Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 12

Quote of the Day:

I got two cases and a 30 pack plus a gallon of vodka and a bottle of Jagar. Probably pick up another case on the way just in case.” –Feidt’s Follies, official Gentleman of Leisure of the TBU, always on Third Week holiday, dubiously substituting vodka for bourbon

After all the sound and the fury, the whining and the crying, Sweet stepped up this week and voted for his only rival to winning the coveted Travellinbaen Universe Pickin Championship for musical bonus points. This set ol’ TB to ponderin the concept of sportsmanship. Was Sweet acting in a sportsmanlike fashion by helping RockStar gain a point? Was he being patronizing? Was it simply gentlemanly behavior? To be true sportsmanship, as TB sees it, the vote would’ve had to be because RSR’s theme was truly the best in his view, irrespective of how it affected the points. The theme was indeed good, but then RockStar is a rock star and always comes with some stout musical selections for those of us less clued in to the hipster world. TB believes in giving people the benefit of the doubt, even Sweet, so I’m calling out his courageous vote as one worthy of respect. My ruminations on the subject were merely academic.

Coach TJ wears the wreath of victory this festive Third Week. He won his POTW of course, then went a smooth 5-0 on bonus picks. Well done Coach. TB lost my POTW, but went 4-1 on bonus selections to bring my season tally to 6-4-1 (bowl eligible) on POTW’s and 30-24-01 on bonus picks. RSR and Sweet stayed at the top of the heap with all-in POTW victories and they each garnered bonus points in the lightly voted upon musical category. By the way, a shout out goes to Mac, Irv, and TKH for their videos and a special award to Fig E for making me blow soda out my nose with his SOTW. There were an impressive 14 POTW winners last week against only 7 losers. Of note, the losers went 14-5 on bonus plays collectively while the winners went 16-10. The top 14 below, as always won their POTW, the rest lost or overslept, and bonus play records are in parentheses.

Week 11 Standings

  1. Coach Tea Jay  (5-0)  80
  2. RSR (all in plus Theme bonus)  73
  3. Sweet (all in plus Song bonus)  73
  4. Larry  (4-1)  68
  5. Zeek  68
  6. BR  68
  7. Mac  68
  8. JLM  68
  9. Fig  68
  10. Feidt’s Follies (4-2)  62
  11. Irv  (2-2)  50
  12. SmilyJ  (1-1)  50
  13. S&M  (0-1)  44
  14. BW Buzz  (0-4, plus makeup to stay ahead of biggest loser) 39
  15. TB  (4-1)  38
  16. TKH  (3-1)  32
  17. Fish  (3-2)  26
  18. Greeg  (2-1)  26
  19. MD  (1-0)  26
  20. Q  (1-0)  26
  21. Face  10
  22. TDW  (hibernating near the North Pole)
  23. Harmony–Official DJ of Thursday Pickin
  24. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop–conducting a prostate screening

Season Standings

  1. RSR  588
  2. Sweet  582
  3. Mac  519
  4. Feidt’s Follies  508
  5. Zeek  485
  6. CTJ  476
  7. SmilyJ  472
  8. BW Buzz  449
  9. TB  446
  10. Fig E  445
  11. Irv  439
  12. Larry  423
  13. TKH  378
  14. JLM  374
  15. S&M  344
  16. Face  324
  17. BR  305
  18. Fish  300
  19. MD  282
  20. Greeg  254
  21. Q  248
  22. TDW  224
  23. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop  180

Link to Sheridan’s Odds

My Third Week Picks

  • Purdue  -3
  • Texas  -27′
  • Cal  +7
  • Kentucky  +8
  • Vandy  +17

POTW  Ohio State  -12

Third Week Caroling

  • Never Been to Spain–Three Dog Night (didn’t think I was gonna go with Joy to the World, did you?)
  • One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer–George Thorgood and the Delaware Destroyers’ version
  • Three Little Birds–Bob Marley
  • I Saw Three Ships–Sting

SOTW–3 Strange Days–School of Fish

Bonus 3rd Week Video Caroling

Three Blind Mice

Buckwheat sings Fee Times a Mady

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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39 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 12

  1. ZEEK says:

    Shouldn’t 3 Doors Down be the official 3W band due to their affiliation with the numeral “3” and the fact they are from the same “neck of the woods” as where 3W originated??????Something to ponder,I guess.

  2. Thought about them, just not really a fan–they’re ok….but that reminds me that I meant to put Skynard’s “Gimme 3 Steps” on my Tunes list.

  3. sweet says:

    SOW – for its 40th birthday
    My favorite was Oscar the Grouch, go figure

  4. Madd Dawg says:


  5. quail09 says:

    SOTW…..”Three weeks”…..Perpetual Groove

  6. Fish says:

    POTW Rutgers -9′

    South Florida -11′
    Colorado +17

  7. Samsmama says:

    This is going to come as a huge schock, but I’m officially confused. I’m not sure how I’m 0-1. I know I went opposite of Sweet (which leaves me with no idea of where I am) but my POTW was Nebraska +7, and they won by 14. Am I doing this all wrong? I’m in it for fun and all, but I am so lost. Feel free to roll your eyes and move on, I’m going to go put some serious thought into SOTW.

