Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 10

Quote of the Day:

This is for FF, when the power rears its evil head around 2:00 Saturday.” –Coach TeaJay

As you may have guessed, FF won his POTW again, now 8-0 on the season. Known far and wide as the South’s preeminent “Gentleman of Leisure”, the question is, is he feeling the pressure. The other question is, will it get to him? I also wonder, are Waldo and Sweet on this train yet? Another question is, to be or not to be? TB has lots of questions actually. For instance….uh-oh, I feel a digression coming on. Better just skip ahead to the results.

Last week saw 12 POTW winners and 11 losers.  As always, the 12 winners appear first, bonus picks in parentheses. SOTW was divided up with a point apiece to Coach TJ, S&M, Sweet and Larry. A point was left over so I’ll give it to Mac for voting for his post 12 times and giving everybody else one star. Theme points are split between Irv and Smily 2 apiece and I’ll give Zeek my point since he really wanted to vote for himself anyway. Smily’s extra bonus point vaulted him to his first weekly win in a quietly successful overall campaign.

  1. SmilyJ  (4-2, plus bonus) 64
  2. Sweet (all-in plus makeup points plus bonus) 63
  3. Mac  63
  4. Zeek 63
  5. BR  62
  6. Greeg (2-1)  56  (Is this Greeg’s first ever winning record?)
  7. BW Buzz (2-2)  50  (Should BW Buzz change his moniker to Even Steven?)
  8. Irv (1-2, plus bonus)  46
  9. S&M  (0-1, plus bonus  45
  10. Feidt’s Follies (2-3)  44
  11. TB  (2-3)  44
  12. CTJ  (1-4, plus bonus)  33
  13. JLM (3-1) 32
  14. TKH (2-1)  26
  15. Q (1-0)  26
  16. Larry  (2-3)  14
  17. Face  10  (Should the all-in penalty for losers have been harsher?)
  18. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop  10
  19. MD  10
  20. RSR  10  (Is RSR unfairly handicapped in tuneage bonuses?)
  21. Fish  10
  22. TDW  (1-4)  8
  23. Harmony  (kept a spot on the bench nice and warm)

Season Standings

  1. Sweet  453  (Will TB “let” Sweet win?)
  2. RSR  453
  3. Mac  441  (Will Mac think he got screwed on the tunes again?)
  4. Feidt’s Follies   436
  5. SmilyJ  422
  6. Zeek  407
  7. TB  364
  8. BW Buzz  360 (Should we call you “Even Steven”)
  9. CTJ  352
  10. Irv  339  (Can he adequately service both his love of music, the TBU and his girlfriend?)
  11. Lazy Larry   316 (Will he chant at the end of Dixie?)
  12. Fig E  310  (Is Jimmy Johnson the greatest driver ever?)
  13. TKH  308  (Navy again?)
  14. Face  304
  15. S&M  292  (Does she like us, really really like us, or is she just being nice?)
  16. JLM  262  (Does she like us, really really like us, or is she just being cruel?)
  17. Fish  260  (A Notre Dame alum or what?)
  18. MD  246  (Any record highs today?)
  19. BR  227
  20. TDW  224
  21. Greeg  214
  22. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop  170  (Do they have internet in Rocky Creek?)
  23. Q  160

TB’s record on the season is now 5-3-1 on POTW’s and 24-20-1 on the bonus. Here’s the link to Sheridan’s Odds.

My Week 10 picks:

  • LSU  +7′
  • Oklahoma  -5′
  • Illinois  +7
  • Syracuse  +21′  (Why do I EVER take the ‘cuse?)
  • Connecticut +16′

POTW–Houston +1

Some tunes:

  • So This is Love?–Van Halen
  • Can I Sit Next to You Girl?–AC/DC
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?–Clash
  • Is This Love?–Bob Marley
  • Where Do You Go To My Lovely–Peter Sarstedt (from the Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack)

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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76 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 10

  1. tkh says:

    I let the midshipmen take me as far as they could and it was a nice ride. I still like them to cover this week but that won’t make POTW.

