Thursday Pickin Round 3

Ahhhhh, sweet redemption.  TB knocked it out of the park last weekend boys and girls. Four and one in my regular picks and a sweet “lose-but-cover” pick of the week by my Ole Miss Rebels (sorry Rebel fans, if my school didn’t suck so bad I wouldn’t mind so much that ya’ll are looking good). And two of my three underdog picks not only covered but won their games straight up. There’s a good chance I won’t have another week as good, so I need to get in my gloating now–so bear with me for a minute and if you know me picture a very smug TB for the next five seconds (if you don’t know me think Bill Clinton’s smirk).  Fig and OB, you are invited to join in the gloatacious revelry.





Ok, enough of that.  Let’s go to the scoreboard. In addition to my good week, Fig E and OB went 4-1 and nailed their POTW.  Fig gets his second weekly win (tied with me) by virtue of Florida’s running it up field goal and another solid playlist, backed up by a nice scheduling and arenas comment.  RMac joined the game and showed mid-season form with her Tulane pick and anti-Bush musical selection. Rock Star edges out Local Man and JLM by naming a POTW and putting up a nicely themed playlist. Local’s playlist edged him ahead of JLM though JLM made it close with a sweet hair band pair of tunes, and they both went 4-1.  But I never saw one labeled the POTW for these two, so that hurt their score. Larry went 2-3 but nailed his POTW and had a playlist in TB’s sweet spot. Sweet’s next with a winning POTW, followed by SC who got the POTW but went 0-3 on his bonus choices. Ed comes next for following directions well and providing another thematic and historically significant tune. BR’s Cult of Personality gave him the nod over TKH even though his 1-2 record was worse than TKH’s 3-2.  They both lost their big game.  MD went 1-1 but got mauled in his POTW and inexplicably didn’t throw out some Metallica for us. Stone was flat out horrible–a very weak effort.  And Smiley was missing in action.

Here are the current standings: Fig–100; TB–45; OB–32; Ed–31; RSR–25; RMac–25; SC–21; Local–15; JLM–14; Larry–10; Sweet–5; BR–(-)1; Smiley–(-1); TKH–(-)2;   MD–(-)5; Stone–(-20)

And now, the picks:

  • UCLA      +8
  • NC State +18′
  • Georgia  -7
  • Ga Tech -7′
  • Tulane   +12′
  • Pick of the Week — USM +1′
Some celebratory tunes this week
  • Jamming–Bob Marley
  • A Little Respect–Erasure
  • Shake Em On Down–North Mississippi Allstars
  • Superman–REM
  • The Pascagoula Run–Jimmy Buffett
Note–new entrants in to the POTW contest are always welcome.  Even TJ.

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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30 Responses to Thursday Pickin Round 3

  1. OB says:

    Here are my picks again. I will send a playlist later, because it appears your scoring system is heavily weighted on tunes. My playlist theme this week will be “Survival”, since Ike’s eye is heading right at me.

    Oklahoma -20 at WASHINGTON
    Ucla +8 ½ at BYU
    FRESNO STATE +1 vs. Wisconsin
    TEXAS TECH -36 vs. Smu
    East Carolina -12½ at TULANE

    UCLA is my Play of the Week.

  2. smilyj says:

    Ohio state covers
    State covers
    notre dame covers
    BYU covers
    I only pick the tough ones baby.
    I’m thinking of a song from high school. Used to listen to on the way to school. Maybe you know it? All I remembver is the line “FILA”. Do you know that song by chance?

  3. Jessie Lou says:

    East Carolina
    Ole Miss

    POTW – Purdue

    If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time – Willie Nelson

    Takin’ Care of Business – Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Proud Mary – Ike and Tina Turner

    Yesterday – The Beatles

  4. Very nice JLM….both thematic and ironic selections…you’re in a good early position on tiebreakers this week.

  5. Jessie Lou says:

    “Yesterday” was chosen for the sense of melancholy – all those lost bets and money. Thanks for building my self-esteem!

  6. TKH says:

    First theme music for my Sat.
    AM- Banana Pancakes / Jack Johnson
    Mid Day – Whiskey River / Willie Nelson
    PM – (After alot of L’s) Sitting Waiting Wishing / Jack Johnson

    USM +1′
    Vandy -7′
    Mich -1
    GT + 7′
    OSU +10

    POW – Navy +1

  7. Ed says:

    I’ll Take South Carolina to cover against Georgia.

