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Nigel Tufnel–“We were told they knew how to rock in Shelbyville!” (crowd boos)

Derek Smalls–“But nobody rocks like…..(pauses to look on guitar for sticky note of what town he’s in)…..Springfield!” (crowd roars)

–from The Simpsons, The Otto Show episode, guest starring Spinal Tap

Reading the excellent music submissions in last week’s pick’em contest, along with the heartwarming stories of concerts past shared by Sweet and Zeek, have inspired me to publish this Concerts list. The factors I’ve taken in to consideration include the crowd reaction, the location, the company, how much or little I can actually recall (whether due to passing years or passing out), but mostly how much ass they kicked.  Here’s my top ten, my cheesiest, the ones I’m looking for now, and the ones that got away.

Cheesiest–Cinderella around 1987 and Brooks and Dunn sometime in the 90’s. I know I’m blocking out something worse.

The ones that got away–Jimmy Buffett, AC/DC, Waylon Jennings

On my list right now–White Stripes and Shooter Jennings

And the top ten:

10. Bruce Hornsby and the Range–Yes, its a strange choice and one in which the performer kicked no ass. But I saw this back in 1986 on Pensacola Beach, Florida. I went with my girlfriend Tracy, Smiley, and Tracy’s strange older sister in who’s van we boarded. A very strange, excellent weekend.

9.  Cross Canadian Ragweed–at the racetrack in Houston, Texas. This was a surprise concert for me after a couple of days of work in Texas and shortly after I discovered the alt country genre. Won a bunch of money on the ponies with Christy, drunk a bunch of cold beer, and sang along at the top of our voices to “The Boys From Oklahoma.” And found out Houston could be a pretty fun town, at least once the sun goes down.

8.  Bon Jovi–1986 in Biloxi. They were at the height of their popularity then. Larry and I went over after baseball practice, snagged some nice seats to the left of the stage and just waited for the girls to find us. That’s the night Ashley Hayes fell into my arms. Livin on a Prayer, indeed.

7.  The Allman Brothers, with Blues Traveller–1994 at the amphitheater at Mississippi State. I went with three total strangers from law school on a last second whim. I think I was slamming beers outside at the Gin in Oxford when these dudes down the bar said to come along as they had an extra ticket. The Allman’s, or whoever makes up the modern version of them played a long time and kicked a very large amount of ass. It has been said you can pass out during an Allman’s concert and wake up to find the same tune is still ongoing.

6.  BB King–around 1993, at the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival, in a field outside Greenville. What made this one great was the setting. Well, that and you could bring in your own coolers. Also the ribs. And they unveiled the Elvis postage stamp. And Little Feat. And this older woman (younger than I am now, I’m certain) who I danced with all night. And the lightning bugs.

5.  Elvis Costello–2004 at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Really, it was the whole night time lineup, including Cake, Pat Green, the Pixies, and some others I can’t think of right now. I’d never been much of a fan of Costello before then, but man his live show rocked and I’ve dug him ever since. All those evening shows were good and the crowd energy was electric. And maybe it seemed so awesome because it was no longer 110 degrees after about 6 o’clock.

4.  Robert Earl Keen–some bar in Charleston, S.C. Robert Earl is probably my favorite singer and it was great to see him live and in such an intimate setting. He played all his best tunes, was funny as hell and everybody in the place knew all the words to every song. 

3.  Motley Crue–July 2, 1987 in Biloxi. This is one where we loaded up Scoop’s Dad’s van with about 20 cases of beer and at least seven bodies. Also the first time I ever saw cocaine. Tommy Lee turned upside-down above the crowd in a cage during his drum solo. I think Sweet got Jack Daniels spit on him by Nikki Sixx, but I’m not sure about that. The Crue freakin rocked dude.

2.  U2–2005 in Chicago. I’ve always liked U2, but seeing them live, even though they are old now, made me really understand the hoopla. Bono has the charisma, the showmanship, the kevorka. You cannot look away when he’s singing or talking. 

