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TBuck (Pascagoula cornerback 1987-88)–“Hey, what do y’all think about this? Next year I’m gonna catch a punt and just stand there like it was a fair catch. Everybody will stop, then I’ll take off and score.”

TB (expat Goula blogger 2008)–“Nah, it’ll never work. You’ll get killed.”

Larry–“You better watch that hot doggin.”

                        –approximation of conversation between Terrell Buckley, TB, and Larry while shagging flies at batting practice in 1988, a couple of years before Buckley pulled off the stunt on national TV against Syracuse for 6 points

I posted about legendary Pascagoula tailback Rooster Jones, this past summer. Rooster has proved to be one of the most searched terms that lead people to this blog, and it’s lately been an active source for some great stories and comments. Those stories, Zeek’s enjoyment of the topic, and Quail’s stories inspired me to attempt to name an all-time team from ‘Goula. So far as I know, this has never been done. At least not in writing. I’ll need some help filling it out, and there’s bound to be some debate, but here’s the Official Travellinbaen All-Time Pascagoula Football Team, so far:

QB–It’s gotta be Shane Matthews, class of 1988. A great career at Florida where he led the Gators to their first SEC title and started their dynasty with a little help from Emmitt Smith and Steve Spurrier. He then had a long pro career, mainly with the Chicago Bears.

TB–Rooster of course. If you’re from Pascagoula you refer to him with only one name; in the same category as “Prince” or “Reggie” or “the Babe.”

TB–He was before my time, playing in the 1970’s but considering the career Ben Garry had at USM and in the pros, I figure he should be back there with Rooster. He passed away prematurely a couple of years ago. He’s the all-time rusher at USM, at least he was at the time his obituary was written.

Third down back–Treg Thomas–A Conerly Trophy winner at Delta State, he was considered too small for the Big Three in the late 1990’s. I still think they were wrong.

C–Frankie (Moose) Godfrey–1988; multiyear starter at LSU

OL–Chuck Commiskey–class of 1976; made sure Rooster had some daylight to run to his JUNIOR year, stood out at Ole Miss, in the USFL and the NFL for a lot of years. Seems like I recall the helmet had rubbed off a lot of hair by the time he made it to the Saints. Or maybe I’m thinking of Fourcade.

OL–I can think of a few guys that played in the SEC, but I need some help here. OL is always overlooked by the casual fan. Thunder Thornton probably belongs on the list for his overall contributions to Pascagoula’s cultural scene in addition to his storied Ole Miss career. And of course, his phone book assault of MD at 6 am one fine morning back in the 90’s has to be mentioned. 

OL–Ben Crimm, mid-80’s; played at USM and one of Zeek’s selections.

OL–Allen Bush, an old school pick from Zeek.

TE–Big John Grant, 1988. He would step across the line and take a dump off from Shane and lumber downfield for twenty with three or four guys hanging on his back. Signed with Mississippi State and had his career cut short by injuries. There’s no doubt in my mind he’d have gone pro if he stayed healthy.

WR–Kez McCorvey, 1990. He had a good career with Florida State, then played for the Detroit Lions for a few years.

WR–Larry Taylor, another of Zeek’s picks.

DE–Fred Cook, early 1970’s. Kids in 1970’s Pascagoula were extremely proud to hear our town’s name when the Baltimore Colts played on TV. He recovered 14 fumbles during his 6 year career and was named to All-Pro teams in 1976 and 1977.

DL–Eddie Flora 1988-89. I don’t think things went too well for him after his high school career, but he was the most dominant force I ever saw on the gridiron.


DE–Keith Joseph, 1988-89. Keith played defensive end opposite Flora in high school and was the second most dominant high school defender I ever saw. He had a good career at linebacker at Mississippi State.

LB–Richard Harvey–early 1980’s. Had a good career at Tulane, then played ten years in the NFL.

LB–Dewayne Curry–played in the 1990’s then went on to an All SEC career at Mississippi State.

CB–Terrell Buckley–He won the Thorpe award at Florida State and had a much better pro career than he’s typically given credit for. Playing mainly for Green Bay, Miami, and New England in a 13 year career. He had 50 interceptions and scored 6 touchdowns, and is credited by Jim Rome for inventing the Lambeau Leap. His 50 picks rank him just outside the all-time NFL top twenty.

CB–Jim Marsalis–He went to Tennessee State and played for the Kansas City Chiefs for 7 years, winning a ring in Super Bowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings. He was All-Pro in 1970 and 1971. That awesome ring was on display in the late 70’s and early 80’s in Pascagoula for all us kids because Jim came home to coach pee wee football and Dixie Youth Baseball when he was finished in the pros.

DB–Lynn Thomas–Played at Pitt and won a Super Bowl ring with the San Francisco 49ers against the Bengals in Super Bowl XVI.

DB–Norris Thomas–Played with the Dolphins in the 1970’s and was TB’s first favorite football card.

I’m counting on Goula fans to help me with the pre 1980’s era and to fill in the blanks. If anyone knows anything about this dominant 1947 Panther team (click), let us know so I can get at least one of their ranks on this prestigious list. Worth noting, according to the video, the 1947 starting Pascagoula QB played quarterback at Ole Miss (JLM–you related to Rocky Byrd?) and in 1950’s Battle for the Golden Egg faced off against his former high school backup Twig Branch.


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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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  1. ZEEK says:

    TB, love the topic, but I just don’t think that we can accurately put this roster together. We probably would have to make up a pre 1976 team, and then a more modern post 1976 team. And although I basically agree with all your picks, as you can see the two state champ teams have all the members and I know there are awesome ballplayers being ignored. I will try and add a few to help out and throw in an anecdote here and there, but would like to go ahead and apologize to those deserving that are forgotten.

