Thursday Pickin Week 6 Season II

Quote of the Day:

I think I came in a little hot.” –Fig E, describing his recent encounter with Baseball Legend Eddie Murray

Last week’s Thursday Pickin was impressive. This week, even better. If any of you are in Vegas, you might give serious consideration to using the POTW’s you will find below. Well, I guess it depends on if you’re an optimist–in which case you’d want to ride the TBU wave–or a pessimist–in which case you’d assume we’ve peaked and are due for a big fall. Last week the TBU went a collective 17-6 on Picks of the Week. Time will tell, it always does. Notable and worthy of a shout, The Daily Wit rejoined Pickin last week with a two-fer POTW that sent me scurrying to the Rules Committee and 10 picks. Of itself, this was of little consequence. But his bonus picks were an astounding 9-1. A hearty “well done” TDW, from the whole gang. Here are last week’s rankings, the top 16 won their POTW (TDW went 1-1), the bottom 5 lost, and bonus pick results are in parentheses, while Jessie Lou and Mad Dog were awarded the tunage bonus:

  1. TKH (3-1)   62
  2. RSR (all in)  62
  3. Face  (all in) 62
  4. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop (all in) 62
  5. TDW (9-1)  58
  6. Feidt’s Follies (3-2)  56
  7. Fig E (3-2)  56
  8. Larry (3-2)  56
  9. Mac (2-2)  50
  10. BW Buzz (2-2)  50
  11. Sweet (0-1) 44
  12. TB (2-3)  44
  13. Smily J (1-2)  44
  14. JLM (1-4 plus bonus) 37
  15. Irv (1-4)  32
  16. Greeg (2-5 plus make up points to stay even with the top loser)  32
  17. Zeek (3-1)  32
  18. S&M (1-0)  26
  19. MD (1-1 plus bonus) 25
  20. CTJ (2-2)  20
  21. BR  (all in)  10
  22. Harmony (goin with the Patriots next week)

Season Standings:

  1. RSR  297
  2. Mac  246
  3. Sweet  245
  4. Feidt’s Follies 236
  5. Face  206
  6. Irv  202
  7. Zeek  200
  8. Smily J 196
  9. BW Buzz  196
  10. CTJ  184
  11. Larry  184
  12. TB  176
  13. MD  174
  14. JLM  159
  15. S&M  155
  16. Fig E  126
  17. TKH  121
  18. Fish  118
  19. Greeg  99
  20. TDW  84
  21. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop  72
  22. BR  55

My Picks For This Week:

  • Indiana  +6′
  • Ole Miss  +4′
  • Florida  -8
  • Kentucky  +9′
  • Georgia  +2


  • Auburn  -2


My Tunes for dodging Reb fans, Bama RV’ers and raindrops and lightning strikes in Oxford Town

  • High Voltage–AC/DC
  • Purple Rain–Prince
  • Shelter From the Storm– Bob Dylan
  • Thunder Road–Bruce Springsteen
  • Shout Bamalama and Dixie Rock–Wet Willie (these are for you Q)

My SOTW, which mainly Smily will appreciate, but Reb fans might find soothing come Saturday sunset

  • Blame it on the Rain (yeah, yeah)–Some Army dudes I heard–always wondered why they didn’t get their own recording contract

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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37 Responses to Thursday Pickin Week 6 Season II

  1. sweet says:

    What is BR’s record this year?

  2. face says:

    POTW- Vandy -10′

    SOTW- I’m Alright- Kenny Loggins from Caddyshack for the President’s Cup this weekend.

  3. br says:

    i have not won yet sweetea. Sweet is the Alabama game another Sucker bet?

    POTW :I will go with Alabama -4

    S’s OTW: Crazy Train, Shot in the Dark: ozzy
    Blind in Texas:Wasp, Rainbow in the Dark, Dio

  4. Smilyj says:

    POTW State +1.5
    because they have to win in my opinion to get to 6-6. And State always wins when they have too. (Yeah Right).

