Thursday Pickin Round Six

Quote of the Day     “Wanna tell you a story, ‘Bout a woman I know, When it comes to Thursday pickin, She steals the show”     –AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie, except for a couple of words I changed

Four and oh. Four in a row. The upset, alma mater pick of the week. Original musical tastes, and coincidentally the namesake of a song on two playlists last week. Hats’ off to RMac, last week’s winner of the pick’em challenge. And Ed, only such a week, and streak, by RMac could’ve kept you from ascending to the mountaintop. The depth of understanding you displayed on the deep and abiding meaning and purpose of this game is almost frightening. Ed, RMac, and all confirmed Rebel fans got a bonus point this week due to their team’s great, sickening victory in the swamp. RMac and Ed were correct on their all or nothing POTW’s last week, for the record.

The rest of us were also runs, led by the remaining correct pickers of the week. BR took 3rd with a 2-1 bonus pick record and strange collection of songs with Pitalo right on his heels. Larry edged past Stone with a 1-3 mark because his Entourage collection barely beat Rush, but mainly because he picked his Rebels with flair and elan. They both got the Rebel fan bonus, which vaulted them past OB at 2-3. But for the Rebel win, OB’s tunes and preview of this week’s would’ve moved him up a couple of notches. Smily and MD almost tied at 1-2 and 1-3, respectively, but I gave Smily the nod by a point because he made a particularly insightful comment (yes, I know) on the “End of Cool” post. Everybody else lost their POTW.

Feidt’s Follies was the first loser and also went 3-2. He got a small bonus because it appeared he was either drunk before noon on Saturday or just rolling in from Friday, I wasn’t certain. TB at 3-2 was next. I would’ve put Greeg (2-2) ahead of me based on a bonus for letting the satanic side of his persona shine through, but he didn’t acknowledge TB’s traditional greeting in the comments, so the points were withdrawn. RSR came next, mainly due to eschewing the bonus picks and giving us “Devil’s Haircut”, apt upon the appearance of our blog’s own Screwtape. JLM was 2-2, with a 70’s montage. Then it got ugly.

SC was the biggest ugly, going 1-4, with his Rebel bonus and a bonus for a song that left off the “g”. Zeek next thanks to his Rebel points. He lost points for whining but gained them back with his tunes and prison humor. Let’s just remember, as Fig once said, “this ain’t the Greene County Rec Room.” That long ago quote along with AC/DC edged Fig past TKH, who is performing in an Oriolesque fashion so far and was also 1-4. Face (0-2, meaningless, but correct Brewers bonus) beat Sweet, a pathetic 1-6 with some sloppy, but understandable ranting in the comments.

The updated standings:

  1. TB  145
  2. RMac  142
  3. Fig  137
  4. Feidt’s Follies  125
  5. Ed  117
  6. OB  104
  7. RSR  97
  8. Sweet  85
  9. Stone  76
  10. BR  73
  11. JLM  72
  12. SC  71
  13. Larry  70
  14. MD  70
  15. Greeg/Screwtape  60
  16. Smily  55
  17. TKH  51
  18. Pitalo  50
  19. Zeek  44
  20. Face  29 (but Tulane’s goin to a bowl)
My picks
  • Penn St  -13
  • Florida  -24′
  • Kentucky  +16′
  • Navy  +5
  • Ohio St  -1
  • Auburn  -4′
My tunes, dedicated to the Rebels, may the Sports Illustrated cover jinx bite you in the ass
  • Good–Better Than Ezra
  • Hard to Handle–The Black Crowes
  • Knock Em Dead Kid–The Crue
  • Beautiful Day–U2
  • Eye of the Tiger–Survivor, just edged out YMCA, the Village People 
As always, new contestants are welcome, old friends or passers by. And OB, you reference Rebels sometimes. If you should’ve gotten the fan bonus let me know and I’ll tack it on next week.

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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47 Responses to Thursday Pickin Round Six

  1. Smilyj says:

    When it comes to cool, I am the man….picks later. duuuuuuuude.

  2. Jessie Lou says:

    Greetings Fellow Football Fans:

    I’ll jump into the fire early today.

    Penn State
    Boston College

    POTW – Air Force

    Playlist of the week:

    You Oughta Know – Alanis Morrisette
    Take a Bow – Rihanna
    One Week – Bare Naked Ladies
    Moma Told Me (Not To Come) – Three Dog Night
    Life in the Fast Lane – Eagles

    TB- your songs are bringing back some good memories for me – esp ‘Hard To Handle’ – reminds me of my NOLA days.

