Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 9

Quote of the Week:

I have found myself anxiously awaiting this day….oddly…” –Harmony

Greetings friends, it’s fall festival/Halloween week here in the TBU, the eve of the big mid-term elections, only two days from the Colbert/Stewart rallies in D.C., and another huge weekend of college football; a time for fear and loathing if there ever was one.

But today is also a day for rejoicing for the TBU finally picked up the pace last week. TB won my POTW (now 4-4 on the season) and collectively we were 13-8 (now 90-82). On bonus picks I was 2-3, leaving my season tally at 14-18-3. Overall we were 26-19 on bonus picks, not too shabby. Five people by my count hit their Dogs o’the week. Kudos to Pitalo, Zeek, TKH, BR and Smily.

Tiny D, after a couple of tough outings lately, resumed her role as Thursday Pickin’s cold-blooded killer last week, not only hitting her POTW, but going 3-0 in bonus picks to bust the curve against all the “all-in” pickers. The standings are below, remember the top 13 in the weekly ledger all won their POTW, bonus picks only in parentheses. Music points went to RSR and MD.

Last week’s results:

  1. Tiny D  (3-0)  68
  2. Fig  (4-1)  68
  3. JLou  (4-1)  68
  4. BW Buzz  (3-1)  62
  5. Zeek  50
  6. TKH  50
  7. BR  50
  8. Flyin’ J  50
  9. Mac  50
  10. Coach TJ  (2-2)  50
  11. TB  (2-3)  44
  12. Pitalo  (2-3)  44
  13. TDW  (1-4)  32
  14. Smily  (2-1)  26
  15. Fish  (3-2)  26
  16. RSR  (all in plus bonus)  15
  17. MD  (all in plus bonus)  15
  18. Larry  10
  19. Sweet  10 (edited to add 5 protest points)
  20. Face  10
  21. Feidt’s Follies  (0-1) 8
  22. Irv  (remembered to post, but not to pick)  1
  23. Harmony  (gettin’ jiggy with it)

Season Standings:

  1. Tiny D  393
  2. BR  350
  3. TDW  335
  4. Smily  329
  5. Fish  310
  6. Pitalo  308
  7. Flyin’ J  304
  8. JLou  301
  9. Larry  298
  10. RSR  291
  11. Fig  291
  12. Face  290
  13. Sweet  281
  14. BW Buzz  274
  15. TB  263
  16. MD  263
  17. CTJ  245
  18. Mac  243
  19. TKH  243
  20. Zeek  221
  21. FF  152
  22. Irv  137

Here are my picks for the week and here’s your link to the odds:

  • Michigan St  +6′
  • Louisville  +9′
  • Tennessee  +17′
  • Arkansas  -21
  • Oregon  -6′

POTW  Missouri  +7′  (DOTW)

My Tunes, and by the way, everybody who works in at least one song related to the Halloween/Fear/Loathing theme gets a two point bump next week:

  • I Put a Spell on You–CCR
  • Scare Easy–Mudcrutch
  • Little Ghost–White Stripes
  • Paranoid–Ozzy
  • SOTW–People Who Died–Jim Carroll Band

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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76 Responses to Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 9

  1. sweet says:

    With 3 votes for SOW and no bonus points, I am officially filing a protest

  2. irvineredd says:

    Here we go:

    Nebraska -7.5
    Ole Miss +7 (DOTW)
    USC +6.5
    Miami -15

    Florida +2.5

    I discovered this guy a couple of months ago. And he’s kind of awesome. So here’s two of his videos:

    And my song of the week

    Carol Brown-Flight of the Conchords (in honor of my new landlady, who’s name is Carol Brown)

  3. irvineredd says:

    Also, I’ll give the TBU an update on the awesomeness of the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear Sunday or Monday.

  4. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW (and DOTW): Ole Miss +7

    Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You
    Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – Ride the Tide
    Primal Scream – Rocks


    Whisper to a Scream – The Icicle Works

    Scream to a Sigh – Manic Street Preachers

  5. ZEEK says:

    TB- After a vast majority of the TB Nation spoke on Smily for QOTW, you fall for a stroking of your ego? No offense to Harmony, but this is an Obamaesque maneuver that slaps the loyal TBU participants in the face with the fact that its leader really does not care what we think or how we feel. I bet you did that on purpose TB.
    Whatever, on to football.

