Bowl Pickin Season II, The TBCS Featurin’ Sweet and RockStarRambler

Quote of the Day:

Cledus Snow: Hey Bandit. Me an’ Fred got a question.
Bandit: What you an’ Fred want?
Cledus Snow: How come we’s doin’ this?

By now you all know the Regular Season title in Thursday Pickin was won by Sweet, and by now you are undoubtedly weary of the unceasing hype in advance of the overall TBU Pickin Championship Series. But finally it is time for Sweet to try and take home the only crown that matters and TB has devised a formula specifically to make this task as difficult for him as possible. He must now defeat RockStar Rambler in a head to head battle in the First Annual TBCS. They head into this battle even–everything that has happened prior to now is not germane to the situation. “What do the GD Germans have to do with it?,” you are probably asking yourself. To that I say, “get yourself a diablo sandwich and a Dr. Pepper, and make it snappy,” and figure it out for yourself. No Smily, we ain’t got time for any hush puppies. But I digress.

Our competitors are faced with the following task–pick 10 games (five preliminaries, four majors and the national championship) and a playlist consisting of two tunes each inspired by the states of Alabama and Texas and one tune with which to ring in the New Year. Any connection will do. The prelim games are worth 6 points each for a win and 6 for a loss, the majors are 12 points and the BCS is for 24. Best overall tunes list, taking in to account any factors you want to consider, including (but not limited to) personal tastes, enlightenment or spite, are worth 12 points to the winner and subject to your votes through midnight December 31. Everybody else needs to submit their picks as always both. “Why?”, you may be asking yourself? To that I’d say, “For the money, for the glory, and for the fun…..mostly for the money.” The fact that there is no money involved here is not germane to the situation. You might be asking yourself now, “What do the GD–“….but I digress. Here’s the TBCS picks and my own along with a little more about the competitors:

Sweet harbors a secret. You might be asking yourself “what kind of secret?”, but you know what, you’d do better to ask Sweet. Or just tune in if he wins and find out. One thing we do know about Sweet is that he considers TB a demigod of the TBU. I kind of like that designation, however, Sweet is under the impression if he wins I will lose the title. Though he is a faithful citizen of the TBU and a devoted Pickin man, he’d rather be partying with President Obama in Hawaii or reliving the 1987 Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls Tour stop in Biloxi. Even more than war, more than sickness, more than losing in a coin toss to TB, he hates the Big Bama Spellout. Sweet’s Preliminary Round Picks are:

  • Texas A&M  +7′
  • Virginia Tech -4′
  • Ole Miss -3′
  • East Carolina +7′
  • Auburn  -7′

Major Bowls:

  • LSU  +2′
  • Florida  -10′
  • TCU  -7′
  • Ga Tech  -3′

BCS Pick

  • Alabama -6′  (31-20 final score)

RockStar’s Preliminary Picks

  • Arkansas  -7′
  • other 4 are same as Sweet’s–A&M, Va Tech, Ole Miss, Auburn

RockStar’s Major Bowls

  • Penn State  -2′
  • She’s with Sweet on Florida, Ga Tech and TCU

BCS Pick–Alabama -6′ (28-21)

Even more than world financial chaos, worse than global warming, more heinous than a crummy, cliche-filled playlist, RockStarRambler hates Bama fans, especially the kind that send you texts to “cheer you up” when you lose, as if they themselves had a role in the outcome of “their” team’s football contest. RockStar loves Thursday Pickin and can’t wait to see how the games come out on New Year’s, skiing would still take precedence. And re-living Austin City Limits Music Fest in 2004 would top even that (see “the concerts list”). Or staring blankly at drying paint would do in a pinch. But RSR keeps pluggin away at Pickin because of the certainty that overall victory “will make all my wildest dreams come true.”

Oh, and if either competitor picks the exact score of the BCS game they win the game irrespective of all the other games, tunes, votes, smokies, etc.

Dang, its late. I’ve still gotta post their tunes and a couple other items of import. It’ll have to wait a day or two.

My Picks, in case you have made it this far (sorry S&M) are:

  • Texas A&M  +7′
  • Tennessee  +4′
  • Oklahoma St  +3′
  • Arkansas  -7′
  • Northwestern  +7′
  • LSU  +2′
  • Florida  -10′
  • Boise State  +7′
  • Iowa  +3′
  • Texas  +6′  (Texas 31 Bama 27)

Hey, how’d y’all like the Christmas snow? Not counting Zeek of course. TB’s finished for tonight. Over and out.

Burt Reynolds Laugh sound bite

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12 Responses to Bowl Pickin Season II, The TBCS Featurin’ Sweet and RockStarRambler

  1. bwbuzz says:

    I recently had a co-worker say, and I quote. ” DO YOU KNOW THEY MADE A SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 3? WITHOUT THE BANDIT!

  2. Samsmama says:

    I made it all the way through, although I couldn’t recap it to save my life. KU had a bummer of a season and we’re losing our morbidly obese coach, so I’m a little down.

    But I would like to tell you that Smokey & The Bandit is one of my all time favorite movies. There is a part in the first one that brings a tear to my eye, and I’m not even kidding. And that third installment? Total suck fest! That I saw in the theater.

  3. Smilyj says:

    South Fla -7
    OK state+3′ (over that school up north)
    South Carolina-5
    Arkansas -7′
    Fla -10′
    Ga tech -3′
    LSU +2′
    TCU -7′

    BAMA -4′ by score of 38-17

    Blind In Texas- WASP
    All My Exes Live In Texas-STRAIT
    Alabama Rain- Jim Croce
    Alabama Jubilee-Leon Redbone
    Funky New Year- Eagles

  4. Smilyj says:

    You can always tell the level of a bowl by the commentators. The genius in the Georgia vs Texas AM game just said “I really like that call. If it wasn’t for that tackle, I really believe he gets the first down.” Wow. No sh#t. Then as I was still taking that in, the same loggerhead says “It’s the conditioning that these players go through that helps them maintain the shape they’re in.” WTF! I wish I could explain such complexities that easily.

  5. Haven’t been able to get online for a bit and won’t be able again until tomorrow night probably. So I’ll get the tune lists for Sweet and Rock Star up then and voting will last through midnight January 1.

    Smily, my favorite commentatin is in basketball when the announcers in every game at some point say “they really need to score on this trip”. As opposed to the other 80 trips when its ok if they fire up a brick??

  6. Jessie Lou says:

    Alas, I would pay good money to hear any of you be the commentators! And without censorship! That would be almost the best Christmas gift of all.

  7. ZEEK says:

    Why am i not considered for enjoying X-Mas snow (which i saw none of)??

  8. Snow was on from Dec 24-27. There was also a special look for the blog and you, as Official Naysayer of the TBU probably would’ve scorned it.

  9. ZEEK says:

    Bah humbug!!!

  10. Madd Dawg says:

    TB didn’t want to tempt you with visions of a white powdery substance.

  11. Jessie Lou says:

    I liked the look, although I never took the time to comment about it specifically. I thought it was nice, better than the pain of the real stuff. Give me sand and sun any and every day. After New Year’s Day I am ready for spring. I hate wearing piles of clothes to stay warm.

  12. Smilyj says:

    kNelms! Funny stuff.

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