Thursday Pickin’ Season III (The Return of Thursday Pickin’)

Quote of the Day:

For those about to rock, we salute you.” –AC/DC

Thursday Pickin’ is back. In the grand tradition of the great handicappers–Jimmy the Greek, Leonard Postosis, and of course Waldo–TB is here to help you get rich. Rich I tells ya!

Truth is, two years runnin’ you could’ve gotten rich by grabbin’ holda ol’ TB’s coattails and hangin’ on for the ride. Now, I am not able to guarantee you that past results are indicative of future performance, but for only $500 dollars cash money I will give you every one of my picks and you too can become rich from the millions of dollars that Las Vegas gives away each year to people just like you. Or, you can just check in here at the TBU each Thursday and get the same picks for free and take your chances. But wait, there’s more!

For only an extra one time payment of one hundred dollars I will give you access to the picks of a whole cross-section of people every bit as clueless as Libertarian Presidential Candidate/snake oil salesman Wayne Root. Or, you can just check in here each week and get them for free. The point is, if you take the Picks of the Week from each participant here in the TBU, take your money to Vegas and bet on each one for the same amount of money you will get rich! Rich I tells ya! That is, based on past performance, which is not indicative of future results. But the first two years of Thursday Pickin’ have yielded impressive winning percentages for the overall TBU on POTW’s.

A note on the rules. I really can’t remember them all.

But if you want to look at them, I made them up one day last year and more or less adhered to them. Here’s a link. Basically, the deal is POTW’s count by far the most. If you win your POTW, you cannot receive less points than someone who misses their’s, even if that person goes 5-0 on bonus picks. And if you hit your POTW and go 4-1 in bonus picks, a person who only picks and wins a POTW will get extra points to stay even with you. So if you want to win this game, your best bet is to only play a POTW. That is also the cowardly way out.

Which brings me to Sweet. Reigning Grand Champion of Thursday Pickin’ (vol. 2, verse 3, chapter 4, jackson 5, nikki 6). Congratulations, one last time.

Oh yeah, Thursday Pickin’ is about good tunes too. The weekend comes on the heels of Thursday virtually every time. That’s a good time to forget about–well, all the bullshit. College football and tunage and maybe a cold beer or six are the perfect prescription to my way of thinking for forgetting about all that for a bit. But much as I dig my Waylon, I like to get some new songs on my ipod from time to time, and I’ve found this is a dang good way to get reminded of tunes I’ve forgotten and introduced to some I don’t know. This part of the game is also democratic–vote on your song of the week favorite and if you dig somebody’s theme or list, give that a shout too. Top vote-getters receive a nominal bonus.

One last thing. We use Sheridan’s odds from USA Today. Here’s the link. Let’s play.

My picks this week:

  • USM   +14
  • LSU    -4′
  • Purdue  +11
  • Colorado St +12′
  • Illinois  +12

POTW  Michigan  -2′

My Tunes:

  • Let There Be Rock–AC/DC
  • It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna rock and roll)–Lucinda Williams
  • Let There Be Rock–Henry Rollins and the Hard Ons  
  • It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna rock and roll)–AC/DC

SOTW–Let There Be Rock–Drive By Truckers

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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69 Responses to Thursday Pickin’ Season III (The Return of Thursday Pickin’)

  1. tkh says:

    My Thursday’s are complete once again.

    POTW Navy -6

    UF -36′.5
    Louisville +3
    Mich -2.5
    Purdue +11

  2. I knew you’d take Navy. For some reason that cracks me up. Ahhh, I love the smell of college football season on a Thursday mornin’.

    • tkh says:

      I’m an official season ticket holder of the Naval Academy now so I’ll ride for them for bit, they did ok ATS last year.

  3. Alex says:

    I heard Rosie didn’t do too bad and she doesn’t even watch football! Hopefully I can do as well as her.

  4. face says:

    POTW: LSU -4′

    USM +14
    USC -21′

    SOTW: Rebel Yell, Billy Idol

    and a pic of Billy Idol from a flight last week. The quality is not great, but not bad for taking a picture from 4 feet away without his large bodyguard roughing me up:

  5. irvine redd says:

    Ah, Thursday Pickin’!

    POTW Pitt +3

    LSU -4.5
    WASH +2.5
    ND -11
    VA. Tech +2

    Song of the week

    A little Sweet Thing>Candidate>Sweet Thing in honor of the sweetness of the beginning football!