    POTW- Northwestern-3

    DOTW- Baylor

    **I will not list a Halloween song for 2 hand-out bonus points in protest of QOTW**
    Instead I will use a song by a fairly new female artist that is a breath of fresh air in this poppy Lady GaGa, Kanye West era of music. Her name is Lissie, and her voice is sultry and soulful, reminds me of Stevie Nicks. I would like some of you music conoisseurs to tell me what you think. The chorus is infectious.
    SOTW- Little Lovin’–Lissie

    • I decided I would take the opinions in to consideration. However, the QOTW is traditionally reserved for a quote that does not appear to be designed to win it. It also usually goes to someone who has said something relevant to the Thursday Pickin’ topic.

      And it’s been awhile since you’ve naysayed one of my decisions, so yes, pissin’ you off was a worthwhile side effect.

      Your Lissie tune is pretty cool.

    • irvineredd says:

      That sounded good. And yeah, she does have the Stevie Nicks voice going on

    • irvineredd says:

      Also, ironically, here’s this chick doing a cover of Lady Gaga:

      And she recorded her EP at Fat Possum, which is pretty cool

    • irvineredd says:

      And here’s a metallica cover. And it’s pretty good.

    • Harmony says:

      WOW! She is amazing.

  6. ZEEK says:

    So, basically, you just do whatever you like……whaddaya think this is? You act like this site is YOURS or something!!!

  7. Tiny d says:

    Don’t jinx me TB!
    POTW Auburn -7
    USM -9
    Nebraska -7
    Marshall -3

    Lucifer Hands – Sons of William
    Assassin – John Mayer
    Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash
    Shattered – Rolling Stones
    SOTW Straight to Hell – Drivin N Cryin
    Shattered – rolling Stones

  8. sweet says:

    POW – Teaser/ Iowa -‘
    Nebraska -1’


    worst Halloween and possibly worst song ever

    Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
    Spooky – Classics IV
    Zombie Jamboree – Rockapella
    Season of the Witch – Donovan
    The Blob – The Five Blobs

  9. Mac says:

    I prefer my Halloween real scary as opposed to cheesy scary. My POTW reflects this in that the mississippi bears should be quivering in their collective tutu’s with the real life monster Cam Newton hiding in their closet.
    POTW Cam Newton -7 vs da bears
    SOTW is also tied in with a Halloween feel and a similarity of song title and what Cam’s hand is gonna smell like when he leave’s Oxford.

  10. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Florida State -3½
    Utah State +26
    West Virgina -6 1/2
    Oklahoma State -5
    Kent State -10

    SOTW-Dave Matthews Band-Halloween

  11. Fish says:

    POTW—Georgia -2′
    Florida State -3′
    Louisville +9′
    Tennessee +17′
    Mississippi Bad News Bears +7
    Baylor +7

    • Ole Miss is a popular pick this week with the pundits. I kind of liked ’em too, but they’ve gotten too trendy so I laid off. But, 3 number ones in a row have bit the dust so you never know….

      BTW, I was reminded this morning that the last two number ones to lose, Ohio State and Oklahoma, gave up opening kickoff returns for 6. So if the bears bring one back to start the game, watch out.

  12. br says:

    Dotw: kentucky
    Potw: auburn-7

  13. BW BUZZ says:


    GEORGIA -2
    TENNESSE + 17
    ARKANSAS -21
    KENTUCKY + 6

  14. West Virginia -6½
    UAB +9′
    Purdue +17
    Miami Florida -15 (POTW)
    IOWA -6½

    I rarely participate in the SOTW portion of the contest because I listen mainly to Albanian punk polka (who’s going to vote for that?), so this week I’m going to submit my contenders for the QOTD:

    1. Awesome blog, TB!
    2. On Thursday Pickin’ days, my children awake to find gifts under the TB tree.
    3, If Thursday Pickin’ were on Sundays, I’d skip church.
    4. (Combining SOTW w/ the QOTD): It’s Thursday, I’m In Love.
    5. Just to see if MD is reading: Republicans are stupid.
    6. Whatever God created on the 4th day, it wasn’t as good as Thursday Pickin’.

