Thursday Pickin VIII

Quote of the Day     Turn out the lights; the party’s over; they say that all; good things must end; call it a night; the pa-arty’s o-ver; and tomorrow starts; the whole thing, over, again.”     –as crooned every Monday by Dandy Don Merideth, back during the Golden Age of Sports

RMac finally missed a beat last week, going with Oklahoma, so there may be a new name atop the leaderboard. We’ll see. Here are last week’s results, all POTW winners until noted otherwise:

  1. Pitalo went 5-0 in addition to his POTW. It’s going to be really embarrassing if he wins after missing the first couple of weeks of the season. But beware Pitalo, Sweet did in RMac, he’ll come after you if you have any more weeks like the last one.
  2. Smily learned how to play and did it well last week. Though only 3-3 on bonus picks, he got a close decision over Adam on bonus points for getting “Ain’t No Fun Waitin to Be a Millionaire” stuck in my head. The missing “g” didn’t hurt either, but “Seven Spanish Angels” put him over the top.
  3. Adam went 2-1 with a “dog” playlist I really liked, but Smily struck a chord (blank stare) so its bronze for Stone.
  4. Larry 2-2, love the Sex and Candy, but you might’ve gotten more for that at Halloween.
  5. RSR all in and a winner, with the usual hip list, but with the RSR/Ed handicap was dropped to a still impressive 5th.
  6. Supercynic, 2-3, with the fictional line of the week. Nobody can beat Feidt’s Follies for real life humor.
  7. OB at 1-4 saved face, and edged Face with his class of 88 songlist.
  8. Face was 0-2, but picked a nice standard, as performed by the original Stranger.
  9. Zeek, with OB and Face, illustrated the inherent injustice in this game. His POTW kept him above everyone else, but his 1-4 bonus was ugly.
  10. Sweet went 1-1 on POTW, 1-2 on regular games and 1-0 on jinxing RMac. TB was offended by the double POTW, but elected not to penalize for it.
  11. TB and everyone else lost the POTW, but TB went 4-0-1 in the bonus picks.
  12. Fig went 4-1 and gets SOTW for Mickey Gilley’s “The Girl’s All Get Prettier at Closin Time”. 
  13. TKH had perhaps his best week ever, going 3-2, and reminiscing about his old Mississippi home.
  14. MD limped in at 1-2, but got to ride the “Teacups” all week, so he doesn’t care.
  15. Feidt’s Follies went 1-4, then dropped a sweet parley on us before giving back a bit on parley number 2. Enjoyed the late afternoon catchup posts, but didn’t score them either way. I did award points for the preview of his date with an Amish chick. 
  16. Greeg/Screwtape showed his softer side, and it almost made me fail to notice he went 1-5. Go D-Rays.
  17. JLM was 1-3, but since she, Smily and SC were the only people to appear on the blog this week, I gave her (and them) a little juice.
  18. BR was next, 0-3, and a blank stare for his tune.
  19. Ed, all in again, lost. But I really want a new hot rod.
  20. RMac. Oklahoma, oh no. A good thing too, there aren’t many other “Rosie” songs out there. 
The Overall Standings
  1. RMac  202
  2. Fig  196
  3. TB   189
  4. Feidt’s Follies  183
  5. Rock Star Rambler  179
  6. OB  161
  7. Supercynic  156
  8. Adam  150
  9. Pitalo  145
  10. Ed  144
  11. Larry  133
  12. Sweet  132
  13. Smily  130
  14. MD  128
  15. Face  110
  16. JLM  105
  17. Screwtape  103
  18. BR  100
  19. Zeek  94
  20. TKH  92
TB’s Picks this week
  • Ole Miss  +13
  • Ohio State  -4
  • Michigan  +23
  • LSU  -3
  • TX Tech  -20
POTW–Vandy  +15
My Tunes, suitable for a road trip to Nashville
  • Steal My Kisses–Ben Harper
  • Euro Trash Girl–Cracker
  • Anywhere But Here–Cross Canadian Ragweed
  • Road to Nowhere–Talking Heads
  • Nashville (there ain’t nothin wrong with it)–Todd Snider
As always, new players are welcome–you’re still eligible for our weekly prizes, just the same as our regulars, even though the overall grand prize is out of reach.

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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21 Responses to Thursday Pickin VIII

  1. Adam says:

    POTW Bama over Ole Miss (+13) – Ole Miss might keep it to 13 but the refs will be good for another 7. Look for something like 35-17.

