy and I will most certainly become “regular readers”! Please e-mail me sometime…..would love to catch up!

  4. Amy, great to see you around. Hope y’all have fun here in the TB universe.

  5. Alan Huffman says:

    Hey, Ben,
    Thanks for the kind words about my note. I enjoyed reading your piece about the Beale Street Music Festival. I was there on Friday night. Glad to hear old Jerry Lee has still got some fight in him. I saw him about 15 years ago and he looked ancient then, but he could pound that piano and sing.

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