1.  Cowboy Mouth–1993 at Lafayette’s (now the Library) in Oxford, around 2000 somewhere in Biloxi, 2005 at Voodoo Fest relocated to Memphis, and probably a dozen other times. These guys really should’ve been bigger stars. Goofy lookin Fred kicks more ass than any lead singer ever, and doing that from the drums just adds to the spectacle. Yeah, he’s been using the same script all these years, but you still buy into it. You take one step forward when he says to. You don’t think about tomorrow. You release your physical, emotional and sexual energy. You sing along to “Jenny Says” for thirty minutes at the end. And you leave with a smile on your face and wanting to do it all again.

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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  1. BR says:

    TB i know this was not a concert but one of the
    most memorable live events i attended was the
    bar at Ms State where you and Smiley took me
    the first time i visited, I believe the
    place was Mac’s where the guy sung behind the
    chicken wire, i remember we requested him to
    sing about Sharon. I think it went something like
    this “Sharon has a big fat Hairy *****.

  2. Ah yes. Mack’s Supper Club deserves a post all its own. I’ll put it in the hopper.

  3. sweet says:

    no tang from purple hayes – teezer. me and fig had taken a nap in the upper deck during the Crue opening act. woke up when announcer said crue was imminent. looked at each other, yelled, and started making our way to the floor. knowing I would get beat down if I tried to push my way to the front, this chick of ample (generouly sufficient to satisfy a requirement or need) size said “Grab my shirt” I obeyed, Fig grabbed my shirt, we put our heads down and were off. Next thing I know we were on the 2nd row left center stage. They did freakin rock. Sixx spit Jack on me and I tasted it, turned to Fig and screamed “Its real f**king Jack! Not long after, T Lee chuncked his drumstick into Figs forehead but unfortunately he was unable to recover it

  4. zeek says:

    Can’t give a concert list, too trashed at most to objectively rate, however, Neville Bros. at Ole Miss(Grove1989), Metallica in the Dome(90somethin), Ziggy Marley/ INXS in Memphis(1988), The Outfield (FWB1986SB), and Lenny Kravitz (UNO Lakefront 1993) all rank high. Larry, LeeLee, Tracy F., Fat Daddy and his girl, all attended that Kravitz affair and as I remember a fine time was had by all. Unfortunately, the next day I had to witness the MSU vs. Tulane game(I think) Also last time I dropped acid, damn!!, has it been that long? I was also at that awesome Crue concert and remember getting Smiley high for his first time in Fig’s sister’s room at Holiday Inn Coliseum,ever living up to my reputation as the leader in broadening one’s horizons. Lastly, and embarassingly, Fig, Grodi, Mike Seaman, and I attended the M.C. Hammer cocert (Pensacola 1990) where Fig had the revelation to dub love songs for Missy over Hammer music. I would pay good money for a copy of “Missy Time”.

  5. Adam says:

    Cheesiest – Girlfriend drug me to a Poison concert in Baton Rouge:.

    The near miss really sucks. Same stupid ass girlfriend that made me take her to that BS poison concert demanded to leave jazz fest early (why I put up with that behavior remains a mystery). Thus, I missed Stevie Ray Vaughn. Of course he dies in a copter crash the next week. No fixing that one.

    Top 10 in no real order (I went to college in N.O. been to 100’s so this is tough)

    10. Paul Simon in Lafayette La
    9. any number of cowboy mouth concerts
    8. same as above only Dash Rip Rock
    7. Spin Doctors at Tips
    6. Blues Traveler at Tips
    5. Gwar at tips (google that band it was wild)
    4. Rolling Stones (just because I get to say I went (not that good)
    3. Eric Clapton at UNO
    2. Warren Zevon at tips also saw at proud larrys in oxford but everything is always better at tips.
    1. This actually is the best concert ever and is a true #1 despite the no real order comment. Rebirth Brass Band at Maple Street bar. The power went out at the start of the concert but the concert went on in a packed house with flashlights to shine the stage. Best crowd ever. Best concert by a long shot and it cost 5 bucks (maybe 7)

