Sarah Palin, A Fresh New Face….

…..with fresh air where the brains belong.  Some clips for you to enjoy on today’s bonus post.  

South Carolina Miss Teen USA contestant

Palin Talks to Couric

Palin Channels SC Miss Teen USA contestant

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

One more link. If you want to help Sarah Palin, join Supercynic in his efforts.

Supercynic on Freeing Palin

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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23 Responses to Sarah Palin, A Fresh New Face….

  1. JessieLou says:

    Scott has been wondering when someone would put Sara Palin’s head on Miss South Carolina’s body – very similar speaking capabilities. Super Cynic’s blog was very entertaining – Free Willie – Free Palin was my first thought.

  2. RMac says:

    Super Cynic should be on CNN

    see Campbell Brown’s commentary on Free Palin

    or the opinion of a notable female conservative columnist

  3. RMac! Glad you chimed in! Although I feel like I need a shower after visiting that Kathleen Parker website, thanks for the link.

  4. supercynic says:

    RMac, I promise I didn’t rip off Campbell Brown. My post was of my own thinking. Indeed, I included the possibility that Palin has been kidnapped by Russians or Canadians, or maybe killed by the family members of one of those moose she killed. I didn’t even know about Campbell Brown’s commentary until I saw your link. Obviously, I do agree with her.

  5. RMac says:

    I was not implying you were borrowing from Campbell Brown, more noting how your thoughts compare to a well know journalist. Kudos to you! I’m a big fan of Campbell, especially since she is a native of MS.

  6. supercynic says:

    I was just a little sensitive because not long after I wrote that post, I went to (I like going to sites where I’m the conservative) and saw a headline that started off with “Free Palin . . . ”

    I had no idea Campbell Brown is from MS. What part?

  7. Jessie Lou says:

    Campbell Brown’s piece on Sarah Palin was right on target and I agreed with her totally. I believe she is from Yazoo City or around that area – RMac might be able to confirm or correct that notion. The debate could either be very interesting or a train wreck – we shall see.

  8. supercynic says:

    Per Wikipedia, which I never cite, until now, she was born in Louisiana and raised in Natchez. I’m sure if I devoted more research time to it than 45 seconds, I could cite a more reputable source.

  9. Madd Dawg says:

    Sarah Palin was awesome last night. All of you Palin haters should have a little humble pie with your crow.

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me. She’s a damn joke. The fact that she managed not to trip over her own heels doesn’t make her awesome.

    Then again, we elected George Bush twice, so who knows. Maybe she struck just the right chord with the populace.

  11. Jessie Lou says:

    As undecided voter I will tell you that I thought she held her own and didn’t embarrass herself. After watching the Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson interviews I was afraid she would be a train wreck and that I would need a xanax to be able to watch it. But it wasn’t that bad at all. Boring? Absolutely. Biden has the whitest teeth up next to Donnie and Marie Osmond. They will blind you if you stare too long and Palin winks too much. I think he may have been asking her out for a drink during their little private conversation after the debate.

  12. Madd Dawg says:

    Biden was odd–he kept smiling at her and nodding along with her as she spoke as if encouraging her. I think JL might be right.

    TB, she did as well as Biden last night—which is a victory for her considering all of the “experts” said that Biden would crush her.

  13. travellinbaen says:

    That’s a lot different than “awesome.” I thought Palin acted like she was trying to get a date. Biden was ok, not awesome, but better than Palin.

    Neither candidate made things worse for their guy last night, and I think that’s all they set out to do.

    I posted on Screwtape for a reason.

  14. supercynic says:

    If the standard by which we hold Palin is she didn’t suck, then God help us all. Are we really going to hold onto the Bush standard for another 4 years?

  15. Madd Dawg says:

    Bush is the most underrated President of the 21st century. Seriously, he is as underrated as Clinton is overrated.

  16. JessieLou says:

    In my opinion, we must choose the lesser of two evils. I am reminded of the year that Edwin Edwards (known crook) was running against David Duke (KKK president) – I voted for Edwin.

    While Biden and Palin may have gone out and celebrated their mutual victory together, I also predict that if McCain wins, his beloved, much younger wife, Cindy, will be comforting Mr. Palin on long, lonely nights and weekends at Camp David. If Obama wins, his scary wife will be let out of hiding and unmuzzled and Lord knows what will happen. That is one scary black lady with an attitude and hips from hell.

  17. sweet says:

    The most underrated president in the 21st century?…I hope you are kidding, he is the ONLY president in the 21st century…..dumbass…the worst 3 pres in history

  18. smilyj says:

    Sweet got you on that one maddog. You Dumbass. I told you Sweet was cool.
    These debates are ridiculous. Why doesn’t another candidate get to participate? However, after watching Obama’s debate for as long as I could stand it, I’ve come to this conclusion. If you went to a car lot with $5000 to buy a car worth that much, Obama could get you to spend $10,000 dollars for that car and have you convinced you just bought a car worth $20,000. I think alot of people in this country are buying that car.

  19. Interesting view/analogy. Here’s one I’d use.

    McCain is trying to sell ya’ll a car that’s been driven for 8 years and has been totaled about 5 times. Even if it were new, the model is now worth less than it was back 2000. Catch number one is you can’t take this piece of junk to the shop. Catch number two is even worse. If the car stops running altogether you have to replace it with a Yugo.

  20. sweet says:

    I’m not buying a car

  21. smilyj says:


  22. Jessie Lou says:

    Ya’ll are all too funny and I think Ben and Smiley are both right and that is why our country is in trouble. We do not have a good choice on the ballot. I am still taking nominations for possible write in candidates but the only one I got was Sebastian Bach/Joe Cocker. Please rent the movie “Dave” and maybe you will see that there is hope that maybe one day Tina Fey could take over the presidency.

    I’m just glad my money is where no one but me can find it.

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