Jackson County HOF Voting Thread, Round II

Like in Round I, please vote below. Make your pitch for a particular athlete in the “Official Home” thread and keep the comments here to your actual ballot. The only candidates to consider are those who received at least two votes in Round I, which are listed below or candidates who received a motion and a second in the debate thread to be included. Again, 2/3 of the voters in this round are required for induction. You are free to vote however you like, regardless of your Round I ballot. If no non-Pascagoula athletes are elected in Rounds II or III, we will have a special ballot to address the issue since most of the current committee members have a substantial Goula bias. You may vote for as many as 10 candidates in this round and any number after 10 will be disregarded, though the top 10 will be counted. This round will close at midnight Monday, February 16, 2009.

ROUND II BALLOT (choose up to 10):

  • Sam Leslie
  • Tony Dees
  • Fred Cook
  • Jim Marsalis
  • Blair Varnes
  • Verlon Biggs
  • Ray Costict
  • Ben Garry
  • Hugh Pepper
  • Billy Miller
  • Jerry Alexander
  • Johnny Woitt
  • Johnny Olsen
  • Chuck Commiskey
  • Hal Lee
  • Eric Lane
  • Kim Seaman
  • Mike Moreland
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Erin Sims
  • Kez McCorvey
  • Litterial Green
  • Richard Harvey
  • Treg Thomas
  • Earl Gilbert
  • Paul Tanner
  • Raymond Brown
  • Antonio Harvey
  • Eddie Khayat
  • Calvin Huey

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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26 Responses to Jackson County HOF Voting Thread, Round II

  1. Cue says:

    My Final Eight:

    1. Blair Varnes
    2. Earl Gilbert
    3. Johnny Olsen (Coach)
    4. Billy Wayne Miller
    5. Fred Cook
    6. Tony Dees
    7. Litterial Green
    8. Erin Sims

  2. sweet says:

    As far as my sources go, Raymond Brown grew up and attended high school in Greenville, MS and not Jackson Co. He might get a chuckle if he was enshrined here. I nominate LJB as the official fact checker

    ****** This has been discussed and it was suggested long time residents should be eligible. Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone has to consider them eligible on their personal ballots. Further discussion on this or other topics, please comment on the “Official Home” page. –TB*******

  3. MyEdsel says:

    1. Harvey
    2. Dees
    3. Sims
    4. Varnes
    5. Olsen
    6. Moreland
    7. Gilbert
    8. green

  4. Zeek says:

    1. Johnny Woitt
    2. Calvin Huey
    3. Sam Leslie
    4. Hal Lee
    5. Hugh Pepper
    6. Sarah Bailey
    7. Erin Simms
    8. Littereal Green
    9. Eric Lane
    10.Eddie Khayat

  5. 1. Sam Leslie
    2. Tony Dees
    3. Fred Cook
    4. Jim Marsalis
    5. Verlon Biggs
    6. Ben Garry
    7. Eddie Khayat
    8. Jerry Alexander
    9. Hugh Pepper
    10. Sarah Bailey

  6. jester40 says:

    1. Fred Cook
    2. Jim Marsalis
    3. Erin Sims
    4. Litterial Green
    5. Tony Dees
    6. Hugh Pepper
    7. Blair Varnes
    8. Ben Garry
    9. Sam Leslie
    10. Billy Miller

  7. Puddin Head says:

    1. Ben Garry
    2. Verlon Biggs
    3. Sarah Bailey
    4. Paul Tanner
    5. Litterial Green
    6. Jim Marsalis
    7. Johnny Olsen
    8.Tony Dees
    9. Mike Moreland
    10. Kim Seaman

  8. Fish says:

    Sam Leslie
    Jim Marsalis
    Blair Varnes
    Johnny Olsen
    Litterial Green
    Sarah Bailey
    Jerry Alexander
    Kim Seaman
    Kez McCorvey
    Antonio Harvey

  9. Mike says:

    1.Tony Dees
    2.Ben Garry
    3.Kim Seamen
    4.Richard Harvey
    5.Earl Gilbert
    6.Chuck Commiskey
    7.Fred Cook
    8.Litterial Green
    9.Sam Leslie
    10.Hugh Pepper

