Six Travellin Questions, another Rerun

Quote of the Day:

Myths which are believed in tend to become true.” George Orwell

  1. You are going to sea for a three hour tour. Instead of returning to port you will be stranded for a year (or six seasons maybe) on a deserted island. You have a feeling this might happen but instead of skipping the trip you simply place five important things in your beach bag before you leave the house. What are they?
  2. Where is the one place/sight/activity on Earth you would most like to visit/see/do that you are afraid you may not get around to, even if you plan on it?
  3. On the other hand, there is one US state and one country on Earth you can never set foot in. Choose one of each.
  4. Space travel or time travel?
  5. Where, when and what was the worst meal of your life?
  6. Going from Maine to California, would you rather drive, take the train, fly or cruise via the Panama Canal?

Today’s Summer Rerun

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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29 Responses to Six Travellin Questions, another Rerun

  1. Samsmama says:

    I suck at stuff like this because I always have questions. I just make it too complicated. Like, #1, am I going to be alone? That would change things for me. But I’d definitely take a volleyball, for obvious reasons.

    I want to make it back to the PNW and take my husband this time.

    I could probably never set foot in Florida again and be OK with it. Although there’s a couple of places I liked and restaurants I loved. But there’s good food everywhere. And having never been to another country, I don’t have any ill will towards them.

    Space travel. I don’t know why.

    First worst meal that comes to mind was at a steakhouse in Omaha. Horrible steak, side dishes, drinks, service, small portions and too expensive.

    And finally, I’d fly if I could be in first class. Otherwise, I’d drive if I were in a luxury vehicle with my husband and could take my sweet time doing it.

  2. SM, I left it pretty unclear on number one. My idea was that you were on a 3 hour tour with say 6 other TB residents and were all stranded together. And that totally changes the plan for the beach bag.

  3. Harmony says:

    Hi Samsmama!

    1. This one is hard..I have to think about it. I had a list but I don’t want to post it just yet.

    2.. I know this is not even close to exotic but I love to go to New Hampshire. I was born there and have never seen it with “memorable” eyes. I fear this is some place I would never make it to, because it’s just one of those things that can be set on the back burner very easily.

    3. I guess Texas..because they have the most recorded tornadoes and therefore seem prone to them. Or maybe Oklahoma..IDK. Peru I think they house the Goliath bird eating spider..ummm no thanks. But really..I would go to any of these places if I were allowed to.

    4. thoughts are that space travel could ultimately consist of time travel through parallel dimensions. However I don’t believe we are there just I would take time travel and perhaps explore what the future holds for us.

    5. The worst thing I have ever ate was canned halved pears with mayonaise and shredded cheddar cheese. I was a around 10 or so, as we had it quite a few times over a span of 2 years (I think). A creation that was birthed from my parents drug induced haze..”a delicacy from a far away land” they declared. Very far! Neither of them have any recollection of forcing us to eat such a hideous snack. Worst meal? Oatmeal..ugh every morning 6 days a week and often for dinner too. At dinner they spiced it up calling it “roaches in snot”, having added raisins and green food coloring to it. I’ve never ate oatmeal or raisins since moving out.

    6. Without the kids? Drive..I love a good road trip.

  4. Samsmama says:

    Excellent answers, Harmony! Although #5 makes me want to vomit, and I just finished a lovely meal of Tilapia and really sweet corn on the cob. Yum!

    A three hour tour, you say? Well, I’d probably have to pack all of my ball gowns and tiaras. My really expensive jewelry and all of my cash. That’s four, and I’m not scratching my volleyball off the list. And I’m suddenly craving coconut cream pie.

  5. Harmony says:

    Well in that case I would pack what I usually bring along:

    A case of alcohol
    Video Camera
    Couple decks of cards
    Grass Skirt

    LMAO @ Samsmama volleyballs are a must!
    #5 is disgusting..I am not offended at all that you almost puked in your mouth. Sorry about that, I should have at least warned you. Although the weather didn’t call for it, we had baked potato soup. Yummmm!!!

  6. Samsmama says:

    That’s what you usually bring along? Excellent! We simply MUST travel together!

    I mentioned the volleyball thinking I’d be alone and was, naturally, going to make him my “Wilson”. But even after I found out I’d have company I was already attached to the little guy.

    I LOVE baked potato soup!

  7. Adam says:

    1. a knife (most essential of all survival gear), water purification tablets, giant box of matches, two of the largest complete works of ______ you have ever seen.

    2. New Zealand

    3. I could never go to Texas again (seen it all)

    4. Time. I know what I could do with that ability. Where would I go?

    5. My Fried chicken was raw in the middle (blood) at the Hummingbird Inn (a dive in N.O. that was a hotel/dinner open 24 hours)

    6. If I had the time drive.

  8. 1. Ipod, solar power charger, 2 gloves and a ball (glad you are bringing the knife Adam, but make it a Leatherman and we can cover a lot more essentials. TB is covering the boredom angle.)

    2. The Northern Lights. Not only are the difficult to access for a Mississippi boy, being a lot of latitudes away, but they are sporadic, so my trip to the far north, if it happens, could be poorly timed.