    POTW – Cal -7

    La Tech +21
    NC State -6
    Navy +11

    Tunes in honor of the last thread –
    Jambalaya (On The Bayou) by Hank Williams
    Born on the Bayou by CCR

    watch out for that hoodoo…

  2. larry says:

    Kansas -2′
    U Conn +16′
    Minnesota -7
    Georgia Tech -16
    Wisconsin -10′


    Bama -7′


    Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound – Hank Jr

    Old Habits – Hank Jr
    Blues Man – Hank Jr
    Lawers, Guns and Money – Hank Jr

  3. Harmony says:

    LOL..I need a drink.

  4. larry says:

    Harmony – you got the message!!!

  5. larry says:

    Sweet – Are you pickin up what I am puttin down?

    • Sylish says:

      I can’t wait for all the shows to start up again! I’m really linokog forward to Gossip Girl, Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice, House, HIMYM, Rules of Engagement & Big Bang!PS. I have all the show premieres scheduled in on my GCal hehe, nerd much?!

  6. sweet says:

    You sound like you are

  7. Greeg says:

    Cincy -16′

    Tulsa -1
    LSU +7′
    Oregon st +7

    Stoned Soul Picnic – 5th Demension

    Trivia question of the week:
    I had a conversation with Coach Ladner the other night and he said that only one person ever beat him in ping pong. Who was that person?

  8. Greeg says:


  9. Madd Dawg says:

    I’m gonna try this All In thing:
    Notre Dame -11

  10. larry says:

    I will go with Troy Cobb. If not, Joel Gray

  11. irvineredd says:

    I’m going to say it was the Dalai Lama who defeated him.

  12. Workinbaen says:

    Md beat him

  13. Smilyj says:

    Yes I am quietly doing well. Thanks for jinxing me BDW. Now that you have outed me, how about posting my record. I think my POTWs are right up there. And my ego needs some stroking. Come on TB! Stroke me baby! Smilyj needs some stroking!

    POTW Oregon -6 over Stanford. All in baby!
    SOTW “The Stroke” Billy Squier
    also “Stroking My Cat” Diesel Boy
    and “Stroker Ace” Kenny Rogers

    • Jacky says:

      My family (inlaws) were in Lyoness and I adoevid it because I was already in Lyoness. I am sorry for any of you that have been hurt in Zeek. When Dr. Keith Laggos spoke of Zeek, he mentioned ha had? started a position in Lyoness. Keith is the number one authority on MLM’s in America. He stated Lyoness is the next hottest thing to hit America. I can tell you that is true. Lyoness is what I do full time? & I will explain the business to you & help you build your own Lyoness.

  14. Mac says:

    Nope TB. I’m done complaining, until I find something else to complain about. I feel helpless in the TB SOTW universe. Akin to how I would feel if bleeding heart liberals were in charge of the country. What can you do. Anywho
    POTW- LSU +7 1/2 (Visiting team is 11-1-1 ATS last 13 meetings)
    SOTW-attempt at reconciliation with TB

  15. bwbuzz says:


    ALABAMA -7
    MEMPHIS +26
    NOTRE DAME -11

  16. sweet says:

    Zeek beat Ladner

  17. ZEEK says:

    That is correct, I did, but I thought MD did too.

    POTW- Cincinnati-16′

    I will keep my music theme on the same lines as my freestyle rant, The Moronic American Drug Laws, if you have not checked out the aforementioned rant, go to freestyle. I’m blazin’.

    SOTW- Legalize It- Bob Marley

    Cocaine- Clapton

    Have a Drink on Me- AC/DC

    Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd

    Dr. Feelgood- Motley Crue

    Signs- (acoustic remake)- TESLA

  18. quail09 says:

    SOTW…..Ooooooo That Smell….Skynard

    Picks…opposite Samsmama

  19. Smilyj says:

    I do not feel lazyness should be rewarded TB. Referring to the several yahoos who like to simply choose opposite of someone else, Do not let the “Thursday Picking ” to continue down this road. It will lead to nothing good.

  20. Madd Dawg says:

    I beat Coach Ladner a bunch of times—we probably had an even record against each other from 7th through 9th grade, but I do recall that Zeek also beat him on at least one occasion. Did Sweet never beat Coach Ladner? Coach Taylor was pretty good at ping pong also.

