Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 9

Quote of the Day:

Why don’t y’all just make some picks already?”     —Greeg

Is anybody paying attention yet? Another solid week by the TBU, 12 POTW winners against only 8 defeats and one tie. S&M forgot to post but I still put her down as opposite of Sweet and Q as opposite of S&M. If you add these standing picks in that makes it 13-9 for the TBU-POTW’s. TB took the prize this week with a POTW winner and a nice 4-1 bonus record to run my ledger on the year to 4-3-1 on POTW’s and 22-17-1 on bonus picks. Very Swami-esque numbers. Feidt’s Follies drew from the genius that is a Saturday mornin coming-down-but-getting-ready-to-go-back-up gentleman of leisure once again. Friends, if you like to be entertained only by college football games you need to tune in on Saturdays and get FF’s last minute selections. He is now an astounding, astounding I tell you, 7-0 on POTW’s and would be leading this little game if he’d played in Week 1 instead of giving “everybody a head start.” For your further entertainment, I checked on FF’s bonus record. He is 21-14-1 on those picks.  Feidt’s Follies, you know what’s coming. Let us know how it feels carrying around the two go-rillas Sweet and Waldo on your back this week. RSR resumes the lead running her all-in record to 6-2. To the scoreboard, the top 14 won their POTW’s, Larry tied and everybody else lost. Irv busted the curve for the losers going 0-4 on bonus picks while winning the all important POTW. SOTW to Sweet for his excellent find from the blues vault and Theme/List to Irv and/or his girlfriend.

Week 8 Results (bonus picks in parentheses)

  1. TB  (4-1) 68
  2. Zeek (all in, plus make up points) 68
  3. RSR  68
  4. Fig is Back 68
  5. SmilyJ 68
  6. S&M  68
  7. Mac (3-1) 62
  8. Feidt’s Follies (4-2)  62
  9. BW Buzz (2-2)  50
  10. TDW (2-3)  44
  11. TKH (1-2)  44
  12. Irv (0-4 plus Theme/List bonus) 41
  13. CTJ (1-3)  38
  14. Larry (2-3) plus make up points to stay even with POTW top loser MD)  26
  15. MD (2-1)  26
  16. Fish (2-2) 20
  17. JLM (2-2)  20 A shout out to JLM for taking Kansas as POTW and Oklahoma as a bonus bet
  18. Sweet (all in plus SOTW bonus)  15
  19. BR  10
  20. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop 10
  21. Face 10
  22. Q (opposite S&M opposite Sweet) 10
  23. Greeg (0-2)  8

Season Standings

  1. RSR  443
  2. Feidt’s Follies 392
  3. Sweet  390
  4. Mac  378
  5. SmilyJ 358
  6. Zeek  344
  7. TB  320
  8. CTJ  314
  9. BW Buzz 310
  10. Lucky Larry 302
  11. Fig E  300
  12. Face 294
  13. Irv  293
  14. TKH  282
  15. Fish  250
  16. S&M  247
  17. MD  236
  18. JLM  230
  19. TDW  216
  20. BR  165
  21. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop 160
  22. Greeg  158
  23. Q  134

My Picks for this week:

Link to Sheridan’s Odds

  • Boston College  -6
  • Ole Miss  -4
  • Georgia  +15
  • Navy  -6′
  • Kansas State  +28


  • Texas  -9

My Guy Fawkes Tunes

  • Penny Lane–The Beatles
  • Light It on Fire–Cowboy Mouth
  • A Conspiracy–Black Crowes
  • Give Up the Funk–Parliament


  • Remember–John Lennon

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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51 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 9

  1. face says:

    POTW- Ole Miss -4

  2. larry says:

    Miami Fla – 7
    Georgia Tech – 11′
    The Rebs -4
    Kentucky -3′
    Texas -9

    POTW – Michigan -7

    Black – Pearl Jam

  3. sweet says:

    I saw where some women’s group(s) finds it “troubling” that there are no women participating in Pres Obama’s pick up basketball games at the White House. This SOW is for them.

  4. irvineredd says:

    Nice, Sweet.

    No picks yet. Just found this video and thought you guys might get a kick out of how good this little kid is. I saw a video of him playing with Buddy Guy. He’s a little badd ass! He’s like 22 years younger than me and a way better player.