    3. I’m going with Nebraska and North Korea. I figure if I saw South Korea I would still have seen the country from a cultural perspective. And while I hate to exclude any state, I really can’t think of a reason to go to Nebraska, and that includes seeing the CWS.

    4. I’m time travel too, but for the curiosity factor, not to get rich or anything. Anyone who saw Back to the Future knows you can’t mess with things or all hell will break loose.

    5. Goat, in Pascagoula at Sweet’s uncle’s house. I’ll never forget it, nor the look on Waldo’s face as the full flavor sunk in on me and Sweet. High honorable mention to the three meals that left me with food poisoning through the years.

    6. Easy for me….drive, with the top down.

  9. 1. I wouldn’t bring anything b/c I want to be a mooch.

    2. Mt. Everest, or as we purists call her, Chomolungma. I’m in no shape to climb my stairs much less the tallest mountain on the planet, but I’d love to go and just say I’ve been.

    3. I’m fine with being barred from Texas and Saudi Arabia.

    4. Time travel. With a degree in History, I’d like to see all the stuff/events that I studied.

    5. In a small town in MS, I had the worst “home cooking” meal ever. If this was the crap they sold, I’d hate to eat what they made at their house. They screwed up fried chicken, green beans, and rolls.

    6. No question, drive.

  10. sweet says:

    1. Satellite radio, a bunch of MREs and some fire
    3. North Dakota and any Islamic country
    4.Space travel so I could get even with those bug eyed bastards that abducted me
    5.The first time I ate anchovies, sushi, and hogshead cheese (not necessarily at the same time). But now I love sushi and was quite pleased with anchovy paste and hogshead cheese the last time I had those
    6.Train, in the best accomodations available

  11. irvineredd says:

    1.butcher knife, lighter, the kind of shorts with zip-on legs, guitar

    2. New Zealand, with Tokyo as a close second.

    3. Idaho, the only good things that ever came from Idaho were potatoes and Napoleon Dynamite; North Korea because come on, that place sucks.

    4.Time Travel-Get to see the Grateful Dead, The Who, and Led Zepp in their primes!!!!! And go see all the original bluesmen and women!!! Not to mention, I could go kill some red coats.

    5. No clue

    6. Train, Darjeeling Limited Style.

  12. Jessie Lou says:

    1. Chapstick
    Assorted drugs
    A secret
    2. France – but off the main path, where the real people live.
    3. New Jersey – The only reason to go there would be for a funeral. I have it on good authority that many diabolical people live there with the exception of Jon Bon Jovi.
    4. Time Travel! You’d meet more people that way.
    5. I was invited to spend the night with a friend in 6th grade. After I agreed to go I was told she was a lesbian – yikes, what in the world is that – I thought. She seemed nice enough and I’d known her forever so I went. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck and then the meal was brought out……shrimp cocktail. At 12 I did not know what a lesbian was but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that those shrimp would resist my every attempt to chew them. But try I did and I ended up in the bathroom puking and asking to go home. And go home I did leaving the supposed lesbian, whatever that was, and the shrimp behind. That girl became one of my lifelong best friends and I can say she is not a lesbian. Shrimp – I’m still working on due to their texture. If I drink enough wine I can eat anything. The Lesbian/Shrimp story is one that gets told anytime the 4 good friends manage to get together.
    6. Fly – I’ve already driven to Cali once and back and I said I would never do that again. This would be a different route but still……I’d love to drive from here to Maine though in the fall.

  13. Jessie Lou says:

    Harmony – my mom made that awful Pear Salad concoction mainly during spring and summer and it was always served with salmon croquettes. I never partook of those dinners and would settle on PB&J. Just the sight of the red can of salmon with that ugly fish on the front would set my stomach to the churn cycle. N-A-S-T-Y. In a household of 5 I was the lone refrainer of this dinner.

  14. Harmony says:

    Jessie Lou ~ No way! My sisters and I were talking about the pear nasty last night. It wasn’t so much of a salad, as it was a pear halve with a ‘dollop’ of mayo with cheese sprinkled over the top. Either version I’m sure is equally disgusting.

    And the salmon? Ewww I’m right there with you. I’ve never had it, but I say quite confidently that I do not like fish.

    I would have loved to get away from eating meals at our house..if we didn’t finish it, it went to the fridge and it had to be eaten at the next meal straight from the fridge to your mouth. Cold oatmeal is disgusting.

  15. sweet says:

    Baen, I remember the pig in the ground and beer on ice. Goat not nice. Might have been the same day of the hogshead cheese. Unsavory memories are uncharacteristic of our usual get togethers back then

  16. Jessie Lou says:

    Harmony – that is the exact recipe for Pear Salad. My two sisters seemed to love it AND the salmon croquettes. I do not eat fish from a can be it salmon or tuna. Fresh is the only way to go.

    That said I do not eat parts either. No potted meat or vienna sausage. I did end up drinking Jack Daniels after Katrina which was a low I had not sunk to since I was 16; but I never had to eat any parts out of the can. The first night’s meal after the storm – Shrimp and pasta. I stuck to the pasta hoping the carbs would give me the energy to clean another day.