    For the tune, there is a visual of Baen, after getting hammered in the early games on New Year’s Day with all the associated ribbing and slumped shoulders, but then makes a huge comeback in the later games and takes all the squares to boot…he exits the Hickory Hill home to go on a beer run (pre-spending his ill gotten booty) complete with the smug grin and jumps into his dream convertible and this song comes on the radio….Baen just nods because the Schmoo has let him have his moment. He leans down to turn it up before putting the car in reverse. (Camera shot slowly pulls back and up for aerial of Baen driving to pak-a-sak)

    Close your eyes, imagine the scene, listen to the lyrics, and crank it up.

    Apparently you can’t link. Lady Luck, she was waiting outside the door.

  8. Ya’ll are bringin it this week with the tunage. Ed just took it up a notch.

    BTW, I left my schmoo in Pascagoula–isn’t that a song? If not, maybe I’ll write it. I’m feeling the karma from that visualization.

  9. Ed says:

    “One day I was one of life’s losers
    Even my friends were my accusers
    And in my head
    Lost before I’d begun”

    Makes the hair stand up on my arms.

    Alex Ligertwood does a good job on the vocals.

  10. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: NC State +18’

    The super-charged atom smasher is now up and running, and fortunately, I feel fine…

    Big Bang Baby – STP
    The End of the World As We Know It – REM
    Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
    Red Rain – Peter Gabriel
    Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

  11. Fig E says:


    *Navy +1′ at DUKE
    *MS STATE +10 vs. AU
    *NOTRE DAME + 1′ vs. Michigan
    *FRESNO STATE + 1′ vs. Wisconsin
    *POTW: CLEMSON – 18′ vs. N.C. State

    *Corpus Christi Bay – Robert Earl Keen
    *It Ain’t Easy Being Me – Chris Knight
    *Cowboy – Kid Rock
    *I Fall to Pieces – Patsy Cline
    *Am I Evil – Metallica

  12. Adam says:

    USC covers (easy)

    Private Conversation – Lyle Lovett
    Island in the Sun – Weezer

    Bad ideas for ring tones if you forget to turn off your phone going into church

    Rock of Ages – Def Leppard

    Even worse idea:

    Jay and Silent Bob song from Jay and Silent Bob strike again

    Hells Bells – AC/DC

  13. Madd Dawg says:

    Stoner, Clerks I and II are both outstanding, but Jay and Silent Bob was patently unwatchable.

    In defense of my horrible POTW from last week, I wanted to take USM, but almost every swinging d-ck on the TB site picked them, so I went unconventional with my POTW—and got hammered. I will not make that mistake again.

    TB, I have not submitted tunes with my picks because I am boycotting that portion of the “contest” as none of you terds are going to the New Orleans Metallica concert. How could anyone with whom I am asociated possibly pass up a Metallica concert in New Orleans? I am unable to comprehend such a gross failure in your ability to evaluate basic priorities in life. This will be two missed Metallica concerts in the Big Easy for Fig E., and don’t think I am not keeping score at home. I will, of course, be there, but with some GPT folks this time since my ole’ asshole runnin’ buddies are now nothing more than pathetic mockeries of their former selves.

    This week, I’ll go with:
    Auburn -10
    SMU +36.5
    USC -9.5

    and POTW: UGA -7

  14. Sigh….

    Sweet, whose college transcript actually includes less places than Sarah Palin’s cannot figure out how to post on this thread. He was able to post on some others. As always, I don’t try to figure it out.

    Here are his picks:

    BYU -8
    Mich -1′

    POTW USC -10

    His play list is Culture Club’s Box set with DVD commentary from Boy George

  15. BR says:

    i will take OLe Miss,Miss State, and Usm
    this week.I wonder when the last time they
    all won on the same weekend? I’m just lazy
    to look it up!
    POTW: Goula over Moss Point by 6
    Before i get to my song pics i just want to say
    that smilyj is pissed that Sweet has not given
    him back the Culture Club’s Box set yet.
    Here we go with the Song Pics:
    This song is for TB: John Fogerty (Leftfield)
    This song is for Me since my Pics Sux:
    Little River Band (Lomesome Loser)
    This song is for the people on the Texas Coast:
    Blondie (The Tide is High).

  16. RMac says:

    I’ll go with Notre Dame this week. I was just out in Michigan and boy those fans are fierce, almost as hard core as ND.

  17. supercynic says:

    Using the link TB provided to me, here are my choices:

    GA -6.5
    Ark. State -2.5
    Vandy -8.5
    My POTW is that the TX/AR game, which is PPD will indeed remain PPD. If that doesn’t count then I’ll go with ND +1.5.

