Thursday Pickin’ Season III Anti-climax

Quote of the Day:

“Achievement brings its own anti-climax.” –Maya Angelou

TB doesn’t know if any of y’all still care about this or not. Frankly, I don’t. But in the interest of closure, here are the results of Bowl Pickin’. I won.

The Championship Game was a push, so no points were awarded there to anyone, nor any taken away. I went 4-0 in the Big 4 bowls and 3-1 on my minor selections along with picking up the 20 point bonus for nailing my Pick o’the Bowls, LSU.

  1. TB  76
  2. Larry  60 (4-0, 2-2, POTB)
  3. Tiny D  32 (2-2, 4-0, Tied POTB)
  4. Face  20  (2-2, 3-1, no POTB designated)
  5. Smily J  16  (3-1, 3-1, Lost POTB)
  6. TDW  0  (2-2, 1-3, POTB)
  7. Sweet  0  (1-3, 2-2, POTB)
  8. JLou  -16  (3-1, 1-3, Lost POTB)
  9. Pitalo  -32  (2-2, 0-4, no POTB designated)
  10. Flyin’ J  -48  (0-1, 1-3, Lost POTB)
  11. BR  -62  (1-2, 0-4, Lost POTB)

With BW Buzz a no-show, Sweet got bumped into the playoff. Had Flyin’ J not made a last second appearance, Larry would’ve gotten in too. Thank goodness he didn’t, because if he had been in the playoff, Larry would’ve become an embarrassing Grand Champion. But all’s well that ends well. With her third place finish in Bowl Pickin’, Tiny D wrapped up the title, as justice required.

A hearty congrats, TD, but good riddance to Cam!

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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7 Responses to Thursday Pickin’ Season III Anti-climax

  1. sweet says:

    Talk about anticlimactic – Tiny D busts her butt all year, wins the playoff and only gets a blurb at the end of a paragraph? Where’s the hardware, the tickertape. How about at least a headline. TINY D TAKES 2010 TITLE AS FIRST FEMALE WINNER OF TRAVELLIN BAEN’S ULTIMATE THURSDAY COLLEGE PICK EM SHOW

    • I really need help in the marketing department as well as editing. When the blog gets monetized, I’ll expect help Sweet.

      TD will get some sort of hardware too, just don’t know what or when yet.

  2. Jessie Lou says:

    Not to pile on, but your uncharacteristically ho-hum attitude does not incite others to want to participate next year. This is not like you! Then again, if less people participate I may well jump up higher next year. I might be the #8 loser but I am proud to be in the top 10 – Congrats TinyD! Very impressive just coming in and going straight to the top.

    • Alright Alright I get it! There will be a major award presentation before the start of next season, probably during the annual Football in Julypalooza.

      I’m just distracted right now with the so-called “mainstream” universe. If I can get a couple of things taken care of I’ll do better!

  3. tinyd says:

    HELLO! First of all let me say thank you to the citizens of the TBU. It is comforting to know that you guys have my back! Come on TB, I should get some sort of accolade like a runner across the bottom of the blog similar to the bottom of the tv screen when watching CNN. Add TINY D ROCKS to the end of Sweet’s suggestion. That would be sufficient. Well, that and a hat.

  4. The point system is not right until I win. I think we can all agree on that.

    Also, I think it wrong that my picks should be judged on whether they’re “right.”

  5. ZEEK says:

    As the official in-house naysayer, I am afraid I cannot let the disgraceful ending to the TP III go without comment. First off, congrats to Tiny D, your accomplishment is nothing short of amazing. On behalf of the TBU citizens, unlike TB, we salute you. Secondly, TB, your explanation to the season’s results (above) is not only pathetically uncelebratory, but confusing as well. You state that you won, but I guess that is just for the week. You state that Larry didn’t participate, yet he is listed with W/L and points. This fly-by-the -seat-of-your-pants playoff system and point awarding is an unadulterated clusterf**% !!!! I feel confident in speaking for the entire TBU, Mr. TB, when I say, “How dare you sir? How dare you?” We do not want excuses and apologies, we want results!!!! VIVA REVOLUCION!!!!

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