  6. Jessie Lou says:

    Man, I’ve always known my life was sheltered but here is part of the proof. I don’t think I’ve even been to 10 concerts total:
    1. Oak Ridge Boys
    2. Rod Stewart
    3. Jimmy Buffett twice
    4. Eagles
    5. Huey Lewis & the News
    6. Jazz Fest

    That said, I am certain I have more brain cells left than many of you. The argument there is what is the point of doing things if you can’t remember what you did vs. what is the point of living if you have no stories to tell. It is a 50-50 split. Then there are the great stories I can NEVER tell. Those are the ones that allow me to sit at my desk and smile to myself.

  7. sweet says:

    That is why LJB will always be in Sweet’s heart

  8. RockStarRambler says:

    Dig this category. Killer lists, TB and Adam. The 1988 INXS concert at the Mid-South Coliseum rates highly with me too, Zeek.

    Cheesiest – Milli Vanilli. I win. ‘Nuff said.

    The Ones That Got Away – Jane’s Addiction, The Police/Sting, Sublime, Prince

    On My List Right Now – Beck, Stone Temple Pilots, The Raconteurs, Ben Folds

    Top 10 (OK, 12):

    10 – Van Halen, 1984 tour. Spandex wearing, sword wielding, toe touch jumping David Lee Roth.
    9 – The Tragically Hip at the HOB in N.O. 2000. 2 happy Mississippians and 1000 Canadians singing every word to every song, including New Orleans is Sinking (and I don’t want to swim).
    8 – Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA tour in 1985. Bruce rocked the Mid-South Coliseum for 4 hours straight.
    7 – Marilyn Manson at Voodoo Fest, 2003. Could. Not. Look. Away.
    6 – U2 Zoo TV tour at Legion Field in 1992. Ditto TB’s comments about Bono.
    5 – Nine Inch Nails at Voodoo Fest in Memphis 2005. “Closer” is even better live, sung at the top of your lungs with thousands of others.
    4 – Willie Nelson, Red-Headed Stranger tour, Memphis. Went with my mom. Got my first concert t-shirt.
    3 – Dave Matthews Band and The Allman Brothers during Memphis in May, 1996. It’s a toss-up between these 2 great live bands.
    2 – REM at Ole Miss in 1986, and in 1988 in Memphis. “Begin the Begin,” “Finest Worksong,” the secret 11th track on Green – it doesn’t get much better.
    1 – Peter Gabriel at the World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival in Milwaukee, 1993. Sinead O’Connor sang back-up. Crowded House opened.
    1+ – Austin City Limits 2004: The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Cake, Jack Ingram, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, and on and on. Loved every minute while burning alive in the Texas heat.
    1++ – Cowboy Mouth, any time, anywhere – Ole Miss fraternity row in the 1980s, Lafayette’s and other bars in the 1990s, festivals in the 2000s, particularly Buzzfest in Nashville in 2003.

  9. Fig E says:

    Zeek, thank for reminding me of the Hammer show. I think the Milli Vanilli admission from RockStar saves a little face (not much) I’m sure I will automatically lose 150 points in the football picks because of that little tidbit. I, like Zeek, don’t remember a lot of shows. Adam: You missing SRV is a terrible story. Here are a few shows in random (NOTE to TB: The Jerry Jeff, Willie, Shooter, Hank Jr., Jason Boland, Robert Earl Keen, Merle, George Jones, etc. shows will have to be discussed in another post)

    1) Motley Crue/Guns & Roses – 1987 – Mobile, AL: This was a weeknight show (of course; seems like the Coast was always thought of a secondary market). Guns & Roses was a last minute addition, as Ratt for some reason had to bail on the tour. Many of the asshole running buddies stayed in Pascagoula and had a little run in the with law in Moss Point prior to the Pascagoula/Moss Point football game. Welcome to the Jungle just hit MTV. I was on the floor very close to front row when Axl and Slash came out. I poop’d my pants. Holly Harris had to be picked up and assisted off the floor by security (I believe she had a crush on Tommy Lee).

