Boogers (I never say that word)

Quote of the Day:

“Boogers.” (laughter) “Boogers!” (more laughter) “Boogers!!! “(hysterical)     –the Little Scamp

It was a milestone moment at TB’s house last night. The Little Scamp, already showing signs of a strange and wonderful sense of humor in other ways, looked up at me mischievously. “Booger.” I stifled my natural response to laugh, and instead looked down upon her sternly. “That’s not a nice word.” Nonplussed, she was, “Boogers!” I tried to ignore her, to deprive her of whatever response she hoped to provoke. I knew better than to encourage this new, clumsy attempt in shock value humor. But the LS is persistent. “Boogers, Daddy! Say Boogers!” I just walked away, her devilish laughter burning in my ears. “Daddy doesn’t use that word, LS.” And I don’t.

The truth is, it IS, kind of a funny word. Even if she probably doesn’t  know what a booger is yet. Actually, that makes it funnier. Besides that, I don’t know another word for booger. Is there some scientific term? Is there a way to describe the booger in polite society without actually saying it? What did Jesus call boogers? If I knew these things, perhaps I could combat this little antisocial experiment the LS is conducting. And if there is nothing to replace the offending word, if there is really nothing wrong with it but my own hangups, maybe I should just let her win this little battle. Maybe when I get home today and she says, in the deepest tonal octave she can manage, “say Booger”, maybe I’ll just say it. And then we’ll laugh. After all, it really is kind of funny.

Bonus Quote of the Day:

You’ve got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I bet he was glad to get rid of it.”      Groucho Marx, from Horsefeathers

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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10 Responses to Boogers (I never say that word)

  1. Fish says:

    Say it! It’s a funny word. ha

  2. Harmony says:

    Hee said booger!

    Honestly though, booger is better than snot. Snot sounds like some sort of mucus that forms in your nasal cavity. Eww nasty!


  3. I think we should start a database of funny words. I do not think “puke” is a funny word by the way, no matter how ingenious that Banya was.

    Ne’er do well, that’s a funny word. So is perplexed. And tepee. And proctologist. So long as it ain’t you bein’ proctologized.

  4. Jessie Lou says:

    It is a funny word! One of our made up words way back when was “grick” – it meant something that was worse than gross. My mother banned it from my vocabulary at one point. That and my other personal funny favorite – “malarky”, also banned.

  5. smilyj says:

    We have so many banned words at my house that I sometimes think there is no word left for my 5 yr old to use to express certain emotions. And its not so much the words but the way he uses them he can make anything sound bad. Also, if he thinks he has found a new bad word then he immediately tries to use it. He always dissappointed when I tell him that It’s not really a bad word, then, he won’t use it anymore. But an actual bad word he uses repeatedly whether he knows what it means or not.

    As a four yr old, (his first year in teeball) after a game, his NeeNee (my mother-in-law) went tohug him and tell him how good he had played. Apparantly he was listening to som rowdy teens outside the fence during the game and picked up a new phrase. He hugs NeeNee, steps back and says “I’M GONNA KICK YOUR F”””N ASS NEENEE!” Her jaw dropped to the ground and when she regained her senses she asked him where he heard those words. Helooked at her and said “My daddy told me that.”

  6. Reminds me of Casey’s first word. You should clean up that potty mouth around the boy.

  7. irvine redd says:

    I love laughing at things that make me feel incredibly immature. It’s like when they have the puberty talk with you in school, and inform you that the word “penis” isn’t funny. We all know it is.

    On the same tip, I recently purchased MLB ’10: The Show, and found out that there is a guy that plays for the Pawtucket Sox whose name is Dusty Brown. I laugh at that everytime I hear it.

    There’s also a book that’s used here called Soranus’ Gynecology. Obviously, I laughed at that.

  8. Jessie Lou says:

    IR – you didn’t think the word “penis” was funny when you got caught saying it outloud in the cafeteria in first grade just at the time the “no talking” light came on. Your teacher, on the other hand, could hardly speak when she called me from the office.

  9. Mac says:

    Smiley. That is the single funniest story I have seen in 2010. I am giving you a cookie.

  10. irvine redd says:

    JL, well my poor young brain instantly recognized trouble and instantly assumed a good ass whipping from the maniac known as my father was coming. Luckily for me, you showed up.

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