The Collective Memory of the ARB’s

No post tonight other than this. I’ve been on a politics bender lately and need to get some inspiration on a different track. I promised a forum for this a few days back, and here it is. Without crossing “the line”, I need your help in suggesting stories that ought to be put down in writing for posterity and collective commentary. So far all I recall is the Scoop walking home story request. I’m gonna need some help with the details, but that one is a bona fide classic. Somebody get Scoop on the blog to help with this. I think the Larry and Smily after the Egg Bowl is another classic, but I’m not sure I can put that down in narrative form–might just have to be “a conversation post.”

Alright, don’t let me down.

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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18 Responses to The Collective Memory of the ARB’s

  1. smilyj says:

    You know the 2 funniest parts of the eggbowl story? Not just Larry’s semi. To me, it was an overly drunk Big John leering at Larry the whole time with just total disgust at what was taking place. I thought he was gonna come over and smash Larry for what he undoubtedly saw as an abomination of the laws of nature. Also, greekson leaned back in that “greekson” 90 degree elbow loung position that only he could pull off. He thought everyone was laughing at him as he was totally oblivious to what actually was happening. This of course made him irate and caused him to get into his all to common “bad drunk greekson persona” that was very recognizable to me and TB. Thus it ended with everyone eventually taking their shot at Greekson before the night was over. I dont remember what I laughed harder at nite.

  2. larry says:

    You can do that allnight long

  3. Zeek says:

    Don’t forget about the birth of the BBRP, or the night in 10th grade that MD, Sweet and I split 2 fifths of Bacardi in the Zephyr and MD yakked everywhere after sexually harrassing me and kissing Sweet. Only to leave Sweet to his own vices( I bolted later with Scoop) he runs outta gas right in front of my house and the cops show up!!!

    Several stories from the senior cruise come to mind.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know I am butting in on the memories but one of the cruise stories would have to be Sweet suffering from what I think he called alcohol poisoning and calling for his mother. The details of which are foggy for me but I am sure one of you could oblige.

  5. Sweet says:

    Kelly Murray took me to the infirmary and the ships doctor said, in his best Apu impersonation, “you just have gas” and gave me a shot of opium

  6. sweet says:

    Scoop’s infamous evening began with a game of quarters at a house across from the Fort. He was wasted and was hitting (hard) on some girl at the table. He said he was going to pee outside and 20 or so minutes later he was gone. We went looking for him with no luck. he didn’t have time to walk farther than the area we covered, so somebody had to have picked him up. It was a mystery to everybody until the next morning when me and I think Donnie went to his apartment. Before we even got up the stairs we saw his wet, muddy clothes from the night before hanging on the railing. We went inside and he was laying on his white couch with which he blended in perfectly, so it took us a minute to locate him. He was in agony but proceeded to tell us what he remembered. His memory began when he awoke next to a building in the Village early that morning. He apparently had been jacked by his still unknown benefactor who gave him a ride because his wallet and keys were gone. So he musters up as much cognition as possible and begins walking to Chico St from where he bedded down in the Village. He quickly encountered an obSTACle as he had to cross a ditch to get to the RR tracks that would lead him home. However, the ditch had water in it and Scoop unfortunately misjudged the depth. He sank to his chest in the muck. Managing to crawl out of the ditch he followed the tracks to the safety of his complex where he had to knock on his downstairs neighbors door looking like wet rat in a lab experiment gone bad. They gave him some dry clothes and coffee and called the manager to let him in his apt. The truth of the missing time and his carpool friend will never be known.

  7. Zeek says:

    Sweet most definitely was calling for Mamu, while I was partying hard and being the life of the party. I’ll never forget that older woman chaperone from some other school slapping Grodi in the face, and himturning to me and saying,”Zeek, that old bitch just slapped me!”, and she slapped him again!!! PRICELESS

  8. travellinbaen says:

    Sweet, I think you just wrote the Scoop story for me, and better than I could have. Freakin hilarious. I think I might be able to do something with the cruise and Sweet.

    And don’t worry about butting in. Any story I can tell or you want to tell is more than welcome.

    Oh, Smily, you reminded me of some details I’d forgot too. very nice.

  9. face says:

    I arrived at Scoop’s apartment the next morning as well and can vouch for the muddy stench coming from his clothes hanging on the rail. I walked inside and and heard a voice calling me, “Face, get me some aspirin.”

