Excuse Me, I Think There Is Something In My Eye

Quote of the Day:

When you go to Heaven after you die, tell St. Peter you’re a Saints fan. He’ll say, ‘C’mon in, I don’t care what else you done, you suffered enough.'” –Buddy Diliberto

Over and over the Vikings put the ball on the ground and yet the Saints were unable to fall on it. It was reminiscent of the old football follies clips of the early 1970’s Saints where the fumble gets kicked fifty yards downfield while Saint upon Saint clumsily attempts to fall upon it. Late in the game Brett Favre seemingly had the Vikes in position to win. They didn’t and I thought of how same ol’ Saint-like the inexcusable error was that cost them five on a penalty. Then the ghost of the s.o.s. rose in ironic revenge as Brett, scramblin just like Archie used to threw one to the wrong team, just like Archie used to do. On top of all that a series of official replay reviews went the Saints’ way; and as anyone who roots for a perennial loser knows, the refs are always out to get them. But not tonight.

I recalled today the Falcons and how they made the term “Big Ben” famous by using it to beat the Saints. I thought about how Tampa Bay got its first victory against New Orleans, how the new Cleveland Browns got their first, on a Hail Mary no less. I thought of Nolan Cromwell of the Rams keeping Archie’s best team out of the playoffs in ’79 on a punt return. In just two years they were wearing bags over their heads in shame in the Dome. I remember the Saints drafting Russell Erxleben in the first round, trading away an entire draft for Ricky Williams another year. The Saints have been futility personified for my whole life. Until now, that is; even if they lose the big one, and I’m sure they will–not that I won’t be watching in case I’m wrong understand.

TB was near speechless after calling out to no one that “he made it!” I watched and listened. I wanted to be on the field, on Bourbon, at Sweet’s at least with all my asshole runnin buddies. Instead I just sat and thought about how the phrase “same ol’ Saints” must now be relegated to history. The Saints may never go to the Super Bowl again, but they are going this once. And so maybe we’ll complain that they are playing like the old time Saints, but this championship season forevermore will remain a bright dividing line between the same ol’ Saints and any future failures.

I imagine that somewhere Hap and Buddy D are hearing it from the squirrels. Lord how I wish they were here to put it all in perspective and to remind me of all the black and gold disasters that have merged and faded with the passing of years. Just thinking of the ones I recall off hand sort of overwhelms me. Um, excuse me, I think there’s something in my eye. I better stop now and go wash my face.

Bonus QOTD

“If the Saints ever go to the Super Bowl I’ll march down Bourbon Street in a dress.” Buddy D; as I understand it, Bobby Hebert will keep Buddy D’s promise, in memoriam

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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22 Responses to Excuse Me, I Think There Is Something In My Eye

  1. irvine redd says:

    Well done.

    Who Dat!

  2. Adam says:

    I laughed for 5 straight minutes. AJ and I ran around the house like idiots. Then I told him “you can’t be as happy as me, you have only been waiting for this for 10 years. I have been waiting 38.”

    Damn, this is nice. The only team of mine that won a championship is the Braves and that one came with much heartbreak also.

  3. The Hollywood script of this season is amazing. First they have to beat regional hero Favre, and for awhile tonight he looked invincible–the constant hits took a toll–and now they get hometown boy Peyton.

    I also want to point out that I was not on my belly when he lined up to kick. Too many times that hasn’t worked for the Saints so I didn’t even think of it until a few minutes ago. I think if I’d assumed the position of supplication, the gods would’ve been unable to resist hooking it off the upright.

  4. Mac says:

    I have come to expect no less. Nice article. Why can’t we ever read the whole article in the facebook note links you put up?

  5. irvineredd says:

    I imagine he does that to bring folks over to the blog.

    It’s be pretty cool listening to the sports talk guys on ESPNRadio this morning.

    The WWL play by play caller,”Pigs have flown, hell has frozen over, and the Saints are going to the Super Bowl!”

