Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 5

Quotes of the Day:

All of these gems appeared in last week’s Thursday Pickin commentary, and deserve to be honored by seeing them once again.

I have often felt that if we could track those LSU fans down and just pay up on the bet, the curse would be lifted.” –Smilyj

The Miss/S Car line sure looks like its for SUCKAS.” –Sweet

In case any Ole Miss fans are wondering, the Independence Bowl is Monday, December 28th this year.” –Fig

Last nite (sic) was great! I think now I will watch the game again and rub peanut butter all over myself.” –Smilyj

Well friends, the only thing I can say about last week is, “its over.” Four POTW winners and seventeen losers. Personal heartbreaks galore. All we can do is go back out there and play our game. Last week is history. It only counts as one game, no matter how bad the score. From here on out, we just have to recommit ourselves and take them one at a time. (Insert your loser cliche of choice here.)

Dropping from the ranks of the unbeaten were RSR, Sweet, Irv, Coach TJ, and Smilyj, leaving only Feidt’s Follies unbeaten on the year. (with one week unplayed to “give the rest of us a chance.”) BR is still winless.

Last week’s results, top four won their POTW, bonus picks in parentheses.

  1. Face (all in plus 6 catch-up bonus points to tie Feidt and Sam’s Mama) 56
  2. S&M (opposite Sweet 1-0) 56
  3. Feidt’s Follies (3-2) 56
  4. Mac (2-2 plus Theme of the Week bonus) 55
  5. Larry (4-1) 38
  6. TKH (3-1)
  7. RSR (1-0) 26
  8. TB (3-2) 26
  9. Zeek (2-2) 20
  10. Greeg (2-2) 20
  11. SmilyJ (1-1) 20
  12. BR (all in plus SOTW bonus) 15
  13. Sweet (0-1) 14
  14. BW Buzz (2-3) 14
  15. JLM (2-3) 14
  16. Fig (2-3) 14
  17. CTJ (2-3) 14
  18. Special Guest Picker, Doc Scoop 10
  19. MD (0-2) 8
  20. Fish (1-4) 2
  21. Irv (1-4) 2

Season Standings

  1. RSR 235
  2. Sweet 201
  3. Mac 196
  4. Feidt’s Follies 180
  5. Irv 170
  6. Zeek 168
  7. CTJ 164
  8. SmilyJ 152
  9. MD 149
  10. BW Buzz 146
  11. Face 144
  12. TB 132
  13. S&M 129
  14. Larry 128
  15. JLM 122
  16. Fish 86
  17. Fig 70
  18. Greeg 69
  19. TKH 59
  20. BR 45
  21. TDW 26 (pulled a Palin on Thurs Pickin)
  22. Doc Scoop 10

My picks this week:

  • Indiana +17
  • USC -5
  • Iowa -21
  • Georgia -3
  • Miami FL +7


  • Auburn +2′

My Weekend Playlist, I haven’t gotten over last week yet

  • Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain–Willie Nelson
  • Crying Shame–Jack Johnson
  • Man of Constant Sorrow–The Soggy Bottom Boys
  • Cry, Cry, Cry–Johnny Cash
  • Jamie’s Cryin–Van Halen


  • Malfunction Junction–Drivin and Cryin

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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49 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 5

  1. Fish says:

    POTW South Florida -6′

    Kentucky +16
    Georgia -3
    Ole Miss -8’5
    Cincinnati -28’5
    Purdue -7

  2. Fish says:

    There’s A Tear In My Beer- Hank Williams, JR

  3. Greeg says:

    Syracuse +7
    Cal +5′
    Duke +16′
    Miss St +4′
    Vandy +9
    Tennessee -1′
    UAB +7

    Another Day – Sir Paul McCartney

  4. Greeg says:

    Miami +7

  5. sweet says:

    I saw Raymond Brown at Walgreens today and had a nice little conversation. Of course I told him about the JC HOF and the exception that was made for him. He seemed pleased and said he appreciated it. He also reminded me that he was in the MS Sports HOF and the Ole Miss HOF and that it might get him a cup of coffee at Starbucks. A couple things I did not know…..he was the backup QB to Unitas in ’59 and they roomed together on the road. He had on one of his Championship rings and showed it to me, gold with a big ass diamond in the center. Very nice. At the end of last season the Ravens honored the ’58 & ’59 teams and most of the guys still around were on the field. He said he looked up and saw himself on the Jumbotron. He seemed to get a kick out of that. He said he stays in touch with Art Donovan, Jim Mutscheller (TE) and some other dude. I didn’t bring up the South Carolina game.

  6. Jessie Lou says:

    Careful Greeg – I think there is a limit on how many games you can pick – I got in trouble for that last year. Of course, I would not mind your company in the trouble corner.

  7. Mac says:

    Greeg, UAB is getting 10.

  8. Smilyj says:

    Arkansas -1 ; also
    State +6. They will win Big!
    Vandy +9
    Washington +13

    SOTW – I can only ad to the cliches of Baen with a tune “Going On With The Show” The Crue.

    Also for Theme- Songs that you are embarrassed that you like and sing along to when you’re alone in your car.
    “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” George Michael or Wham (?)
    “Chameleon” Boy George
    “Tiny Dancer” Elton John (or any Elton John song…You know you do.)
    “Achy Breaky Heart” Billy Ray Cyrus

  9. Mac says:

    Change Smileys theme to “songs you sing along to when you’re gay” please. It makes more sense.

  10. bwbuzz says:


    ALABAMA 16
    GEORGIA TECH 5 1/2

  11. sweet says:

    Mich St – 2
    TOW (teaser of the week)
    Purdue -1
    Miss -2′
    Doc Scoop says Miss -8′
    In honor of me exiting the womb 30 something years ago. Buffalo Stance -Neneh Cherry……”It’s sweetness that I’m thinking of”
    smi-Ly, thats for you too

  12. Zeek says:

    POTW- Fla Atlantic–3′


    Theme this week is all about Hall & Oates, I keep hearing them on the radio.

    SOTW- She’s Gone- Hall & Oates

    Sarah- Hall & Oates

    You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'(remake)- Hall & Oates

    Kiss Is On My List- Hall & Oates

    Rich Girl- Hall & Oates

    Happy B-Day, Sweet, you still my boy!

  13. br says:

    POTW: VANDY -9


  14. tkh says:

    POTW – Navy -2.5

    Ole Miss -8.5
    GT -5.5
    Auburn +2.5
    FSU -3.5

    and since I’ll be there my song of the week

    Anchors Aweigh – Charles A. Zimmerman

    If you every get a chance to watch a Navy game go early it’s pretty cool, the march, a different navy plane does a fly over for each game. This will be the first Navy game I’ve been to where the opponent is service academies too, should be interesting.

  15. Madd Dawg says:

    sweet, that would be 39 years ago you old bas—ard.

    sEan, the name of the song is “On with the Show”, not “Going on with the Show”

    POTW: MS ST +5′

    TX A&M +1
    USC -4′

    Concert of the Week: The Fearsome Foursome of me, my bride, Fig E. and his bride will be seeing Stone Temple Pilots tonight in Mobile.

  16. smilyj says:

    kNelms, Thank you. D@#k.

  17. A little info, for your entertainment purposes.

    TB on the season is 1-2-1 in POTW’s and 11-9 on bonus plays.

    Feidt’s Follies is 3-0 in POTW’s

    Best in bonus picks also goes to FF through September at 10-5. He is trailed by Zeek at 10-7, Larry 11-8 and TKH 6-3.

    BR is of course winless, only playing POTW’s. But Fig deserves recognition for his 1-3 POTW and 5-15 bonus picks.

