Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 8

Quote of the Day:

I haven’t gotten to spank anyone in a long time.” –Jessie Lou McFall

Also worth repeatin’:

I’m corn-fused. Is this football-ese? –Calicobebop

The highlight of the game was when Millimeter somehow got into the suite and almost rallied the team to victory with his dancing Homer impression.” –Undefeated, Untied, Feidt’s Follies

If any of you are gamblers, and I hope none of you are unless you are in Vegas, because its illegal otherwise, I hope you are paying attention to the Picks of the Week coming out of the Travellinbaen Universe. Last week was the best yet with seventeen winners against only 4 losses and a tie. TB, for the record, won my POTW and went 3-1-1 on bonus picks. This put me just over the Mendoza line for the year with the record standing now at an even 3-3-1 on POTW’s and now 18-16-1 on bonus picks. Mac’s reign at the top was a brief one as he lost his POTW and came in dead last for the week, while Sweet won his and went 2-0 on bonus picks to assume a tie for the lead with RSR who regained the other half of that lofty perch at the midway point of season two. Notably, BR won his second POTW in a row after starting the season 0-5. Song of the week goes to Larry’s Charlie Mars pick and list goes to Jessie Lou. Here are the numbers.

Week 7 Results (top 17 POTW winners, Greeg Tied, the rest lost; bonus record in parentheses)

  1. Fish (4-1) 68
  2. Sweet (2-0) 68
  3. Smily  68
  4. Face  68
  5. Special Guest Picker, Doc Scoop 68
  6. RSR  68
  7. Q  68
  8. Feidt’s Follies (3-1-1) 62
  9. TB (3-1-1)  62
  10. Larry (3-2 plus SOTW) 61
  11. TDW (3-2) 56
  12. Zeek (3-2)  56
  13. Fig E (3-3)  50
  14. Coach TJ (2-2-1)  50
  15. BR (0-1)  44
  16. BW Buzz (1-3)  43
  17. TKH (1-3 )  43
  18. Greeg (1-3)  43
  19. JLM (4-1 plus bonus 43)
  20. MD (2-1)  26
  21. S&M  10
  22. Mac  (1-3)  8
  23. Irv (distracted by his girlfriend a la Tony Romo) 0

Season Standings

  1. Sweet  375
  2. RSR  375
  3. Feidt’s Follies  330
  4. Mac  316
  5. Smily J  290
  6. Face  284
  7. Zeek  276
  8. CTJ  276
  9. Leapin Larry 276
  10. BW Buzz 260
  11. Irv  252
  12. TB 252
  13. TKH  238
  14. Fig E 232
  15. Fish  230
  16. MD  210
  17. JLM 210
  18. S&M 179
  19. TDW  172
  20. BR  155
  21. Greeg 150
  22. Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop 150
  23. Quail  124

Before I make the picks for this week I want to take this one last opportunity to revel in the fact that the Florida Gators have not won a game in Starkville in over twenty years. After beating the Dogs in 1985, the Gators lost there in 1986 when the Wayne Peace led team was upset 16-10, in 1992 when the Dogs crushed Shane Matthews’ Heisman hopes 30-6 on Thursday night, in 2000 when the Bullies rolled 47-35 (remember that one Smily?) and the Gators faced the infamous 3rd and 57 from their own goal line and finally 2004 when the Ron Zook-led Gators got Croomed 38-31. These games all had one thing in common–TB didn’t think we had a chance in any of ’em. No chance this week either, and so, I gloat. One last time. But we will cover the number, so we’ll have that going for us. Which is nice.

Link to Sheridan’s Odds

  • Vanderbilt  +13
  • Tennessee  +14
  • Kentucky  -14′
  • Mississippi State +22′
  • Auburn  +7

POTW–Oklahoma  -7′

My Weekend Tunage

  • You Give Love a Bad Name–Bon Jovi (1986)
  • Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)–Cracker (1992)
  • Kryptonite–3 Doors Down (2000)
  • Cold Hard Bitch–Jet  (2004)
  • Do It Again–The Beach Boys
  • Do It Again–Steely Dan

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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56 Responses to Thursday Pickin Season II, Week 8

  1. sweet says:

    Can I get an update/reissue of the scoring system? Like how does Fish win his POW and go 80% on bonuses but gets the same points as others who only pick one game. Everyone should just pick one game and be done or the scoring committee may want to reconvene. And there were 4 SOW votes for 4 different songs yet Larry gets whatever bonus points are thrown in. SEC refs and MLB umps got nothin on this screwjob.