  21. irvineredd says:

    Oregon -6.5
    Ok State -7
    Notre Dame -11
    Nebraska + 5.5

    BYU -13

    The Who-The Seeker
    Neil Young-Don’t Be Denied
    David Bowie-Win

    The Kinks-The Contenders

  22. irvineredd says:

    Bonus Song in honor of the Freestyle conversation

  23. ZEEK says:

    No, Sweet never beat Ladner, but he did beat Coach Taylor.

  24. Mike (a/k/a Fig E) says:

    POTW: ALABAMA -7′ vs Lsu

    Tunes: This week, I’ll get back in listing tunes. I’m going to go with Top 40 music from 1986. I watched a documentary on Len Bias last night, who died the summer after 10th grade. Hard to believe that was 23 years ago. NOTE to MD: This list is gay (not that there is anything wrong with that), so don’t start in on your rants about why you don’t participate in song lists, etc. The eaiser path for me would have been to list every Motley Crue, Ozzy, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, RATT, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, etc. song released to date at that point; however, for some, reviewing this list will bring back some good memories:

    Secret Lovers – Atlantic Starr
    Rumors – Timex Social Club
    Walk this Way – Run DMC
    Who’s Johnny? – El Debarge
    Nasty – Janet Jackson
    What You Need – INXS
    Manic Monday – Bangles
    Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer
    You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi )(a bone for MD)

  25. Fish says:

    POTW is: Penn State -3′

    Bonus losers:
    Kansas State +2′
    Kent State -3
    Western Michigan +20

  26. Greeg says:

    The person Coach Ladner said is the only one to ever beat him is…….Johnny Nelms. By the way MD, I saw your mom there too and she was HOT.

  27. ZEEK says:

    Greeg, I beat Ladner once whether he admits it or not, and Linda is HOT!!!!!!!!

  28. Madd Dawg says:

    The Scene: 8th or 9th Grade in the PJ Jr. High School Locker Room
    Coach Ladner and about 10 of us were joking around before PE class, and he said “All right men, it’s time to hit the gym. (5 second pause) You too Zeek.”

    That still makes me laugh to this day.

  29. Madd Dawg says:

    and that’s enough about Linda, you two!!

    Fig E. Fresh: Your list is gay, except its hard not to kind of like Addicted to Love when you think about that video.

  30. sweet says:

    POW – opposite of Feidt

  31. That’s what I’m talkin bout. I’m goin with you this weekend FF. Feidt the Power!

  32. BR says:

    potw lsu +7

  33. Samsmama says:

    Smilyj, it wasn’t lazyness that ever prompted me to go “opposite of” anybody. TB suggested someone do it for scientific purposes, or something like that, and I took one for the team, so to speak. A yahoo I am not.

    As usal, I’m opposit of Sweet, who (lazy yahoo) went opposite of Feidt, so I really have no clue where that leaves me.

    POTW, KU plus 2.

    SOTW, The Transformers theme song, since I argued with some random 6 year old at the park about Ironhide being in the movie.

  34. tkh says:

    Is sweet opposite Fido to cover his play on Fidos pick and if so is it possible to confuse the power?

    PS informal pool of patrons(3) at my neighborhood annapolis bar thinks thursday pickin is a tradition their friends should start. Although their more into nfl.

  35. tell em to log in and join the game. They can still win weekly prizes even if too late for the overall. The TBU needs to start growin if I’m ever gonna switch careers–no place else will publish me.

    Plus, Third Week (TM) is right around the corner and they’re gonna wanna know about that.

    S&M–disregard Smily J, however, the addition of Sweet’s opposite pick has complicated matters for the feeble brain behind the game. Still want to know if Waldo and or Greeg are contributing to this taunting of the power and how seriously.