    I must first tell an odd tale about Terrell (General Buck) Buckley that still to this day is Ripley’s –worthy. When i was a trainer for the Panther football team in 86 & 87, I noticed after a JV game in 86(in which Buck had 5 interceptions as a sophomore) that Buck’s shimmy shirt was bone dry. Please refrain from stupid comments like”why were you looking at the dude in the locker room?” and the likes. I just noticed, ok? At the time, i blew it off, thinking he had quickly changed into a fresh shirt. Remember, it was late Sept. on the coast. However, the next day after practice, I noticed it again. And again. So I asked him nonchalantly,”Buck, how do you keep so dry, what is your secret?” He responded dryly, “I don’t really sweat.” That’s all, oh ok. But it was true. I watched the rest of that year and the next all the way to the State Championship and T. Buck never sweated while playing All-American caliber high school football on the coast in Sept. Weird subject I know, but amazing in my book nonetheless.Years later I saw him on TV in the NFL and he was sweating profusely on the sideline. I guess it took that high of a competition level to make him sweat. Nobody around here could.
    So, here are my additions to the All-Time Goula Team. Keep in mind I am biased.

    QB- (2nd team) RJ Lachaussee- led Goula to Pecan Bowl and earned scholarship to Tulane(coulda gone SEC) and did quite well. Woulda been a Saint but for shoulder injury.

    TB-(Hon. Ment.)- Kermit Taylor(early 80’s)-brother of Larry(you know him as PJ coach)SPEEDY DUDE

    OL-Allen Bush- Ole Miss starter in mid to late 60’s(Waldo’s classmate)

    L-(O or D)- Ben Crimm(84-85)-played at USM-was a HUGE man- saw him pick up and move a car once.

    WR- Larry Taylor-(mid 70’s) Speed, Power, Agility, and Dedication –Played at USM

    WR-Daryl Joe(early 80’s) Hands like jello and very athletic, great at hoops also. (SWAC)

    DL-Charlie Robinson?(82-84) Not sure about last name,somebody help me. He was Goula’s version of Rudy. Way undersized but was mean and nasty and OWNED middle of the line at Noseguard.(PERK)

    DE-Ricky Byrd-(84-85) A little undersized but very smart, mean and hit like an assassin. Only player Dinky Harris claimed to fear.

    DE- Derick”Skeeter” Johnson- Eddie Flora prototype. Big, fast, strong,crazy. Hardest hit I ever witnessed in high school ball was laid on by Skeeter.(Parchman)

    LB-Ricky”Slick Rick” Alexander-(86-87) Goula’s version of Jack Lambert. Lacked in tools but overflowed with talent and heart. (Perk& LSU)

    LB-Edward”Dinky” Harris(85-87)-Not a fan of his as I once was, but I gotta give credit where it’s due.Started LB as Sophomore on team with guys like Nut Thomas, Dan Wigley, Richard Harvey, RT Wade, Ken Williams, Romanie Marsalis, Stan Crawford, Jarrell Wells, Danny Henry,etc. Goula’s version of Mike Singletary. Due to Disciplinary probs, only platooned as a Senior in 87 and still signed D-1 scholarship. (Tenn. St.)

    CB- Cortier “Nut” Thomas (84-85)- Brother to Lynn and Pappy and Norris(Goula’s version of the Mannings) Pure athlete, hit like Jack Tatum and was very fast for his size. Unbelievable baseball player also–threw in high 70’s as a 12 yr. old and into mid 90’s as a high schooler. Nice guy to boot.

    If I think of more I’ll post it. Sorry to those I forgot.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see all the player’s name but Jamie Otis he help Pascagoula win the state Champion ship he help carry the team all year and no one thinks he did nothing they all look a Shane but if it had not been for Jamie Pascagoula would have not won the Champion ship.. He threw a touch down pass and ran for over 100 yards.

    • Billy Tucker says:

      What about CB Billy Tucker

  2. I knew you’d be able to add some. And no list like this is ever perfect. Maybe some old-timer will get on here and help us out. I guarantee you that Richard Lucas could help–he’s a walking sports encyclopedia for Pascagoula sports. Actually for all Mississippi sports.

    I’m going to fill in some of my blanks with your suggestions, with all spots subject to change depending on what more info we can get.

  3. ZEEK says:

    Mitch Doze (RB)- (80-81)–and

    Bobby(B.O.) Ogle(RB)-(82-83)–

    Both deserve mentioning as hard-running ,tough- as-nails white boys that played on super talented teams that never quite reached their potential. Doze especially had quite a few 200+ yard rushing games and I believe took his wares to Delta St.

  4. ZEEK says:

    Sorry, made a mistake–Doze went to Tulane/USM

    *Bonus Pick-( Return Specialist/ Athlete-)
    Terry Graves–great athlete–played ball at Perk and finished up with baseball at Carey as a pitcher. Saw several of his games since we were friends and I was at USM, and he always made me proud to call him homeboy.Good Dude.

    TB, I can’t believe you failed to mention a couple of Bulldog signees from the mid 90’s—
    Eric Dotson-DL
    Dewayne Curry-LB

    I guess Mario Edwards(CB–93-94) deserves mentioning considering he followed in TBuck’s shoes and went to FSU and then played with the Cowgirls in the NFL.

    • Derick Powe says:

      Pascagoula had a 6’4 wr in 99 and 2000 named Derick Powe unstoppable should be on this list with Kez

  5. I had Curry on there, but got his first name transposed with Dotson’s last. I fixed it now.

    I’ll add a fullback spot for Doze, and Terry Graves is a good call. He was just a little slow of foot by college standards. He was a dang good baseball player too, and didn’t have to run so much because he did a lot of jogging all the way around the horn. He hit one of the longest homeruns I ever saw in Biloxi in 1986.