    LSU +3 over South Carolina
    Mizzou to cover against Texas (-6); might win that game

    Arkansas -9 over Kentucky

    I can’t think of a theme for songs (plus I have gotten 3 consecutive honorable mentions for my effort) so just because my Dad is a ships captain and I have a son: Buffett – Son of a Son Of a Sailor

  2. smilyj says:

    Miami -4.5
    Okla -19.5
    State +7.5
    LSU -3
    POTW-Mich State +3

    “Let Me Put My Love In To You , Babe.” ACDC.
    “Feel Like Making Love” Bad Co.
    “You’ve Never Been This Far Before” Conway
    “Unskinny Bop” Poison

  3. OB says:


    Byu- 1½
    RICE -3½
    PENN STATE -23

    Play of the Week For the Second Week in a Row:

    Houston -12 1/2

    OB is going with some jazz, blues and a bit of Zydeco this week.

    Fats Domino- Aint That a Shame
    Harry Connick Jr. – You Didn’t Know Me When
    Buckwheat Zydeko- Ma Tit Fille
    Buddy Guy – Sweet Home Chicago

    Song of the Week:
    Percy Sledge- When a Man Loves a Woman

    Performer of the Week:

    Chris Leblanc out of Baton Rouge. This guy is very unknown across the nation, but is very well known in Louisiana and other parts of the south. He has played with many famous musicians and is very well respected in the music industry. This guy is freakin awesome!

  4. larry says:

    I will take

    BYU -1′
    Georgia -15
    Pitt – 3′
    MSU +8′

    POTW you guessed it The Rebs +13

    Gringo Honeymoon – REK
    L.A. Freeway – Jerry Jeff Walker
    Brilliant Mistake – Elvis Costello and The Attractions
    Jane Says – Jane’s Addiction
    The End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine – REM

  5. Fig E says:


    *Georgia Tech -2 at CLEMSON
    *GEORGIA -15 vs. Vandy
    Southern Miss +3′ at RICE
    Arkansas +9 at KENTUCKY
    Lsu -3 at SOUTH CAROLINA

    ALABAMA -13 vs Ole Miss

    *Jerry Lee Lewis – Rockin My Life Away
    *Hank Williams, Jr. – I Got Rights
    *Ozzy Osbourne w/Primus – N.I.B
    *Kiss – Cold Gin
    *Reckless Kelly – Wiggles & Ritalin

  6. ZEEK says:

    POTW- Okla St. -16′
    Wake Forest-1
    No. Car.-5′
    Wash St.+42

    SOTW- Into the Mystic- Van Morrison
    Why Me Lord-Kris Kristofferson
    Knoxville Courthouse Blues- Bocephus
    Stranglehold- Ted Nugent
    Too Shy Shy- Kajagoogoo

  7. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Iowa -4
    Nebraska -8
    Southern miss +2
    Calfornia -2 1/2
    Kansas +20


    LSU -2

    Stevie Wonder- Do i do
    Stevie Wonder- Boogie on a reggea woman
    Prince- Darling Nikki
    David Bowe-Under Pressure
    Micheal Buble- Going home


    In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins (no cover compares to his)

  8. face says:

    POTW- LSU -3

    bonus picks:
    Clemson +2
    OK St. -16′
    Kansas +20

    Alice In Chains- Rooster
    Pearl Jam- Black
    Dire Straits- Sultans of Swing

  9. Feidts Follies says:

    Here’s my problem, The Republicans got us where we are today, The Democrats Political Correctness makes me want to puke, what do I do. Here’s what I do:

    I retreat to the woods of upstate South Carolina Friday night and camp at Baldhead State Park for the weekend then get up on Sunday and after a hearty breakfast and woodsy poop, drive to Charlotte and go to the Panthers/Saints Game and get hammered. I got a Margarita guy behind section 204, he helped me forget the entire second half of last years game. Last year I walked up to him and said, “Its halftime and I am still sober” He looked at me and held 2 bottles of Tequila up from behind the bar and Said, “Oh yee of little Faith!” I loved that guy, would of thought I was in New Orleans.

    I got an air matress built for two and yes Amish Girls Shave.

    Clemson +2
    Wash St +42, sucker for those big numbers
    Okie St -16′
    Tennessee -8′
    Vandy +15

    POTW Miami -5′ Like Stealing

    Double pick O the week: BAMA -13

    I like the over in the Saints game as well, and what a comeback by the SOX tonight.

  10. Feidts Follies says:

    Oh yeah, music picks:

    Anything bluegrassy or accoustic for sitting in the woods next to a fire.