  5. Fish says:

    IDAHO -3

  6. coachteajay says:

    Idaho? No you da ho

  7. coachteajay says:

    Cincinatti -14′

    Virginia -7
    OLe Miss-4
    Houston- 6′
    Kansas +6′
    OK state + 9

    this is for FF, when the power rears its evil head around 2:00 Saturday

  8. Smilyj says:

    POTW Louisville -4 over Ark St
    Miami -7 over Wake forest
    Auburn +4 over Ole Miss…F*#K O’Miss
    Florida -16 over Georgia
    La Tech +3 over Idaho
    State +3 1/2 over Kentucky
    Houston-71/2 over USM

    SOTW Kentucky Rain- Elvis….go bullies.

    Theme- Since Iam just back from the smokies.
    “Wabash Cannonball”
    “The Precious Jewel”
    “Fireball Mail”
    Roy Acuff songs from “Songs Of The SmokiesMountains” who was also a gifted athlete that was at one time being courted by the Yankees until he was hit with sunstroke and while he was “laidlow” took up the fiddle and the rest is history. Relevent theme also because of the world series this week. TA DAAAAA.

  9. Mac-A-Licious says:

    I know complaining about the points system here is akin to cursing the sun for being too bright but WTF?!?!? I cheated fair and square and voted for myself like ten times on SOTW. How in the world did I not win?

  10. Feidt's Follies says:

    What to do, what to do. Do I stay around and go to Voodoo fest this weekend in New Orleans, or do I just get in my car and start driving to Austin for 2 panic shows. Getting this done now so I can stew on it.

    Cincy -14′
    Navy -6′
    Houston -6′
    Okie St +9
    Ole Miss -4

    POTW – Boston College -6

    Well as I was doing this I heard Fox going into commercial playing Panic, So I guess I am about to start driving and see how far I get. FYI most of the music you hear going into breaks is Panic, the Fox sound guy is a head.

    SOTW – Alabama – If your gonna play in Texas you better have a fiddle in the band.

  11. tkh says:

    POTW – Navy -6.5

    Auburn +4
    Miami -7
    Houston -6.5

  12. bwbuzz says:


    OLE MISS -4
    FLORIDA -15
    TULANE + 35 1/2

  13. Fig Shade E says:

    Fraud Larry: The Rebels aren’t your POTW? Come on, man. By the way, when are you going to offer up the hotel rooms/tickets you reserved/purchased in June for the SEC Championship Game and the BSC title game in Pasadena to Doc Scoop?

    POTW: Ole Miss – 4 @ AUBURN

  14. Duke +7′
    Miami (FL) -7
    Iowa St. +6
    Arkansas -36′
    Georgia +14′

    POTW: South Carolina +6

  15. sweet says:

    Mac – how were you 6 points behind six others when you hit POW and 75% on others? It doesnt appear many have caught on that “bonus” picks can only lower your score.

  16. Greeg says:

    USM +7′

    OK st +9
    Auburn +4
    Illinois +8

  17. ZEEK says:

    And that is why the Zeekster is only going all- in from now on, you have to adjust and adapt baby!!!

    POTW- Louisville-3

    Going back on a little R&B this week, so dig it.

    SOTW- Mary Jane- Rick “Superfreak” James

    Ice Cream Castles- Morris Day and the Time

    I would Die 4 U- Prince

    Candy- Cameo

    Just my Imagination- Temptations

    BTW- great song, great movie Sweet, “You ain’t never met no Frank Sinatra”.

  18. workinbaen says:

    There’s no cryin in Thursday Pickin.

  19. Jessie Lou says:

    Not crying, just alot of whining instead.

  20. Here’s the concept I had in mind when this started:

    A hypothetical dude–I’ll give him some dumb nickname like “Cap”– goes to a casino in Vegas. With 1000 bucks. He can go all in and bet it on one game and win another 1000.

    Or he can put 500 on his best bet and the rest on his bonus bets. If he wins his POTW and goes 4-1 on the rest at 100 a game, he has won 790.

    However, because this game takes place in a separate universe from Vegas, and because 4-1 is a heckuva good performance, I decided that “tied” an all-in POTW for TP purposes. An undefeated week would beat the all in even though in Vegas they would have the same winnings. Because that would be impressive.

  21. sweet says:

    You obviously overthought this….KISS

  22. ZEEK says:

    As the official naysayer I have to wonder why a real issue like lack of musical participation has gone epidemic is not being discussed and why the powers that be have not instituted a rule that SOTW and bonus tunes(themes) are mandatory.

  23. Harmony says:

    *Blank stare* I still haven’t the slightest clue how to go about this. I know, I suck!

    SOTW: Sublime’s Caress me down (Only because I woke up with this song in my head this morning).

    Did anyone watch ‘The League’ last night?

  24. Mac says:

    POTW- North Carolina State +10 (NCST is 7-0-1 ATS last 8 games vs Florida St)
    Song list is official whining protest.

