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Hag, the Russians, and a Spot of Tea

Quote of the Day: The video ain’t much, but it’s a new release so I was happy to find this tune at all. Haggard’s still got it friends. I’ve been wondering when a musician would capture a sense of the … Continue reading

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“R” is FOR….

Quote of Tomorrow: “M is for the mud flaps she give him for his pickup truck. And O is for the oil he puts on his hair. T is for Thunderbird. H is for Haggard. E is for eggs. R … Continue reading

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The Concerts List

Quote of the Day      Nigel Tufnel–“We were told they knew how to rock in Shelbyville!” (crowd boos) Derek Smalls–“But nobody rocks like…..(pauses to look on guitar for sticky note of what town he’s in)…..Springfield!” (crowd roars) –from The Simpsons, … Continue reading

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Easiest, Most Overpaid Job in the World

Quote of the Day     “The easiest job in the world is the drummer in a country band.”   –Supercynic http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/07/alabama.drummer.ap/index.html I linked this on the page for posterity and in case what is above doesn’t work right.  The … Continue reading

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