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Stone Mountain

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Sleepy C

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Road trip

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The TBU Evolves

Quote of the Day: “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.There … Continue reading

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Buy The Farm?

Quote of the Day: “Ohhh, Moma. Could this really be the end?” –Bob Dylan, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again The Oilpocalypse is upon us. War rages in Afghanistan. Terrorism and piracy fester and threaten. Hurricane season … Continue reading

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Teddy Roosevelt Revisited

Quote of the Day: “Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike.” Teddy Roosevelt TB mentioned here a while back that I was reading “The Imperial Cruise” by James … Continue reading

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TBU Swag

Quote of the Day: “He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher….or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.” –Douglas Adams If by happenstance, or otherwise you should come into possession of a limited edition, heirloom quality Travellinbaen … Continue reading

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Prepare Our Feeble Minds…

….For they are about to be b-lownnn. (You need to channel the voice of Jack Black while reading that title, fyi). Quote of the Day: Researchers were also able to maintain the fidelity of the long-distance teleportation at 89 percent— … Continue reading

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Boogers (I never say that word)

Quote of the Day: “Boogers.” (laughter) “Boogers!” (more laughter) “Boogers!!! “(hysterical)     –the Little Scamp It was a milestone moment at TB’s house last night. The Little Scamp, already showing signs of a strange and wonderful sense of humor … Continue reading

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BP, Money, and Gross Negligence

Quote of the Day: “What did we do to deserve this?” BP CEO Tony Hayward If you haven’t seen the CBS 60 Minutes report and you care about the Gulf of Mexico, take the time to watch now. I know … Continue reading

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