  3. Fig E says:

    Last week I said I may have peaked too early. I am going to amend and restate my comments, given there was no peak at all, just a free fall from week one. I actually “Knelms’d”. For those of you in Gautier, that has something to do with being on Karen W. front porch. For the picks:

    -South Carolina +2 vs OLE MISS
    -Florida – 24′ vs ARKANSAS
    -Auburn – 4′ vs VANDY

    Kentucky +16′ vs ALABAMA

    Bonus POTW:
    Dale Jr will win at Talladega Sunday (NOTE: Knelms, don’t start with your racing b/s on this board. Thank you in arrears for your cooperation.)

    Bonus POTW2:
    Knelms will mention at least once he is going to see Metallica in November, and that we are all not worthy of him

    For the tunes:
    – The End – The Doors
    – Get Outta My Life – Rebel Meets Rebel (DAC, Pantara, and Hank III)
    – For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
    – The Trooper – Iron Maiden
    – Mind Your Own Business – Hank Williams Sr

  4. sweet says:

    JLou (LJB) wanted to tell me, but is a little shy…..Happy Birthday to Me 9:08 am a long time ago in a uterus far far away

  5. You feeling the mid-life crisis yet?

  6. sweet says:

    about 2 crises (criseses) ago

  7. sweet says:

    “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” (CDB)- For all the Satan , I mean Saban haters in Baton Rouge and Miami
    “Opposites Attract” (Paula Abdul) – cause when you go 6-0 one week, you should go the opposite the next
    “There’s a Tear in My Beer” (Hank Sr) for the ones who whine about retractions and such
    “Hard As a Rock” (AC/DC) for Larry, Feidt and their other OM buds the second after Reb D stuffed Tebow on a pee wee play call
    “Goodbye and Good Riddance To Bad Luck” (AC/DC) self explanatory
    Early picks:
    Pitt + 13
    Utah – 11
    BYU – 28

  8. OB says:

    Sure I was 2-3, but I did hit on my POTW for the 3rd time in the last 4 weeks. Rice, a 17 point favorite, won by 50, so I think I did pretty well on that one.

    Since my shoutout to the SEC last week gave OB and the gang very bad carma, I’d like to go all Big 12 this week in hopes of regaining my standing as number one picker.

    Nebraska +10 ½
    Texas -13 ½
    Texas Tech Tech -7 ½
    Iowa St. +12 ½
    Texas A&M +25

    POTW- Nebraska

    George Jones- He Stopped Lovin Her Today
    Buddy Holly- American Pie
    Don Henley (Eagles) Desperado
    Los Lonely Boys- Heaven
    Roy Orbison- Oh Pretty Woman

    Song of the Week:
    Willie Nelson- Remember Me, for Sweet who’ll never let us forget his only undefeated pickem week ever.

  9. jrwojdylo says:

    picking college football games is definitely the best part of the fall, since i am so far behind i wont post picks on here…..

    The Church of Cowherd
    Join the Church of Cowherd!

  10. smilyj says:

    Picks- UAB
    South Carolina
    Notre Dame
    Fresno State
    Tunes-“Rainbow Stew”
    “Simple Man”
    “We’re All NAKED Underneath Our

  11. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW Hawaii +22

    I’m going to Oxford this weekend. These are a few songs I dug when I was there:

    Something to Say – Connells
    Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
    Within Your Reach – The Replacements
    Take The Skinheads Bowling – Camper Van Beethoven
    My Generation (Part II) – Todd Snider

  12. sweet says:

    Your dedication song is appreciated OB, and one of my all-time favorite singers to boot

  13. larry says:

    I’ll take

    The University of Mississippi Southern -8
    West Va -14
    Auburn -4′
    Bama -16′

    And… You guessed it. POTW The Rebs -2


    Once In A Lifetime – Jimmy Buffett version
    17 – CCRW version
    Good Ol’ Boy – Steve Earle
    Just Call Me Lonsome – Radney Foster
    It Makes No Difference – The Band

  14. Adam says:

    Despite the fact that your failing to give points on my Rush pick was totally unjustified, I will continue to participate, under protest.

    Florida will CRUSH Arkansas (never be the team after the upset)
    Oklahoma will beat whatever the spread is versus Baylor (no need to look it up)
    USC will cover versus Ole Miss. I am praying for a middle with a 1 point Rebels win, but I have serious concerns (Rebs good road dogs and bad home favs).