    2) Ozzy Osbourne 1986(?) Biloxi – Ozzy had teased hair for this tour, and a ton of make up. He came down in a bat throne from top of the venue. I had some camo pants on which had several 12 oz adult beverages hidden in them. An undercover dude before the show came up and took all of it (bastard). I also noticed at this show the undercovers could walk under the lower level bleachers with flashlights and take any booze, drugs, etc. under your seat.

    3) Donnie & Marie Osmond- 1977 – Capital Centre – Washington DC – My first official concert. I mention this because, instead of being taken to see Kiss, probably the biggest act in the world at that time, my mom took me to this show. WTF? Some hag that lived by us convinced my mom Kiss stood for Knights in Satan’s Service. I had to throw away all of my 33′ albums, my lunch boxes, t-shirts, etc. (what would that stuff be worth now?) Marie Osmond did give me some of my first wood on deck.

    4) David Allen Coe – GT Henry’s – Mobile, AL – Early 90’s – DAC either puts on a great show, or a bad show (for those of you who have seen him several times). This particular show, our buddy Stewart Douglas opened for him. DAC rocked the joint, and had to be assisted off stage at the end because he was wasted. He passed me saying something about having to tour at his age to pay ex wives. A Jennifer Rapport sighting, two years out of PHS, looking very, very good, was also a highlight for me.

    5) Jimmy Buffett – Ladd Stadium – Mobile, AL 1990: Pre-game in parking lot was great; Grodi did butt skids on the floor in front of a stunned dining room at a Burger King on Govt Street; Sweet sang GnR’s Knocking on Heaven’s door 30+ times on the way home in Jane Fineburg’s mini van; party at the houseboat after.

    6) Beach Boys – Biloxi, MS – 80 something – Another Scoop Fineburg van full of asshole running buddies. Sterno’s girlfriend, in a black/yellow bumble bee like bathing suit, blew chunks on Pass Road on the way to pregame in the parking lot (about 11:00am cst). A fine young lady I was with, when asked if she needed anything, said “I want some dic…(fill in the blank letter)”. A stud named Shane Switzer asked if he could give it to her, and I said sure. They ended up in a 78 or 79 Ford LTD Station Wagon. I didn’t want to ruin my buzz dealing with her, so continued drinking orange jubilee and shaffer light. Looking back, I may be considered a homo for not taking that young lady to the Ford LTD Station Wagon. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  10. sweet says:

    you made the right decision

  11. zeek says:

    Raging Alcoholic–YES
    Nuff said!!

  12. Madd Dawg says:

    Nice lists. I missed some of the shows mentioned above, remember some of them and should remember more about others. The Biloxi ’87 Crue show was probably the pinnacle for me, but the Crue concerts in Pensacola (1986) and Tampa (2004?) also stand out. Metallica in New Orleans (2003?)—-sweet and I got home at about midnight the next day after stopping at every bar between the Big Easy and here on the way home—-as well as STP/Aerosmith in New Orleans (2000?) also rate very high on my list.

    I don’t remember much about ’86 Bon Jovi as I consumed two fifths of MD 20-20 in the parking lot prior to the commencement of the show. I do remember crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees (I am sure they were clean) and people just staring at me from their seats with looks of disgust/disdain. I could not even respond.

    One that got away—–Nirvana.

  13. smiley says:

    I dont remember the Crue. I was there, however, but I participated with Zeek in some unsavory behavior that night. It was my first time. Don’t remember much so I had to go see the same concert in Mobile a couple weeks later to see what I had missed.

  14. Ed says:

    Memories of Beaver Productions, 94 WQID, and finding someone that had one of those new push button phones with redial because it improved your chances at getting “front row” tickets over the rotary phone chumps. Music is such a powerful force, it evokes strong memories, can change your mood and inspire feelings. Pretty much why I like my old tunes so much. I have heavy associations with all of them.