    Auburn -2.5
    Bama -6 Wish they could both lose.
    Louisville =2.5

    SOTW for the Ole Miss queers
    “Rebel Yell”- Billy Idol
    “Any Way You Want It” Journey -for Sweet
    “Cult of Personality” Living Colour-for State to get motivated. This was our pregame song once upon a time. We usually won.
    “Mountain Song” Jane’s Addiction- Cause I’m raedy for my vacation in 8 days to Tennessee and the Mountains.
    And finally;
    “Hero” Enrique Iglesias….Also for Sweet. He should be in first place.

  5. Greeg says:

    What does ‘all in’ mean?

    And Thursday Pickin needs to be posted earlier on Thursday so I can get my office pool picks in. Come on Baen, help a brother out.

  6. Filthy McNasty Fig E says:

    ARKANSAS +2 vs Auburn

    Alabama -4′ @ OLE MISS
    ARMY + 10′ vs Vandy
    MS STATE -1′ vs Houston
    Georgia +2 @ TENNESSEE
    Kentucky +9′ @ SOUTH CAROLINA
    Florida +8 @ LSU

  7. tkh says:

    Houston +1.5
    Florida -8
    Kentucky +9′
    Navy -11.5

    Bama -4.5

  8. sweet says:

    BR, dont think so…and I was asking what your record was cause I might go with you

  9. bwbuzz says:


    ALABAMA 4 1/2
    VANDERBILT 10 1/2

  10. BR is 0-5.

    Greeg, “all in” means you only make a POTW, no bonus picks. The POTW is by far the main scoring component. The risk is that you only get 10 participatory points with a loss but the upside is you cannot score less than anyone who is 4-1 or less percentage wise with a POTW plus bonus picks. So, if you only take a POTW, win it and someone else goes 4-1, you end up with a big payday of points. BTW, RSR should be 5-0 on her POTW’s–the one loss was my fault for not posting it for her before kickoff. Also, I think Feidt is still unbeaten, but he missed week one to give the rest of us a chance.

    Greeg, sorry for the late post today. I couldn’t get online today until evening, other than from my phone which I can’t post from, only comment. I usually try to get Thursday Pickin done by lunch.

  11. feidts follies says:

    Well another 1600 miles, a wedding, a Allmon Brothers and Panic Show, and more booze then one man in his late 20’s should be able to drink I am back home to gather my stuff together to head up to God’s country. Baen you might appriciate this, I was talking to this friend in Oxford that said she could get me tickets for about $400. After I laughed and she said no way you get into this game for less, it took about 4 text messages and a phone call and voila, I got a condo and suite tix. She finds out and asks how the hell did that happen. Some people just don’t understand the art of being a “Gentleman of Leisure” do they. I just need to get up in time to buy a new Football shirt to replace the last one that is laying in shards in the La Font in parking lot.

    Ball St +13′
    Florida St. -3 Circle the wagons
    Ole Miss +4′
    Wisconsin +16
    LSU +8

    POTW Arkansas +2

    A few songs for you
    Suite Home Alabama – For those of us who has a bottle of Knob Creek waiting for us in the Suite as the poor people stand in the rain.
    Slow Dixie – Pride of the South Marching band as a tear rolls down my cheek after the victory
    Barstools and Dreamers – WSP – for the tickets for BHAM Sat that i sold so I can go to Oxford instead. Can’t wait to sit on my barstool at Proud Larry’s eating a slice of Fat Larry while dreaming of having my way with any one of those beautiful little coeds.

    And Finally Allmon Brothers – Nobody left to Run With Anymore. Only a few good ones left.

    Bonus Quote of the week: “Wow, that lasted longer then 8 minutes” My wedding date Saturday morning after the whiskey had worn off.

    And to all you haters, you cannot deny there is a better place for an afternoon of football that that tiny little burg of Oxford, MS.