  6. Mac, Irv is right. I want the traffic over here and there were a few people who just read it there. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure they just quit reading rather than hit the link. Also, I never intended for the feed to go out on everybody’s page. I just wanted there to be the link so it wouldn’t bother people who really don’t want to hear my ramblings. I’m just a simple unfrozen caveman lawyer. These FB technologies frighten and confuse me.

    PS, new rule, if you are from MS you have to say GO Saints.

  7. Here is a factoid I got out of the Clarion Ledger about Archie Manning.

    [His career record as a starter was 35-101-3, a .263 percentage that ranks as the worst in league history among quarterbacks with at least 100 starts.]

    These are the Saints I used to know and love/hate second best behind the Dolphins. But honestly that’s even worse than I would’ve guessed. It says something for Archie that he had the personal success he did amongst so much ineptitude.

  8. Jessie Lou says:

    I got a phone call from an old friend who happened to be in the endzone where the winning field goal was made – excitement does not begin to describe the reaction. I spent many a Sunday afternoon in my sleeping bag falling asleep to Saint’s games. It is about time they got this far – it is their due. I know some folks who have paid $5,000 for 2 tickets and as of yesterday had no place to stay. As the preacher said in church yesterday, “if the Saint’s win, I’ll begin my series on the end of times.”

  9. calicobebeop says:

    I don’t really follow football (gasp!) but I did kind of feel sorry for Brett Favre after I heard about the game losing pass. Sucks to go out on a downer.

  10. If you haven’t seen this video of Saints fans on Bourbon last night, you need to check this out.


    And here’s the NFL Network’s highlights with radio calls, including Jim Henderson’s “pigs have flown” call.


  11. Fish says:

    Great! Now we get to relive KATRINA all over again!!!!

    • Hi Jeanie!I’m Cheri, the N.O. gal who left a comment about the Saints on the “We Live to Tell God’s Amazing Grace” blog. You left one in agmeerent.Just wanted to pop over to your site and leave a comment.We fellow Louisianians (Is that even a word?) have to stick together!!Blessings,Cheri

  12. irvineredd says:

    The first thought I had after, “Holy Crap! They did it!”, was here comes Katrina. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it, but I’m pulling for the Saints because of the downtrodden fanbase I grew up surrounded by.

  13. Fish says:

    The only thing worse than growing up a Saints fan is growing up a Jets fan. Close but no cigar! Not that I actually thought they could beat Indy but they had a great year.
    Anyway, GO SAINTS!

  14. Mac says:

    Interesting and sad side story. I was partnered up with a buddy one year cutting grass. We were doing a bunch of contracts and had a little disposable income. He comes to me with the idea to buy season tickets for the Saints. We price em and they are quite reasonable. I told him yea, go ahead and do it, we will buy them with the companys moolah. Well, long story short, he dropped the ball (notorious ball dropper, this one) and he never followed through. This was the year before they drafted Bush. I haven’t even looked it up because I would hate to know what they are worth now. I know they doubled right after they drafted Reggie. Now I have to go. I have something in my eye.

  15. A notorious ball dropper, huh? Go by the name Peterson? Or maybe Smily?

  16. face says:

    I know someone whose family has had season tickets for more than 25 years, until this year! They decided they hadn’t been using them enough and elected not to renew this year. They were great seats, too, about 15 rows up on the Saints sideline at about the 20 yard line.

  17. tkh says:

    I’m not sure anyone in the daiquiri shop in the video was of age.

  18. Mac says:

    No TB. I could definitely see where Smily would fall into the short list of usual suspects. Its another fellow named Wes “Stone Hands” Small.

  19. Feidts Follies says:

    There were many man tears shed at that game Sunday. On NFL radio today one of the guys said,”I know this pisses the fans off, but we are taught to try to pick a fumble up and run with it, not fall on it.” I don’t know how many times we yelled “Jump on the Ball”

    The best was there was not a single incident on town after the game either. And the worst is I had to tip the DJ at Lucy’s to play “Going to Miami”

  20. smilyj says:

    I have never dropped balls.

  21. smilyj says:

    wait minute….. You know what I mean.

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