  2. Madd Dawg says:

    Sweet is obviously starting to feel the immense pressure of actually being in the lead in something for once in his life.

  3. DINGDINGDING… figured out the game Sweet. If you want to simply win, the easiest way is to just go all-in, it’s just not the most fun. It’s a POTW game, with by far the most points coming from that. I decided at the beginning of the year, and have scored it this way, that 4-1 equates with a POTW all-in. Unbeaten bonus picks beat a POTW. However, with 6 points per win less one loss Fish totaled more than you last week, but I consider an unbeaten week tied for first no matter what so you got 6 bonus points too. And Larry only got a bonus for SOTW, no freebie points, those went to the All in pickers. Hell its complicated but fair, if cruel at times. Quit yer bellyachin….Is this Zeek posting under Sweet’s name? HE is the official naysayer.

    Just win baby.

  4. PS, I included more scoring info in the post titled Thursday Pickin–Season Two, vol 1, (jackson 5, nikki 6). It’s linked above in the “Possibly related posts” section.

  5. sweet says:

    So you decided that Larry got the SOW bonus even though he tied with 3 others. I sure thought that this blog has been touted as more “fun” than “cruel and complicated.”

  6. My vote was the tiebreaker. PSS, it didn’t come in to play this week but I also look at the star ratings in case some people use those. Not much participation in the tunes lately though, and Irv’s absence hurt the collective effort last week.

    You got a side thing going with Larry or what?

    FYI, down at the bottom last week I also gave random bonus points to Greeg and TKH, maybe someone else to keep them ahead of JLM. Her 4-1 in bonus picks was stellar, but its all about the POTW and if you win that you can’t be below a POTW loser no matter what.

  7. PSSS

    It’s a college football pickem game so the ranking formula should be a bit cruel, complicated, incomprehensible etc. The TBU version of the BCS.

    Sweet, are you taking note of how good the POTW’s have been this year? I guarantee you the free selections here are beating the crap out of Libertarian Presidential candidate Wayne Root and his compadres in the tout biz.

  8. sweet says:

    I get that, but 4-1 or 3-0 on top of POW deserves a bump.
    MD – no pressure here. I came in 2nd in both roto leagues this year to your nemesis King Mo, so this is cake. Also, I know TB wouldn’t allow me the overall “win” for the pick em season. just like to cause trouble from time to time.

  9. If not for Fish’s 4-1 week, you would’ve been scored above the POTW’s for your 2-0. Luck is part of the game, to that extent TB is knowingly making it hard on you to come in first, but you are otherwise getting the benefit of my renowned sense of fairness. And you ARE in first.

  10. sweet says:

    TB – I have and I am impressed. No doubt better than MDs presidential candidate Wayne Allen Root. I’m thinkin this could lead to the first business to develop out of TBU.

  11. Greeg says:

    Why don’t y’all just make some picks already.

  12. Mike (f/k/a Fig E) says:

    POTW: LSU -7 vs. Auburn

    TB, Jason Boland and the Stragglers were set to play a Nov 21st show at Guitar’s & Cadillacs in D’Iberville per his web site; however, the venue cancelled the date (reasons unknown). A playlist of Boland, wishing the show would some how go on:

    Proud Souls
    Drinking Song
    When I’m Stoned
    Dirty Fightin Love

  13. fraud larry says:

    South Carolina -13
    La Tech +1
    Bama -14
    Georgia Tech -5
    Ole Miss -5

    POTW Purdue -10

    SOTW – Havana Daydreamin – Buffett

  14. Fish says:

    Notre Dame -8

    Oklahoma -7′
    SMU +16
    Auburn +7
    Boise State -25

  15. Fish says:

    Hopefully the Irish won’t let me down. But if anybody on here would bet, “vegas only”, against the Irish the last two years you’d be millionaires.

  16. Mike, that sux, it would’ve been awesome if you could’ve planned to take the boy and then….sorry, I can’t do that to you….MD you take it from here.

    In other music that rocks news, Drive By Truckers is playing in Oxford tomorrow night and we will probably miss it due to work issues causing a late departure from Ridgeland, but we’re hoping it will work out somehow. And that sentence makes me yearn for the days when we’d just load special guest picker Doc Scoop’s Dad’s van up with supplies and blow everything else off for such an occasion. Thankfully we have Feidt’s Follies and Irv’s exploits to enjoy vicariously.

    Greeg, big ups on the irony, TB always digs that.

