Thursday Pickin VII

Quote of the Day     “Play it now. Play it now. Play it now, my baby. Cracklin Rosie, make me smile.”     –Neil Diamond

You all know by now that Travellinbaen’s scoring system is arbitrary, by design. But if you know TB at all, you also know that it is anything but capricious. Bonus points and demerits are and will remain subjective and inconsistent. But at its heart, this is a “pick of the week” game, and RMac is leading the pack like Secretariat led the nags at Belmont. 5-0, all or nothing each week, and she keeps winning. What is this system? Does anyone believe RMac’s protestations of luck? Can it work with the stock market?

Here’s how it broke down with everybody else:

First, everybody gets some bonus for their tunes, and everybody is making it harder to pick some out of the pack for special notice. There’s not time to give them all a shout, but keep them coming. There were only seven POTW’s on target this week. Second place is sure to gin some controversy. I edged Pitalo over Supercynic by one point because I don’t know him. They both went 4-1. Face came next even though he was 3-0 on the bonus picks. TB does not like looking up the lines and deducted points from Face and Smily (though not RMac or JLM) for having to do just that. I even sent a link to Sheridan for christsakes. RSR was next with the usual all or nothing selection, a good call on the last game of the weekend and a second place songlist. I put Feidt next over Mad Dog, for spite, and Fig rounded out the POTW winners, missing big on his Talladega bonus selection.

Stone and Smily went 3-0 and 3-2, but did not designate a POTW. Stone got honorable mention for song of the week, which went to Screwtape, who appeared a day late with some pro picks, a bit of intramural trash talk, and the song of the week–Spill the Wine.

Then came the long line of losers, led by Larry. He got the nod in spite of a 1-3 bonus slate due to the first letter of his name and the playlist of the week. TB was next at 4-1, then TKH 3-2, OB  2-2 and JLM 2-3. Extra points for saucy innuendo in JLM’s song titles. Next was Ed, who went all in and is unfairly penalized for setting a very high music standard–he can’t win every week on tunage. (Same goes for our other music guru RSR). There was an unprecedented three-way tie for last between BR at 0-3, Zeek 0-5, and Sweet 2-4, 0-1 on teaser of the week, and an ill advised and premature withdrawal of a winner. Zeek got a bonus for having a bad week on and off the blog, BR for another week with the strangest song, and Sweet took deductions for, well, no reason. 

TB still hasn’t looked up Face’s song from last week, but when I do, I may or may not add bonus points depending on if the tune lives up to the name of the band–Big Sam’s Funky Nation.

The updated standings:

  1. RMac  192
  2. Fig  172
  3. TB  164
  4. Feidt’s Follies  163
  5. Rock Star  137
  6. Ed  132
  7. OB  121
  8. Supercynic  115
  9. Mad Dog  107
  10. Stone  106
  11. Sweet  97
  12. Pitalo  95
  13. Larry  90
  14. JLM  88
  15. Screwtape  85
  16. BR  85
  17. Smily  84
  18. Face  71
  19. TKH  69
  20. Zeek  56
TB’s Picks
  • Michigan State -2
  • Purdue  +18′
  • Arkansas  +19
  • Minnesota  +12
  • Tennessee  +12
POTW–Kentucky E
My Tunes, Long distance dedications this week
  • When You’re Hot, You’re Hot (when you’re not, you’re not)–Jerry Reed, to Zeek
  • Orange Crush–REM, to BR
  • Devil Inside–INXS, for Greeg/Screwtape
  • Don’t Cry–Guns and Roses, to everybody who doesn’t like their score
  • Dumas Walker’s–Kentucky Headhunters, to all the ARB’s and the girls who dig em
As always, anyone’s welcome to join in for next week, the regulars or passers by. As someone likes to say these days, “I’ll make you famous.”

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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40 Responses to Thursday Pickin VII

  1. sweet says:

    Still think Face should be the week winner…..
    “Lollipop” (The Chordettes) – cause the Gamecocks stole the Rebs big swirling one like Kramer had in the Seinfeld episode where they went backwards in time to India
    “Lollipop” (The Chordettes) – 48 of them cause Army beat Tulane by 29 pts while 19 pt underdogs
    “Heigh Ho” (7 Dwarfs) – cause the UTEP Miners worked the sorry USM Buzzards
    “In the Year 2525” (Zager and Evans) – cause that is the year Ole Miss will be germane to the situation again

  2. Jessie Lou says:

    Thanks for not deducting for the lack of points – I never look at the points – I just pick teams.

