Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 4

Quote of the Day:

I need to get married.” –King of the non-sequitur and blank stare creating Hall of Famer, Sweet

Last week was one of the best ever here at Pickin for POTW’s with 14 coming in victorious against 5 losses. Fig posted a rare POTW winner and oh-fer combo. TB had to invent a new rule to give him bonus points to allow him to stay ahead of all POTW losers in the spirit of the game’s framer’s original intent. BR’s futility over the past year and 1/4 is really quite astounding. Mac keeps coming close to his sought for bonus, but the failure to track down a “Roberta” video doomed him once again. Zeek won the week, giving the TBU a “mortal lock” winner and obtaining the reinstatement of his GOOJF card from the State of Mississippi. Let’s go to the scoreboard.

Week 3 Results (record in parentheses is bonus only, the top 14 won their POTW)

  1. Zeek (4-1 plus theme bonus) 73
  2. RSR (undefeated) 68
  3. Sweet (all in) 68
  4. Irv (3-1) 62
  5. Mac (3-1) 62
  6. Smiley (3-2-1) 56
  7. Feidt’s Follies (3-2) 56
  8. TB (3-2) 56
  9. MD (1-1) 50
  10. BW Buzz (2-2) 50
  11. Greeg (2-3, plus SOTW bonus) 49
  12. Sam’s Moma (0-1) 44
  13. Coach TJ (2-3) 44
  14. Fig (0-5, plus bonus points to stay above all POTW losers) 39
  15. JLM (4-1) 38
  16. Fish (2-3) 14
  17. Who’s Larry (2-3) 14
  18. Face  10
  19. BR  10
  20. TDW, Q, Calico, maybe Harmo again someday (What’s a game without spectators)
  21. TKH (MIA)

Season Standings (RSR, Sweet, Irv, Feidt’s Follies, CTJ and Smiley remain unbeaten on POTWs. Greeg is 1 for 1.)

  1. RSR  209
  2. Sweet  187
  3. Irv  168
  4. Coach TJ 150
  5. Zeek 148
  6. Mac 141
  7. Smiley 132
  8. BW Buzz 132
  9. MD 131
  10. Feidt’s Follies  124
  11. JLM 108
  12. TB 106
  13. Larry 90
  14. Face 88
  15. Fish 84
  16. S&M 73
  17. Fig 56
  18. Greeg 49
  19. BR 30
  20. TKH 27
  21. TDW 26

My picks for this week:

  • So Miss +14
  • Vandy -7
  • Arkansas +17′
  • Kentucky +22
  • Virginia Tech +3

POTW–rrrrrrrREBELS -4

Here’s your link to the odds

My tunes in celebration of the renewal of the MSU-USM rivalry and a tribute to our opponents before I get back to hatin’ em.

  • Take it Easy–The Eagles (one of my favorite first line tunes)
  • Nasty–Janet Jackson (you will never see another Jackson family member on a TB list, but this one fits, and I kinda like it too)
  • Radar Love–Golden Earring
  • Fly Like an Eagle–Steve Miller Band

SOTW–Let There Be Rock–AC/DC

Bonus Quote of the Week:

“Free at last free at last, thank God Almighty…I’m free at last!!!!”     –Zeek

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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67 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 4

  1. Fish says:

    Here we go…
    Notre Dame -7 (THEY WILL COVER)
    Michigan -20
    Miami, FL -3
    Southern Miss +14
    Florida St -14

    POTW- The Bulldogs of GEORGIA -11′

  2. Zeek says:

    POTW- Clem-2′


    Theme will be based on Rebels trip to S.C. tonight.

    SOTW- Goin’ to Carolina-James Taylor

    The Rose- Barbara Streisand- (Rose Bowl for the Rebels?)

    Another one Bites the Dust-Queen

    Dixie- Rebel Band (Brings a tear to my eye, it’s that good)

  3. Greeg says:

    Pick of the Year
    Ole Miss -4

    Purdue +7
    USM +14
    Kentucky +21′
    FL Intl +1

    Song is for Zeek
    I Feel Free – Cream

    How come I got 44 points in the standings and 49 points for the week?