  17. br says:



  18. Madd Dawg says:

    POTW: Michigan +4′
    LSU -7
    MS St. +22′
    SMU +16

    Concert of the week: Fig and I are going to see a Seattle-themed double cover band show in Mobile on Friday night: Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

    Tick and I saw these same two bands a few months ago. The Pearl Jam band was very good, and and Nirvana band was excellent. The show doesn’t get over until about 3:00 AM, so I’ll probably be sleeping during the games on Saturday.

    Bonus Concert of the Week: I am going to see AC/DC (the real band—not a cover band) in New Orleans next week. I have never seen them before, so this is a bucket list item that I can check off.

  19. tkh says:

    Auburn -7
    Tulane +21
    UConn +7.5

    POTW – Navy -2.5

    Bonus – Jim Zorn -10 days

    Dedication out to the driver of DC plates “U MAMA” Crazy Driver – lebeiW15

  20. bwbuzz says:


    AUBURN +7
    TENNESSE + 14

  21. bwbuzz says:

    Hey TB, how bout on your next blog , if it is not to much trouble, would it be possible to list everyone that is involved on this site. I was thinking that you could give a brief history in your own words as to who we are and how we relate to you or each other.
    I see so many nicknames or strange names, that I thought it would be nice for everyone to know who everyone is in a sense. Thanks as always

  22. BWB, I’ve been thinking about doing something like a glossary for the TBU and including info like this. Before I put anybody’s real names I’ll get permission though.

  23. Madd Dawg says:

    Like in Wikipedia, I’d like to be able to add some comments to some of those descriptions of people in the glossary.

  24. Jessie Lou says:

    So much witty banter here today, wish I had more time to participate.

    I’ll be back.

  25. ZEEK says:

    Way to speak up and voice the injustices Sweet, don’t let the MAN keep his foot on yo neck!!!

    TB, it did not go unnoticed that you thought sweet was me, I do know the way to Ridgeland you know( I just need gas money).

    Since I need a good week and want to jump up some spots, I will try an all-in this week:


    SOTW-Plush- Stone Temple Pilots

    Let Love Rule- Lenny Kravitz

    Fly Me Courageous- Drivin’ and Cryin’

    Get Up Stand Up- Bob Marley (for you sweet, don’t take it lyin’ down,baby)

    Cry Tough- Poison (also for you, sweet)

  26. Greeg says:

    Kansas +7

    Florida -23
    Tulane +21′

    In the Ghetto – Elvis

  27. Mac says:

    I like the idea of a glossary TB. Uncommon terminology unique to the TB universe could also be included. You have my permission to print my real name, Ric Flair. Whoooooo! Onto my picks with some reasons why from an unmitigated loser at betting on the pigskin added as a bonus. Hell, with our crazy scoring system, maybe it will garner me some points.
    Rutgers -10 1/2 (Rutgers is 8-2 ATS vs Army in its last 10 contests)
    Other Picks
    Alabama -14 1/2 (Tenn will play hard, 2 td’s is too many points to give a SEC rival, blah, blah, blah-This is what I refer to as an opposite bet)
    Oregon St +21 (USC still gets points for being USC, I almost made this my POTW)
    MS State +22 1/2 (blind loyalty and State is an enigma this year, just hoping it ain’t a slaughter)
    Navy -2 1/2 (Navy is just the better team)
    SOTW- seems like global warming is rearing its ugly head again in the news lately so this is a tribute to that load of crap.

  28. Feidt's Follies says:

    Here we go again. So now P C U is trying to change the end of the fight song to get people to stop yelling “The South Will Rise Again” Which by the way last week was fricken amazing. That had to be what spurred the administration to try and make us cut ties with our traditions AGAIN. It was loud as hell.

  29. irvineredd says:

    Texas -12

    Bonus Picks
    USC -21
    UCLA +7.5
    Notre Dame -7.5
    Alabama -14.5

    Songs inspired by absence last week due to a woman

    Ophelia-The Band
    Peggy-O-The Grateful Dead
    Allison-The Pixies
    Black Betty-The Meatloaf version
    Jolene-Dolly Parton


  30. irvineredd says:

    Bonus song: I’ll be seeing this band in Charlottesville, next Friday! I’ve been waiting two years for a chance to see them and can’t wait!!!

  31. Hawaii +24′
    Ark. St. -10′
    Oregon St. +21
    Tulane +21
    Missouri +12
    POTW: MSU +22′

  32. sweet says:

    Hey Buzz–if you want a glossary, then start adding tunes like you are supposed to.