  18. irvineredd says:

    Purdue -8
    UNC -13
    Va Tech -16.5
    Michigan +3.5
    Auburn +2.5

    Penn St. -7


    In honor of my trip down to Charlotte for the Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic:

    One Way Out
    Whipping Post

    Driving Song
    Let’s Get the Show on the Road


    In case you didn’t notice it, Dave Schools, the bass player, is sporting a Proud Larry’s t-shirt!!!
    Go Rebs!!

  19. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss -8.5

    For all of us who go all in:

    All I Want Is You – U2
    All Apologies – Nirvana
    All My Life – Foo Fighters
    All Over You – Live

    Make No Sense at All – Husker Du

  20. Now that TB has gone straight for the nuclear option and compared me to Palin, I’ll jump back into this contest. I’m going to pick 10 games and 2 POTWs to make up for my lost week(s).

    1. So. Fla. -6′
    2. East Carolina -2′
    3. Virginia +13
    4. Fl. St. -3′
    5. Ole Miss -8′
    6. Ga. Tech -5′
    7. Miami +7′
    8. Penn. St. -7
    9. USC -4′
    10. Auburn +2′

    POTW: Iowa -21′ and Arkansas -1

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    Michigan +3.5
    Va Tech -16.5
    Auburn +2.5
    UNC -13
    Purdue -8

    POTW – Alabama – 16

    Songs I like to belt out:

    Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
    Tired of Being Alone – Al Green
    Drops of Jupiter – Train
    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Aretha Franklin
    The First Cut is the Deepest – Sheryl Crowe
    You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor

    SOTW – We Are Family – Sister Sledge

  22. Samsmama says:

    I won’t tell you what I was doing, but all of a sudden it hit me that I hadn’t done my picks. And there’s no link to the odds, not that that’s ever helped me, as it makes little sense to me.

    As always, I’ll go opposite of Sweet. My POTW is KU, +14.

    And my SOTW is anything but reggae, as I’ve had my fill of it for a million years.

    And my irrelevant comment of the day is this:

    A Jamaican local asked us where we were from and we told him Kansas City. And, I shit you not, he replied, “Ah…Kansas City. Your football, they are not so good.”

  23. Mac says:

    BC +3 1/2
    Bama -16
    LSU +3 1/2
    MS State +5 1/2
    Tenn -2 1/2
    Songs this week are remakes I like better than the originals.

    Also of note
    What I’ve Done by Marie Digby
    Bullshit Ain’t Shit by Ben Folds
    All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix
    Hound Dog by Aaron Elvis Presley
    Respect by Aretha Franklin

  24. larry says:

    Going with all favs

    East Carolina -2′
    Bama – 16
    Okla -7′
    Penn State -7
    Georgia -3


    You Know! The Rebs -8′

    High Cost of Living(Ain’t Nothing Like the Cost of Living High) – Jamey Johnson
    Way Cool Jr – Ratt
    Hard To Be Humble – Mac Davis
    Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash


    Call it a Loan – Jackson Browne

  25. coachteajay says:

    Houston -15

    Pittsburgh – 6½
    MARSHALL +2′
    Oklahoma -7′
    Auburn +2′

    • Alfie says:

      Nice yellow pic of Romey. Did y’all wear your sucrsneen this week? Isle of Wight is even gonna be on tv tonite not sure what channel. The music in Rock of Ages movie was crummy here’s hoping you guys do your own music for Fading West (ha, ha). It would create a very unified effect if Drew and Jon wear the same shirt for every scene in the movie. So keep up the good work on that front! What did Jon write on his hand? Take care, and blessings to all!