  12. Somebody called me out on OM tix when they had the last game of the century against LSU during Eli’s era. I took a date and scored free tix in the club level. There is no such thing as a “hard sellout” in this state, you just have to know what you’re doin my man. And I bow to your current greatness and your big score.

    However comma, while Oxford is undoubtedly a great place to be for a college football Saturday, I would take issue with there being no better place for football. Once in while the hotty toddy’s make some noise, but Vaught Hemingway, beautiful tho it is, is definitely not a great in-stadium experience. The scene in the grove and on the square is a different story–I’d be hard pressed to find better.

  13. Greeg says:

    W. Kentucky +3

    Bama -4′
    Baylor +24′
    MS St -1′
    FSU -3

    1972 – Josh Rouse

  14. irvineredd says:

    feidts, which shows were you at? I was in Charlotte for last Saturday, which was rockin! I had an awesome time. Lots of folks I know from Oxford are disappointed about Bham being this weekend of all weekends.

    My picks are to come later. I’ve got to get my act back together since I’m currently on a two week slide down the leaderboard. I’m becoming like my alma mater?

  15. In Absentia Larry says:

    POW – Ole Miss +4′
    Fla -8
    SOW – Feels So Right (Alabama)
    also, I love pretty men

  16. Feidt's Follies says:

    I did Charlotte Sunday night. Good time. Just don’t like when I am just getting warmed up Panic ends the show. By the time the Brothers were over even I was ready to go. I been telling everybody Panic has won the battle over the last 8 Falls but now that I am back in the motherland its time to get back to my first love, Football in the Fall. Going to Voodoo fest for sure. Everybody should check it out. Janes Addiction and Parliment, Kiss, Eminem Saturday, Panic, Robert Randoulph, Lenny Kravitz(blows) and others Sunday. Haloween weekend. $75 a day in NOLA.

  17. Feidt's Follies says:

    One disclamer, My picks were made neither under duress, a time limit and not hungover or under the influence of anything. As some of you know it is under these conditions I do my best work. So this might be the weekend I fall flat on my face.

  18. Zeek says:

    POTW- Auburn-2

    OK. St.-4

    SOTW- Redemption Song- Bob Marley(The Man)

    Second Chance- Shinedown

    Hey 19- Steely Dan

    Ten Years Gone- Led Zep

    Baby Come Back- Player

    Kudos to Fido, you are the MAN, dude(along with Bob Marley, of course) You are definitely my hero, wish I was livin’ the dream like you. Just one question though, Aren’t you a little older than late 20’s???

  19. irvineredd says:

    Feidt’s, that’s why I went Saturday. Which was awesome, and all the shows where Panic has been the closer have been fantastic and rocking. When they came on Saturday night, the place about blew up. They definitely raised the atmosphere up about 10 notches.

    Time for some picks

    Texas Tech -16
    LSU +8
    Georgia -1.5
    Wyoming -10

    Michigan +8

    Big River
    Mission in the Rain
    One More Saturday Night
    Tiger by the Tail


    And an unrelated bonus song

  20. Zeek, I hate to put my lawyer cap on here, but a careful reading of the “late 20’s” quote shows FF’s never claimed to be that age, merely that one that age would be ill-disposed toward such a prodigious level of consumption.

  21. Illinois +4
    BC +13′
    Duke +15′
    Georgia +1′
    Auburn -2′

    POTW: Okla. St. -5

    SOTW for theme purposes: I Need A Hero by that 80’s singer lady standing on a cliff in the video

    SOTW b/c it kicks ass: Take The Power Back by Rage Against The Machine

    SOTW to piss MD off: Let’s All Bow Before The Wondrous Benevolence Of Lord Obama

  22. Samsmama says:

    You got all lawyerly…love it.

    TDW…Bonnie Tyler.

    I’ll have the usual. And KU is actually playing this week, so I’ve got that goin’ for me.

