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Alchemy Or Miracle? Why Isn’t This Bigger News?

Quote of the Day: “Do you believe in miracles?” –sportscaster Al Michaels An article in the Clarion Ledger newspaper on August 27, 2010, got TB’s attention and I can’t quite figure out why it hasn’t gotten press on a national … Continue reading

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Prepare Our Feeble Minds…

….For they are about to be b-lownnn. (You need to channel the voice of Jack Black while reading that title, fyi). Quote of the Day: Researchers were also able to maintain the fidelity of the long-distance teleportation at 89 percent— … Continue reading

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Global Warming Slowed by Manmade Global Cooling?

Quote of the Day     “It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.”       –Yogi Berra I was forwarded an email today including the transcript of a NOVA episode from PBS.  To confirm its validity, I went to the NOVA … Continue reading

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