    Texas A&M
    Air Force

    POTW – East Carolina


    Sixteen Candles – The Stray Cats
    Turning Japanese – The Vapors
    Summer Nights – John Travolta – Olivia Newton John
    Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney & Wings
    Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds

  3. smilyj says:

    This is the most underated pick’em site, with someone named Baen scoring it, of the 21st century. Picks later. You should be able to know my potw with out me telling you. You’ve lost it, man. I’ll give you one more chance to guess my potw. You guess it and I’ll tell you next week if you are correct…OK?

  4. I forgot to mention in the post. TB was deducted points for explaining some of the finer aspects of the scoring system. Won’t happen again.

  5. Adam says:

    All my picks last week were POTW. That is why I went 3-0. They were all sure things.

    POTW MSU getting 2.5 over Vandy. Vandy is not all that and they will get beat this weekend.

    Others –

    Purdue to cover versus Ohio State
    Arkansas covers getting 18.5 (has Auburn scored 8.5 this year?)
    LSU getting 6 versus Florida is a steal (that is almost a co-POTW)

    Taking all dogs this week.


    Three Dog Night – Joy to the World
    George Clinton – Atomic Dog
    Johnny Cash – Dirty Ol Egg Sucking Dog
    Baha Men – Who let the dogs out

  6. OB says:

    Here are my picks for the week. Comments and playlist will come later.

    OKLAHOMA -6½
    Vanderbilt -2½
    Notre Dame +7
    LSU +6½

    POTW- HOUSTON -17½

  7. smilyj says:

    louisville -6.5
    mich st -1.5
    okla -7
    auburn -19
    wisc +5.5
    boise st -11
    STATE +2.5 (hint,hint)
    “A Pirate Looks At 40” Buffet
    “Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire”AcDc
    “One Bourbon, One Shot, And One Beer.” Thourogood
    “Seven Spanish Angels” Willie and Ray

  8. sweet says:

    JLou (LJB) the point of this thing is points ……smi-LY should be last for not declaring a POTW….and anyone who does not include a pointspread with thier picks should be ineligible (TBaen should not have to look them up) and I still have no answer as to why MD got FLA at 22 last week when everyone else had 24′

  9. Adam says:

    Line of Ohio State Purdue is 18.5. It was omitted from my post.

  10. Had the dubious point spread declared by MD come in to play, TB would’ve dealt with it. Since Florida ran a dive for 40 yards to cover the number instead of taking a knee, the question is moop.

    Also, Sweet, as a future politician, you would be well advised not to take conflicting policy positions under the same post. But thanks for looking out for TB re: the lines. Only a few posters have the green light to pick names only. This is very close to defending my scoring scheme, so I’ll go ahead and deduct a half point from my score for next week.

    BW Buzz, I’m looking for your picks. What about the Big East teams?

  11. Madd Dawg says:

    I am not aware of any official source being declared by TB for lines for this friendly competition, but I am confident that he is currently taking bids from all of the well-known sources for such an honorable declaration.

    UGA -13
    Notre Dame +7
    Vandy -1

    POTW: OK -6.5

    I am headed off to Disney in the morning for a week, so responses to anticipated attacks on my character and/or stupid questions like Brad’s will have to wait until mid-October.

  12. Sheridan’s lines are the official ones.

  13. Jessie Lou says:

    TB – I’m fine with how you do it regardless, it is your site after all so you can make up your own rules – you are indeed the master of this domain.

  14. sweet says:

    Hillary, oh sorry, Bill, no wait, jhonny….you are “not aware” of an official source…..he only emails the link to everyone everyweek

  15. ZEEK says:


    Ark. St.-12′

    SOTW-Mother Mother Ocean-Buffet (story of my life kid)
    Darkside of the Moon-Pink Floyd(been there)
    Casey Jones- Grateful Dead (been there)
    Voodoo Child-Hendrix (been him)
    Rain Song-Led Zeppelin (beautiful)

  16. larry says:

    I will take

    Clemson +2
    Louisville -6′
    Indiana +5
    Minn +12


    MSU +2′

    Set list

    Is She Really Going Out With Him – Joe Jackson
    Little White Lines – Shooter Jennings
    Sex and Candy – Marcy Playground
    Juicy – Better Than Ezra
    Back 2 Good – Matchbox 20

  17. sweet says:

    wow, OB has Mizzou even…..can I get some of that? He must have been in contact with MD

  18. OB says:

    Hey, there wasn’t a line for the Mizzou game, so I took it to be even. Are you gonna spot me some points?