  6. tinyd says:

    First things first:
    SOTW – Crapped Out Again, Keb Mo – In anticipation of my picking skills

    POTW – Michigan -2

    Louisville +3
    LSU -4
    USM +14

    Wow that was stressful and fun all at the same time:)

  7. coachteajay says:
    August 31, 2010 at 6:45 pm (Edit)
    here goes

    Utah -3
    LSU -1
    Clemson -23′
    Eastern Meeshagan +10′
    UCLA +2


    In anticipation of the Rabals switching their mascot from the colonel to possibly “two muppet like characters named Hottie and Tottie”

  8. Fig E says:

    POTW: FLORIDA -36 v. Miami Ohio

    SOUTH CAROLINA -14 v. Southern Miss (CoachTJ I hope I’m wrong)
    UTAH -3 v. Pitt
    ALABAMA -37 v. San Jose State
    LSU – 4 v. North Carolina
    AUBURN – 31 v. Arkansas State

    Jamey Johnson – “You Can’t Cash My Checks”
    Stevie Ray Vaughn – “Life by the Drop”
    Jackson Taylor & The Sinners – “Country Song”
    Willie Nelson – “Superman”
    Black Sabbath – “Sweat Leaf”

  9. Fig E says:

    Sweet v. Sweat Leaf

  10. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Iowa state -4 1/2
    Akron +9
    Army -10
    Tulane -10
    South Carolina -14

    POTW- Minnesota -1

    SOTW – The Egyptian Lover- Egypt,Egypt

  11. irvine redd says:

    Friend of mine sent me this link. Figured the TBU would enjoy it as I did.

  12. Mac says:

    Ahhh. I love the smell of napalm in the morning…and the smell of pigskin in September.
    POTW- Southern Miss +14
    Bonus Picks
    Georgia -28
    Alabama -37
    MS State -21 and a hook
    SOTW (thought it would be important to send a message to all the other Thursday pickers this season…especially Sweet)

  13. TDW says:

    Given that you’ve nicknamed me the comedic genius of the TBU, I feel pressure to be funny. Uh, I can’t think of anything funny to say, so just imagine that I’m standing here with a rubber chicken.

    POTW: Minnesota -1′

    Marshall +28
    Pittsburgh +3
    USC -21′

  14. TDW says:

    Sorry, forgot the all-important link.

  15. I have to say, for the newcomers who I promised a good time in Thursday Pickin’, y’all are coming through strong. Best day in the TBU in quite awhile. I’m cracking up reading through the thread already.

    BTW, Fig, ever since you sent me that link on J. Johnson, I’ve been seeing him everywhere. Dude’s blowing up in the alt country world.

  16. ZEEK says:

    OK, the Zeekster is back and taking no prisoners this year. No More Mr. Nice Guy. I should have easily won last year, but my sense of fair play prevented it, never again!!!
    Let’s Dance!!

    POTW- LSU-4′
    My only pick this week cuz I really don’t like any of the other spreads.

    SOTW- Your Time Is Gonna Come- Led Zeppelin
    Dedicated to the biased idiots at the NCAA who are just scared to death that Ole Miss will win a Nat’l. Championship!!!! Me forget? Hell No!!

  17. real larry says:

    What was wrong with Jeff Bower again? Really? Really?

  18. real larry says:

    I will have to say BR introduced Jamey Johnson to the TBU last year

  19. Anonymous says:

    AUBURN + 31
    LSU + 4 1/2
    FLORIDA – 36 1/2
    MISS. ST. – 21 1/2
    GEORGIA -28


  20. BW BUZZ says:

    ok I think that last post just earned me the quote of the week! how bout it TB?

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    Mac – love the song – notice how skinny they all were then! I bet if we could all dance like that for 4 minutes straight we wouldn’t need a treadmill.

    I’m just glad I couldn’t touch the USM game……..

    • Mac says:

      No doubt. I wish I would have left it alone as well!! Oh well, nothing like starting the season out digging myself out of a hole.

  22. fraud larry says:

    Unversity of memphis +21
    Purdue +11
    UCLA +1′
    LSU -4′
    SMU +13′

    POTW – Va Tech +2

    SOTW – Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen

  23. Madd Dawg says:

    Middle School POTW: Bayou View Middle School +28 vs Ocean Springs Middle School
    Zeek and I had that bet this week. I won.

    We all used to say that home dawgs are good picks, so I will be going with all home dawgs this year as an experiment in honor of Fig E.’s infamous jr high school “science project” one year where he documented for a whole season whether the fav or the dawg won taking into account the spread. If I remember correctly, the dawgs covered 51% of the time. By the way, exactly which branch of science was that?
    THE MAN probably wouldn’t allow you to do that project these days for fear that it would offend someone who didn’t like gambling.