    Paul Simon – All Around the World or the myth of fingerprints (in honor of the title and general subject matter of this blog)

    Kool & the Gang – Celebration (for obvious reasons)

    Living Color – Cult of Personality (it is election season)

    The Spinners – The Rubberband Man (“hand me down my walking cane, hand me down my hat”; Paul Newman, a cool guy, could only hope to be that cool)

  15. ZEEK says:


    Been a rough week for Zeek, maybe weekend will improve, don’t bet on it.

    SOTW-Wind Cries Mary- Hendrix

    Stop Cryin Your Heart Out- Oasis
    Painted on my Heart- The Cult – Thinkin of You- Lenny Kravitz
    I’m In You-Peter Frampton

    Gridiron Action:

    Air Force-5
    Mich. St.-8
    San Diego St+24′

  16. Feidts Follies says:

    Bonus points for TB. Right on both deductions!!

    Just rolled in hours before, woke up with that oh so smelly feeling, took a weird shower, opened a beer and poured a maker’s.

    Kind of reminded me of those GDamn 11:00 TV games back in heaven, I mean Oxford.

  17. Ed says:

    Dear Baen,

    Nutt went Macyver on the Jalopy last week and russell’d up enough gum, bobby pins, and duct tape to hold her together for a miracle win. Four years since the Rebs have been relevant, feels nice to have the sun shine on you if only for a little while. Appreciate the hat tip.

    Songs for the dear red and blue:

    I Got Some Outside Help (I Don’t Really Need) – BB King “Live Now Appearing at Ole Miss”.

    Panola County Line – Kudzu Kings

    The Ballad of Archie Who – Rebel Rousers

    An American Trilogy – Elvis – Live in Hawaii

    Take Auburn…as the Big Six lives to Bust Little Six Bubbles.

  18. tkh says:

    Passing on the music while I attempt to rally the picks (Do these debates really change anyone’s mind?)

    Maryland -13
    South Carolina +2
    Auburn -4
    Stanford +7


  19. Jessie Lou says:

    Am I the only one still wondering whatever happended to the lovely little Georgia coed passed out on Feidt’s couch? Whatever did you decide to do?

  20. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Minnesota -6 1/2

    North Carolina -7 1/2

    Southern Miss -7 1/2

    Missouri -10

    Hawaii +21


    Texas -12


    10 cc- Im not in love


    Prince- Partyman

    Son Volt-Wind fall


    The Cure- Close to me

  21. RMac says:

    Pretty good showing consider my pick have nothing to do with how a team plays ball; maybe I should also select my stocks with this method.

    Penn State
    A former student came by last week and told me it was his top choice for college. He was one of the best math students I’ve taught so far.

    Song list
    If I had a hammer – Pete Seeger
    Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
    Petit Pays – Cesaria Evora

  22. supercynic says:

    “The biggest ugly”? Are you calling me fat?

    NC State +9
    Maryland -13′
    Texas Tech -7′
    Vandy +4′
    Florida +24′
    POTW: FL Int’l -6′

    As a far too busy solo practitioner, the only song I can muster is “Take This Job And Shove It” by Johnny (SC ain’t got no) Paycheck.

  23. Madd Dawg says:

    Fig E’s mentioning of me no less than three times in his post demonstrates his admiration for me. Nevertheless, I must make a motion to stike his For Whom the Bell Tolls tune for obvious reasons. While you are watching morons get paid millions of dollars to drive cars in circles, I will watching my boys ride their bikes at full speed in opposite directions around the island in our cul-de-sac playing chicken. That, my friend, is quality entertainment and kind of reminds me of the Del Norte Circle antics of Brad, Zeek, Kinard and myself many years ago.

    South Carolina +2

    POTW: FL -22

  24. BR says:

    i’m in a hurry this week so i will just pick
    a few and list a song

    Ole Miss
    Southern Miss
    Potw: USM
    Song: 99 bottles of beer on the wall- (every kid
    that took a rode trip with there ARB’s) That was
    the end of Cool?

  25. Feidts Follies says:

    WOW a Kudzu King reference on here, this is getting better and better!

    I don’t know if you notice last week but I made sure that my pick of the year was not my pick of the week. If you know my betting history I did not want to jinx it by making it my POTW. It worked and wiped out a big chunk of a bunch of other shitty drunken bets. See if I can do better this weekend.

    Start off being a homer with:
    Ole Miss – 2 – will be at Fox and Hound in Charlotte for the 2:00 kickoff.
    Miami – 2
    Florida – 24′
    Illinois + 3′ : give me an extra 2 for taking them at the big house so +5′(Thats right I have that power, also make up for the point that the Rebs will get run, see that coming a mile away)
    Stanford +7′

    POTW – Vandy +4′ : Auburn on a last second field Goal.