    TB’s Golden Years and the Rooster Jones blogs really brought back memories of my days back in High School. So, this week’s playlist goes all the way back to 1987-1988 when the Panthers last won state.

    Song of the Week: Push It- Salt-n-Pepa

    Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crue
    Satellite – The Hooters
    Fight For Your Right (To Party) – Beastie Boys
    Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
    Dude (Looks Like a Lady) – Aerosmith
    With or Without You – U2

  19. sweet says:

    Good list. MO is minus 14. Sheridan is slackin as the official source

  20. OB says:

    TB said we’re using Sheridan’s Odds, but I’ll take Missouri no matter what the’yre giving. So, add Mizzou -14 to my list of picks.

  21. BR says:

    I will take
    Potw: Colorado

    Song of the Week:
    Shama Lama Ding Dong: by Otis Day and the

  22. Fig E says:


    *Clemson +2 at WAKE
    *Boise State – 10′ at SOUTHERN MISS
    *Arkansas +19 at AUBURN
    *MISSISSIPPI STATE +2′ vs Vandy
    *South Carolina E at KENTUCKY

    *OKLAHOMA -6′ vs Texas

    *Hank III – Six Pack of Beer (new album out this month)
    *Buck Owens – Act Naturally
    *Kevin Deal – What’s Your Problem Man?
    *Lynyrd Skynyrd – Give Me Back My Bullets
    *Mickey Gilley – Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time?

  23. face says:

    POTW- Louisville -6′

    Vandy -2′
    Illinois -12

    Foo Fighters- All My Life
    Willie Nelson- Me and Paul
    Cowboy Mouth – Jenny Says

  24. sweet says:

    POTW:GA -12
    POTWII: Boise St -10′
    Wisc + 5′ (win straight up)
    LSU +6′ (win straight up)
    Miss St + 2′ (win straight up)
    and give me the opposite of what RMac picks

  25. supercynic says:

    LSU +6′
    FL Int’l pk
    UTEP -5
    Vandy -2′
    Notre Dame +7
    POTW Virginia +5′

    Marcel Marceau’s Greatest Hits — doesn’t matter which one, they all sound the same.

  26. Greeg says:

    POTW: Vandy -3

    Louisville -7
    Lsu +6
    Boise St -11
    Kentucky E
    E Carolina -5.5
    Missouri -14
    Oklahoma -7

    Damn, looks like the Phillies are gonna take that series.

    A suggestion was made by Zeek that I should do a weather themed song list since I am sort of a weather freak. I thought that was good idea.

    No Rain – Blind Melon
    The Rain, the Park and Other Things – The Cowsills
    Here Comes the Sun – George Harrison (Live)
    Sunshine On My Shoulders – John Denver
    Sunrise – Norah Jones (I like the name Norah)
    Good Morning Starshine – Oliver (I like that name too)
    Groovin’ – The Rascals
    A Beautiful Morning – The Rascals
    Snow (Hey Oh) – Red Hot Chili Peppers (One of the most underrated bands ever)


    check out this link to Goula’s own J. Walter Hawkes rockin with Norah Jones on Austin City Limits. Click on “watch the video”

  28. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Iowa -5
    Michigan Sate -1
    Texas +6
    Arkansas +17
    Bosie State -10 1/2

    POTW Hawaii -7

    Live- All Over you
    Three dog night- The show must go on
    John Mayer- 3×5
    Michael Jackson-Man in the mirror.

    Dave Matthews Band- Rapunzel

  29. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Hawaii -7.5


    Guadalcanal Diary – Litany – Life Goes On
    Elvis Costello – (Angels Want to Wear to My) Red Shoes
    Tragically Hip – Springtime in Vienna
    Remy Zero – Fair
    Cake – Italian Leather Sofa

    BTW, the playlists are great this week – Is She Really Going Out With Him (“they say that looks don’t count for much so there goes your proof”), Good Morning Starshine (one of my childhood faves), Atomic Dog (bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yeah!), and others – excellent!