    • Number 1 is terrible, Number 4 is slightly disconcerting and Number 6 would be yet another lightnin’ bolt in the quiver the Big Man has stockpiled for me already. However 2 and 3 have potential.

  15. coachteajay says:

    Auburn -7….WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    other stuff
    Texas -7
    East Carolina +7
    Duke +14
    Houston -14
    (notice a trend?)

    Penn St

    Songs? going with two totaly different sides of the spectrum but all good stuff

  16. sweet says:

    Zeek, you sure do like to stir the pot with your grubby little fingers don’t ya…….If the TB committee rules against my teeze then I will make another selection

  17. sweet says:

    DOW – Southern Cal

  18. tkh says:

    POTW – State -6.5
    ODOTW – Wake Forest

    Bonus –
    Auburn -7
    UF +2.5

    • tkh says:

      I was this || close to picking Tulsa as my outright dog, oh well the satisfaction of a ND loss is like football pornography.

  19. Feidt's Follys says:

    Meet the New Boss, Just like the Old Boss! All I had to do was wait for dude to come and leave. 2 weeks into his job and him saying he was gonna ride us blah blah blah, he was in and out in 5 minutes.

    ALL IN PICK O The Week OLE MISS wins outright.

    Song of the week – Bob Segar – Night Moves

    Either way I don’t care, my resume will be complete after this weekend. Heading out for NOLAWEEN Three Night Widespread Panic run at UNO Lakefront Arena for the first time since Katrina! Captain Paul from Whale Wars will be making a cameo appearance Sunday Night along with Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Night Moves is my cover song call. Hope I make it out alive.

    • New TP rule…..if you go all in on a 7 point dog or more to win and you hit it, you win the week–one point more than whoever is high man/chick.

      I like your style Folly J

  20. ZEEK says:

    “Nuts and Bolts, we got screwed, third down!!!!” –Announcers for this high school game after a horrible, horrible call.

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    South Carolina -17 1/2
    Georgia – 2 1/2
    Utah – 7
    Houston U – 14
    Auburn – 7

    POTW – Oregon – 6 1/2

    Halloweenie songs:

    Running with the Devil – Van Halen
    Tubular Bells – Theme for the Exorcist
    Highway to Hell – ACDC
    Witchy Woman – The Eagles
    Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr.

    SOTW – I Want Candy! – Bow Wow Wow

    • ZEEK says:

      JLou- I gotta give it to you, you are on the money every week with the tunes. Our tastes are identical. Did you like my SOTW?

  22. Madd Dawg says:

    watch it DW. I read every word….

    Fido, you have a boss? a job? I thought you, like, won the lottery or something and just went out drinking every night trying to corrupt young, or old, women, or sheep for that matter. The Legend of a Gentleman of Leisure continues.

    Home Dawg POTW: Boston College (unfortunatley-initialed “BC” like B Rad C) +7.

  23. Madd Dawg says:

    Song List

    The Doors – The End

    Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

    ? – Monster Mash

  24. larry says:

    POTW/DOTW – The Johnny Rebs

    Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band
    Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
    This Magic Moment – The Drifters
    Strange Magic – ELO
    Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress – The Hollies

    SOTW – Do You Believe In Magic – Lovin Spoonful

  25. Madd Dawg says:

    You also like to smoke a pound of California Sensimilla per week?

  26. Jessie Lou says:

    Z – I have not had the chance to listen to it yet but will over the weekend. IR gave it a favorable rating so I am thinking I’ll like it as well – I’ll give a final verdict later. It is sometimes scary how similar our song tastes are!

    Now, now MD…… answer that I may have to hire you.

  27. Jessie Lou says:

    Zeek – I do like the song and it does remind me of Stevie Nicks which was all we listened to back in 9th grade – Rumours was the big thing back then.

