3 Responses to I Got Nuthin’, But The Daily Wit Cracked Me Up (and he’ll do the same for you)

  1. I don’t have much in me — long day — but here are a few.

    11. Neanderthal facebook status: Killed mammoth. Make coat.

    12. 4th Century Nordic facebook status: Thank you Thor for all your many blessings like allowing me to sack that village and rape and pillage its residents. Cut and paste this today if you’re not ashamed to admit you love Thor.

    13. Jews under Pharoah facebook status: Sick of making these damn bricks. Where the hell is Charlton Heston?

    14. Amelia Earhart facebook status: I can’t seem to find the island where we’re supposed to……….

    15. Lassie’s facebook status: Look you idiot, shut up about the kid in the damn well. I said I’m hungry. I’m hungry. For f*** sake, I’m hungry.

  2. Number 12 is excellent. “11” is a keeper too, and maybe 15. Old Testament Facebook updates have unlimited potential what with the locusts and the parting seas and whatnot.

    Other than number two, of my own I really only rate “9” a keeper, though “4” and “7” are close.

  3. Madd Dawg says:

    that’s some funny sheet fellas. If I weren’t out of 5 hour energy drinks here at the office, I might be able to contribute.

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