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Quote of the Day:

The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.” –George Carlin

TB got something in my eye last night as I watched the first Chilean miner emerge from that skinny, slow-moving Earth rocket. A beautiful moment and an experience better left undwelled upon. I’d like to do a goof on this story, and if they get everybody out safely I might.

“Gamecocks.” I have a Facebook friend who is ending every post this week by saying “gamecocks.” It cracks me up every time. Example: “Woohoo, still celebrating ‘Bama’s loss on Saturday! Gamecocks!” Another example:  “had a delicious meal with friends tonight and now watching Dancing with the Stars. Gamecocks.” One more for good measure: “I am glued to the TV watching these miners get rescued. Gamecocks.” Funny, no?

Brett Favre. Them Favres. Damn. (blank stare) Gamecocks.

So it turns out an agent has written a tell-all article in Sports Illustrated. It seems he and other agents routinely pay college football players in violation of NCAA rules and probably an assortment of state and federal statutes. Gamecocks.

Your neighbor’s house catches fire. The sumbitch owes you seventy-five bucks from the Alabama-South Carolina game. Your high pressure water pump is working just fine and you just happened to have a hose already stretched out to his yard. But he can damn well afford to pay that bet…..

I think one of Generation X’s greatest contributions to the world (the lesser list) was the high five. Dan Patrick said this morning on his radio show that at a certain age the high five is no longer appropriate. You are wrong, Dan. You’re still awesome, but wrong. PS, we gave the world a million new uses for the word awesome too. Sure we ruined “gay”, but “awesome” is way more um, awesome anyway. High five! Gamecocks.

Well, I just scanned through my Twitter feed and it seems that The Daily Wit and Sarah Silverman are moving ahead with Chilean miner gags. While I still prefer to wait and make sure this all ends well, as a true believer of freedom of speech, freedom of choice and a great line, I must reprint these two tweets in this space:

From Silverman: SarahKSilverman RT @TheSteveAgee “Good news, I’m over my fear of shitting in front of people now!” #MinersFirstWords

and TDW: SonOfSisyphus “@i_GreyKing: Who’s miner with the wife & mistress? I can’t wait 4 that confrontion !”/That miner may not come out. “I’m good down here thx”


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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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5 Responses to Things Not Amplified Upon

  1. Capn' says:

    That little thing in your eye TB; let ‘er rip. Too many times in our lives we are expected as men to keep it inside, that is unless the “it” is anger. We can scream, hoop and holler, pound on our chest, and be utter a-holes. But heaven forbid we should shed a tear of joy or one of pain and disgust. In this world of equality for all, crying is still deemed unmanly when it boils down to it. Our society- even our own families perpetuate it. They don’t want to see their men in a state of vulnerability; we should remain as stoic as a Greek work in marble. Oh, you hear now and then people say, “ahh, that’s soooo sweet.” A man crying. But the cold truth is that they would all rather see us just suck it up and take care of business. I cry, in private. Behind closed doors or with my minister. September 2001, the Tsunami, entire villages in Africa systematically wiped out after the most evil of abuses mankind can inflict. And yes, even when I put myself in the place of a miner who had no real reason for hope; but now is saved. I cry most of all for my family, their pain, their joys, their trials.
    So to you TB I say let ’em rip. And God bless you and all other men who are brave enough to openly care for their fellow man. The sooner our society accepts that genuine concern for another is a strength above all others, the sooner our nation as a whole can move forward in helping others help themselves. Above all others, this includes our military who are sent to do the unspeakable to defend us here at home, and then are expected to hold back their tears denying their rights as children of God.

  2. Cap’n glad to see you here in the TBU and thanks for your comments. They are very Jimmy Valvano-esque.

    And I’m guessing Maddawg has weighed in on the poll question already. I put choice three in there special for him.

  3. I cry all the time over everything, except Rudy. I still wish that little SOB had been clothesline by the tackle and knocked unconscious. But I digress.

    Thanks for reposting my tweet. I, too, have not said anything other than serious, positive things about the Chileans until they’re all safe (which they are now, so free game I say), but when I heard that one of them had a wife and mistress and that the mistress was going to show up, I couldn’t help myself. That dude is going to be in a dark hole for a while longer no matter what. In fact, he’s going to need some extra counseling.

    And what a crappy mistress. You just proved to the whole world you can’t keep a secret.

  4. Madd Dawg says:

    I have not voted yet and am considering a write-in alternative like that Merkowski chick in Alaska. She cannot win in the primary, but she thinks she can get a majority to write in her name? give me a break.

    Frankly, I am surprised that you cannot tell who has voted on a poll posted on your own site. Are we to believe that our votes on the poll questions are truly anonymous? Surely not. And stop calling me Shirley.

  5. The polls really are anonymous. I think its because they are administered by a different website than wordpress–polldaddy.

    Speaking of write-in races, have you heard about the race to replace Judge Evans, who passed away this year? It’s in Jaspar/Covington/Simpson. Nobody had qualified to run against him when he died and the deadline for filing was past, so it’s an all write-in election. Makes me want to troll the state for old judges and just file to run over and over until I’m unopposed.

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