Thursday Pickin Season II, Regular Season Wrapup

Quote of the Day:

First off, let me say it was an honor to have my quote on the quote of the day.” –BW Buzz

Another regular season of Thursday Pickin has come and gone. Sweet takes home the regular season title which puts him in company with the 1981 strike year Cincinnati Reds who had the best record in baseball, the 18-0 2007 Patriots and the 1985 Concrete Products who were victimized by Pascagoula’s split season format in Dixie Boys Baseball. Unlike these teams though, Sweet still has a chance to win a playoff and wear the overall season crown along with enjoying all the other benefits such a championship affords. Only Rock Star Rambler stands in his way. Bowl Season will determine who presides over the TBU Pickin realm for the next year. As departing champion, let me just say to whichever of you wins that the honor and responsibility of such a position will make all your wildest dreams come true.

Last week’s results were fittingly dominated by Sweet and RSR. They both won their all-in POTW and received the musical bonus points, Sweet for list and RSR for song. Overall the TBU went 9-8 on POTW’s. TB won my POTW but limped home with a 2-5 record on bonus selections to end the regular season at a respectable 8-5-1 on POTW’s and 39-32-1 on bonus picks. I’ll put my two year record up against any tout service’s in case anybody wants to pay for these picks next year by the way. You won’t see Wayne Root publish his predictions the way TB has that’s for damn sure.

Last week (top 9 won POTW, bonus picks in parentheses)

  1. Sweet  (all in plus bonus plus make up points to beat Mac)  60
  2. RSR  (all in plus bonus)  60
  3. Mac  (3-2)  56
  4. Craig  50
  5. Face  50
  6. Irv 50
  7. Q  50
  8. TKH (0-2)  38
  9. TB  (2-5)  32
  10. Smily  (1-1)  20
  11. S&M  (0-1)  14
  12. Zeek  10
  13. MD  10
  14. CTJ  10
  15. JLM  10
  16. FF  10
  17. BWBuzz  (1-3)  8
  18. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop  (doesn’t mess with Bama games–here’s hoping for a face plant to kick off the New Year

Regular Season Final Standings:

  1. Sweet 720
  2. RSR  673
  3. Mac  653
  4. Zeek  614
  5. SmilyJ  570
  6. CTJ  545
  7. Feidt’s Follies  528
  8. TB  536
  9. BW Buzz  504
  10. JLM  503
  11. Irv  500
  12. Fig E  496
  13. Larry Craig  493
  14. TKH  487
  15. S&M  434
  16. Face  399
  17. Q  375
  18. BR  366
  19. MD  353
  20. Fish  342
  21. Greeg  280
  22. TDW  224
  23. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop  180

Stay tuned for Bowl Pickin and the TBCS. You will all be glad to know I’ve cooked up a special scoring system for the 2009 Season’s Grand Finale. (Insert diabolical laughter in the background of image of Mr. Burns rubbing his hands together and saying…..”exxxxcellent.”)

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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10 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Regular Season Wrapup

  1. Madd Dawg says:

    Stats are wrong.

  2. I don’t doubt it, but can you be more specific?

  3. Mac says:

    POTW……What the hell? Who turned off the lights? Where is everybody?
    Oh well, good race everyone.

  4. Madd Dawg says:

    You quit Roto baseball before the internet was big. After you left, we got a website for the league which computed all of the stats for us (instead of us doing them by hand). The website also contained a message board where we talked smack, etc. Whenever someone would fall behind in a category or felt like the website was screwing them on some stat, they would post a message that said “stats are wrong”. I think sweet started that. I got out of the league a few years ago, but I suspect that phrase is still uttered from time to time as a joke.

  5. ZEEK says:

    Congrats to Sweet on his regular season title,I’m quite sure he will bungle the playoff and lose the overall title to RSR. I’m not hatin’, mind you, I just know the power of “The Power”. Too bad I screwed the pooch in the last week, I was looking forward to battlin’ for the crown with Sweet. Guess there’s always next year. Peace out TBU.

  6. Jessie Louise says:

    What? Sweet is not “Solid Second”? The Saints are unbeaten? The world IS coming to an end!
    All sarcasm aside – Congratulations Sweet – all that betting and worrying and laying off has finally paid off at least in the cybersphere. You must take it where you can get it. I know how much I wish it was worth!

    And I’m 10 – it don’t get any better than that!

    SOTW – I’m Winning – Santana

  7. Samsmama says:

    Alright, to summarize, I spent the entire season “going opposite”, almost always chose KU as my POTW (even when they weren’t playing), submitted the lamest SongsOTW, and yet still managed to not come in last place. That, my friends, ROCKS! Can’t wait for next year!

  8. irvineredd says:

    I’ll take my spot after missing two weeks.

    Just for fun, a couple of tunes from the Jerry Garcia Band:

    One for Tiger and his mistresses:

    Another for Alabama playing for the title in Pasadena:

  9. irvineredd says:

    And one last one in honor of my 11th place finish:

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