  17. irvineredd says:

    Sweet, you don’t want to go to Indonesia or Egypt?

    JL, thanks for never introducing me to Pear Salad!

    Oh, and JL, Jon Bon Jovi is also a reason to avoid New Jersey. He actually made it worse when he was born. The minute he came out of his mother, the overall value of the Garden State plummetted to new lows.

  18. Jessie Lou says:

    New Jersey IS the armpit of America. Now there are 3 more reasons why instead of just the 2 I knew of.

  19. sweet says:

    Irvine, not if they’re Muslim. I was in Sams club in AL a few weeks ago and saw some chick in a burka, her face all covered, whatever. Standing in line with her owner, man, whatever. I was extremely close to going off, but was subdued by my associate. Can’t say that was for the better.
    Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear-ohoh…….

  20. Jessie Lou says:

    Sweet – bring the friends in close and the enemies even closer (the better to stab you my dear). Might I suggest you read “Islam for Dummies” – might give you a better understanding. Many of those women like being that way. It works for them when the man does what he is supposed to do. Take Ephesians 5:22 – wives submit to your husbands – my first husband used to hang that over my head ALWAYS. But the true context of that whole exchange is that the husband is to love the wife like Christ loved the church. Islam and Christianity have radicals that turn things to their advantage.

    You know how I feel about control and it isn’t for me because I know different. Many of them do not because they were raised that way. Your friend was right to control you – to keep you from stepping into something. Unless, of course, you saw her mistreated. That would be a different story entirely.

  21. sweet says:

    They can like it all they want, but don’t bring it to my neighborhood. Europe is already overrun with them. Or maybe they can build a mosque at the Reb Store

  22. tkh says:

    -Compass, matches, bourbon, a ball, sunscreen

    -Sail around the world

    -Having found pretty redeeming qualities of states I never thought I would ever visit (such as Delaware – the beaches aren’t bad if you can get over the brown sand and New Jersey – I recommend Cape May if you are in the area) this is pretty tough, but I’ll go with Alaska. It’s too cold for me. Country… how about continent? Africa, there are too many viciously run countries I might end up getting lost in.


    -Almost the worst meal, as a kid my parents once saved the dinner I wouldn’t finish and put it in a blender for breakfast. Thankfully they reconsidered after the the grease/fat congealed on top.

    -Panama Canal.

  23. Sweet, the goat was probably the only bad meal I ever had at one of your clan’s events.

    Harmo, JL, etc….TB also was subjected to the pear salad as a child. The memory had been repressed until you all brought it back to the fore. Who the hell ever thought of paring mayo and fruit anyway? Thankfully, canned fish was not part of the recipe I was subjected to, so I had that going for me. Which was nice.

    TKH, I’m with you on the all states have redeeming and unknown qualities and I really plan to go to all. It’s interesting to see though, which place people will choose as their last stop of the 50. I’m speechless on your near blender meal.

  24. Jessie Lou says:

    Hey Sweet – this country was founded on religious freedom – have you forgotten? You must have loved Henry VIII – he chopped off all the wives’ heads for lovely reasons. Just trying to say – the muslims haven’t cornered the market on the ill treatment of women. We do fairly well in our own country with that and we supposedly have rules to protect them.

    TB and Harmo – we should unite on the pear salad front. I’m hoping/thinking it was one of those 70’s things that went the way of the avocado green appliance. It is no wonder I’ve had to learn to like fruit in my old age. The pear mayo combo has ruined me.

  25. coachteajay says:

    1. toothbrush, lots of bourbon, skoal, pot seads, matches.
    2. My first born
    3. Islamic countries/walmart
    4. Time travel, loaded with Future winning lotto numbers, winning teams and scores from the future superbowls, world series and CFB. And a spiral notebook full of notes about people, and places to avoid. Brought to a younger, less frolicly challenged TJ circa 93.
    5. Actually I pride myself in the fact that I’ve become a pretty good cook, but a few years ago my mom talked me into trying a citrus chicken recipe…had to be the worst shit I ever made or tasted. Ended up eating out that night. I still get heckled about the citrus chicken from the people who came over to eat that night.
    5. The panama canal route, theres not any Jihadist screaming extremist muslims there? Right?

  26. sweet says:

    Not yet, they don’t have boats

  27. Jessie Lou says:

    TJ – you once made me the best sandwich and I still remember it! Yes, it was simple and grilled but I’d go back to that sandwich with the time travel. Don’t give up on the cooking.

  28. Zeek says:

    1) Tunes, Bowie knife, zippo with extra fluid, Cigs, and duffle bag of Ganga.

    2) Retire

    3) New Mexico and the Ukraine

    4)Time travel, Have absolutely no interest in
    Space whatsoever, have strong views on the trillions we waste on that crap when we have so many problems down here that need solving.

    5)Parchman-do not know what it was and do not want to know, let’s leave it at that–I win, ya’ll lose, case closed on that one!!

    6) Train – 1st Class- always wanted to do that.


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