  4. My editor’s day off. Fixed it.

  5. smilyj says:

    Oh Yeah, LSU versus State. Probably most of you know of State’s complete suckiness against the Tigahs. But you probably do not know that it can be directly attributed to TB and Smilyj. One weekend long, long ago when State was actually better and expected to beat LSU, TB and Smilyj ran amuck of some loud and boisterous LSU fans in Starkvegas. Anyway, the situation, as I remember started out heated between TB and the LSU thugs. However Smilyj showed up and calmed TB down as usual and lighter heads prevailed. Once we all became congenial ,(thanks to Smilyj), some good natured trash talking began. By this time of a saturday morning (probably 10am)TB and Smilyj were well on the way to feeling “just right.” So we naturally welcomed the chance to revel in the greatness of our Bullies. Thus, we ran our mouths uncontrollably. Somewhere in the rants TB decided to make a wager with the Tigah faithful that if the Bullies did not whip the Tigahs that we would show up with a keg of beer as payment for the lost wager. I cant repeat the exact words TB used to propose the wager but the presence of bodily fluids was involved and there was just an attitude of total disrespect for LSU’s chances of actually beating State that year…..Well, State lost. And TB and Smilyj, dejected by the loss, got our asses out of the area as fast as we could, totally welching on the bet. Since then, State has lost 17 of 18 to the Tigahs with the lone win being a lucky miracle and most of the losses being by extremely wide margins.

    I have often felt that if we could track those LSU fans down and just payup on the bet, the curse would be lifted.

    But instead I am going to inlist the help of the TB blog football pickers and ask that everyone help with my theme for songs this week. Maybe we can all exercise this curse caused by the youthful and overenthusiastic TB and Smilyj.(mainly it was TB).

    My choices for theme songs are
    “Witchy Woman”- Eagles

    SOTW-not related to theme songs.
    “Titties and Beer”-Rodney Carrington and David Allan Coe

    Now for my Pics I will Pic totally with my heart for the teams I want to win but I shall reverse the pic in order to cause the reverse of what I really want to happen. Get it.

    POTW Ole Miss-4

  6. Madd Dawg says:

    I have no faith in your ability to reverse the curse, so my POTW is LSU -12′

    Ole Miss -4
    Miami -3

  7. Number 1, TB was the peacemaker that day. It was some dudes from OS on the other side that I knew that I settled down and thus averted violence.

    B, the “fluids” business is not like the account may make it sound. It simply referred to the place where the keg would be located.

    Moreover, TB paid the debt. I ran into that dude from OS at Gorenflo’s one night and he called me out on welching. I offered to cancel the debt by buying his next beer and he (the poor corndog fan) accepted the bargain.

    Finally, this was probably the 157th time I’d saved Greekson’s life.

  8. sweet says:

    How does MD get 12′ and smi-LY get 13′? The Miss/SCar line sure looks like its for SUCKAS. A line like that, historically, usually means that the #4 team in the nation…on the road…national tv will lose. I hope its not the case cause I want to see the Rebel drama and excitement build throughout the year. But, I’m just saying. What a dark, dark day it would be tomorrow. I am gonna take SCar for a rather large amt tonight cause I want to see the Rebs ride this for awhile.

  9. sweet says:

    Can we take over/unders from or is that getting too fancy

  10. larry says:

    Minnesota +2′
    Lsu – 13
    Bama -15′
    USM +13′
    Troy +1′


    The Rebs -4

    Dixie – The Pride of the South – Ole Miss Band
    He’s a Rebels – The Crystals
    American Triology – Elvis
    If Heaven ain’t a lot Like Dixie – Bocephus
    Jaws Theme – ??? –


    Rebels – Drive By Truckers/Tom Petty

  11. Greeg says:

    Jaws Theme – That would be John Williams

  12. Fig E says:

    POTW: Ole Miss -4 @ SOUTH CAROLINA

    Florida -22 @ KENTUCKY
    Arkansas + 17′ @ ALABAMA
    Arizona St. + 11′ @ GEORGIA
    TENNESSEE – 23 v Ohio
    AUBURN – 33′ v Ball State

    SOTW: 2001 a Space Odyssey – (as the Cocks come out of the tunnel tonight)

  13. irvineredd says:

    Auburn -33 1/2
    Arkansas +17 1/2
    Georgia -11 1/2
    Illinois +14
    Boise St. -16 1/2

    LSU -12 1/2

    Young Americans-David Bowie
    American Girl-Tom Petty
    Living in America-James Brown
    Keep on Rocking in the Free World-Neil Young

    Political Science -Randy Newman

  14. irvineredd says:

    Bonus SOTW

  15. Sweet, yeah whatever.

    on the lines, it’s just whatever Sheridan has which on the State-LSU game was 12′ when I looked a little while ago. But Bama was -17′ then too so maybe they got updated.

  16. coachteajay says:

    Baen, I won my pick of the week, so Im still undefeated, so maybe we need to tweek the scoring, still no love for the nasty bunch

    LSU -12′
    Missouri -7
    Ohio st -14
    Maryland +1′
    East Carolins -10
    Tennessee -23′

    SOTW…after breaking many laws in the Burg this past weekend at one of the funnest games/nights ever…we were feelin high as hell flying through Palmdale! SMTTT!

  17. Fixed it. Kind of obvious I didn’t get much sleep last night. And Coach, “no love”? I gave your boys a Janet Jackson song for cryin’ out loud.