    Eagles – Coast Coliseum – Biloxi, MS – 1980 –

    My sister was forced to take me. I think it was their “Long Run” album tour stop. All I really remember was being too short to see anything in the jumbly mob. But when the piano intro to Desperado hit the first note the entire coliseum froze as if time had stopped. My first brush with the power of a live performance.

    Journey – Mobile Civic Center – Mobile, AL -1983

    Frontiers Tour. Weeknight concert. Bryan Adams opened. Front Row directly adjacent to Neil Schon. Dude next to me did cocaine out of a vial dangling from a necklace. This show marked the first and last time I bought the black concert t-shirt.

    Springsteen – Maravich Assembley Center – Baton Rouge, LA – 1984

    4 hours – no break. Impressive as RockStar said. Wasn’t really a fan before, was after.

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Sanger Theatre – New Orleans, LA – 1985

    Just glad to have that one on my resume. Not many do and even less remember the opening act was called Beloise Some. Interesting Crowd.

    The Producers – Thunders Tavern – Pascagoula, MS – 1985/6

    The bouncer took my fake ID out of the plastic sheath to read it. My picture which was taped to the half with the name Noel Willard on it, was swinging like a saloon door about to fall off its hinges. Of course, he let me in. Just love that a CBS recording artist with two hit albums played that historic venue.

    I think I enjoy the smaller venues more so than the stadium events. Prince at the Superdome was not so notable for the concert, but more for the fact my date smuggled two bottles of champagne + glasses in. I didn’t even ask how. Beanland playing at the Hoka was always good. Little Feat at the New Daisy.

    But the best small venue show I saw was at a place called the Beach Bar in Biloxi about 1991. It was a converted Pizza Inn and I had friends bartending and bar backing at the time. I get a call in the middle of the day to come up there for an event that they are letting about 100 people in on. The owner was friends with some band manager and the band was going to play for friends-only during a break in their tour. Turned out to be the Fixx. I sat comfortably in a chair 4 feet away from them while they played acoustic guitars with an incredible skill level and sang with perfect harmony. One thing leads to another. Truly dazzling.

    Cheese…I would put none, you would say I had too many to list.

    Ones that got away…Too many to list. I think the The Who hit Biloxi in 81 or 82. Too young to know or care about it then. Dang.

  15. Adam says:

    Good list Ed

    Producers barely missed my top 10.

  16. Feidt’s Follies, where you at? I know you’ve seen it all.

    I wish I’d known young Ed.

  17. Madd Dawg says:

    Two more that I forgot about:
    1. KISS in about 1999 in Biloxi on their so-called “Farewell Tour” (Sweet was pissed when they toured again the follwing year). Fig E. and I snuck in about 6 pints.
    2. A Doors cover band in 2001 in LA at the Whiskey a Go-Go. They were authentic—I thought I was watching Jim Morrison in the ’60’s when the Doors used to play that venue.

  18. Smilyj17 says:

    There was a concert at the Grand Casino a few years back. It makes my list for Most Awkward Concert. I went with Sweet and three Russians, 2 men 1 large woman, off some boat he had something to do with, at his job that he does whatever at. It was Merle Haggard. None of the Russians spoke english. Somehow Sweet understood that whatever they said, simply meant “another beer please?” They loved it, I think, as they each bought a cd. I think the large Russian woman wanted a piece of Sweet. I believe this also puts Sweet ahead of Obama in the foreign affairs department.

