Thursday Pickin Round V

Quote of the Day       “Most loathsome events become humorous tales with the passage of time.”     —Jimmy Buffett, from “Tales From Margaritaville”

TB is off to a really good start on his picks this year. Unfortunately, my Mississippi State Bulldogs are, once again, so bad I cannot enjoy the season. 38-7 last week against Georgia Tech. Ouch. My playlist, below, will reflect the mood those damn dawgs have put me in.

On to the weekly winner……It came down to Feidt’s Follies and Sweet, both 3-0 with good picks of the week. Both are on a POTW winning streak, thus accumulating equal bonus points. But Feidt weighed in with the two funniest lines of the week so he gets the 50 points plus a little extra for the wit. Third place was a tie between RMac, now 3 for 3 on her all or nothing POTW and some non-TB genre tunes and Greeg at 5-1/POTW plus awesomely weird musical submissions. As much as I hate to put him this high, Stone was next, going a straightforward 1-0/1-0 with bonus points for correctly picking against his Rebels. OB bounced back from Ike with a nice 3-1/1-0 week and Ryder Cup concurrence. Zeek picked up Ryder Cup bonus points and went 3-2/1-0 and a nice playlist. TB turned in a solid week, going 3-2/1-0 and a bonus for 3 POTW’s in a row. TKH was next at 3-2/1-0, then MD with a tepid 1-2/1-0 mark, the last correct POTW. Had he been in a tie, I was prepared to award bonus points for sparing us his unsophisticated musical tastes. BR was the number one loser, 2-1/0-1 by virtue of his Market Street reference. JLM and Face tied at 3-2/0-1 and 2-1/0-1, respectively with both blowing a chance to break the tie with deductions for JLM’s Mickelson/TB comment and Face’s Al Queda loving Ryder Cup pick. Smily limped in at 2-1/0-1, but dropped off some nice tunes. RSR went all in and missed the POTW, but got a bonus for a great playlist hearkening back to the Concerts post and the shout-outs to other Travellinbaen posters. Fig is clinging to his perch at the top of this game with a 2-3/0-1, though he gave us another solid list. Pitalo went 2-3/0-1, Larry went 1-3/0-1 with a bonus deduction for losing a pick on his favorite team. But I restored the point after listening to his tunes. Ed went all in and lost, and though he got a shout from JLM on his song, he knew it was not his best effort. Something about having to “work”. Inexplicably, or maybe explicably, SC was MIA and picked up a goose egg.

The updated standings:

  1. Fig–125
  2. TB–123
  3. Feidt’s Follies–100
  4. RMac–92
  5. RSR–79
  6. Sweet–75
  7. OB–72
  8. Ed–58
  9. SC–56
  10. JLM–55
  11. Stone–43
  12. MD–40
  13. Greeg–40
  14. TKH–38
  15. Larry–35
  16. BR–33
  17. Zeek–30
  18. Smily–24
  19. Face–18
  20. Pitalo–12
TB’s Picks
  • Navy +16′
  • NC State  +9
  • Bama  +7
  • Auburn  -6′
  • Notre Dame  -1
Pick of the Week
*Disclaimer–if I was willing to bet against my own team, LSU -23 would look pretty good, but I’m not.*
  • Pitt  -15′
The depression playlist, consistent with the times themselves, and Mississippi State football, all the time
  • Sunday Morning Comin Down–Johnny Cash
  • The Thrill is Gone–BB King
  • Personality Crisis–New York Dolls
  • London Homesick Blues–Jerry Jeff Walker
  • Northern Sky–Nick Drake, a mellow light at the end of the tunnel
As always, newcomers are welcome to join.

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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59 Responses to Thursday Pickin Round V

  1. tkh says:

    Will have to work on music for next week.

    Navy +16
    NEBRASKA -6½
    AUBURN -6½
    CLEMSON -11

    POW Purdue +1

  2. OB says:

    What do I have to do to get some bonus points? Would George Michael, Barry Mannilow or Abba appeal to you?

    Tulane -16 1/2
    Southern Cal -25
    Connecticut +3
    Auburn -6 1/2
    Oklahoma -18

    POTW: Rice -17

    Playlist will be posted a little later. I have to try and find some music that might appeal to TB.