  30. Feidts Follies says:

    I made it back from Charlotte and the Allman Brothers Band show with a few dollars and no innocence left. $9 cups and $11 tallboy cans of beer. Ouch. Good thing nature provides cheaper things. If you have ever looked at a Allmans Brother Band Album cover you’ll know what I am talking about. Those old guys know a thing or 2.

    Well one thing I know for sure this week is the Rebels are not gonna lose. Damn Cover Jinx. On a brighter note I have a date with an Amish girl named Nickel. I can’t make this stuff up.

    BYU – 23
    Oklahoma -6′
    Vandy -2′ might be Vegas’ sucker bet of the week
    Wisconsin +5′
    Arkansas +19

    POTW East Carolina -5′

    Tunes for the week:

    I touched base with The Teej earlier in the week on this.
    The ENTIRE Sound Track for the Movie “Colors”
    One of the best movies ever made, with Sean Penn, MARIA CONCHITA ALONZO, Robert Duvall.

    Such great songs as:
    Colors – Afrika Islam
    Raw – Big Daddy Cane
    Paid in Full – Eric B and Rakim
    Let the Rythm Run – Salt and Pepa

    Takes you back to the carefree 80’s when all we had to worry about was random gang volence and police brutality and riding around in my mustang with random people making out in the back. Good times.

  31. RMac says:


    Get Up – Dennis Brown
    Feed Back- Janet Jackson
    Show me Love- Robin S.

  32. tkh says:

    In honor of TBs previous blog post that allowed me to reminisce on my MS days I’ll try this music thing again…

    Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good) – Sugarland
    Mississippi Queen – Moutain
    Down in Mississippi – Kudzu Kings
    Mississippi – Bruce Springteen

    The games…

    East Carolina -5
    Texas +6 (but I like the +7 I have elsewhere much better)
    South Carolina
    MS State +2 (Have to with my theme music)
    UGA -12

    UNC -7

    POW Prop

    Auburn offense over 200 yard rushing (wouldn’t be surprised to see 250+)


    Spent the past weekend in Williamsburg, VA not sure if TB has been their but as a history person and one who seems to be able to appreciate the fun/enjoyment in a limited environment I would highly recommend it.

    It has a nice mix of college town (although how college town can you be when you are everyone’s HC game) and historical area.

  33. Ed says:

    Dear Baen,

    Really covered up this week, but the highlight was Cruisin the Coast on Thur and Fri. Love seeing the 65 Lincoln Convertibles with suicide doors, the 57 Bel Airs, the 37 Packards, and the Camaro 396’s. Nova, Mach 1’s, Darts, and Chevelles too.

    Dedicating to all who couldn’t witness the Cruisin’…

    “Riding along in my automobile
    My baby beside me at the wheel
    I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
    my curiosity running wild
    crusin’ and playin’ the radio
    with no particular place to go”

    No particular place to go- Chuck Berry

    Bonus Tune: You’re Sixteen,You’re Beautiful (And You’re Mine) – Johnny Burnette

    Northwestern Wildcats catchin’ home points for the big suicide(doors) play.

  34. OB says:

    OU! OU! OU!….7-0 1st Quarter!

  35. Have not been to Williamsburg, but will some time. TB always likes to hear about your travels. Ya’ll be sure and put up your top choices and other great choices over at TB and Friends–I take travel advice, if not much else.

    Once again, Fido, you really ought to be doing your own blog, or at least let me come tag along for a week or so to give me some fresh material. An Amish chick named Nickel….you cannot make this stuff up.

  36. Feidts Follies says:

    The bonus chasing your POTW parley:

    Arkansas +19
    Purdue +19
    Notre Dame +9

    chasing all day, who knew Texas was so fast

  37. sweet parley Feidt. (no pun intended)

    TB took it on the chin with the POTW–&%$# Spurrier

  38. Feidts Follies says:

    One final bonus parley to erase earlier picks
    for entertainment purposes only. I know I am risking my earlier comeback but you can’t win if you dont risk it.

    I call this one the rainy Saturday night not leaving the couch special.

    LSU +6
    Wisconsin +5′
    Oregon -19′ (had to include this one because it will take me well past midnight watching football and baseball) Its my reach but I love those foxSports late games.

    and the over in the ALDS game. Go Sox

  39. Greeg says:

    Hey Feidto, it’s the ALCS. Good call on the over though. Fuck the Red Sox.

  40. Feidts Follies says:

    DEVIL RAYS!!!!

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