    College POTW: Vandy +4

    Other: Louisville +3

  24. Smilyj says:

    Picks Fla -36.5
    LSU -6.5
    STATE -21
    POTW-VA TECH +2.5

    SOTW- ” Rainbow Stew” Merle Haggard. I think this song is politically relevant at this time. It would make a great campaign song for either party.
    Also, “Steamroller Blues” Elvis. Theme song for TBU ‘s Thurs Picking.
    “I’m a steamroller baby”
    “I’m bout to roll over you”
    “I’m gonna inject your soul”
    “With some sweet rock and roll”
    “And shoot you full of rythym and blues”

  25. ZEEK says:

    TB– Now that I have a minuer to spare, and the NCAA has come to its senses, I would like to add the rest of my songs to the playlist, if you can insert them into my original post, even better. However, I have to clarify that Super Wuss Madd Dawg is a liar, because we never had a wager. If we did, he would’ve lost, because we won 24-0 with the second and third string in most of second half.(spread would’ve been @14) Nice try Sterno!!!

    Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog-Three Dog Night ( For obvious reasons)
    We’re Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister
    South’s Gonna Do It Again- CDB
    Last Resort- Papa Roach

  26. Jessie Lou says:

    TCU -13
    LSU -4
    Wisconisn -20
    Nebraska -37
    Memphis +21

    POTW – Florida -36

    Songs go back to the Fall of Senior year at PHS
    Emotional Rescue – The Rolling Stones
    I’m Alright – Kenny Loggins
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar
    Take Your Time Do It Right – SOS Band

    SOTW – Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

  27. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Texas -31

    Taking inspiration from Face’s celebrity sighting, IR’s movie quote and JLM’s senior year song list, here is RSR’s 80s movie playlist:

    A Million Miles Away – The Plimsouls, “Valley Girl”
    This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush, “She’s Having a Baby”
    I Go Crazy – Flesh for Lulu, “Some Kind of Wonderful”
    Try A Little Tenderness – Otis Redding (with Duckie lip syncing), “Pretty in Pink”

    In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel, “Say Anything”

  28. Samsmama says:

    It took me entirely too long to figure out how to comment. Probably need to set down the wine.

    Wow, it’s been a year? Time flies. I just received some follow up comment from a post last season so I thought I’d drop by. I think my are of “going opposite” got confusing, and possibly annoyed some people last year. Just know, I’m always rooting for KU. Hope you all are doing well!

  29. Computer problems this weekend so I may be sporadic. But Feidt’s Follies posted on last year’s thread, which is fitting because it rung the bell for SM. I’m putting you down for Kansas btw–and don’t be a stranger.

    I’ll move FF’s stuff over.

  30. Ok, here’s Feidt’s Follies. BTW Fido, that was LAST year I slammed you and said go opposite. You were on fire all year, I give you props. This year I dumped on TKH, so that’s probably a good choice to follow. Glad to see you, mayor.
    Feidt’s Follys says:
    September 3, 2010 at 10:19 pm (Edit)
    Although your suggestion to go opposite me is a very valid one, if you look back and did the research on my POTWs last year they hit at an unbelievable clip. I believe close to 90% with a questionable call at the end of the year. Now the bonus picks thats a different story. That being said, “There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction.” Franz Kafka

    Black Keys are good stuff, you should check them out. New album is hot. They have been on the festival circuit for a while. See how these picks go this weekend, i am coming off of a very eventful weekend on our beloved Folly Beach and been paying for it all week.

    POTW : LSU -6′

    Bonus : Florida -36′
    Texas -31
    Washington St +17
    Mich -2′
    Maryland +6

    Playlist :
    We are the Champions – Queen (promise never use this again)
    Halftime – Ying Yang Twins
    Farve on the Ground – unknown
    Louisiana Sunrise – Voice of the Wetlands allstars
    I got Loaded – The Porch Rockers
    From Dixie with love – The Pride of the South Marching Band
    Ain’t nothing But a Party – Dirty Dozen Brass Band

    3 Days, 2 Games, 1 Dome, 1 BANNER
    I’m back bayBe
    Feidt’s Follys says:
    September 3, 2010 at 10:23 pm (Edit)
    BTW thats next weekend playlist as I will be listing to nothing or doing nothing until then due to illness they may or may not be due to a very nice Costa Rican girl I recently met. And probably won’t be near a computer for the duration of the end of next week.

  31. ZEEK says:

    RSR– dude, you already got my vote on tunes with the Ducky lipsynching of Otis. An all-time classic, and that version of song is the best recording. AND Cusak standing there with the boombox? You hit it outta the park. Why didn’t I think of that?