    You all should listen to the Flight of the Concords Song about Carol Brown – it is really about all the girlfriends of the past – very funny – I love Jermaine and that accent!

    IR – I hope you report in from the capital city tomorrow.

  28. Fig E says:

    POTW: SOUTH CAROLINA -18 v. Tennessee

    ARKANSAS -21 v. Vanderbilt
    MISSISSIPPI STATE -6′ v. Kentucky
    Auburn -7 v. MISSISSIPPI
    Florida +2′ v. Georgia

  29. face says:

    POTW: State -6′

    Florida +2′
    Nebraska -7′
    Navy -14
    Michigan st +6′
    USM -9′

    DOTW: Tulane

    SOTW: Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones

  30. smilyj says:

    POTW STATE -6.5
    DOTW Southern Cal +7
    SOTW “The Monster Mash”

    • Lenni says:

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  31. sweet says:

    Added picks:
    Miss +7
    Van +21
    Utep +3
    Ore St – 3
    CFla over 53
    Ind +3
    USC over 71
    Kan St over 67
    Utah – 7

    • Tathra says:

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  32. FlyinJ says:

    A question to ponder, Where do I find the time? I is not limited to me, myself, or Irene, but to you, me, and the world around us. Time flies when we are having fun. Here it goes again, the pacific side of the US is doing me well. POTW: Oregon State -3

  33. Harmony says:

    We just heard this one on the radio. I’m going to toss this one in with the Awesomely Bad…

    • Mac says:

      Harmony, I remember this song from my childhood. It is amazing how cheese-astically crappy it is. Thx.

  34. Jessie Lou says:

    Sweet – last time I picked that many I got a reprimand from the Great TB himself. Hope your excuse is better than my wine haze was – that one did not work.

  35. sweet says:

    No JL, I’m just a schmuck

  36. Jessie Lou says:

    Blank stare………..

  37. ZEEK says:

    Double Blank Stare…………

  38. sweet says:

    Ok, how about my only excuse is that I’m a schmuck… no, I really don’t have one. Actually I was going opposite of last weeks big winners, but their combined efforts went 6-2 this week so it didn’t work

  39. Madd Dawg says:

    My Sensimilla comment was in reference to Zeek’s statement that he and you had the same tastes, but it must have flown over Zeek’s head, not hard to do since he stands at a mere 5’4″ tall (even with the Buddha Brown Ruthless Posse’ standing behind him) as my comment would have otherwise elicited a scathing* response from Zeek.

    *Fig E.: note the root form of this word is “Scath”.

  40. Jessie Lou says:

    Maybe Zeek is picking his battles and decided not to touch that one. You just made me feel taller, a feat even the ruler cannot produce.

  41. ZEEK says:

    Actually MD, I was not monitoring the site closely enough, and missed that little jab. It was easily overlooked as are most of your comments. I would not take offense to the comment even if I did still partake of the sacred plant because I see no wrong in it. Concerning your statement about being 5’4″, I would appreciate you keeping my penis length private.

  42. RockStarRambler says:

    SOTW – TJ for Bittersweet
    LOTW – TB

  43. larry says:

    Zeek SOTW
    Harmony LOTW

  44. Jessie Lou says:

    LOTW – Larry

  45. Harmony says:

    SOTW: Jessie Lou

    LOTW: Larry

    • Vikas says:

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  46. Sweet says:

    LOW – JLou
    SOW – Harmony – Barney is 2 Pac (I hope she can accumulate enough points to with this to get listed on the season standings)

  47. Sweet says:

    LOW – JLou
    SOW – Harmony – Barney is 2 Pac (I hope she can accumulate enough points with this to get listed on the season standings)

  48. Mac says:

    LOTW- The Abomidable Snowman
    SOTW- The Loch Ness Monster

  49. ZEEK says:

    Just to break JLou’s hold on the music, I will go wth Fido for SOTW. However, I still gotta give JLou SOTW.

  50. Jessie Lou says:

    Uh, I’ll take it – got to keep the extra points coming for extra credit. Reminds me of school!

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