  18. coachteajay says:

    I was kidding. and I think the we got em, we finally got the bastards beat, or the two redneck girls saying eff ole miss are top tens as well. Off to the bar to get good seats for the game,,life is Good.

  19. Greeg says:

    Miss Jackson if your nasty

  20. TKH says:

    Southern Miss +14
    Florida St -14
    UF -22
    Bama +17

    Miami -3 (would have been South Carolina but already started

  21. Mac says:

    BC -1
    Maryland +1 1/2
    Arkansas +17 1/2
    Oregon +5 1/2
    MS State +12 1/2
    Song theme is basically the idiocy of the war on drugs and my personal wish that pot was legal.
    Cypress Hill- Hits From The Bong
    Widespread Panic- Can’t Get High
    Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix
    Bob Dylan- Rainy Day Women

  22. Mac says:

    Hotty Toddy baby! The rivers are running red with the bloodbath of POTW’s that went down with that game.

  23. sweet says:

    Anybody who needs a good laugh go back and read Zeek and Larry posts……..hiLARRYous! Believe the hype baby

  24. sweet says:

    Mac, I think that Larry and Zeek are right now following the suggestion of your SOTW

  25. Face says:

    Did anyone catch the subtle jab spurrier took at the Rebs in his postgame interview? When asked about how big the win was, he said “well we beat Kentucky here a couple of years ago.”

  26. bwbuzz says:

    POTW TENN 23 1/2

    1. GEORGIA 12 1/2
    2. FLORIDA 22
    3. ALABAMA 17 1/2
    4. LSU 12 1/2
    5. AUBURN -33 1/2

  27. irvineredd says:

    I knew that was going to happen last night. I could feel it the minute I turned the TV on and they were talking about the game on ESPN.

    Also, can someone tell me why any sportscaster would call Ole Miss, Mississippi? That’s not our F****NG name!

    Way to choke at the first hurdle rebs! Now for the love of god please kill Alabama!

  28. Jessie Lou says:

    My psychic capabilities are not what they used to be but they were dead on last night which is why I stayed away from that one. The only people happy in the state of Mississippi this morning are the Bookies.

    I’m guessing Big G didn’t give away alot of Free Beer at the LaFont last night.

  29. Fish says:

    Gotta love it!

    The Ole Ball coach pulls one out!
    Hotty Toddy!

  30. sweet says:

    Yeah, I texted Larry and Feidt in about mid 3rd quarter last night to ask if there were a bunch of thirsty patrons…….no response

  31. sweet says:

    Navy – 28

    (For the Reb lovers) Heartbreak Hotel – The King
    (For the Reb haters) Feels Good – Tony Toni Tone
    Free Fallin – Tom Petty (Can the Rebs keep a top 20 ranking?)

    Special Guest Picker of the Week
    Dr. Scoop says – Ala/Ark OVER 57 points

  32. br says:

    POTW: KANSAS -14


  33. fraud larry says:

    I want to change my SOTW to

    Loser – Beck

  34. Jessie Lou says:

    I’d like to dedicate “Yesterday” by the Beatles to Mr. Snead. The cover of Sports Illustrated looked real good yesterday.

    It’s not bragging if you can do it. With all the attention comes the pressure – I would not want it although I’m not sure how he could have gotten out of it.

  35. Fig E says:

    In case any Ole Miss fans are wondering, the Independence Bowl is Monday, December 28th this year.

    My co SOTW is now: Will they Love Me Down in Shreveport? – David Allen Coe

  36. Workinbaen says:

    This is like “everybody pile on Perry” at Cherokee elementary

  37. Jessie Lou says:

    Just one question – Why? Why would they pile on Perry?

    I am hoping the loss will be what Snead needs (yep, I’m a poet) and he’ll be able to settle down and get a grip.

  38. face says:

    POTW- Vandy -7
    SOTW- My Hero- Foo Fighters– dedicated to my man Steve Spurrier.

  39. Mac says:

    TB, QOTW has already been sewn up in my opinion by Sweet. ” The Miss/SCar line sure looks like its for SUCKAS.”

  40. smilyj says:

    You know why I knew what the outcome of last nights game and probably Ole Miss’s season would be? I actually told Fatback Larry this at Buffalo Wildwings when he became part of our Fantasy football league. (And yes, his team sux.)

    It doesn’t matter if the Rebs were good last year and had so many players back, and won a big bowl and were ranked high and all that shite. It wouldnt have mattered if they were undefeated last year and had all their players back. It’s simply that NO ONE is intimidated by Ole Miss. Not like Bama, Georgia, Florida or LSU who have half the battle won before the game starts. Any team looks at Ole Miss and thinks “this is just Ole Miss, we can beat them.”

