Saturday Football Open Thread

Anybody watching the Tube today? I’m sitting here with my ESPN360 feed and flipping back and forth between State-LSU and Southern Miss-Kansas during the commercials. If you get online, just consider this a virtual Del Norte Circle gameday experience. Less some of the “colorful” language, of course.

State just scored to go up 7-6 on LSU after giving away a free TD. Maybe they can keep this one interesting til the 4th for a change.

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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33 Responses to Saturday Football Open Thread

  1. Bullies got nobody that can cover LSU’s wideouts.

  2. TD Tigers, awesome play by their QB….well now that I see the replay I think he was throwing to another guy. Oh well 13-7 bad guys now. That didn’t take long.

  3. Tigers return the gift TD–Bullies hit the PAT tho. Dare I believe????

    Not yet.

  4. Buzzards just tied up Kansas, SM’s team.

    S. Fla up on FSU 14-0.

    The analyst on the State game says 5 “potential” upsets in the top ten TODAY. If there are 3, he I’ll be dang impressed.

    As far as the game that matters, LSU needs to throw the damn ball. Dogs can’t stop that.

  5. Freakin turnovers. LSU going in for the score, two freebies for them now to one for State.

    held ’em to 3, that’s a moral victory

  6. 16-14, getting ready to try a 49 yard FG just before the half. Why do I feel like a block and LSU TD are just as likely a result as a make?

    Holder dropped the snap. Only a State fan would be partially satisfied that it didn’t result in Tiger points.

    But 2 down at the half, still got a chance. Still don’t believe.

  7. face says:

    ESPN 360 is pretty cool. I tried it last year and the quality wasn’t good, but last week I had the ole miss game on and it worked perfectly. Of course those with cableone service here can’t access ESPN 360 for some reason. Another reason I switched to directv and bellsouth internet.

  8. Wow. TD Tigers, nobody in white was even in the picture.

    Dogs better score or at least get some first downs or this one will get ugly. Oh well, it was fun for awhile.

  9. Video of the week. This is MSU Football

  10. closing moments of the third, 23-21 LSU.

    This is the “I believe” meter:


    Here’s TB:

    That’s just enough to make this one hurt more than usual.

  11. 90 yard punt return

    belief meter now here

  12. Jessie Lou says:

    You got to be impressed with the improvement – just got home and cannot believe the score! Just remember – anything can happen!

  13. HEY JLM–I was beginning to grow weary of the conversation with myself. Decided I’d just record my downs, ups and downs for y’all’s amusement whenever.

    I see Southern’s still hanging around and Indiana and S. Fla upsets are possible. Could be a fun day for underdogs, if not Bulldogs.

  14. Not much left to see. LSU 1st and 10 from inside their own 5. 3 and out and my belief meter will spike. A couple of first downs and they salt it away.

  15. Well, 2d down from the 2 for the Bullies with a minute left.

    I got nothin.

  16. ZEEK says:

    Yes, you are. Wow, tough break for the Bulldog Nation.

  17. Mac says:

    Seriously, has State ever had a qb worth a SHIT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That is heart breaking.

  18. This one belongs up on the pedestal of shame with the wind blown egg bowl and the stand.

    The pain is exquisite.

  19. Smily says:

    I’m dejected. But wasnt counting that one as win anyway toward a 6-6 season. I choose to look at it with cautious optimism. TB, State is going up. I think Mullen will learn from it to. Like put your 6’4 240lb QB in on plays like that. I would have ran Dixon twice or QB sneak.(with6’4 240lb QB). But the play was a good one. Dude was wide ass open. Players gotta make dem plays, man. Woulda been great to sneak a win though. Still a believer. Just a grounded one.

  20. irvineredd says:

    No football for me tonight. Just took my seat on the second row for jerry seinfeld!

  21. quail09 says:

    one of the greatest concerts i’ve ever attended…..seinfeld is amazing!….and remember, irv, i saw the allman bros in 1972

  22. Keystone Kops video in context of MSU football was hysterical. Fits equally with my team.

    Yes, the pain is exquisite. After Thursday night, in relation to college football, I’m the bishop in Caddyshack, “There is no god.”

  23. ZEEK says:

    They had the most beautiful play call in football though. Just have to put a little touch on it and you got the W. But with 4 turnovers and a 93 yd punt ret allowed and still there at the end, reason for optimism

  24. sweet says:

    thats me above, zeek was still signed in over here

  25. smilyj says:

    Does anyone believe in the curse of the keg NOW?

  26. I paid my part of the debt. You need to go to OS and buy some college boys a beer and get them to agree it absolves you of welshing.

  27. Jessie Lou says:

    TB – I’m always glad to get the conversation going.

    IR – How was that concert? Had to be better than my picks for this week – I think I’ve passed my torch.

  28. irvineredd says:

    Q09, I have great respect for you for the Allmans 72. I wish. Although, I will be seeing the Allmans and Widespread next Saturday night in Charlotte. I can’t wait for next weekend already.

    JL, It was a good time. Maroon Goff was the opener. It was fun to go to something of that nature. Be nice to head to Charlotte next weekend!

  29. bwbuzz says:

    tough break TB, I cannot stand the other tigers, should have run Relf up the m.iddle or outside or somewhere.”You gonna have days like today, where u put your guts on the line and you come up empty-handed. Aint a damn thing you can do about it, but go back and put um on the line again and again and again! And I promise you that if you keep on keepin on, maybe not today maybe not tommorrow, something good is gonna happen to ya” quote by Pat Dye 1981 after losing Tennesse game in which the offense drone 87 yards to the 3 yard line only to run out of time

  30. smilyj says:

    I must break the curse. You shoulda came up withthat idea bfore th game.

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