Jackson County HOF Round II Results and Round III Voting Thread

Fred Cook, Jim Marsalis and Sam Leslie received enough votes to join Matthews, Buckley and Jones in the Hall. Here’s who came up short of the votes needed in this round:

  • Eddie Khayat 12 votes
  • Litterial Green 12
  • Hugh Pepper 12
  • Tony Dees 11
  • Ben Garry 10
  • Jerry Alexander 10
  • Johnny Olsen 8
  • Blair Varnes 8
  • Richard Harvey 8
  • Sarah Bailey 7
  • Erin Sims 7
  • Chuck Commiskey 7
  • Billy Miller 7
  • Kim Seaman 7
  • Verlon Biggs 6
  • Mike Moreland 5
  • Johnny Woitt 5
  • Antonio Harvey 4
  • Earl Gilbert 4
  • Calvin Huey 3
  • Kez McCorvey 3
  • Hal Lee 3
  • Eric Lane 3
  • Paul Tanner 3
  • Raymond Brown, Ray Costict, Treg Thomas, Joe Ladnier, Johnny Zelenka 1

Vote for whoever you like in Round III whether you voted in Rounds I and II or not. You also are not restricted by your prior ballot or the names on this list. Its time to get on with the process, so voting on this round closes Friday, February 20, 2009 at midnight. Then we’ll decide on the need for a special ballot and/or veterans committee ballot. Please continue to make your pitches in the old thread, which is destined for a special window in the Hall all in itself. New committee members are welcome to join in the process at any time and I hope you will continue to spread the word to anyone who might find this topic interesting. Once again, you can include 10 names on your ballot and any over that number will be disregarded along with any votes for Smily.

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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21 Responses to Jackson County HOF Round II Results and Round III Voting Thread

  1. 1. Eddie Khayat
    2. Ben Garry
    3. Tony Dees
    4. Richard Harvey
    5. Johnny Olsen (player/coach)
    6. Paul Tanner
    7. Calvin Huey
    8. Hugh Pepper
    9. Verlon Biggs
    10.Chuck Commiskey

  2. Fish says:

    1. Hugh Pepper
    2. Litterial Green
    3. Tony Dees
    4. Eddie Khayat
    5. Kim Seaman
    6. Sarah Bailey
    7. Antonio Harvey
    8. Kez McCorvey
    9. Johnny Olsen
    10. Ben Garry

  3. Zeek says:

    1-Calvin Huey
    2-Richard Harvey
    3-Verlon Biggs
    4-Eric Lane
    5-Jerry Alexander
    6-Johnny Woitt
    7-Paul Tanner
    8-Steve Bowman
    9-Johnny Zelenka
    10-George Blair

    I’m trying a different system this time. Go Calvin Huey!!!

  4. jester40 says:

    1. Calvin Huey
    2. Blair Varnes
    3. Ben Garry
    4. Erin Sims
    5. Johnny Olsen
    6. Hugh Pepper
    7. Billy Miller
    8. Litterial Green
    9. Jerry Alexander
    10. Eddie Khayat

  5. sweet says:

    Hal Lee
    Johnny Woitt
    Sarah Bailey
    Calvin Huey
    Eddie Khayat
    Hugh Pepper
    Verlon Biggs
    Ben Garry
    Kim Seaman
    Bert Blyleven

  6. Jessie Lou says:

    1. Calvin Huey
    2. Eddie Khayat
    3. Hugh Pepper
    4. Tony Dees
    5. Ben Garry
    6. Jerry Alexander
    7. Chuck Commiskey
    8. Verlon Biggs
    9. Johnny Woitt
    10.Billy Miller

  7. BR says:

    # Eddie Khayat
    # Litterial Green
    # Hugh Pepper
    # Tony Dees
    # Ben Garry
    # Jerry Alexander
    # Johnny Olsen
    # Blair Varnes
    # Richard Harvey
    # Sarah Bailey

  8. Sycopedia’s ballot, moved from the previous thread:

    johnny Woitt
    Ben Garry
    Hal Lee
    Sam Leslie
    Ken “Dynamite” Farragut
    Eddie Khayat, Sr.
    Robert Khayat
    Hugh Pepper
    Dutch Binion
    Billy Wayne Miller

  9. jmac says:


  10. larry says:

    Eddie Khayat
    Hugh Pepper
    Ben Garry
    Johnny Olsen
    Billy Miller
    Earl Gilbert
    Paul Tanner
    Hal lee
    Litterial Green
    Bert Blyleven

  11. Madd Dawg says:

    1. Eddie Khayat
    2. Johnny Woitt
    3. Blair Varnes
    4. Mike Moreland
    5. Erin Sims
    6. Littearal Green
    7. Hugh Pepper
    8. Ben Garry
    9. Billy Miller
    10. Hal Lee

  12. tkh says:

    Litterial Green
    Erin Sims

  13. face says:

    Blair Varnes
    Verlon Biggs
    Jerry Alexander
    Chuck Commiskey
    Eric Lane
    Kez McCorvey
    Litterial Green
    Richard Harvey
    Hal Lee
    Eddie Khayat

  14. karl kuhn says:

    Pat Gardner
    Charley Kuhn
    Eddie Khayat
    Chuck Commiskey
    Hal Lee
    Hugh Pepper
    Joe Ladnier
    Raymond Brown
    Robert Khayat
    Tony Dees

  15. Du says:

    Eddie Khayat
    Hugh Pepper
    Johnny Woitt
    Billy Wayne Miller
    Blair Varnes
    Ben Garry
    Erin Sims
    Chuck Commiskey
    Jerry Alexander
    Calvin Huey

  16. Stan says:

    1. Billy Miller
    2. Johnny Olsen
    3. Tony Dees
    4. Mitch Doze
    5. Paul Tanner
    6. Richard Harvey
    7. Varnes
    8. Tiger Stokes

    ****Stan, I removed S Matthews, Rooster and T Buckley because they are in. You still have two slots open if you want to use them****TB

  17. bc14 says:

    1. Blair Varnes
    2. Johnny Olsen
    3. Jerry Alexander
    4. Chuck Commiskey
    5. Tony Dees
    6. Kez McCorvey
    7. Litterial Green
    8. Richard Harvey
    9. Antonio Harvey
    10. Erin Sims

  18. afred says:

    1. E. Khayat
    2. B. Varnes
    3. B. Garry
    4. H. Pepper
    5. J. Alexander
    6. J. Olsen
    7. C. Comminsky
    8. M. Moreland
    9. R. Harvey
    10. L. Green

  19. chopper says:

    1.Johnny Woitt
    2.Kim Seamen
    3.Hugh Pepper
    4.Tony Dees
    5.Earl Gilbert
    6.Mike Moreland
    7.Richard Harvey
    8.Ben Garry
    9.Litteral Green
    10.Chuck Comminsky

  20. quail09 says:

    1. Eddie Khayat
    2. Johnny Woit
    3. Hugh Pepper
    4. Chuck Commiskey
    5. Johnny Olsen
    6. Kim Seaman
    7. Jerry Alexander
    8. Verlon Biggs
    9. Raymond Brown
    10. Ray Costict

  21. Greeg says:


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