    We can pick NFL? Then I’ll take Denver, for the sole purpose of messing with Harmony.

    SOTW is Eye Of The Tiger, because for some dumb reason it’s stuck in my head. But Blame it on the Rain is sure trying to take over. Super.

  23. Mac says:

    POTW Alabama -4.5

    May return with more picks, may not.

  24. sweet says:

    Stan/Ore St over 50

    Tease of week
    Ala +1′
    Fla -2

    Miss St -1′
    OkSt/A&M over 61
    Ark/Aub over 66
    Navy -11′

    Doc Scoop says – GA +2

    SLOW, in honor of President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Songs from another prestigious award winner….nice segue Mama
    Blame It On the Rain
    Girl You Know Its True
    Girl I’m Gonna Miss You
    Baby Dont Forget My Number

    On a side note…Webster defines the archaic form of prestigious as: of, relating to, or marked by illusion, conjuring, or trickery

  25. Workinbaen says:

    You are skirting the line on putting politics on a non politics thread, but that’s pretty funny I must say.

  26. Zeek says:

    Sweet- I see you are trying to slip some totals in as picks. Is the theory that maybe the Gambling Gods won’t pay that much attention and will decrease the power of MOJO?? Interesting approach, and actually kinda smart, a little chickensh!t, but smart.

    TB-…….uh…(blank stare)…..huh? I think the way Fido wrote that would lead most to believe that he was refering to himself, but I could be wrong I guess, maybe. Ok, well, I hate to don my grammar hat, but , the correct term would be “non-political” thread , NOT “non politics” thread. Just a little editorial advice for future reference.

  27. Fish says:

    Marshall -4

    Fla State -3
    MS State -1’5
    Kent St +2
    Wyoming -10
    Temple -14’5

  28. Jessie Lou says:

    Wisconsin +16
    Arkansas +2
    Florida St. -3
    Ole Miss +4′

    POTW: LSU +8

    Songs my sisters used to play over and over and drill into my head:

    Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple (this woke me up every day)
    I’m Your Captain – Grand Funk Railroad
    Takin Care of Business – Bachman Turner Overdrive
    Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
    Bad Mamajama – Carl Carlton

    And the worst one of all for SOTW:
    Black Betty (bamalam) – Ram Jam

  29. sweet says:

    Zeek – it’s called “reaching”, not “smart”

  30. MD’s POTW is LSU +8

    Rock Star’s POTW is Ole Miss +4′

  31. Zeek says:

    Sweet- As your newly appointed L.C., I applaud your innovative strategy, however, I would prefer you stick to the tradition of just picking TEAMS, not totals, just for the sake of simplicity.

  32. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss +41/2

    (What’s So Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – Elvis Costello
    Peace Train – Cat Stevens
    Peace on Earth – U2
    Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) – George Harrison

    SOTW: Starseed – Our Lady Peace

  33. sweet says:

    Zeek – ignoring RSR’s list… EAT SH*T, then rub peanut butter all over yourself

  34. coachteajay says:

    Coach just concluded a rather busy week, was going to take houston,,but oh well, looks like a good game

    Louisville +2

    other picks
    Ole Miss +4′
    UCLA +3′
    Florida -8′
    Wisconsin +15′

  35. Zeek says:

    I am real glad I am not Fido, Larry, or Quail right now, having to make that trip home after that debacle.

  36. Feidt's Follies says:

    I never make any false claims. People just make assumptions on vague statements. Everything I say is the truth, like I am possibly quite rich. possibly.

  37. Zeek says:

    I am going to have to give my vote for SOTW to Face for his inclusion of golf, patriotism, and a great movie to football.

    My vote for theme this week will be a split sympathy vote that goes to Fake Larry, who ponied up and let the world know he loves pretty men and Smily, whose every comment on here just seems either very gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or pathetically sad.(obviously jealous of rebel fans, which IS sad)

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