  6. Jessie Lou says:

    Yes, Rocky Byrd is my dad, Gary’s older brother. He wore the number 10 while playing at Ole Miss and we were always happy that Eli Manning also wore that number. Unfortunately, my Rocky passed away in August 1984. One of my favorite stories is my dad talking about eating at the training table with the Ole Miss team when he went up to visit, he was 10-12 years younger. We have 8mm film of Uncle Rocky playing and it is bittersweet to watch. A few years back I visited Ole Miss for homecoming in 2001. My boss introduced me to everyone as Rocky Byrd’s niece – I would have never dreamed that would still carry weight, but indeed, in the Grove and the Rebel Club it certainly did. I am looking at a picture of the 1947 team right now – we were glad that they honored them last year at PHS. I know Spurgeon Lachaussee and Rocky were also friends so there is another connection between our families and on this blog.

    Additionally, I am looking at the PHS Football program which lists all those Pnather players who earned scholarships from 1947 on and it is long. I am proud to say my son is a former Panther in 2000-2001 and won the Mark Jones Award his senior season. Gene made won of the most beautiful catches I’ve ever seen in Wayne County – a 55 yard pass caught on the 2 – brought tears to my eyes as a mom – it was quite the catch. We still have season tickets and my parents have had the same tickets for over 30 years, along with my sister’s family we have a block right on the 50 yard line. We love Panther football and are looking forward to watching my nephew, Richard Murray play on the high school team. He is a kicker on the PHS Freshman team this year.

    Zeek – you mentione Darryl Joe and he had a scholarship to Alcorn in 1981 – the only one in that class to receive one. Along with Mitch Doze, my senior year, other scholarships went to Doug Burgess (Millsaps), Eric Denmark (Ole Miss) and Benny Painter (Louisville).

    • Anonymous says:

      Buck Brewer was a d.e in 1981 and went on to S.E La,to play football on scholarship.Played along side Denmark

  7. Feidt's Follies says:

    Yusaf Addis – kicker

    Face – Pick maker

  8. quail09 says:

    this is a great subject….i’m gonna go off and do some research and offer my picks later, but here’s a few off-the-top-of-my-head comments after reading the previous comments…..def. backfield….Tbuck and the rest of the Thomas family(marsalis, lynn, pappy, norris)…end of discussion….honorable mention….johnny woitt(msu, 49ers, ex head coach of 76 team)….linebacker….Rick Rozzell(Alabama, DSU)…animal, nickname….jack lambert…survived polio…leg braces and the nine yard….his dad (ex PHS head coach aubrey…DSU,Packers) used to make him box him to toughen him up…..OL…clyde bosarge….one of very few people to letter 5 times in one sport at PHS…seems like there was a recent article in SI about a PHS female 5 time letterman…..left clyde out of their research….

  9. quail09 says:

    another note…raymond brown moved to PHS from greenville…..great high school player, big time college player at ole miss….then played for the baltimore colts….roomed with johnny unitus on road trips….starting DB in the “greatest game ever played”….may have been a QB at PHS….deserves a high place on this list…recently voted into the mississippi sports hall of fame…

  10. I excluded Raymond Brown because I was trying to keep it to Pascagoula High/Carver, but he’s probably been in Pascagoula long enough we can claim him.

  11. quail09 says:

    you know fred cook played at OLV, right?…..not carver or PHS

  12. Jessie Lou says:

    I used to have a Fred Cook autograph that I got an OLV carnival one year.

    Qauil09 – I think I’ve got you figured out now – since you seem to want to remain anonymous I will not put it out for all to view. If I am correct I wrote your father a poem to go along with a Christmas gift my Aunt Alice gave to him in 2002. If I am correct, Zeek gets all the credit – he put me on the right track. Still have the poem and it is a good one, a little racy as I look back on it now, but funny.

    And I digress – there is another good football family around here – The Bowman Brothers – Gayle Bowman went to Ole Miss in 1953, Steve Bowman went to Alabama in 1961 and I think there was a third one too but that name escapes me at the moment. There were only about 6 of them so there could be more that someone else could add about them.

  13. I didn’t know even know soccer was invented back then. OLV qualifies too.

    I think Mac Bowman played at Bama, but I won’t swear on it.

    • pique says:

      Soccer was brought to this area by Fr. Patrick Quinn in the 1950’s. According to one of the fellows he coached at OLV, all they learned to do was kick each other’s shins.

    • Jessie Lou says:

      I think you are correct – it was Mac Bowman.

  14. quail09 says:

    TB…thanks for setting me straight on raymond brown….i’ve known him for over 30 years and i swear i always thought he played at least one year at PHS…wow, that blew my mind…i’m coming up with some pre 1977 offensive linemen to put in the pot for conversation….JL…the bowmans…good one

  15. quail09 says:

    Gene Dubuisson(OLV,PHS, Ole Miss)…all big eight, all star game, 4years at ole miss…Jim Horne(Greenville HS, PHS, Ole Miss)…big eight lineman of the year, all star game, 4 years at Ole Miss….Chuck Commiskey(PHS, Ole Miss)…all big eight, all star game, 5 years at ole miss…Marc Massengale(PHS, Ole Miss)….all big eight, all star game, 4 years at ole miss…..Clyde Bosarge(PHS, Perk?)…..started 5 years….that’s since 8th grade…a man among boys….Alan Bush(PHS, Ole Miss)….all big eight, all star game, 4 years at ole miss………….

  16. quail09 says:

    FB….Ricky Conerly….”Bull”….blocked for Rooster….punishing blocker and runner….went to DSU and started at tight end as a freshman….played on the Big Eight Champion baseball team with Olsen and the Collins twins…won punt,pass, and kick when he was twelve

  17. ZEEK says:

    Knew Raymond Brown was not a PHS alum, that is why I didn’t put him in there. He definitely woulda been, He still has Sugar Bowl record for longest run from scrimmage 98yds. if I’m not mistaken.That was 69 sugar i think, we beat Arkansas.My conception to be exact.

    Also knew about Fred Cook . You might have to think about Stanley Crawford, he had to be pretty good to sign with the Bear at Bama back in his heyday.

    Quail09- I noticed you couldn’t help but give yourself a little pat on the back… Don’t worry….
    my lips are sealed.

