Why It’s Great to Be a Mississippi State Bulldog Fan…..today

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Jack Cristil, \”Wrap it in maroon and white!\”

TB can describe in tearjerking comical detail the pain and misery that is the life of the Mississippi State Bulldog fan. A much more difficult task is explaining just why in the hell anyone would choose such a life. If there is one certainty for a Bulldog’s, its that the ‘dogs will screw it up somehow.  Even cognizant of this fact of life, if you are a Bulldog fan you believe deep down, way down below the scar tissue of eleven plays inside the ten, past the Tech and ten layer and beyond the memory of the windblown field goal deflection, in your hear of hearts, there will be good days. You see the twenty point line favoring our evil rivals and you think its about right; right up until kickoff or tipoff when suddenly you think “maybe today’s our day.” It happens every time and almost always, it ain’t our day. Worse still, our Dogs, no matter the sport, regularly play above their heads and get a game or a season close enough to success that we can hang our future hopes and continued allegiance on the fact we almost won but for cheatin refs, the hated NCAA investigators or just a few inches here and there during the course of a contest. We’re often close. We know that tomorrow we will be better; next year will be the year.

Ahhhhh, but sometimes, especially in basketball, tomorrow shows up when we least expect it. Today is that tomorrow. MY Bulldogs are basking in a four day glow of success and glory after defeating Georgia, South Carolina, LSU, and finally Tennessee over a long weekend in Tampa. WE are the Southeastern Conference Champions and have the trophy to prove it. No matter that I’ve not been able to gin up enough interest in hoops this year to even update my “Life as a Bulldog” page. No matter that I haven’t been to the Hump in over a decade. It’s US, my Bullies. A fair weathered, bandwagon fan some may call me. To these folks I simply say, there is no such thing as a fair weathered Bulldog fan. If we bleed maroon, we have all suffered enough, we’ve paid our dues many times over, we get to celebrate the “tomorrow’s” whenever they come around.

And a day like today is what keeps us going. We may limp out of the big dance before most people even get a chance to turn on the tube. We’ll hear all about how we didn’t belong and we stole an at large bid from Creighton. But forever more, that SEC trophy stays in Starkville. Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and the other Big Boys’ fans may feel blessed to have grown up pulling for a powerhouse program. Often, I’m jealous of those guys. I’m even sometimes green-eyed toward the Rebels. But those other guys get to celebrate too often and they expect to take regular victory laps. At State, we hope, but never expect. So I say with confidence, no supporters of any other school in America can appreciate success more than we do. And that’s why it’s great to be a Bulldog. Today.


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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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13 Responses to Why It’s Great to Be a Mississippi State Bulldog Fan…..today

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to be a Bulldog….everyday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great writeup!!

  3. Mom? Dad?

    If you are actually new to the TB site, welcome and feel safe picking a user name and putting your email in the comment block–your info isn’t displayed.

  4. br says:

    tb, i still remember the saturday we went to the
    sec tourney game when state beat georgia in
    N.O. I remember we could have bought tickets
    for both days but who would have thought state
    would have gotten to the championship game.
    Still to this day the best State team i ever saw.
    Donte could jump out of the gym….

  5. Yep, I recall too, in fact I was just telling Jay Walton about it yesterday. I’m still pissed I turned down that first offer right when we got out of the car. Rookie mistake.

  6. Anonymous says:

    sec tournament champions

  7. Zeek says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  8. bwbuzz says:

    way to go bullies! better the wonderdogs then the usual SEC fare that we get for a champion Florida, LSU, Kentucky etc. but I might add WAAAAAAAR EAGLE!

  9. face says:

    Congratulations. Now you know how the CUSA champions always feel. When you’re the best turd in the bowl, you’re still a turd. The last 30 seconds of that game set the game of basketball back 30 years.

  10. Face, you ignorant slut……

    I realize that if State were in CUSA they would be just another middle of the road team that may win some years and would also lose sometimes, just like the rest of that league. However, they are not in CUSA, they are in a league that regularly wins National Titles in every sport. Granted, State doesn’t win them, and granted, this year is a down year for SEC hoops, but the point is, when we beat the giants, no matter the circumstances, it is a sweet sweet tonic. Tulane has plenty to be proud of, I’m sure, but to equate a CUSA title to an SEC trophy….well, it leaves me staring blankly at my computer screen.

  11. face says:

    My only point was that this year, in basketball, the SEC is closer to CUSA level than the SEC norm.

  12. There’s no tarnish on that trophy. Down year. Up year. Who gives a damn? And this is coming from an Ole Miss fan. I think the only thing to do about MSU winning the tournament is to rapidly change the subject. There’s no diminishing a championship.

    Congrats, TB. Enjoy it……………(sorry bastards).

  13. Zeek says:

    Uh,(blank stare), I’m pretty sure Face is a Tulane fan(alum), which ranks him well below an Ole Miss fan.

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