  36. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Hawaii +2 1/2

    Playlist inspired by yesterday’s trip to the zoo:

    Monkey to Man – Elvis Costello
    Kiss That Frog – Peter Gabriel
    March of the Pigs – Nine Inch Nails
    Wild Horses – The Sundays’ cover version

    SOTW: The Bear – The Tragically Hip

  37. I got one I wanna add to Zeek’s playlist that some of you baseball fans will probably like if you aren’t already hip to it. Todd Snider’s tune about Dock Ellis no-hitter when he was high on LSD

  38. ZEEK says:

    Nice addition, TB, I never heard that song before. I’ve never heard of that story before. Maybe you could enlighten us all with a little TB storytelling on the psychadellic no-no by Doc. The closest I ever saw to something like that was Jamie Oatis coming a triple away from hitting the cycle after a summer afternoon of blazin’ trees and drinking (ironically) Mad Dog 20/20. He ended up with 1HR, 2DBL, 1 SGL and about 5 or 6 RBI’S. The second double missed being a HR by @ 2 feet. I, on the other hand, struck out 3 times, very unlike the Zeekster.

  39. coachteajay says:

    Tennessee -26′

    Kansas -2′
    UAB -6′
    LSU +7′
    UTEP -7
    Stanford +6′

    In light of the controvercy up on the Plantation.

    Mud Island….Dash Rip Rock
    Rebel Solider…Waylon Jennings

  40. Smilyj says:

    The lazyness remark was just a joke. Not aimed at the original Pickers who started the opposite picking. Just the ones who now abuse the system.

  41. Smilyj says:

    Sorry samsmama.

  42. Jessie Lou says:

    Cal – 7
    Bama – 7
    Ark – 7
    UTEP – 7

    POTW – Ok State – 7

    Celebrating 20 years since moving back to Pascagoula – all songs from 1989:

    She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals
    Wild Thing – Tone Loc
    Love Shack – B-52’s
    Real Love – Jody Whatley
    Bust A Move – Young MC

    SOTW- Pascagoula Run – Jimmy Buffett

    MD – Don’t worry that some folks think your mom is HOT. They may have daughters that will grow up to think that MD is really HOT as well – look to the future dude!

  43. face says:

    POTW- Penn St -3′

    TB, I don’t think the penalty is too light for all in losers, but that is for you to decide. I think those like Sweet and Zeek should be penalized for not understanding the rules until halfway through the season. If the penalty is increased, I’ll just start winning my POTW more often.

    SOTW- Rednecks – Randy Newman

    disclaimer- the above referenced song may contain racially offensive lyrics that may not represent the feelings of this poster or the Travellinbaen blog. And I’m not really sure how to take the song but I really like the following line, “And college men from LSU
    Went in dumb – come out dumb too.”

  44. Mac says:

    As there has been alot of opposite talk this week, I have decided to share a few musings from a hopeless football betting hardhead. As for Feidts streak, science and probability will tell you that Feidts previous outcomes have nothing to do with his next pick. Enter the alternate universe of gambling. Science and probability have different rules in this willy wonka galaxy. 8 or 9 (whatever the streak is at now) is a staggering run in ATS football betting. Sweet is playing the odds (based in gambling universe rules) that Feidt is due to lose. And he is right. And if Feidt dodges the bullet this week and wins again, the funky odds go up astonomically that his pick next week will fall short. No pressure though!

  45. ZEEK says:

    Smily- as your leg humper alum buddy, TB ,would say — “Quit yer whinin'”.

    JLou- trust me, no future (or even present) females will say, “MD is hot.” Ain’t gonna happen. (unless he is on fire)

    Face- I CAN find out where you live, you do understand that, right?

  46. Dock Ellis in his own words

  47. Feidts Follies says:

    Prime Picking form. I tried to read some of that stuff above but after a successful Coastal Mississippi Bar crawl that started at the IP where Lenny Kravitz was playing at about 7 then to the Airport bar in gulfport that led to the Filling Station that led to Government Grocery that led to the Jazz Club and somehow or another Ended at Thunders listening to a band that may or may not of been named Shred Fuck, I am not a very good reader. My friend flew in and I wanted to make sure that somebody from the outside has seen the best to the worst of the coast. Take a guess which direction that goes as we headed east down 90. The power will not affect me today and as long as you are telling Jr high stories, Me and Larry dominated the PJ badmitton circuit for years.

    Navy +12′
    LSU +7′
    South Carolina +7
    Penn St -5
    Indiana +10′

    POTW – Mich – 6
    ugh not lookin good 3 Big ten games.