  18. OB says:


    I was going to throw out Mitch Doze and Terry Graves, but many of you beat me to the punch.

    Growing up in Gautier I didn’t get a chance to see or hear about many of the star players on your list, but I do recognize many of those from Gautier.

    Doze was Gautier’s “Rooster”. Sure, he wasn’t at all the legend of Rooster, but he was a legendary figure in Gautier. I think he had some knee problems at USM and Tulane and never really got a chance to show his stuff in college, otherwise I’m sure he would’ve dominated. Where was Dr. James Andrews? My brother played Dixie Youth and Dixie Majors baseball with Doze, as I was first getting interested in the game and Doze was like Babe Ruth to me. He could hit the ball farther and throw harder than anybody. He was a freakin stud on the diamond as well as the gridiron.

    Terry Graves wasn’t one of the fastest or biggest guys around, but he got more out of the tools that were given to him than most anyone. He wasn’t afraid to go over the middle and catch the ball in a crowd and was more than willing to throw that big block downfield. Terry could freakin hit and throw the baseball too! He was a Bulldog! He didn’t throw the hardest and wasn’t at all crafty, but he would come right at you.

    If we’re talking Pascagoula careers here I would slot Grant Fair ahead of Kez.. Kez had a better career later, but Grant fared much, much better at PHS. Grant Fair is also one of the nicest, most humble and best team players I have even been around. Maybe Kez could’ve done better if he’d had Shane throwing most of the time.

  19. OB says:

    Can you please do a “Where Are They Now” feature? I would love to hear where all these players ended up.

    What happened to Eddie Flora?

  20. face says:

    Feidt- I’m going with B. Cox as kicker, he was better than Yusef, and I’ll nominate myself as clipboard holder.

    Dotson has to be on the team, he was player of the year in the state.

    A story about Curry. During the spring of my junior year, his senior year, I had a high school golf match after school. We met up at the stadium, and as I walked out the stadium door with my golf bag on my shoulder and my “Panther Golf” shirt on, Curry walks in. He passes me and says, “Hey Face, y’all got a soccer match today?” To this day, I think he was serious. I guess its no surprise he went to State.

    I’d also nominate Adrian Gainer, class of ’91. Nose guard and center. I believe he was all-state and signed with Auburn, but didn’t qualify if my memory is correct.

    I’ll try to get some more info on the 47 team. Their defensive stats were unbelievable.

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    Mac Bowman was the father of all 7 of the Bowman Brothers of North Pascagoula Street. He may have played during his own time, just much earlier.

  22. quail09 says:

    Any of you ever heard of Bubba Toups? Signed as a kicker with BobTyler at MSU….started as a freshman, sophomore….then moved over to SELouisiana?….played catcher for the Dixie Youth world series champs with Olsen and Collins boys

    • rob newman says:

      looking for bubba myself.we were teammates # NLU in monroe louisiana.we have had several reunions and just miss his face

    • Seth Shepherd says:

      Bubba Toups is my Uncle and yes he had a football and baseball scholarship to MSU and then went to U of L at Monroe I believe.

      He lives in S. Florida now. My grandfather Larry Toups still lives in Goula.

  23. ZEEK says:

    Yes, Bubba Toups was a good kicker and I remember him, I remember him more as a force on the diamond than gridiron. His dad, Mr. Toups, umpired most of us in earliest days of Dixie Youth, and to this day he was the best I ever saw behind the dish. I think he may have been behind the plate for Sweet’s “18 Strikeout” game in 81.

  24. Jessie Lou says:

    I recall Bubba, but like Zeek remember him more as a baseball player.

    According to my scrapbook, Mitch Doze had 1,154 yards on 202 carriese and 11 TD’s our senior year. He was the star of the team. Although we lost to Moss Point that year 28-14 – Mitch also played QB in that game late in the 4th quarter. That win gave MP the coastal zone title but they went on to lose the next week to Meridian 21-17.

    A bright spot for a young TB that year – State beat Ole Miss 19-14.

  25. Jessie Lou says:

    It should also be noted that Johnny Woitt stepped down as the headcoach on December 1, 1980 with a record of 44-27 over all and the perfect 12-0 season of 1976.

  26. Anonymous says:

    yes, i’m sure you do remember bubba toups more as a baseball player….but, aren’t we trying to explore who some of the top football players have been at each postion?….my private criteria when considering this subject has been “were they recognized for their high school ability by either a college scholarship or an invitation to an all-star game or both?”…..btw bubba didn’t get a scholarship to play college baseball….he did get one to kick a football

  27. face says:

    The 47 team went 12-0 and only gave up 50 points all year. They had 5 shutouts and only two teams scored over 6 points. They beat Murphy HS who was #1 in Alabama 63-0. They beat Greenville who was #1 in Miss. 40-6.

  28. smilyj says:

    I’m not very knowledgeable on PHS football before my high school days. But these sure seem like a bunch of cool names. Maybe TB could break down an alltime coolest name team. Reminds me of a story involving Tbuck and Grant Fair. I didnt play football but attempted baseball. At practice one day, us outfielders were shagging flys and we were having a style contest. Well, I was particularly extra smooth that day catching flys in an array of spectacular fashion. Well, then and there, TBuck and Grant gave me the name Triple S.(You know, SSS). Anyway, it meant SUPER SMOOTH SMILY. Cool name, huh? Dont know why I rode the bench all through high school.

  29. BR says:

    T Buck’s NFL debut Pretty cool video.

  30. ZEEK says:

    Nice video link Smily(Sorry, I mean SSS) and Face, nice stats on Spurgeon’s 1947 team. Our 1987 team only gave up 72 pts. in 14 games and had six shutouts, but it could have easily been about nine shutouts considering second string played most of second half in games such as Biloxi, Harr. Cent., and Greenwood. We scored an avg. of 28 per game and gave up an avg. of 5 per game. Not bad if you ask me.