  33. sweet says:

    That was zeek above

  34. Smilyj says:

    Yes I remeber spurriers visor coming off many times. Im in pigeon forge this week so quick pick. State whatever the line. SOTW Rocky top.

  35. Don’t let any of them hillbillies pigeonhole you smilyj.

  36. sweet says:

    Toledo -2′

  37. Doc Scoop says:

    POW – Ark+6′

  38. face says:

    POTW- Miami -4′

    SOTW- after a trip to the Jackson County Fair –
    Long Haired Redneck- David Allan Coe

  39. Was this an appearance by the actual Special Guest Picker Doc Scoop, Sweet posting in his name, or Zeek posting on Sweet’s computer in his name?

    BTW, in case Q can’t post, he’s down for opposite of Sams Mama, if she remembers to pickem.

  40. coachteajay says:

    Georgia Tech -5

    Other losers
    Mississippi St. +22
    OK st -9′
    Kansas +8
    Arkansas +6′
    Notre Dame -7′


  41. Madd Dawg says:

    For the record, Fig, predictably, bailed on me tonight so we are not in Mobile reliving the Pearl Jam/Nirvana experience via cover bands at the Soul Kitchen.

    For those in the TOM Club (TB, a separate post on that exclusive club is called for at this moment), I don’t think it qualifies as a Tom violation or even a Larry violation as Fig’s text backing out of his commitment came to me first thing this morning. I spent much of the day today deciding whether or not to attend the show alone, deciding against it this afternoon because of the great potential for death on the 4:00 am drive home.

    Fig sucks.

  42. Jessie Lou says:

    Oklahoma – 7
    Purdue – 10
    Notre Dame – 8
    Michigan +4
    Texas – 12

    POTW – Kansas +7

    In honor of my nephew’s wedding this weekend (for which I’ve worked my butt off) here are songs that should never be played at weddings:

    Cherish – The Association
    We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters
    From This Moment – Shania Twain
    Looks Like We Made it – Barry Manilow

    SOTW – Endless Love – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

  43. Jessie Lou says:

    And thanks for my quote above. My hand was itching to meet the butt of a certain child at the rehearsal. He got the cocked eyebrow and a few choice words whispered in his ear instead. Just hoping to make it through the ceremony without making good on the threat.

  44. coachteajay says:

    Irv, the flaming ligs are one of my favorite bands…good job

  45. sweet says:

    I posted for Doc Scoop

    SOW dedicated to MD for the next time he needs to flop at my place
    “Make me a pallet on the floor” – Mississippi John Hurt

  46. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss -5

    Tunes soon…

  47. Feidt's Follies says:

    Well getting a late start. Days like this I really miss living in Eastern Time Zone. 11 is early after some of these nights. But its all for a good reason. They should have a saying “A camel finds water in the dessert every now and then.”

    Michigan +4′
    Tennessee +14
    Florida -22′
    Kansas +8
    Houston -16
    Washington St +35′
    If I was on time Pick of the week would of been UConn +7.5

    POTW-LSU -7′ might be changed later

  48. irvineredd says:

    Coach, I do enjoy the Lips.

    Did anybody notice Justin Timberlake in the video? He was playing the bass. It’s a funny pairing of people.

  49. irvineredd says:

    Speaking from experience, I can say, JL has a good death look. The eyebrow goes up and you know you better get your act together or you’re going to be toast.

  50. Jessie Lou says:

    Yes and it worked once again. My “no spanking” record has not been blemished. At this point I’m thinking by the time I do get to spank someone it will feel so good that I won’t be able to stop.

    I may should make my SOTW as follows:

    Hurt So Good – John Mellencamp

  51. Madd Dawg says:

    Thanks Sweet….I’ll keep that in mind.

  52. smilyj says:

    I am really liking all this spanking talk.

  53. Jessie Lou says:

    After going back and reading about the scoring situation I’m thinking if TB was a little closer I would want to give him a little flogging in a corner somewhere. A suggestion would be to have separate rankings for POTWs vs. overall pics. But hey, I guess should just be glad you boys let me play along and tolerate my presence.

  54. Madd Dawg says:

    You are always welcome so long as you entice us with potential spanking scenerios. I don’t even want to touch your patently dirty comment “At this point I’m thinking by the time I do get to spank someone it will feel so good that I won’t be able to stop.”

    Weren’t you forced to spank sweet once many years ago?

  55. Jessie Lou says:

    What is your guess?

  56. Smilyj says:

    kNelms could probably spank or be spanked for a whole 15 seconds.

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