  10. bwbuzz says:

    I do not have as many stories, since I was a late bloomer with u guys, but here is one. 1988 , spring break in Gulf Shores, starring Huck. First he had run out of money but had one of his dads expired credit cards and had been to every place imaginable to use it to buy beer , but with no success. So one day while he is out trying again , and all of us are around the tv at the hotel watching the NCAA Tournament he suddenly burst through the door with the famous quote, ” Tom Thumb don’t check baby!” ( apparantly the local quick mart did not check the credit card or his ID). He is loaded down with everything and anything that he could drag back with him. Not only did he have a ton of beer and eatables, but also stuff he never would or could use such as a floaty raft, elton john cassette tape, gulf shore magic snow globe, several hats, magazines, peanut brittle, playing cards. I believe he cleaned them out. I am still not sure what happened when he got back home. So now for the second part of the story. Huck drinks a ton of the so-called free beer and decides to go swimming, so after nearly drowning several times , he finally washed up on the beach like a stranded beach whale, and rolled around in the sand . He finally gets up and makes it back to the room and passes out in the tub while trying to take a bubble bath. Several of us and I am ashamed to say myself included, peed on him in the tub , put lipstick and shaving cream and toothpaste all over his head.Needless to say when he woke up he was not a happy camper.Please tell me I am not the only one to remember this?

  11. sweet says:

    Yes, that was classic…..and disturbing. Over the years I have tried to repress the memory of his little pink pecker after Seaman (or someone) poured Pepto Bismol on it

  12. Jessie Lou says:

    Now that is a mental picture I wish I didn’t have! I don’t think I’ll be able to look at Pepto Bismol with the thought of possible relief again.

  13. We’re getting close to “the line” on the Huck story, but the other little detail is that Georgetown and Princeton were on the tube. Princeton was something like a million to one odds to win and if they did Fig pledged to up the ante on Huck’s predicament. Princeton lost 51-50 as I recall.

    If I can ever find someone to make a movie, I think we could make some real money on some of these scenes.

    And on the Sweet cruise story, we would have to include the apex of his binge, the Ludo’s Suspicion drink, and the MD and Sweet go watch the NBA finals at a Bahamian house party segment.

  14. smilyj says:

    I think TB told the story of him waking up in a field after an Ole Miss/State game in Jackson. However, earlier that day was also an ARB classic.

    I went to many games with TB back then, and the best way to describe him at many of those games would be…maybe…in a word “Bombastic”(polite description). Often, Greekson and myself would cowar at the overly loud “Inebriatedbaen” at those games.

    This particular time, TB was in rare form. Enough so, that, uncharacteristically of myself, I felt I may need to regulate my own drinking a bit. Just in case. Anyway, TB has to take a potty break. I decide to tag along. He is in a very “giddy” mood at this point in the consumption process. Much “guy humor” is probably being tossed back and forth. Well when we get to the restroom, We are the first two there. The pee trough is empty. So naturally I take one end and TB gets the other. We look like strangers to the next group of spectators to use the facility. Now, they have to use the space in between TB and myself, all the while assuming we are not together. But TB is totally oblivious to anyone in between him and myself and to make things more uncomfortable for the other users and myself, I might add, TB begins to laugh. A slightly bellowing laugh that a drunk might do. He does this for several seconds and then just announces “MAN, YOU GOT A LITTLE D—-!” Everyone is astounded. The user next to TB does a doubletake, not knowing if TB is talking to him or the next guy. Who in turn looks to the next guy. Who in turn looks to the next and so on until it reaches me. The intended recipient of TB’s humor. Thus, I looked around and shrugged my shoulders and shook my head as if to say,……”I don’t know that guy.” Then TB zips up, still overly happy with his “put down” and laughing at himself, drunkenly struts from the restroom. I wait a few seconds and then follow so as not to let on we are together. No body in that restroom ever said anything out loud about the incident and just went about their business.

  15. Madd Dawg says:

    Nice one BW. Photos were taken but later destroyed by Fig E’s twin—probably a good thing.

  16. Madd Dawg says:

    I’ll let sweet tell the cab driver story from the cruise.

    Grodi and I were on the way to the Toga party on the cruise but didn’t have togas, so we just busted up in some random person’s room, ripped their sheets off the bed and threw them on. On the way to the party, Grodi, for no apparent reason whatsoever, hit the top of the elevator several times and hurt his hand/wrist/arm. Some lady was very concerned and dragged him to the nurse. I, of course, left him with this stranger and went to the party.

  17. Zeek says:

    Was that before or after Grodi and I kicked those Ga. boys’ ass in the elevator and almost went to the brig? I also remember Grodi and I showing up for the formal supper with less than appropriate attire on and causing a scene at the dinner table. GOOD TIMES!!

    TB, I thought it was called the Ludo Special, not Ludo Suspicion.

  18. Oh no, of that I am certain. It was Ludo’s Suspicion. Of course, the fact it was twenty years ago plus one does nothing to eliminate my certainty. But I was the only one there so on this my version prevails. Well, Sweet was there in body, but he wasn’t fully conscious. Besides, Ludo’s Suspicion sounds a lot better for storytelling purposes.

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