  31. TJ says:

    Face you are correct on Gainer, he later was on San Frans practice squad, I’ve noticed there has been no mention of the Polish Rifle, another story on Curry, in chemistry class, he use to threaten people to give him answers on test and he stabbed a kid in the leg with a pencil who refused, Feidt you were in there,

    Also has anyone mentioned Mario Edwards 94? CB for the cowboys and 6th round draft selection, yet another Gautier product that graced the halls of PHS, much like myself

  32. TJ and grace. Hmmmm. Goes together like peas and, uh, ice cream.

  33. Anonymous says:

    to whom ever wrote that waste of talent about jamie oatis not otis!! with out him you need to watch the film. runs,throws,cathes clutch 4th down throws shane got credit for.wake up dude by for the hardest runner i’ve ever seen.

  34. I knew and liked Jamie. He could play a little baseball too. I edited that comment. This site isn’t about tearing anyone down anonymously, except for politicians. I don’t think the poster intended any ill will either, probably just phrased his thought poorly.

  35. OB says:

    Sorry. I probably was a little harsh and did phrase it quite poorly and didn’t mean any harm whatsoever. I just think Jamie was given a great talent to play football, as well as baseball, and think he could’ve been much, much better.

  36. alanb says:

    Thanks to sonme of you with long memories (or believing the tales told to you by your grandpas) for including me on your lists.

    At PHS in the mid-60’s we had some great athletes – Johnny Woitt, one of the best, Jim Farmer, Sonny Ladner, Johnny Walker – all 5 of us signed with SEC schools following ’64 graduation. That same year Carver must have had 20 sign with different schools. Jim Marsailis was the most famous but he had a teammate, Brady Walker, who was an absolute FREAK. 6’5″, about 220, ran a legit 9.6 100 YARD dash, and played QB at Carver. He could throw a ball 75 yards, kick it farther and was almost fast enough to go catch it.

    Class of ’65 had Mike McAdams and Maurice Walker (both USM), ’66 had Stanley Crawford (Alabama) and one of my favorite people of all time, Travis Register, who died tragically soon after high school.

    Oh, another freak from Class of . . um . . ’62, I think was Wayne Scarbourough (Ole Miss). Crazy boy but some great athlete. Gary Pettey (MSU) from Class of ’63 was a real good tough lineman.

    Earlier 60’s had Beauchamp Colle, QB (DB at LSU). OLV had Ozzie Bosarge and Montie Moncrief (both LSU) that were real athletes. Names keep coming back, Haaralas – Frances and Walter, later their sons. Raymond Bell was a fine lineman. (Auburn, I think.)

    For sheer athletic ability, it would be hard for me to leave Kent Higdon off any list for PHS. Y’all are right about Eddie Flora – too bad he couldn’t have gone straight to the NFL after high school – he had that kind of size, meanness and unbelievable speed. Carl Tart from that same time was a good ‘un, too.

    This is fun – just too many years to pay everyone who deserves it the credit due. Thanks for the forum.

    Alan Bush

  37. Mark Bryant says:

    After writing sports for 17 years in Pascagoula, I have really enjoyed seeing so many familiar names. It is amazing that so many great athletes could come from the same area; and this does not even include Moss Point. I always pushed for a Jackson County Sports Hall of Fame to honor these people, but it never got any support. Maybe you can pick up the cause and see it through.
    Mark Bryant

  38. If any county could support a HOF from having enough athletes/coaches to honor and from having enough local interest to make it worthwhile, Jackson County could do it.

    As a matter of fact, I like the idea so much I’m going to start it right away. I’ll have to put some thought into how to determine the first class. For now, the HOF will have to be housed here at TB for lack of funds on the brick and mortar front. But who knows, one day???

    Keep an eye out for my proposal and request for suggestions/nominations in the coming days.

  39. Mark Bryant says:

    ADD TO YOUR LIST (From MGCCC Web Site):

    Josh M. Wells Jr.
    Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College
    Sept. 1967 – Jan. 1968

    The first time Josh Wells ever strapped on a pair of shoulder pads and hit the grid iron was his junior year at Carver High School in Pascagoula.

    “I didn’t even know how to put the pants on right. I was the laughing stock of the locker room. But I knew I wanted to play.”

    Just three years later he was receiving national football recognition. Carver High School went on to win two conference titles, and Wells started receiving invitations from colleges. After a four-day try out at Gulf Coast, Coach George Sekul called him into the office.

    “Sekul said, ‘We are impressed with your ability, and we want you on this team, but there is a good chance you’ll be the only black athlete on the team. I just wanted you to know that before you made a decision.’ The idea was a little overwhelming, and I thought about it all night.”

    Wells made his decision the next day when he stepped into the huddle. “I’d been practicing with the first team all week, and we had already started to bond. I knew then I didn’t want to leave these guys.”

    With that decision, Wells became the first African American to earn an athletic scholarship at Gulf Coast. A few days later, Glenn Larkin and Morris Richardson, also recruits from Carver H.S., made the team’s final cut. According to Coach Sekul, these three players became the first African Americans in state history to play for a previously all white state college.

    To drive home the point, Sekul avowed, “I don’t mean just junior colleges. I mean all state colleges, junior college, universities all of them.”

    For Wells part, he says, “I didn’t come to Perk for any state wide distinctions. I came to play football and win. Coach Sekul and staff treated me as a regular student athlete, and the students always saw me as just a member of the team.”

    As a starting freshman, Wells was an offensive tackle weighing just 192 pounds. What he lacked in size he made up for in pure strength.

    “I had my own off-season workout plan. I worked as a longshoreman on the docks in Pascagoula carrying huge bags of fertilizer all day starting at the age of 18. That’s a good upper body workout.”

    The 1967 team flexed its offensive muscle throughout the season, scoring more than 50 points per game against two opponents and at least 30 points in each of six other games. The team went on to crush Pearl River and win the state title. Wells was named All-State honorable mention and a letterman.