  3. Fig E says:

    I think I may have pulled an Obama, and peaked too early. For those of you in Gautier, that is similar to pulling a Knelms (refer to Karen Wilson story which has been told on seveal occasions):

    *FLORIDA -22′ vs Ole Miss
    *MIAMI FL -7′ vs. Unc
    *Alabama +7 vs. UGA
    *AUBURN -6′ vs Tennessee
    *Arkansas State E vs. MEMPHIS

    POTW: Troy +16′ vs OK STATE

    Music picks last week were an obvious ploy to pick up bonus points from TB (since I can’t pick a list of winners in football), given I’m catching on to the type of tunes he likes. This week is an all AC/DC lineup, because Sirius channel 29 has been on in the truck a lot. This is Bon Scott era stuff:

    *Whole Lotta Rosie
    *Its a Long Way to the Top (If you wanna rock)
    *If You Want Blood (You Got It)
    *Ride On
    *Night Prowler

  4. OB says:

    Oh, and screw the Europeans! Sergio, Poulter, and Westwood, you can take your P***Y Asses back to the Minor Leagues in Europe where you belong.

    I am now a huge fan of Boo Weekly. He gave the USA Ryder Cup team a huge boost with his laid back, relentless, don’t give a shit attitude, which is exactly what the USA needed.

    Hey Sergio! Tell me how my ASS tastes…Signed, USA!

  5. OB and Fig, please note the bonus given to RMac for going outside the TB genre. I’m open-minded on this issue, unless you go with rap or opera. If you don’t need the bonus for your placement, I don’t always mention it. I did take note of your thematic selections though OB, and they were worthy of a shout–so here’s your shout. And you did get credit for endorsing Zeek’s Ryder Cup pick. Finally, you’ve been either reading too much of Zeek’s “colorful” language or watching too much Soprano’s or Smoky and the Bandit it looks like.

  6. OB says:

    OB is gonna stick to his guns this week and pick some personal favorites. I love great guitar perfomances, so here are a few of my favorites for the week along with YouTube videos (in no particular order):

    Crossroads (Eric Clapton)

    Eddie Van Halen- Eruption

    Freebird (Lynard Skynard)

    One (Metallica)

    Texas Flood (Stevie Ray Vaughan)

    Next week’s theme will be Texas. Everything from Willie Nelson to the Los Lonely Boys.

  7. Madd Dawg says:

    I shall, for one moment, suspend my song boycott only for the express purpose of rubbing something in the face of you non-Metallica fans (defined as anyone from the MS Gulf Coast who is not attending the November 23 show in New Orleans) and those of you with alleged sophisticated musical tastes with your fancy I-pods.

    Ticket purchasers (that’s me, not you) received Metallica’s new CD free. I recieved mine in the mail yesterday, and it rocks, so my songs are all that appear on the new Death Magnetic CD.

    TB, you are gutless, but I’ll take your Bullies as my POTW: MS State +24.5

    and, of course,
    SMU +17 against Waldo’s and Russell’s Greenies

  8. face says:

    I will make picks later, but I wanted to make a couple of points. First, I will be leaving shortly to head to the Dome and the Wave will roll tonight. My skepticism last week has been replaced by confidence that Tulane will be in a bowl game this year. Second, I love all the Ryder Cup trash talk. The emotion showed by the Americans this time, although more manufactured than genuine, is why I have always pulled for the Euros in this event. They care about playing for their countries much more than the whiny American players who are just happy to finish in the top 20 every week and collect a big check. Anyway, congrats to the US players for finally showing up.

  9. supercynic says:

    This is my poke-my-finger-in-the-eye-of-the-college-football-mojo-gods week. In other words, I’m going to pick those games involving my favorite teams and rivals; superstitions be damned.

    So. Cal. -25
    Ole Miss +22′
    LSU -23′

    I’ll also pick VA +6′ and my POTW is AR +27′


    Patches by Clarence Carter bc I’m damn broke
    Don’t Stop Believin’ (that’s right, there’s no “g” and I’m not embarrassed to admit I like Journey) bc I’m still optimistic
    Crazy by Patsy Cline bc I’ll always be an Ole Miss despite the heartache

  10. zeek says:

    First, I am highly disappointed,miffed, and a little angered that I only received middle-of-the-pack points for last week. I was 4-2 with a very well rounded playlist that jammed AND I predicted USA’s Ryder Cup Victory on the Friday morning it started!!! Hello, we had not won since ’99,pretty bold prediction from The Downtownster. However I will keep my cool and the “shank” will remain in my pocket (for now). And TB, I would like to say that I while my language may be “colorful”, it is always melifluous,serendipitous, and down right old school southern to the point.HA!!! But I digress, I will begin with my playlist for the week, seeing as how I am a renaissance man when it comes to such culture.