    I recommend anything by Yonder Mountain String Band and the rapid rising Avett Brothers. Check them out if you haven’t heard them. My fav is ‘The Weight of Lies’

  11. supercynic says:

    UConn pk
    Nebraska -6
    UVA +5′
    LSU -3
    POTW Army +10′

    I have no song lists. I just want to hang out with Feidts Follies, so I adopt his songs.

  12. sweet says:

    Not making picks, just going against all of Pitalos and with Fidos POTW cause hes been hot there
    Pitalos Collins selection
    Face’s Dire Straits
    Woods moment:
    Fidos 10-200

  13. RMac says:

    Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. Winston Churchill

    I’m grateful for my run, but not for sweet’s jinx.

    Mississippi State (in honor of TB)

    Songs – Ladies Sing The Blues
    Cry me a River – Dinah Washington
    Nobody knows when you are down and out – Nina Simore
    Good Morning Heartache – Billie Holiday

  14. Jessie Lou says:

    I am having a week worth celebrating and because of that I am going for the gusto! My picks are as follows:

    Georgia Tech – 2
    East Carolina – 9
    Miami, Florida 5 1/2
    South Florida – 24 !/2
    Virginia Tech – +2
    Wisconsin = +3
    Purdue – +4
    Kansas – +20
    Bowling Green – 9
    Central Michigan – 3
    Nebraska – 6
    Mississippi State – +8 1/2
    Vanderbilt – +15
    Utah – 21 !/2
    USM – +3 1/2
    Pitt – 3/ 1/2
    Michigan State – +4
    Mizzou – +6
    North Carolina – 5 1/2
    No. Illinois – 7 1/2
    Utah State – +20
    UAB – + 3 1/2
    Penn State – 23
    New Mexico – 14 1/2
    Oregon State – 13 1/2

    POTW – Ole Miss Rebels – +13
    Texas Tech Red Rebels – 20

    A weekend of rebels of which I consider myself one (although I am currently endowed with red wine and always have my red hair).

    I thought I would pick more games and have more choices, whether they be good or bad. The full moon is having a positive effect on me.

    Songs of the week – the theme is dreams because my dreams have been so interesting this week:

    Dream Weaver – Gary Wright
    Dreams – Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac
    Dream On – Aerosmith
    California Dreaming – The Mammas and the Pappas
    Magic Man – Heart
    Better Man – Pearl Jam

    A tip of the hat to Smileyj – good to talk to you this week – enjoyed seeing you early one morning!

    TB – I hope I get bonus points for “trying” to understand the point system since I’ve never “gotten” the point system and “that is the point”. Although I am exempt I am never one to shy away from a challenge just because I am female.

  15. sweet says:

    I thought I had at least taught you that, if nothing else. Yes, that is an opening for another dagger (for those of you that have the “over” 4)

  16. JLM, a weeklong celebration? Details?

  17. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Washington State +42

    On a weekend getaway in the mountains, up in the sky.

    Sunrise – Norah Jones
    Blue Sky – Allman Brothers
    Pink Moon – Nick Drake
    Baby I’m a Star – Prince
    Supernova – Liz Phair

  18. Ed says:

    “When a stranger stopped beside me in an antique Cadillac.
    He was dressed like 1950 – half drunk and hollow-eyed.
    He said, “It’s a long walk to Nashville. Would you like a ride, son?”

    – David Allen Coe

    I like wondering what Bucksnort.TN might be like when I drive to Nashville. But I realize, it might be better to wonder then to actually find out.

    I also wonder if there is a contest for the most obnoxious Alabama fan. I’m sure I don’t want to meet that person, but the contest would be entertaining.

    While travellin’ to Nashville:
    Streets have no Name – U2
    Radar Love – Golden Earring
    Rambliin Man – Allman Bros.

    POTW – Baylor +17.5

  19. Jessie Lou says:

    TB – I am celebrating something in life that I personally never thought I would accomplish. I might be down by next week but today feels great and I’m trying to enjoy that moment. Glad to look back at what I wrote last night and see that the wine front did not cause me to embarrass myself too badly. Not to mention a week featuring gloriously huge full moon…life is good at this second. Must hurry to get things done in time to settle in for the Alabama/Ole Miss game.

  20. OB says:

    Congratulations Jessie Lou. It’s really something special and exciting when you accomplish your dreams and goals. Enjoy this time while it lasts!

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    Thanks OB – because we all know the roller coaster will go down at some point – that is just the reality of life.

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