  26. Fraud Fig E says:

    Alabama -16 @ UK

    Ole Miss -10 @ VANDY
    GEORGIA -3′ vs. lsu
    Ga Tech -5′ @ MISS STATE
    Arkansas -1 @ TEXAS A&M
    TENNESSEE -2′ v. Auburn

    I, like Sweet, had a run in on Thursday with a sports legend. Last night I bartended a private party for sponsors of BayFest (which is where STP is playing tonight). One of my first customers was Eddie Murray. He looked the same as he did when he played. I did a double take at first, making sure it wasn’t Apollo Creed. I served him a red wine (Sweet, I’m sure you like he’s a wine guy). He came back for his second glass, and I told him I saw him play in Memorial Stadium in the early 80’s when Earl Weaver was the manager of the Orioles, blah blah blah. I think I came in a little hot. He quickly cut away from eye contact, fumbled around in what appeared to be a man purse (I know, buzz kill), and threw a $5 tip on me. For the rest of the evening, he avoided my side of the bar, which pissed me off, because I had my Blackberry ready to have my picture taken with him. Sweet, I think I came in hotter than when I met Bubba Ray Dudley at the Motley Crue concert in Tampa. Or, it could have been Eddie Murray was not comfortable being served by a bartender who had two drinks to every one of his during the evening. Oh well.

  27. That is a great story. Eddie Murray was a helluva hitter, but not known for his repartee with fans and media back in the day. I think MD should use his page to tell the world his Hank Aaron story.

  28. face says:

    POTW- Penn St -7

    SOTW- The Old Man Down the Road– John Fogerty in honor of Joe Pa.

    Didn’t Sweet used to carry a man purse?

    Nice game from the Buzzards last night, Coach.

  29. dirty larry says:

    Nice crowd as well. Must have been at least 7500.

  30. feidts follies says:

    Awe Folly Beach, getting a late start. Just washed of this hangover in the ocean now to put on a tux and stand in a Catholic wedding. Ugh. Ya got an hour and half.

    Ole Miss -10
    Penn St -7
    Wash St +35
    Tenn – 2′
    Ga Tech -5
    POTW Nevada – 5′

  31. A gentleman of leisure ought not have to arrive until the reception by all rights.

  32. Madd Dawg says:

    I’ll try to put together the Atlanta/Hank Aaron story—the details are coming back to me slowly.

  33. Jessie Lou says:

    I’m going to vote for Song of the Week

    Respect – Aretha Franklin

    Since two of us (me and Mac) in our songlists.

  34. sweet says:

    I vote for Mama for always taking KU +14 no matter what the line is and even when they aren’t playing

  35. Samsmama says:

    Ah, CRAP! I was *this close* to double checking that little factoid but decided to take a gamble.

  36. Mac says:

    I’m with Jessie Lou.
    vote SOTW-Respect.

  37. Zeek says:

    My votes this week go to JLou for the theme or list , whatever it is called, and my vote for song goes to the birthday boy Sweet for his Nenah Cherry and her shout out to Sweetness, Greeg gets an honorable mention only because he beat Sweet on his B-day for the first time in golf. I, of course, beat them both.

  38. Zeek says:

    I think someone needs to explain how the spread works to Samsmama before she wins every week with KU +14.

  39. quit yer bellyachin zeek

  40. Samsmama says:

    Apparently someone also needs to explain to me how the schedule works.

  41. Nah, you’re doing fine S&M. See my attempted explanation to Harmo on the Saturday thread if you want more direction. I’ve got you down in advance for opposite of Sweet all year, then if you add your own pick I just add that to the tally.

    Throw in some tunage for bonus points and be sure and vote for whose you like best starting the Saturday after each weekly post, as a list and as an individual song. I forgot to mention that part to Harmony. Some people like this part of Thursday Pickin better than the football part.

  42. quail09 says:

    TB….put me down for the opposite of Samsmama every week….and i’ll throw in some songs every week….i’m tryin, man

  43. sweet says:

    That would mean you are with me, which will be bad for you

  44. Mac says:

    Says the guy in 2nd place overall.

  45. quail09 says:


  46. Jessie Lou says:

    Solid Second for Sweet – the Saints are unbeaten – could the apocolypse be far behind? I think I might need to go ahead and build my Fall Out Shelter!

  47. tkh says:

    So I guess next Sunday the Giants and the over are a lock now…

  48. FYI, I’m on an unreliable internet connection this morning and out of town. Thursday Pickin may be delayed a bit, but it will be up by evening for sure. I may even get it on by lunch, but its 50-50.

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