    1-Take another piece of my heart-Janis Joplin

    2-I believe in you-Don Williams

    3-He stopped lovin her today-George Jones

    4-What a wonderful world-Louie Armstrong

    5-Come on Eileen-Dexy’s Midnight Runners

    SOTW- Remake of “Lookinback Texas”
    (originally done by Willie and Waylon)
    recorded by Kid Rock and Kenny Chesney

    Now for the gridiron:

    *Arkansas +27′
    *Okla St. -16′
    *Fla Int’l. +19
    *Hawaii -3′
    *Iowa -8
    POTW-Auburn -6′ (Tenn is HORRIBLE)

    P.S. TB, I was deeply wounded that my Eye of the Tiger tune from 83 did not receive any comment (urge to wield shank getting stronger)
    so as your pentance I am nominating you to organize a 25 yr. reunion for team of 83, Sweet and I like the idea.

  11. sweet says:

    Song – F*ck This Town by Robbie Fulks….this is what BO and his lovely wife will be thinking and saying in private when they are treated to Confederate and Mississippi state flags while visiting God’s Country (if it goes down)…..Fulks also hosts a show on XM ch 12 where he has live concerts of underground country talent – maybe he’ll find another David Allan Coe

    Picks –
    an early POTW on The Greenies -18 (DON”T SIT ON THE LEAD TOLEDO, jackass)
    Aub – 6′ (boys in Vegas have not caught on to the Vols)
    Fresno – 7
    SCar – 24
    Pitt – 15′
    Col + 6
    Ala + 7

  12. sweet says:

    Luckenbach and penance….try websters/google

  13. sweet says:

    however, Zeeks playlist is the best I’ve seen yet

  14. Zeek, I rechecked, but I stand by my rankings of last week. The two losses bumped you under those guys. Bonus picks are a gamble. I credit W’s but penalize L’s more heavily. I ranked you over myself for your Ryder Cup pick, but be warned, TB is not a golf fan, so it is well that you were correct. That being said, I did propose Tiger Woods for Treasury Secretary in the next administration. see link

  15. zeek says:

    Hey Sweet, Lookinback was a play on words and I put the “T” in penance for pentagram, you’re Catholic (and a Crue fan)you shoulda figured that out.HAHA!!!

  16. OB says:

    ..and for my Bet of the week I would like to take the over for Sweet’s retractions this week. I think the over/under is 4. You can bet Sweet’s and TB’s swim trunks on that one!

  17. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Colorado State +26

    ACL Fesitval is this weekend. I won’t be there but will be listening to it live on XM. Here are some songs I hope to hear:

    This is a Call – Foo Fighters
    Walk It Down – David Byrne (Talking Heads)
    Kashmir – Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
    Devils Haircut – Beck
    Out Here in the Middle – REK

  18. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Alabama +7
    Memphis +2
    Nebraska -6 1/2
    Minnesota +18 1/2
    East Carolina -10 1/2

    Potw-Ball State -16

  19. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Play list:

    1. Pearl jam-Black
    2. Radio Head-Creep
    3. Dave Matthews Band- One Sweet World
    4. Hank Williams Jr.- Contry Boy Can Survive

  20. Bobby Pitalo says:

    SOTW- Marvin Gaye-Got to give it up.
    Great Great song

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    My picks are:

    Penn State
    Arkansas State

    POTW – Purdue

    I would love it if Ole Miss could repeat their 2002 upset of Florida but am not sure what the football gods have in store – not willing to go out on that limb.

    Songs are:

    Superstition – Stevie Wonder

    Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

    You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

    I’ll Never Be Your Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones

    SuperFreak – Rick James

  22. sweet says:

    I thought it was “Big Suburban”

  23. larry says:

    I will take

    Auburn -6′
    Wisconsin -6
    Central Fla – 4′
    MSU +23′


    Hold On… Wait For It — The Rabels +22′

    Back later with the song list.

  24. Greeg says:

    Wisconsin -6
    Arkansas St -1
    Ole Miss +23
    Central FL -4′
    LSU -24

    Disciple – Slayer – God Hates Us All (which happened to be released on September 11, 2001) I went to a show of theirs in Tampa and it was scary, I have not been the same since.
    Seek and Destroy – Metallica – Kill ‘Em All
    I’m angry today.

  25. larry says:

    Song list inspired by the show Entourage. All have appeared on the best show on T.V.

    Eminence Front – The Who
    All Night Long – Faith Evans – for Smily
    Rock the Casbah – The Clash
    Your Just To Good To Be True – Frankie Valli
    Back In The New York Groove – Kiss

  26. sweet says:

    Larry Labia – you’re an idiot
    Greeg – funny

  27. Jessie Lou says:

    No, unless your name is really Anne Eselin, which I doubt. A suburban is a burden these days with the price of gas.