    In his sophomore season, Wells played on the other side of the ball. The Bulldog defense dominated shutting out four teams and held three other teams to less than seven points each game. Despite going 9-1, Wells still remembers the 1968 season with some regret.

    “The loss to Jones for the state title still hurts to this day. I injured my back a few games before. I just couldn’t get my energy level up. I truly think we were better coached and more talented.”

    After the season, Wells earned first team All-State honors and an honorable mention as an All-American. He played two more years of college football at Southeast Louisiana University on scholarship and was named All-Conference twice.

    After trying college coaching for a year, Wells branched out from football into several other fields. He was a supervisor at Ingalls Shipyard, a certified police officer in Moss Point and Orlando, Fla., and is currently an industrial construction manager for projects around the world.

    “Looking back now, I realize Perk and college are where I learned the basic skills for my adult life. I still consider my Perk teammates my true friends, and I try to keep up with as many of them as I can.”

    • Josh M. Wells says:

      Thanks for developing this website. I’m proud to see my name on listed in such a great category.
      The below article was found on the SLU Football Players Facebook site.

      Josh Wells was an all conference Offensive lineman at Southeastern from 1968-1970 and was also SLU’s first African American scholarship athlete. Since November 2000, Josh has been employed by CRB Builders of St. Louis, MO and is currently assigned to CSL Behring in Kankakee, IL. Josh lives in Daphne, AL.

      After the 1970 season, served as an assistant football coach at SLU. Josh returned to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after graduation and was employed with Ingalls Shipyard as a Nuclear Inspector. He worked three years in Law Enforcement with the City of Moss Point, MS and then joined the City of Orlando, FL Police Department where he worked in uniform patrol and Special Operations for three years.

      Josh began working in Industrial Construction in 1977 as a Quality Control Inspector with C.F. Braun of Alhambra, CA. After four years of assignments in South Texas and Southern California, he joined Santa Fe Engineering in Orange CA as Quality Assurance of design/procurement of gathering oil and gas systems a Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Josh worked for Harbert International, Zachary Construction Company, Sverdrup Engineering, and Litwin Engineering. Industrial Construction has taken me to most areas of North America including the Northern areas of Alaska, US Virgin Islands and US Marshall Islands.

  40. Jessie Lou says:

    That is a great story Mark – good to see you on this site. In the realm of Pascagoula sports you, of course, would have alot to offer in the way of stories.

  41. JessieLou says:

    Mark B – so good to see you and your wife but so unexpected after reading your comments that very same morning. It is always good to see a familiar face especially at the sad moments of life. Thank you both for being there!

  42. GRANT FAIR says:

    I Just say check the stats then you no how the best is. Because there were alot people that did,t get cerdit that year.

  43. Hey Grant, glad you found the site and hope you stick around. There were a lot of guys on the 87-88 teams that were great athletes and weren’t mentioned. No slight intended though. In addition to Grant, a very good wide out, I’m not sure if anybody mentioned Carl Tart…maybe Zeek did. Anthony Clark was also a great player on those teams. Signed with State as I recall, but never played, and I don’t know why. And Donald Moffatt at tailback eventually played for U of Houston I think.

    And Grant, as long as you’re here, I’ll go ahead and throw out a comparison between you and Troy Cobb–two of the smoothest athletes around.

    Now that I’ve reminded you how good you were, let me just say I’m pretty sure you never got a hit off ole TB in your entire career! (then again, I tend to block out the bad games).

    I haven’t seen you in a lot of years, but I hope life is good for you.

    Stick around. We could use your input on the Hall of Fame I’m starting this week.

  44. Zeek says:

    Weeeeeeb!!!!! and “FLASH 80″ was Grant’s moniker at PHS. Good to hear from you Grant, this is ole Buddha or Zeek(just don’t call me collect). Lil’ Danny Robinson was a good athlete/receiver as was Craig Burton. Yes, Grant was also a good baseball player, but he didn’t quite have the ups or roundball skills that Troy Cobb had. That dude could jump out of the gym. His vert had to be over 40”. Grant, haven’t seen you in a long time, hope everything is good with you. Keep posting on here, a fresh perspective is always needed. Tell Bulldog (Jamie O.) I said hello.

  45. Clint Abbey says:

    Enjoyed reading the all-time list for football players…sounds as if you could easlily put together an all-time baseball list.

  46. Island Mayor says:

    Clint Abbey sent me this website on Thursday and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments. While I am not real knowledgable about all of these players, being married to Ricky Conerly for so long, I did get to know alot of them. Not to mention that I grew up with Billy and Bobby Collins, Johnny Olsen, Phil and Randy Torjusen, Bubba Toups, Willie D and alot of other great guys. Most of them were thru baseball. We are all still good friends. I also got to know Coach Woitt, Coach Rozell, Coach Rocky Eleuterius, Couch Eellie Booth (James) Wells and of course Coach Kuykendall my all time favorite!! Also, I went to school with Ben Garry. What a great guy!
    I got to talk to JessieLou on Friday and Friday night about this website and we both talked about how much fun it is to read. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more comments. Just so you know even though I am partial, almost all of these guys have been mentioned as great players already!

  47. Jessie Lou says:

    Island Mayor – next time we are together we will have to talk about Coach K – I’ve got some funny stories. I’m sure you would have some to tell me as well!

  48. Island Mayor says:

    Jessie Lou – Boy have I got some. About He and Linda both!!!

  49. Zeek says:

    Hey TB, that is a good idea, let’s do an All-Time Baseball Team. If you start the post, I’ll add to it. I think there would be a lot more debate over that one than football. Not as much “success” after high school for Goula baseball players as football.

    JLou and Island Mayor– There is a picture in the ’77 yearbook that has Rooster and Ricky Connerly after State Championship Game standing side by side holding their hands up in the #1 pose. I will never forget that as long as I live. …. “Panthers are ….Superstars…we’re #1 and we know we are….” good times.

  50. Jessie Lou says:

    I know the picture of which you speak from looking at LB’s yearbooks over and over again.