  32. flyinj says:

    Long time reader – first time picker. Let me start off with my disclaimer. My only gambling endeavor has been throwin the dice, so I got TB to show me what the heck point spreads mean. Many of the games I pick are based totally on my biases which has nothing to do with Football analysis. For instance, my first pick Miami Ohio +37 1/2. I can’t stand Florida. I will never pick Florida, really any of the Big three from Florida!
    Vanderbilt +3 1/2
    Notre Dame – 10 1/2
    Army -9
    Navy -6
    POTW – BYU 1 1/2

    • Mac says:

      Congratulations! You are as knowledgeable as the “experts” in Vegas. That’s the bittersweet truth about point spreads. It levels the playing field. Matter of fact, I am flipping a coin the rest of the year on POTW’s.

  33. Fish says:

    Michigan -3
    Washington Huskies +1′
    Boise State -2
    Navy -6
    Colorado -11
    Irish -10′—-Giving them one more shot!!!!!

  34. br says:

    Pick of week. Boise state-2
    Sotw (hey we want some country) by: colt ford

  35. Jessie Lou says:

    I was beginning to think I had time traveled back a year due to the FF post! SM = good to have you back. RSR you can hook up to my songlist anytime – good picks!

  36. Travellinbaen says:

    Sweet takes Washington. He texted his potw and tune, I’ll update this later

  37. ZEEK says:

    Since my college football season is now officially over already, can we just have Friday pickin’ on the NFL?

  38. I’m down with it if there is interest. Anybody that wants to do NFL games, let me know when you vote for your tunes or otherwise comment this week.

    • Mac says:

      Might I suggest a slightly different format if we do NFL? Perhaps a “survival” pick one game a week or something. Just my 2cents.

  39. Fig E says:

    Zeek and Fraud L: Jacksonville State? Can ya’ll transfer your reservations in Atlanta for the SEC Championship game to me? I’m on the road now with 36 Busch Lights and Motley Crue Live on repeat looking for frat row, if one exists, at Jacksonville State.

    TB: Jamey Johnson is in Oxford later this month on a Thursday night. We need to think about meeting up there for the show.

  40. real larry says:

    What was wrong with Billy Brewer? Really! Really! Musberger just called Mississippi the cupcakes of the Western Division. The truth hurts. What a joke we are! I guess Tig Barksdale made the right call when he left the rebels for Jville State. And he did not even need a waiver to transfer.

  41. Smilyj says:

    I think I was so excited last night that I had a kNelms. Go Debs. remember what I said about Masoli. Smilyj is usually right when it comes to these things. Also, I know its only Memphis but how bout them Dawgs throwing the pigskin around like they know what the HELL THEY ARE DOING! GO STATE, TB!

  42. Jessie Lou says:

    Ok State Fans – how about Vic Ballard, #28? The boy from Goula did very well in his first outing with 2 TDs! We have watched him since PHS and were impressed with him then. Also the kicker, Depasquale has home connections – his step father is Stacy Smith. I’m glad that I lost that pick – it was great to see them do so much better.

    It must be the week of the Gamecock. Although I love Ole Miss more than SmilyJ, I know you cannot pin all your hopes to the back of one player like Masoli. It is only week 1 anything can still happen and will.

  43. ZEEK says:

    First of all–Figgie- you don’t need reservations in Hotlanta unless there is a couples’ retreat Missy is dragging you to at that locale.

    Secondly- Although I’m sure all you Rebel Haters would like to laugh and holler about Masoli, this loss can’t be pinned on him. It was an obvious lack of pride and character and coaching that blew a 21 pt. lead, AND allowed them to score on a 30 yd. pass play on 4th and 15.

  44. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Not Masoli’s fault. If anybody is to blame is was rebels secondary and not rushing four. The prevent prevented the rebels from winning.

  45. Fish says:

    Gonna be a long season for the Rebels. LSU and Florida better tighten up too!!!!!

  46. RockStarRambler says:

    SOTW: Zeek for Last Resort. I really dig that tune.

    LOTW: TB. Henry Rollins AND The Drive By Truckers – now that’s a playlist!

  47. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Song of the week- SRV- Life by the drop.

  48. Bobby Pitalo says:

    LOTW- Zeek

  49. ZEEK says:

    gotta go with RSR for S and LOTW, homerun dude.

  50. Jessie Lou says:

    I, too, shall vote for RSR.

  51. macintheshopbaen says:

    I have to go with a split SOTW between Face for Billy Idol, which inspired half the tbu and RSR for the puppet video of in your eyes. For list, I’ll take Smily.

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