  10. Jessie Lou says:

    1. Sam Leslie
    2. Tony Dees
    3. Fred Cook
    4. Jim Marsalis
    5. Verlon Bigs
    6. Ben Garry
    7. Billy Wayne Miller
    8. Jerry Alexander
    9. Johnny Woitt
    10. Eddie Khayat

  11. quail09 says:

    1. Fred Cook
    2. Jim Marsalis
    3. Verlon Biggs
    4. Hugh Pepper
    5. Jerry Alexander
    6. Johnny Woitt (player)
    7. Kim Seaman
    8. Raymond Brown
    9. Eddie Khayat
    10. Calvin Huey

  12. Madd Dawg says:

    1. Eddie Khayat
    2. Jim Marsalis
    3. Blair Varnes
    4. Mike Moreland
    5. Erin Sims
    6. Littearal Green
    7. Johnny Zelenka
    8. Fred Cook
    9. Billy Miller
    10. Sam Leslie

  13. OB says:

    1. Tony Dees
    2. Eddie Khayat
    3. Hugh Pepper
    4. Sam Leslie
    5. Ben gary
    6. Jim marsalis
    7. Bruce James
    8. Johnny Olsen
    9. Erin Simms
    10. Fred Cook

  14. OB says:

    I forgot we needed to select our 10 from this list, so Bruce James will be substituted with Verlon Biggs.

  15. Du says:

    1. Sam Leslie
    2. Fred Cook
    3. Jim Marsalis
    4. Hugh Pepper
    5. Johnny Woitt
    6. Chuck Commiskey
    7. Ben Garry
    8. Jerry Alexander
    9. Eddie Khayat
    10. Billy Wayne Miller

  16. sweet says:

    Sam Leslie
    Fred Cook
    Jim Marsalis
    Johnny Woitt
    Sarah Bailey
    Hal Lee
    Eddie Khayat
    Hugh Pepper
    Kim Seaman
    Calvin Huey

  17. smilyj says:

    antonio harvey
    richard harvey
    tony dees
    johnny olsen
    kim seaman
    erin sims
    litterial green
    hugh pepper
    sean jones
    joe ladner

  18. face says:

    Sam Leslie
    Fred Cook
    Jim Marsalis
    Blair Varnes
    Jerry Alexander
    Chuck Commiskey
    Eric Lane
    Kez McCorvey
    Litterial Green
    Richard Harvey

  19. afred says:

    1. B. Varnes
    2. B. Gary
    3. H. Pepper
    4. J. Alexander
    5. J. Olsen
    6. C. Comminsky
    7. M. Mooreland
    8. R. Harvey
    9. T. Thomas
    10. F. Cook

  20. tkh says:

    * Tony Dees
    * Blair Varnes
    * Jerry Alexander
    * Chuck Commiskey
    * Eric Lane
    * Erin Sims
    * Kez McCorvey
    * Litterial Green
    * Richard Harvey
    * Paul Tanner

  21. Alexis de Toadville says:

    Alexis, I moved your comment to the discussion thread. Please cast a ballot if you have interest in the subject, and see my response to some of your good points here: https://travellinbaen.wordpress.com/the-official-home-of-the-jackson-county-mississippi-sports-hall-of-fame/

  22. Fig E says:

    Eddie Khayat
    Billy Miller
    Fred Cook
    Antonio Harvey
    Richard Harvey
    Mike Moreland
    Jerry Alexander
    Litterial Green
    Chuck Commiskey
    Jim Marsalis

  23. fyi, at least one person needs until tomorrow am to get in their ballot, so you can vote until ten am Tuesday 2-17-09

  24. Greeg says:

    Sam Leslie
    Fred Cook
    Jim Marsalis
    Chuck Commiskey
    Hal Lee
    Kim Seaman
    Richard Harvey
    Antonio Harvey
    Eddie Khayat
    Sarah Bailey

  25. larry says:

    Paul Tanner
    Sam Leslie
    Jim Marsalis
    Ben Garry
    Hugh Pepper
    Billy Miller
    Fred Cook
    Eal Gilbert
    Eddie Khayat

  26. Sycopedia says:

    johnny Woitt
    Ben Garry
    Hal Lee
    Sam Leslie
    Ken “Dynamite” Farragut
    Eddie Khayat, Sr.
    Robert Khayat
    Hugh Pepper
    Dutch Binion
    Billy Wayne Miller

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