    Rage Against the Machine-Testify
    Johnny Paycheck-Take This Job and Shove It
    Nina Simone-Mississippi Goddam
    John Lennon- Imagine

  25. sweet says:

    Ohio St is a 44 pt fav and an over/under of 48′, guess they’re not expecting many points from NMSU

    Cincinnati -14′

  26. Samsmama says:

    I’ll take the usual, with a POTW side of Texas Tech plus 6.

    SOTW, that new “3” or whatever the piece of crap by Brittney Spears is, as I was mortified to hear my 5 year old singing it.

    Poor Harmony…

  27. face says:

    SOTW- Thriller.

    Thriller was released three days after Tulane’s last win over LSU.

  28. ZEEK says:

    Good one Face, I like that.

    Samsmama- you are a hoot, I must say. A sidedish of Texas Tech, huh?, I love it!!!

    Sweet- will NMSU score 4 0r 5 points?

    TB- I can’t believe my official naysaying did not elicit a response. You’re losing your edge.

  29. Feidt's Follies says:

    I got pascagoulaed by a couple of my best friends. sorry i wont act like I know u when the Colonel Weeb is around. Seriously screw you guys. Sweet knows what I am talking about.

  30. Jessie Lou says:

    Col. Weeb? Interesting title – is it because he once worked on a chicken farm?

    Michigan – 7
    Cinci – 14
    Louisville – 4
    Boston College – 6

    POTW – SC +16

    Songs – just not feeling it this morning. I may be back.

  31. MD’s SOTW is ACDC’s curtain closer from earlier this week–For Those About To Rock–I wonder why they don’t open with that?

    His POTW is Oklahoma State +9

  32. Zeek, can’t really think of anything else to say on the subject of scoring and cryin.

    FF, 3 42 am–need to know the whole story. I’m not sure “Pascagoula’ed” is the right term if what happened is what I am guessing did, though there ought to be a word for it as there is definitely a small segment of population from there who are prone to behavior worth not even a blank stare.

  33. sweet says:

    Doc Scoop says … Mississippi -4

  34. irvine redd says:

    Mississippi State +3.5
    Cal -6.5
    Miami -6.5


  35. irvine redd says:

    Mississippi State +3.5
    Cal -6.5
    Miami -6.5

    Georgia Tech -11.5


  36. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss -4

    A Halloween playlist, RSR-style:

    Scary Monsters and Super Creeps – David Bowie
    Space Lord – Monster Magnet
    A White Demon Love Song – The Killers
    Dragula – Rob Zombie
    New Fang – Them Crooked Vultures

    SOTW: Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees

  37. irvine redd says:

    Got those in at the last second. I was in Charlottesville last night, seeing one of my favorite bands, man man. The show was essentially in a large basement. I’ve been waiting two years to see them. They’re known for their high energy shows with no pauses between songs. I was leaning on the front moniter and could reach out and slap anyone of them had I wanted. It was fantastic and already one of my top 5 favorite shows!

    Also, I dug Charlottesville. Definitely reminded me of Oxford. A larger more hilly one.

  38. I’m voting for Coach TJ for SOTW and Smily for Theme/List

  39. Mac says:

    Voting for Samsmama SOTW cause I can relate to the pop song pain with the younguns.

  40. ZEEK says:

    If you read the post again,TB, you will see the subject was music, or lack thereof, do you even read what i write??

  41. Zeek, I agree, it’s a beautiful day–glad the rain is gone. (couldn’t resist)

  42. sweet says:

    how bout dem rebels?

  43. Jessie Lou says:

    My SOTW is – It’s Crying Time Again – Ray Charles

    The rest are devoted to the mystical season:

    Black Magic Woman – Santana
    Magic Man – Heart
    Witchy Woman – The Eagles

  44. Workinbaen says:

    Sweet I knew I should take Ohio state and the under on a parlay when I saw your post. The boys in Vegas are amazin

  45. Smilyj says:

    Can we please not hype the Rebs next time they win two games in a row over the likes of UAB and Arkansas. Notice I picked em to lose today. It’s just too easy.

  46. RockStarRambler says:

    Good tunes this week. My votes: Larry for song, TB for theme and a special shout out to Harmo for the Sublime selection.

  47. ZEEK says:

    I gotta give my two votes on music this week to Sweet and IR. Coming to America has some of the best comedic scenes in the history of cinema, and that little kid (Quinn Sullivan) was amazing on the guitar. I still don’t see how people can make music like that, especially so young. Anyway, I’ll go song for Sweet, and theme for IR, however you want to do it, TB.I rather liked my selections too, but am not voting for myself, due to my sense of fair play.

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