  28. Bobby Pitalo says:


  29. sweet says:

    I have a plan to take that burden away JLou (LJB)

  30. smilyj says:

    east carolina


  31. Stone says:

    Ole Miss to Cover (they will lose in some depressing fashion but will cover); I want to bet all my points on this.

    LSU over state

    Oregon State to Cover (I can’t cheat that game is in progress so withdraw that)

    Tune Rush – Fly By Night

  32. BR says:

    Sitting here watching BEAVERS on the tube,
    no sweet not the female kind, Usc up 21-0
    got to love that.

    Potw: Ole Miss
    i will go with Ms.State,Alabama,Arkansas,

    songs: Beach Boys: FUN,FUN,FUN,
    Charlie Pride: Kiss an angel good morning
    Tennesse Ernie : 16 tons

  33. sweet says:

    BR would you please come kick the ever lovin SH*T out of me if I ever choose Tulane as my POTW again

  34. sweet says:

    I hope tulane loses this game

  35. Ed says:

    Dear Baen,

    I feel like I let the blog down last week…really I let you down. Your buds really picked up the tunage with some great songs but something was lacking. Hard sometimes to put your finger on it… the difference between right and exactly right. You don’t segregate pick’s and tune’s. You don’t retract what you put out there. You enter a post and stick with it. I don’t like the pandering. I don’t like the whining. It is what it is. There are no rules. You may be arbitrary, yet you are not capricious. Travellin Baen is…period. The dude abides.

    Jayne (my youngest) broke her arm last night and it has given me a moment to pause. A moment to decide what was important in life versus what is, at end, noise. A moment to realize I neglected you and every poster pouring their heart and soul into this beautiful blog. The blog that eventually becomes the springboard to your literary muse. I am sorry for wasting time with “Breaka my stride”. God, it was weak. I should be graded on a higher standard. I accept that. (Jessie Lou, a time and place for everything…the motto on my Kenwood tape deck)

    Very little difference in the roller coaster ride of a Starkvillian or Oxfordian. I feel your pain. So does Cross Canadian Ragweed in Sick and Tired (of being Sick and Tired). Honestly, this song hits home for suffering Dogs and Rebs. Even Bean recognizes the jalopy…phrase coined by C. Latil in 1995 re: Ole Miss athletics. I thought someone might score with some Springsteen:
    “We’ve given each other some hard lessons lately
    But we ain’t learnin’
    We’re the same sad story that’s a fact
    One step up and two steps back”

    But that’s not exactly right. It’s close but it doesn’t capture the melancholy. The after gut-punch feel and necessary amnesia to be a fan.

    They call it Stormy Monday. Tuesday’s just as bad. Wednesday’s “woise”. Thursday is O so sad. The eagle flies on Friday and Saturday I go out to play.

    T-Bone Walker. – Little Six SEC fan. Perfect.

    Minnesota +18 (In honor/shame of Paul Westerberg doing children’s songs…godd@mnit!!!!)

  36. sweet says:

    P.S. I retract my POTW Tulane and my new POTW is Oregon St. +24′ to win outright

  37. That’s beautiful. (wiping tear from eye).

    “The Dude abides. I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in that. It’s good knowing he’s out there. The Dude. Takin ‘er easy for all us sinners.”

    PS…TB’s love to Jayne.

  38. sweet says:

    Erect*le Disfunction (Ed) “In regards to your first paragraph, BLOW ME.”

  39. OB says:

    Do I get bonus points if I go 0-6? Those picks last night were horrible. I was, however, happy to see the Trojans fall from #1 in the polls. SEC rules!

  40. zeek says:

    I love Beaver!!!!

    Leave it to Beaver!!!!

    Eager Beaver!!!!

    It only goes to show what I’ve been saying all along,Pac-10 is weak weak weak.!! Maybe this will slow down the leftist liberal yankee media for a moment while they start to realize that Ohio St. and USC are not as good as they hype them to be.

    Once again, I LOVE BEAVER!!!!!

  41. Jessie Lou says:

    Ed – loved your first paragraph and since I brought up the issue of being amused at the retractions I appreciate your view. Sorry to hear about Jayne and the broken arm.

    There is a good trivia question that goes with my Carly Simon song and I know you would have the answer faster than anyone else on this blog without first consulting the internet.