  8. You got the POTW right, the 0-1 was for being opposite of Sweet who went 1-0. I don’t include the POTW in the record in parentheses, but note the POTW winners in my preamble.

    Overly complicated….I know. Calvin and Hobbes were co-creators of this game.

  9. Harmony says:

    I had originally thought this clip was 3 chords (thinking best.clip.ever for 3W). But it’s not it’s 4 chords..still good though:

  10. Samsmama says:

    Ooook…I get it now.

    Harmony, man, if it was 4th Week, you would rule the world with that find.

    SOTW-Theme songs from “Three’s Company” and “Gilligan’s Island”. (three hour tour) That’s all I’ve got right now.

  11. larry says:

    The Rebs -4′

    Need Somebody – Kings of Leon


    Lack of Communication – Ratt

  12. Smilyj says:

    POTW- All in
    Notre Dame -6 over Connecticut
    SOTW “Three Doors Down” Barbara Mandrell

    also, “Whole Lotta Rosie” for my wife Roseanne. She is 5 months pregnant and there’s a whole lotta Rosie.

  13. bwbuzz says:


    FLORIDA ST -19
    OHIO ST. -12
    VANDY + 17

  14. ZEEK says:

    POTW– Iowa-10

    Happy friggin’ Third Week everybody!!!!!


    These Three Words-Stevie Wonder(great song)

    96 Degrees in the Shade– Third World

    Where’s the Bud?– Three-Six Mafia

    The Gasface–3rd Bass

    Animal I’ve Become–Three Days Grace

    If I Could Be Like That–3 Doors Down

  15. irvineredd says:

    Rutgers -9.5
    TCU -31.5
    Notre Dame -6

    Penn State -3


  16. Madd Dawg says:

    POTW: Michigan +12

    Mich St +3
    MS St +11′

  17. tkh says:

    All in – Middle Tenn St -10

  18. Greeg says:

    Michigan +12
    Syracuse +8
    Minnesota +10
    Mich St +3

  19. Fig E says:

    LSU +4′ @ mississippi

  20. sweet says:

    Rutgers -8

  21. Mac says:

    POTW-Tennessee minus 17
    SOTW is a riddle. I award 5 points to anyone who figures out the tie-in to this 3 madness.

  22. Jessie Lou says:

    POTW – TCU -31.5

    I’m the third child but that’s all I’ve got for three’s….off to the music….

    Its all about the travel this week

    Escapade – Janet Jackson
    Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

    SOTW – Come Fly With Me – Frank Sinatra

  23. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss -4.5

  24. Samsmama says:

    Oh! I’m the third child, too. Good call, Jessie Lou! And, I’ve just finished my third mini Almond Joy. And probably gained 3 pounds.

    Opposite of Sweet (shocker) and my POTW are Nebraska +14, and Texas +17.

  25. face says:

    POTW- Rutgers -8

  26. coachteajay says:

    Cal +7′

    OLe miss -4
    Tulsa + 8
    UAB +12′
    MSU +
    Kent + 11′


  27. Feidts Follies says:

    I think I tweaked my ACL last week. Bear Creek was the best festival I have ever been to. Be on the look out for Zach Deputy and the band Lettuce and New Mastersounds. Anyway went 0 for 2 last night on dates so maybe today I can get it started.
    Michigan +12
    Notre Dame -6
    Miami -19′
    State +11′
    Wash St +31 at home

    POTW OLE MISS -4′ Fuck it I’ll be a homer.

    Awesome that the KKK will be on campus. Sure it will be about 4 idiots in the bath robes. But somehow I am sure IT WILL GET COVERAGE during the game somehow in the ongoing Smear campaign that is against us

    Song of the week – Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget about Me, Pepetual Groove covered it for encore and it might have been the highlight of the weekend. Never knew that song rocked.

  28. Zeek says:

    Here is video of my POTW, Stevie is a genius.

  29. tkh says:

    An Ole Miss win with no cover, but somehow this will be a “monumental” upset and building block.

  30. Harmony says:

    I too, am a 3rd child. 3 girls being a 3rd child..that really wraps up 3w, doesn’t it?

  31. Madd Dawg says:

    Good choice Harmony—love that tune and like this one even more:

  32. Harmony says:

    Madd Dawg, I like every single song on their Smash’s hard to narrow down which one is my favorite. This song seems to feed my road rage:

    I have to remember to skip it, if traffic is really bad.

  33. Jessie Lou says:

    I am in good company, JL, SM and Harmony, all third children. 🙂

  34. TB is also number 3.

    PS, travellin this week. I’ll be posting when I can.

  35. Jessie Lou says:

    I was thinking that but was not quite sure.

  36. larry says:

    I will vote for baen – Never Been to Spain

    Mac – The the album is called LZ III, but actually has no name.

  37. ZEEK says:

    My music votes go to IR for song and to myself for list, sorry, but I just had to.

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