  19. sweet says:

    Thats good stuff smi-LY. They kept saying Mer-LEE and I would say no it’s Merle. Mer-LEE?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hello all, Im not that big of a concert guru but I have always enjoyed seeing bands in smaller venues Heres my list

    Buffet in Biloxi circa 91, we had horrible seats, but something about being 16 and buying 3 dollar beers in a paper cup brings back great memories,

    Drivin n Cryin circa 92 at some hole in the wall in Starkghanastan, once again being underage and using a fake id that I took with a polaroid camera standing next to a big damn posterboard that we drew ourselves…my name was Tom B. Dow ..back to the concert, Beer, hot chicks and seeing one of my my favorite bands of all time..priceless

    Cowboy Mouth, Senior Frogs in Hattiesburg,,94 this was my first time seeing this band although Ben had turned me onto to them, and Daniel Holbet had given me a tape, It was great seeing Fred spit on people as he played and I was strategically in front and to the right, where this chick was sitting on a barrel of beer and selling it to me freely. At this point I knew college was going to be the end of me. As for the fake ID, I had upgraded by this point to Larry Craig Summerlins old drivers license and it worked like a champ…Thanks Craig, plus Im sure you guys were tired of me and greeg asking ya’ll to make a “run” for us

    Charlie Mars..Peanuts in Hattiesburg circa 97….Peanuts you ask? what a dump, this is the night I got totally wasted and drove Erin Lauchessee back to her dorm only to be pulled over by two minority cops in front of my apartment, while little greeg sat wasted on a stool outside and watched me take every roadside DUI test they could come up with. telling the cops you have a bad knee gets you out of a lot of shit, as they let me go, once some kind soul did a complete 180 right behind their squad car and they took off after him instead…

    Cowboy Mouth, Dash Rip Rock and get this opening for them some little known band called Better than Ezra, Memphis circa 96, It was Ben, Feidt, and more of the goula crowd at some old Theatre on Beale street, drinking our faces off…dont remember much about the night, but that usually means I had a good time, at someone elses expense none the less…

    Blue Mountain, Govt. St. Grocery July 4th 2007,,,BM reunited to play that summer and this was their kickoff show…good times,,I was dancing and singing and once again consuming large amounts of beer…and since I’m not a dancer, I must have been having a good time

    Honrable mention..Law of Nature, Mocking Bird Lane circa 96…although admitting you went to the law of nature concert may have one question ones sexuality…every chick in Hattiesburg was there, and watching kemp hit on them with his pattened slappin them on the ass move is always priceless…

    Southern Miss (2-1) (-9.5)
    Mississippi (2-1) (-6.5)
    #6 LSU (2-0) (-2.5)
    #3 Georgia (3-0) (-6.5)
    #4 Florida (2-0) (-8.5)

  21. TJ says:

    BTW…that was TJ’s

  22. TJ says:

    Adam I just heard that GWAR is playing in Mobile next month at one of the bars downtown…

  23. TJ says:

    Chessiest… far…Rick Springfield, and Corey Hart,,,I was like 10 but I dont think that is even a worthy excuse…

  24. irvineredd says:

    I’m late on this but saw it and am intrigued by some of the lists here. Motley Crue?! There is not enough money to get me to see them. But hey, not my generation.

    My List:

    10. Galactic-at the Library in Oxford on the night the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.

    9. Superjam at Bonarroo 2003. Dr John, Luther Dickinson from North Mississippi All Stars, Staton Moore from Galactic on drums, and Mike Gordon from Phish on bass.

    8. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Bonarroo 2003

    7. Widespread Panic, New Years Eve 2003, Phillips Arena in Atlanta. Not a great show, early George McConnell was no better than the later stuff with him, but a good time.

    6. Buddy Guy, Double Decker 2007. My short ex-girlfriend was able to get us right up front. I was leaning on stage with him going at it just a foot from my face. The guy that taught Hendrix all his tricks wailing away, a guitar players dream.

    5. Soundtribe Sector Nine-The Tabernacle in Atlanta. I doubt many of you guys have heard of them, but I enjoy them a lot. It was Halloween 2004, and the guy next to me was dressed as Steve Bartman of Cubs playoff fame.

    4. Bob Dylan-Orpheum in Memphis 2006. Bob is hit or miss now a days, and that night he was on and it was pretty rocking.

    3. Widespread Panic- Huntsville, AL, April 2007. First time I get to see Jimmy Herring, who took Jerry Garcia’s place when the Dead got back together the first time and he took Dicky Betts spot when he left the Allman Brothers. It was awesome, my neck was sore for days due to the rockin!