    It takes two _ Rob Bass
    Rocket Man – Elton John
    Waiting on the Bus – ZZ Top

  48. smilyj says:

    Zeek. I’ll tell ya where I live lil’ reb fella.

  49. sweet says:

    I forgot Doc Scoops pick of S Carolina +7

    There is a problem with Fido’s pick as it was one hour and four minutes after they had kicked off. 1. that prevented me from going with Fido with the man. 2. There are a few on here that say rules are rules. I dont see one where a POW can occur an hour after kickoff.
    My fall back option was Northwestern + 17′ so I will go with them

  50. Feidts Follies says:

    central time bud. That appearently is eastern. And seeing how honesty and integrety are essential charateristics of being a Gentleman, my reputation speaks for itself. I don’t have to cheat to be this good. Do the math. Ur post says 1:20. My clock says 12:23 right now. And as far the extra four minutes I was trying to think of a song that sums up how real and spectacular my morning has gone. TWICE.

  51. sweet says:

    The proprietor of this blog must have reset the time to coincide with Atlantic City since this bs scoring system is based on some casino illogic

    Fido, did you cum up with your picks between morning sets… are a stud (pickin and lovin)

  52. Feidt’s pick was timely. I was on when he logged on and thought “he’s gonna lose” because Purdue scored a few minutes later. Besides, I trust him. And he might beat you.

  53. Feidts Follies says:

    Well there you go. Nothing like being ahead and giving up 24 in the second half. Is that the power, I felt good when I checked it before round 3. I knew Navy was the Pick of the Week.

  54. I think the power might have been angered that you didn’t give it a chance to mess with Sweet.

  55. Feidts Follies says:

    at least I still felt the warm embrace of amore’ today. 3 times so far.

  56. sweet says:

    Ok, raise your keyboard if you dont want to hear of Fidos sexual prowess anymore.

  57. FF–Everybody knows you don’t “amore” with a winning streak. Don’t you watch movies?

  58. tkh says:

    So, FF is home with mom and his brother is in town, but he is 3 deep for the day. Ok.

  59. Jessie Lou says:

    Maybe “the warm embrace” is from his hand – not that there is anything wrong with that.

  60. Sweet, I assume the NW pick was a joke.

  61. sweet says:

    TB- yes, and with the opposite of Feidt this week makes me 8-2 for year and another strong song is making it harder for you not to let me win

  62. larry says:

    I vote for Greeg and Stoned Soul Picnic

  63. ZEEK says:

    Larry gets my vote for SOTW, and TB gets my vote for list, with Fig on his heels. Can you win on the music even if your POTW loses??

  64. br says:


  65. Mac says:

    I vote for…a panda at the zoo…does it matter? Really?

  66. sweet says:

    Thanks BR, it’s the least you can do since I never once got a basehit off of you….but I owned TB

    List is a tie betwwen JLou and FigE

    SOW goes to CTJ for CDB

  67. Owned? One home run doesn’t qualify for that.

  68. sweet says:

    Thats true, but all the other raps do….I loved me some Big Ben pitchin

  69. Sounds like we’re gonna have to ransack Waldo’s place for the scorecards.

  70. sweet says:

    1983 stats

    I owned you….3-4 1 double 2 singles and a K for the year
    On the flip side, I’ll give you your propers….vs us, you had 2 games pitched, 6 IP 3H (all by me) 6BB a robust 16 Ks 1ER

    me vs BR…..0-3 2K 2BB

    Check out this astounding 2 inning nightmare for BR in game 1 against us…..starts the game and walks the first 3 batters, Ks the next 3. Starts the 2nd inning and proceeds to walk the first 4 batters before giving way to Alvarado.
    1 IP 0H 7BB 4ER 3K 3wild pitches

    Dont have anything else at my place but there has to be other years with Waldo

  71. That BR inning was pretty common for him. I’ll never forget him walking four batters in a row over two innings against LaFont Inn and picking all four off.

  72. RockStarRambler says:

    SOTW – Mac
    LOTW – Fig

  73. My vote is to Zeek for list and Mac for song. Last week’s results and the new picks may be slightly delayed today, I’ve got to take a short work trip mid-morning.

  74. Mina says:

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