    IM – I wish we would have had this topic last Friday night – that would have helped to pass the time! I called myself lucky getting home by 11:15pm. I was still smelling that Myers Rum Sat morning and I was not the one consuming it! Thought you’d like that remark!

  51. Welcome Island Mayor and Clint. I look forward to your contributions on this and other topics that come up from time to time.

  52. OB says:


    I’m not quite sure what your definition of “Success” is, but if you mean staying clean and out of prison I’d have to say you’re wrong. I’d have to say there are far more football players than former baseball players that have traveled through the penal leagues. I’d take being broke over convicted any day.

  53. Zeek says:

    OB,….(blank stare) uh, huh? No, maybe you don’t know me well enough to know “success” was Zeekology for making it to the majors and being somewhat of a “known” player nationally. Like Buck,Shane, Norris Thomas,Fred Cook, Richard Harvey,etc. I’m not quite sure why you took it as having to do with prison and/or staying clean. What I meant was is that induction onto baseball all-time team would be a harder (or easier for stat worshippers,I guess) one to make due to lack of baseball pros from Goula. I’m nowhere near sure, but I think Eric Lane made it farther than anyone from Goula in baseball. Of course, there have been MANY great baseball players come thru and do well after high school,at college level,etc. We all know it’s harder to make it in baseball than anything. I have always lamented to ARB’s that it’s a shame Goula hasn’t had more baseball pros. I can think of many off the top of my head from my “era” like Phillip Scott, Keith Coleman, Paul Tanner, Mike Thomas, Troy Summerlin,Jimmy Colmer,The Collins Boys, Johnny Olsen, Zelenka, Bubba Toups, Cleon Davidson, Terry Graves, Robin Higginbotham,Blair Varnes, Enrico Jones, and on and on…who were great. Phillip Scott would have to be my number one vote getter. “Goop” (Scott) was the most naturally gifted baseball player I ever saw. He was a man among boys from 10yrs. old on thru high school. He did it seemingly effortlessly and was the most unassuming “stud” you’d ever find. I hope you understand better what I was trying for there, OB. Harder team to pick in my opinion, but would be fun.

  54. Harry the Hat Walker was born in Goula, but I don’t know if he grew up there. If so, he’s probably going to the new HOF on the first ballot. Hopefully someone can clue us in. I’m waiting on your first nominations Zeek, and OB, we don’t have many Gautier backers here besides you and TJ, so you need to jump out there for Goula Lite.

  55. Zeek says:

    Those above were my first nominations, along with Doug Horn,Johnny Woitt,Kirk Larson, and Jeff Ellis.From what era is Harry the Hat? Never heard of him.

    TB, did you understand my “Success” statement??
    Am I coming across obtuse?? Or is OB “being from Gautier”??

  56. Zeek, maybe you and others didn’t notice, but I put up a new page for the HOF. The button is in the lighthouse pic at the top next to the “About” and “My Life as a Bulldog” pages. Easy to overlook.

    I got your meaning on success. I think OB was maybe getting your goat a little.

  57. GRANT FAIR says:

    Hey,TB i may have taken u deep a time or two you must have forgot good under perssure. Great two here from you guys,ya troy was good i also whacted him play growing up under Larry Taylor.Who also coached me at THE PJHS .

  58. karl kuhn says:

    Travellinbean, I enjoy the responses. I especially like the query about PHS football from days gone by… How about my dad ,(’49-51 )Charley Kuhn Jr ? I know that he did not play ball in college, but some of our old newspaper clippings hint at an exciting three years at PHS during the post 47 era! Karl

  59. Jessie Lou says:

    Karl – are you related to Tanya Kuhn? We were in school together – I believe she graduated one year behind me in 1982.

  60. Thanks for commenting Karl. Be sure and cast your votes for our Hall of Fame–if you make it to the site as a reader, you’re automatically on the selection committee!

  61. jmac says:

    ob just wanted to remind you of of the 5 to 4 game bases full the rest was history .just an ongoing joke ,howevever for the rest of you it did go all the way.

  62. OB says:

    Huh? Remind me again.

  63. karl kuhn says:

    Jessie Lou, Yes Tanya is my first cousin. Sadly, I saw her last at her dad’s funeral ( uncle Phil dad’s brother) just a couple of months ago. I’m in Chicago now,but grew up in the New Orleans area.

  64. Island Mayor says:

    Karl Kuhn, Is your mom Betty Ann? I am Darlene Waltman Conerly. If you are who I think you are, my mom and your’s grew up together and were best friends. My mom was Doris Smith Waltman.

  65. karl kuhn says:

    Island mayor … Hello Darlene Yes , That’s mom and she’ll be up to Chicago soon for my daughter’s 1st communion Karl karl.kuhn@ comcast .net

  66. Marcus Ramsey says:

    Mario Robinson class of 2007 DL quick, physical, smart player signed with 2007 JSU SWAC championship team earning a ring his freshman year.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Im going to have to add Carl Tart, FS class of ’88 on this list. He was the safety on the state championship ’87 team. He had blazing speed, good size, and good hands. All state Track star. And he’s my dad.

  68. workinbaen says:

    Anon, I went to school with your Dad and he was a dang good guy. And you are right, he could scoot. Could play a little hoops too as I recall, at least in junior high. Would love to hear some old war stories from him.

  69. Zeek says:

    To Tart,Jr.– Played ball and went to school with your dad and while he was an outstanding athlete, there is no doubt about that, (led the 87 Panthers vaunted defense in tackles that year), I will always remember Carl for his off the field persona. Your dad was a good dude, period. While most of us were giving in to peer pressure and drinking, smoking, etc., your dad stayed strong and stuck to his guns. He got high on life, and carried himself like a gentleman, always with a smile on his face. Your uncles Daryl and William were good dudes too. You come from good people Lil’ Carl, so keep that in mind. Tell your dad that “Buddha” Brown said hello.

  70. cdtart33 says:

    Thank guys. I’ll be sure to let him know about this site.