    2. Allman Brothers, Fox Theater, Atlanta, October 2003. Fantastic venue and the band was going to town.

    1. Kudzu Kings/North Mississippi All-Stars/Robert Randolph and the Family Band. In the Grove for free. It was an awesome night and Robert Randolph, as always, had everyone dancing and having a great time.

    Bands I must see: Radiohead, Tool, and the Flaming Lips

    In October, I’m going to see Widespread Panic and the Allman Brothers, who are touring together this fall. That is going to be unbelievable.

  25. irvineredd says:

    Forgot to add, I’m highly jealous of you guys that got to see Elvis Costello and the Pixies on the same night.

  26. Nice list Irv. Feidt’s Follies is a big WP camp follower, you may see him this fall. He’ll probably make an appearance back here when Thursday pickin starts back up.

    As for the Crue, you just had to be there at that time. They blew the roof off.

  27. irvineredd says:

    I made fun of Bad Brad a couple of times about the Crue. He got real riled up about it. It was funny.

  28. quail09 says:

    TB…my first concert (i was 13) i attended with a buddy from colmer jr. high….he asked me if i wanted to go…his brother (who owned a head shop on market street) would be driving us over to ladd stadium in his econoline van…my mom (super naive at the time) said yes…so we jumped in the van with 2-3 other hippie friends of the big brother…they all drank wine out of gallon plastic jugs…..when we arrived at the stadium, i found out that we were there to see the ALLMAN BROTHERS….i had never heard of them…this was 1972…..backed up by wet willie (keep on smilin, country side of life)….it was friggin amazing….dual drummers…greg on keyboard….i can’t remember any other details…except my buddy and i ventured down on the field and up to the front of the stage…we walked along in front of the stage from end to end….plenty of room to walk as most folks were passed out on the ground….the sight was shocking to 13 year old quail…..

    other concerts in no real order:

    1. charlie daniels band

    2. kiss

    3. b.b. king (with TB’s big brother Bill)

    4. bob dylan (with houston hollister and juan garcia in mobile…later, in memphis)

    5. skynard (twice)…old school skynard before the plane crash

    6. john denver

    7. marshall tucker band

    8. willie nelson (in jackson with ginny conn and my brother, carl)

    9. chicago (in milwaukee)

    10. santana

  29. irvineredd says:

    That’s a great first concert to go to, Quail. Highly jealous.

  30. Zeek says:

    Hey Quail, MTB is coming to The Dock either this weekend or next!!!!

  31. quail09 says:

    I noticed that….my brother also tells me that we saw nugent open for skynard…he also reminded me that a local acoustic group called Wooden Daydreams (i still have these) opened for Kiss….he says that i witnessed one of the guys in the opening act get hit in the face by a hurled quarter….this is all in a fog for me

  32. Received a package from Bill today. No note, just a book on the Mississippi blues masters. Without going into the details on all the recent connection points, the karmic messages are blowing my mind lately.

    My sis’ first concert was Kiss in I guess 76 or 77. She still talks about it. You HAD to be there, I’m sure.

    Q, if you can clean it up to protect the innocent, I have a feeling the BB King concert has a story attached. C already promised a forthcoming story on the Stones in New Orleans.

  33. quail09 says:

    Also saw the Eagles with joe walsh….and Springstein in mid 70’s

  34. quail09 says:

    TB….nothin unusual to report on your brother bill and my brother carl on our trip to the saenger to hear bb…..just the usual toe-up-ness …i ribbed the two of them from the back seat on the ride over for their weird, bohemian, poetic way of talkin to each other…this was future SEC guard/meathead givin hell to two future, full-blown hippies headed for acid nirvana…..we came alive after a few BB songs and enjoyed the concert….bill drove whatever car he drove back then….oh, the number of times i’ve been near death and didn’t know it

  35. Dakota says:

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    I gett soo muh latfely it’s driviung me mmad so anyy assistancee is verey much appreciated.

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