  42. face says:

    I must apologize to Sweet for last night. I have never been touched by the Power, but I almost felt it last night. At halftime with Tulane up 31-7 in dominating fashion, I sent a text to Sweet and SMU alum Madd Dawg talking up the Greenies. Tulane then fumbled on the first play of the 2nd half and threw an int in the endzone on its next possession. Luckily, June Jones is a dumbass and chose to kickoff and play defense with less than 2 minutes to go when he hadn’t stopped Tulane’s running back all game. While we didn’t cover, a Tulane fan can never complain about a win, so I won’t.

  43. face says:

    Give me LSU as my potw and East Carolina and Georgia as bonus picks. While I know TB’s lack of interest in baseball, give me the Brew Crew to win the Wild Card this weekend.

    I have never claimed to be a music man, but this site has forced me to try to broaden my horizons. I just finished a four hour drive to Natchez and sampled XM channel 12 X-Country as it has been mentioned here several times. Not bad, so I’ll go with that for my tunes.

    By the way, for those Hilton Honor members who spent many nights in Natchez over the years, there is now a brand new Hampton Inn there.

  44. sweet says:

    Apology accepted since you are not that familiar with the tools the Power can use. But it would be a nice gesture if you paid me back the $14.95 I spent to watch the game on computer pay per view

  45. face says:

    If you purchased the ppv in the second half, that act probably had more to do with the collapse than my text did. I may buy you a drink though.

  46. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Farewell jason williams. Closest player to Pete Maravich.

  47. Feidts Follies says:

    How long to TB sells out?? And when he does can I come along. When are we gonna start seeing banner ads and pop ups.

    This thing is getting to be a regular Perez Hilton with the number of hits its getting.

    Rebs +23 (I like the money line of Florida winning by less then 10)
    LSU laying 40
    Notre Dame -1
    UAB +24′ (might be my pick of the year)

    Not official picks but I also like the under and Bama in a 10 to 7 game. And it is now time to start taking any Hawaii game at home with a low spread -3′.

    POTW – VIRGINIA +6′ Thats right, Duke is laying 6′.

    Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant
    Call Tyrone – Erica Badu
    Whiskey River – Willie (Bottle of Makers on deck for a 12:30 kickoff)

  48. RMac says:

    I’m going with Ole Miss for hosting a great debate.

    Go Rebs!!

    Come Fly with Me – Sinatra
    Early in the Morning – Gap Band
    Where are you Going – Dave Matthews
    Open your Eyes – Angelique Kidjo

  49. zeek says:

    I would like everyone to please give a moment of silence for the passing of the great legend
    Paul Newman (Cool Hand Luke).

    Also, I would like to throw a bonus song out there.

    That’s What Friends Are For- by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Friends—

    In honor of Sweet treating myself to a fun day of golf and beer for my B-Day yesterday….
    Good lookin out there bro!!!!

  50. BR says:

    zeek needs to be banned for that bonus song!!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same BR that listed Fun Fun Fun by the Beach Boys??? I admit that pick was a little cheesy but did you miss the fact that I got FREE GOLF AND BEER??
    Anyway you can’t kill my joy because the Rebels
    beat the Gators baby!!!!

    HOTTY TODDY You lily-livered Rebel Haters!!

  52. Greeg says:

    Florida sucks. So does Auburn. Baen, I think you need to write up something about the D-Rays. What an unbelievable season. Just go and look at what they actually did. Beating the Red Sox and Yankees to win the best division in baseball on one of the lowest payrolls in the league and after finishing with no more than 70 wins ever while coming in last place every year but one. Anyway, congrats to the Rays.

  53. TJ says:

    What a terrible day, Ole Miss wins, LSU winning, Theres going to be too many happy pricks out and about tonight, so Im staying in and going to double up on my consumption tomorrow… as for songs

    King of the Road- Various Artist but REM’s version is my favorite.

  54. Feidts Follies says:

    i love how much energy you losers put into hating us! Just shows what you have going on these days.

    By the Way i got a hot georgia chick passed out on my couch whatever shall I do??

    Roll Tide

  55. Greeg says:

    Uh, so does Georgia. Alabama could beat some NFL teams.

  56. Greeg says:

    Feidto, whisper your commands into her ear while she is ‘asleep’, wait til she wakes up and give her the signal to obey those commands.

  57. ZEEK says:

    Tj you need to stay home you hater, nobody wants to see your bad knee brace wearing a*s anyway . The only problem with the SEC upsets
    today is the fact that now it will be that much harder for an SEC team to make it to Championship game just like every year. We beat up on each other and take each other out.
    It’s like a bucket of crabs!!!!

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