Catch-up Post–Labor Day Weekend

Quote of the Weekend     “#%!*&$! Bulldogs!”     –Travellinbaen

TB’s been vacationing in sunny Oxford, MS, for Labor Day and away from the laptop, but there’s been lots to talk about over the last few days.

First, my ten-cent analysis on McCain’s VP choice, Sarah Palin.  I think he made a shrewd choice.  Obviously, McCain really believes he can take some Hillary voters whose only issue is having a woman in the White House, and this is a good way to further that goal.  She’s a favorite of the oil companies so campaign funding should flow freely.  And she’s definitely a DC outsider which plays to his mythological status as a “maverick”.  I can’t help but marvel at the irony of him choosing someone with no experience all the while basing much of his criticism of Obama as being too inexperienced.  Likewise, I can’t help but marvel at the Obama campaign’s criticism of Palin as too inexperienced.  Then, I am reduced to a blank stare at the right wing talker’s indignation of the Obama campaign playing the “inexperience” card.  It is well to keep in mind as emotions rise among voters for both camps that none of these people are in this game on our behalf.  

Gustav, as I am told by The Weather Channel this moment, will be damaging, but not catastrophic.  It’s going in at Morgan City, and I hope the best for those folks, but I’m glad they drew the short stick too. Now to wait on Hanna and her sisters lined up back to Africa and awaiting their fates upon being struck by the croquet mallets of the gods.  Whatever the cause, it sure seems like their are more strong storms than ever the last few years.  I hope those in west Louisiana have their insurance policies up to date and the will to sue State Farm et al when they get their lowball settlement offers.

The first weekend of college football is winding down and my school’s season is in all likelihood a lost cause.  I’ve attempted to settle the rambling frenzy of frustrated and angry thoughts in to a cogent written summary of what I go through every time State lays an egg like they did Saturday.  Don’t worry though, the rant is coming on my “Bulldog” page soon.  Shadenfroiders rejoice.  I also saw most of the Ole Miss game live.  They looked very good on offense.  Their new quarterback is good.  He’s not as good as advertised, but probably half as much so, and that’s plenty.  Defense, not so much.  But they’ve got a good chance to win 7 or 8 games. 

It helped soothe my bitter soul by going to the Memphis Zoo yesterday.  I haven’t been since around 1993, and in the intervening 15 years, the place has really changed.  It’s not huge, but the exhibits are great and the variety of animals is good. There’s lots of shade, plenty of good snacks and drinks available and some good shows. The monkeys are my traditional zoo favorite and these didn’t disappoint, but I’ve never seen a polar bear nor a kimono dragon before Sunday, so those were the highlights. I had a great day.  It’s a reminder that there’s a lot of better ways to spend a weekend than sitting in front of a TV watching a hopeless football team.

Updated 9-2-08

As information has come out over the last couple of days, I am thinking my initial reaction to the Palin VP choice was a bit hasty.  From association with a secessionist movement, to family values issues, to pursuing a family vendetta with government influence, and several other potential scandals I’ve not had the interest to even read about, this lady might be just a little too loony for comfort.  Who knows whether these embers will become blazing infernos or simply ashes taken away with the wind, so for now, I’ll not call her a huge mistake.  I think we’ll know more in a couple of weeks, but it doesn’t look like nearly as shrewd a choice as it did a few days ago.

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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1 Response to Catch-up Post–Labor Day Weekend

  1. Jessie Lou says:

    Next time you are in Oxford you need to look Gene up in the Rebel Bookstore across from the Episcopal church on Jackson. I was sick over State’s loss but very happy for Ole Miss. Can’t decide on Sara Palin – I love to get my mom’s goat and tell her McCain picked Palin because of her eskimo ethnicticity (spelling). I am still undecided politcally. On a separate note, I had the pleasure of watching Goula play Friday night until the transformer blew on the Gautier side ending the game with 4:39 to go with the score Goula 21-14. They say they will meet to finish playing but I really doubt it since it was not a district game. It does muck up your win/loss ratio though. If they could just teach the quarterback to run forward instead of backward things would be looking much better. Alas, I’ll never know what it is like to have 11 young men stampede you on a Friday night!

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