    Also, I know all these Reb fans are saying “I was thinking they’d choke. I knew there was too much hype.” BS! Every Reb fan deep down thought they would rule this year and play for the SEC championship and have possibly even go undefeated. I could see it in there eyes. Last nite was great! I think now I will watch the game again and rub peanut butter all over myself.

  41. Fish says:

    Love the Navy pick…Will it be 30 tomorrow????????????????????????????

  42. Sweet are you adopting the Doc Scoop pick or is that just for our entertainment purposes only?

  43. sweet says:

    Fish – I need all the help I can get with you

    TB – I will go with Dr Scoops over for an official added pick

  44. Jessie Lou says:

    California – 5
    Florida St. – 14
    Notre Dame – 7
    Nebraska – 27
    USM +13

    POTW – LSU – 12

    Songs that remind me:
    Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
    I Need You Tonight – INXS
    Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
    It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy
    Thunder’s Dance Floor – lyrics by Jessie Lou McFaul and music by Irvine Redd
    Warning – Incubus

  45. Feidts Follies says:

    Its early, I am sleepy and have to drive to Gulfport and am still a little pissed at our out coaching ourselves the other night so your not getting much.

    State +12
    USM +13
    Arkansas +17′
    Kentucky +21′
    Wash St. +45

    POTW Va Tech +2′
    Somebody is gonna lose today outright. Either Florida or LSU

  46. ZEEK says:

    To all you MSU, USM, and Tulane fans who are just covered in jizz right now from the big circle jerk you are all having with each other, I say…. Enjoy it. Hey, we got beat, no excuses here. However, in the immortal words of RJ and Wally, “I do believe they have to play the whole game,correct?” What I mean by this is let’s wait until the end of the season and see who is reveling and high-fiving and jizzing everywhere,ok? Most of your teams will not even be bowling this year, while we will be tasting Sugar some other New Year’s Day flavor…..So kiss my Rebel A$$!!!!!!!

  47. Smily says:

    Ole Miss= 8-4. maybe.

  48. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Oregon + 5 1/2

    Still Fighting It – Ben Folds
    Somebody to Shove – Soul Asylum
    Momma Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J
    Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – Elton John

    SOTW: Little Black Backpack – Stroke 9

  49. ZEEK says:

    Ummm, RSR, I think in the interest of fair play, your pick should be made before your team is up 25-3, I mean I’m just sayin’.

  50. Workinbaen says:

    I can vouch it was timely made; I just didn’t put it in when she told me because I thought it was a late game and wanted rsr to do her own playlist

  51. Workinbaen says:

    Rsr doesn’t want the controversy so she’ll rake tx tech

  52. ZEEK says:

    Didn’t mean to cause controversy, but RSR is formiddable every week.

  53. Controversy is good for ratings.

  54. real larry says:

    i gotta go with Mac for SOTW. Sweet, you do know me man

  55. real larry says:

    I have actually what the song says with the band.

  56. real larry says:

    I have actually done what the song says with the band.

    Is what I meant to say. I guess the short term memory is not what it use to be.

  57. Jessie Lou says:

    I have to go with Fraud Larry and Loser by Beck for SOTW.

    The memory gets worse with age – mine used to be spectacular and now it has been downgraded to fantastic.

  58. Madd Dawg says:

    “They’re real……and they’re spectacular.” Terri Hatcher on Seinfeld. Even at 45, I’ll bet they still are.

  59. sweet says:

    Did anybody just happen to see NBC world news do a piece on Sarah Bailey (Thomas now) being a ref in college football? She lives in Ill now I think, and it showed her house, kids, her scrambling eggs for breakfast and then suited up and on the field for a N Ill/Idaho game. They showed her answering some interview questions and some dude said she could be the first woman ref in the NFL.

  60. Mac says:

    I didn’t see it Sweet but I talked to Scott Bailey a couple of months ago and he told me all the stars were lining up for her to be a ref in the NFL. They were, and I guess are, crossing their fingers. That would be pretty cool.

  61. Mac says:

    And I have no pride so I’m voting for myself SOTW.

  62. Jessie Lou says:

    I saw Sarah Bailey in Ladies Home Journal recently and in the gym this morning I heard that she was in Southern Living’s September issue. Did not see the TV piece.

  63. ZEEK says:

    I have to go with Mac for theme and song of the week, a man after my own heart. Gonna fire one up for you Mac!!

  64. Fish says:

    I actually heard the same thing but about a year ago. She is very well respected and has been throughout. That would be very cool if she made it. She use to kick my ars at basketball at Puddin head’s house.

  65. Fish says:

    And by the way,
    So much for all the help you can get!!!!

  66. Jessie Lou says:

    There is also a NYTimes article on Sarah dated 9-18-09 with a picture included.

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