    And for your reading pleasue here is a little piece on a man that has been underappreciated in years in the sleepy little town of Pascagoula for what he has done.

    As far as music for the weekend, One of the bands that started me down my road of excess and spending thousands of dollars on going to shows and concerts. The one and only Allmon Brothers, who will be appearing with Phil and Friends in Charlotte tommorrow night that we will be attending. Best part is I should be nice and toasty after watching the Rebels so I won’t have to by more then 10 or 11 $9 beers at the show. So this is more of a wish list more then recomendations.

    One Way Out – those first notes still give me chill bumps

    Back Where it All Begins

    No One Left to Run With – Had that feeling for a long time

    Ain’t Wasting Time no More – One of my personal favorite verses :
    You don’t need no gypsy to tell you why,
    Ya can’t let one precious day to slip by.
    Well, look inside yourself, and if you don’t see what you want,
    Maybe sometimes then ya don’t,
    But, leave your mind alone and just get high

    Ya got hold that last note.

    I don’t however want to hear SOulshine.

    Heres to sleeveless shirts and chicks with cowboy hats.

  26. face says:

    Kentucky, Illinois, USC (Trojans), and POTW Ohio St.

    In honor of Tulane playing a home game outdoors in City Park:

    Outkast- Roses
    Chicago- Saturday In the Park
    Big Sam’s Funky Nation- Ain’t Nothin But a Party

  27. sweet says:

    POTW W. Va-13.5
    Miss – 2.5
    Mizzou – 11
    Fla – 24 (Madd Dawg somehow has FLA minus 22 while the rest of us have 24′) I will take 24
    Wisc +2.5

  28. OB says:

    Sweet, Do all these extra picks have anything to do with your 1-2 start this week? Did you retract all your early picks and start over? Maybe you should play “Teasers” for now on.

  29. sweet says:

    It’s all in part of my grand plan OB

  30. Great article Feidt. I didn’t know he had been coaching all these years. I imagine there’s a bunch of guys that feel about him like some of us do about Six.

  31. sweet says:

    Retraction of the week: Missouri

  32. sweet says:

    Teaser of the week: NC -1 Miss +3′

  33. sweet says:

    WOW, Tulane SUCKS. I wonder if they will be a 20 pt fave again next game

  34. face says:

    no comment

  35. sweet says:

    On the flip side, I will go ahead and declare you the winner this week with a 4-0 pickin and a Big Sam’s Funky Nation throw out. I don’t know what that is, but coming from a close to the vest conservative Face, I’ll buy it. I think Baen will agree next week in his standings

  36. I’ll tell you right now, as long as RMac’s streak is intact, nobody is passing her. She’s perfect. For the season.

  37. But I need to find this Big Sam’s Funky Nation tune online.

  38. sweet says:

    I agree RMac is the BOMB for the season, just saying Face is the one for the week, plus he needs a pick me up from the greenie debacle

  39. supercynic says:

    RMac is perfect for the season, yet there sits TB at the top of the standings — the one who calculates the points according to a secret formula (like Coke’s recipe). Interesting. Real interesting. I guess TB has been extra perfect.

  40. RMac missed week one or she’d already be in the lead. Also, her bonus increases each week her streak lives. She will be first next week.

    There’s no crying. There’s no crying in Thursday pickem.

    For a reminder of the TB scoring system, refer back to the moment I decided to keep score at this link:

  41. supercynic says:

    Right, the post that said, “The rules are subject to change each week by the way.” So, we try to keep you honest and get called crybabies. I see now how it works. I guess my 5-1 week will cause me to FALL in the standings.

    I knew better than to question the Keeper of the Blog.

  42. Greeg says:

    Computer is back online. Three PsOW:

    Baltimore +2′
    Carolina -10
    New Orleans -3
    Upset special of the week:
    BlitzGreegs over the Big Green Machine

    Spill the Wine – The Animals & Eric Burdon & War
    Highwayman – Cash, KK, WJ, and Willie (some very cool dudes)
    Sympathique – Pink Martini

  43. face says:

    Since it probably won’t make ESPN, the Big Green Machine destroyed the Blitzgreegs 145-107, so give Greeg another L.

  44. sweet says:

    Face – you’re reaching now….Tulane sucks, accept it

  45. face says:

    ??? I was just giving TB the final score for Greeg’s upset special pick.

  46. sweet says:

    oh, well he sucks too

  47. tkh says:

    oddly enough I think I ended up wagering on just about the complete opposite of what I posted here, thankfully

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