  71. What’s up grant an jamie o.(Slater)

  72. BR says:

    A.C. is that you?

  73. hey williard,slater,tbuck,zeek and the rest.this is tebo,lee buckley to the lee tingles of the world.lets not forget about herman bernet,cornbread and james likely,even though gone too, soon was pretty good

  74. this being only my opinion,jamie(bulldog,mitt)oatis was the heart behind the panther offense,he was a beast.williard legrant fair,in my eyes was and should have been a div,one receiver,stuff happens.Douglas terrell buckley(no relations)was the true definition of defensive back,man amongst boys.that undefeated team will go down as arguebly,the greatest high school team ever along the gulf coast.and oh yea mr. buckley not saying that being related to u would be a bad thing,im just use to answering that question,it became a job when u were at florida state,because of u im a very devoted seminole fan for life.GO NOLES!

  75. Big Grippa says:

    So I found a bunch of black kitty cats from Pascagoula! I grew up there as well. Grew up with Fred Cook, went to school with Rooster Jones and Lynn Thomas. Rooster! What a waste of talent. Ricky Conerly was a bull this was the only guy I had fear of. I hit alot of guys but I felt it when I hit him. I heard he died, I can’t imagine of what. Otis Wonsley gave it a good shot as did Kenny Johnson. I’m sure I overlooking someone . WE OUT!

  76. Jessie Lou says:

    Ricky Conerly is alive and well in Pascagoula as far as I know.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey panthers this lee buckley letting u cats know i love this site.keep it up and lets not forget about reggie of the best bump and run dbs at phs.started at alabama as a freshmen

  77. Anonymous says:

    A lot of these guys mentioned were the 76 state champions and deservedly mentioned. Every class thinks theirs is the best but I like to think the class of 74 that went, I believe 7-2, prepped the way for the class 76’s success. On that team was Jeff Saegert who was crazy as a run over dog and just a terror at linebacker. Cliff Porter and Larry Taylor were unbelievable athletes who could do it all. Mike Northrup, a senior who went to Auburn, anchored a line for Rooster’s sophmore season. Defense full of crazy people like Ronnie Bether, Steve Vlahos, Carl Herndon, Tim Barron and many more that need help!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hoppy Cole was a DL on the 76 team and went on to Ole Miss and played 4 years. Knee injuries kept him sidelined a lot of his So and Sr seasons. Too bad he didn’t come back to Goula to live because he had two sons that were stand out players at Picayune that later went to LSU and Auburn with both winning a Natuonal Championahip. Also let’s not forget Tregg Thomas. Very hard runner one of the best since Rooster in my book. Todd Stone was one of the hardest hitting linebackers in Pascagoula. Though he was. It a standout when you got hit by him you remembered his number.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Frankie Godfrey

  80. I’m not sure why but this website is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still

  81. Anonymous says:

    From the mid 80’s DT Charlie Williamson, FB Billy Smith, DT Dan Wigley,, LB Todd Stone.
    Billy’s little brother Stacey(Smith)DB/RB…….He played Soccer too. Living in Texas. Richard Harvey DE, and Clarence Davis DE

  82. Anonymous says:

    Ben Crimm was a TE in high school.

    • Josh M Wells says:

      Josh Wells earns 2013 MACJC Hall of Fame honors

      June 20, 2013
      By kmcadams

      MGCCC Vice President of Administration and Finance Michael Heindel (left) with 2013 MACJC Sports Hall of Fame inductee Josh Wells.

      Pascagoula native Josh Wells is this year’s Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College inductee into the MACJC Sports Hall of Fame. Wells was inducted along with 14 others this week at the annual award’s ceremony in Pearl.

      Wells didn’t start playing football until his junior year at Carver High School. Despite his lack of experience on the gridiron, Wells helped lead his team to Conference Championships as a junior and senior.

      Wells then broke barriers by not only becoming the first African-American to earn an athletic scholarship at Gulf Coast. According to legendary Bulldog football coach George Sekul, Wells and Carver High teammates Glenn Larkin and Morris Richardson were the first three black players to play at the college level in Mississippi.

      On the field, Wells was an offensive lineman and helped lead Gulf Coast to a State title in 1967 along with earning a letter and All-State recognition.

      A year later, Wells switched to defense and helped the Bulldogs to a 9-1 record and another appearance in the State title game. He was also an Honorable Mention All-American and a First Team All-State honoree as a sophomore.

      Wells went on to play football at Southeastern Louisiana.

      Comments are closed.

  83. Matthew Merrill says:

    I love this and everything Goula football.I was on the team from 03-06.. So many old school players on here and thats dandy but I played with some sloberknockers. The hopson brothers at tb and lb, carlos belmonte ol, especially

  84. Alexis de Toadville says:

    Google Calvin Huey.

  85. Alexis de Toadville says:

    Calvin Huey: Carver HIgh graduate, first African-American to play at the U.S. Naval Academy, caught passes from Roger Staubah, . . . . . .

  86. Alexis de Toadville says:

    That’s Staubach.

  87. MarkAntney says:

    Mark A. Jackson, from BILOXI:):), graduated 84. I played B-ball and ran a little track and behind a few skirts:) 82-84.

    Just wanted to compliment you guys on this site and seeing those names, man,.. brought back memories as a young kid (Rooster, Wonsley) – HighSchooler and later adult (Buckley, Matthews,..) being at some of the games, sport highlights on the tube, or reading the headlines.

    I remember how proud I was of those guys that maximized their talent and opportunties be it in MAJOR College or the pros. And how almost all of them that made it that far, stayed out of trouble and (for the most part) were never known for being difficult. I know you’re supposed to but they don’t get enough credit for that.

  88. Tommy watkins says:

    Love to see a reunion of the 1970 to 1972 panther football team!

  89. Derick Powe says:

    Pascagoula had a 6’4 wr in 99 and 2000 named Derick Powe unstoppable should be on this list with Kez

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