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TB’s Anti-Dentite Manifesto

Quote of the Day: “Some tortures are physical, and some are mental, But the one that is both, is dental.” –Ogden Nash I hate those kitten posters tacked by the window or even worse on the ceiling that say things … Continue reading

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TB Ain’t Predictin It or Nuthin, But What If the Saints Go to the Super Bowl?

Joke of the Day: After he was dead, Boudreaux discovered himself in Hell. He looked around awhile, then went right to work shoveling brimstone. The devil came up to him and said, “How you like it here, my friend? It’s … Continue reading

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What y’all doin for New Year’s?

Have you asked or been asked yet? “What are y’all doin for New Year’s?” It is no simple, innocent question; to the contrary it is a query fraught with uncertainty, tinged with suspicion, steeped in desperation. Continue reading

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A Short Story About Zeek

I have to tell this story on one of our blog contributors because of the little exchange between he, Larry and Sweet over in “Third Week Pickin.” We must have been about thirteen years old. Sweet, Zeek, Baen, Greeg, Waldo, … Continue reading

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Thursday Pickin

Quote of the Day     “I’ve lost my mojo, baby.”     –Austin Powers Waldo Pepper is the patriarch.  The penultimate power wielder has been Sweet for several years now.  But perhaps from long association or possibly it may be innate, … Continue reading

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