    Re music, a northern breeze hit me last night with just a faint hint of fall, which brings me to Better Than Ezra’s This Time Of Year. No weekend is complete without listening to Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World, which my children know all the words to. Then, when I can have some time to myself, I’ll listen to Walk Away by Dropkick Murphy’s or Shipping Off To Boston. On Sunday as I wind down from the weekend, I’ll listen to Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison. Monday morning on the way to work, I’ll play The Pretenders’ Back On The Chain Gang.

  18. Adam says:

    MD you are wrong.

    It is a great quote movie. nothing more nothing less

    “Me and silent Bob patter out entire lives around Morris Day and the Time, I am a smoooooooooothhhhh pimp that loves the _______ and Silent Bob here is my black man servent.”

    “What the _____ is the internet”

    There are hundreds more.

    The movie is worth it for the opening song alone, the one I was referring to above.

  19. sweet says:

    I am typing this in a vertigo like haze brought on by cymbalta, subsequent 10 day weening of said drug, now 2 days clean but still a head of mush, forgive me if it goes astray. My first observation was TB mention of Jamming. I was introduced to Bob Marley by my cousin Nicole the summer after my 9th grade year as she took a friend of hers, myself, and Zeek Downtown Brown (pre Dark Side) to a Beach Boys concert. That was the first song we listened to and we stopped at some store and my cousin then introduced me to a clove cigarette, which were legal then, and put my head in a similar state, but enjoyable, to what it is in now. We met some crazy yankee people and they also introduced me to something else which I cant recall. On the way home in the darkness of her back seat, her 12th grade friend did stuff to me. The stuff interested me alot. But now I know she took advantage of me. I didnt know about this music thing, but do see it weighs heavy in the scoring. Going 25 straight hours w/out sleep the other day I saw a Fox show called Red Eye and 2 Live Crew lead man Luther Campbell was a guest. So my song is Me So Horny which I will be again around noon tomorrow. Finally, I told my picks to my personal physician Dr Scoop and he instructed me to take Michigan off. It may be an unprecedented move on this board but since we have Thunderdome rules I officially retract my Mich pick. But nobody will read down to here so it doesnt matter – Shalom and Amen

  20. Sweet has entered, and left, the building. Consider Michigan removed. I remember the day after your introduction to clove cigarettes. You have not been the same since. I believe that day was the occasion of your first heart/lung/knee/spleen attack.

    Tracy and Beth B got a pick? Will Sweet remain sheltered through Ike, wiping out the act of his Gustav ejection? Were clove cigs outlawed because of Sweet’s reaction? Who was that mysterious senior? Is anyone planning to be in the same vicinity as Sweet tomorrow around noon? Will TB’s phone be on silent around 6 am?

    Stay tuned folks.

  21. Larry says:

    I will make it brief and come back with some song in a later post.

    Navy +2
    UCLA +8′
    Wisconsin -1′
    Notre Dame +1


    The Auburn Tigers over TravellinBaen’s Dawgs -10.

  22. smilyj says:

    Sweet posting has inspired me to list another tune.
    “Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey”

  23. Feidts Follies says:

    New drink I invented: 1 1/2 part vodka(cheap) 1 part limeaide, 1 part OJ with a splash of grenadine. I will be short it works, my head hurts.

    I like:
    East Carolina
    USC by 28
    Notre Dame

    Pasty Cline “Crazy”

  24. Larry says:

    My music for the week

    Son Volt – Drown
    Todd Snyder -Alright Guy
    Lucinda Williams – Come On
    Joe Ely – Road Goes on Forever
    Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns, and Money

  25. Sweet says:

    Since I cant figure out how to post a comment on subject matter of my choosing on here like supercynic does………Damn this blog shit! I’m on here bullshittin around and just saw where I missed Carlos Zambrano toss a no hitter! Damn you straight to Hell!

  26. Madd Dawg says:

    SMU does just enough to cover the 36.5 number for me—nice!!! Truthfully, TX Tech’s 3rd string offense simply could not score at the same rapid pace as their 2nd string.

    Sweet, on your nearly nonsensicle and obviously drug-induced (and, therefore, legal) hazy rambling above, what was the name of the guy you were in the backseat with?

  27. Sweet says:

    he actually became president of NOW in Mississippi

  28. zeek says:

    This is Downtown “ZEEK” Brown with his inaugural entry . Although I was not formally invited, my status as President of the Buddha Brown Ruthless Posse and the fact that I will lock- in-a-sock anyone who has a problem with my presence should take care of all that. Formalities out of the way, I am at Sweet’s apt. trying to help him put together a exc. bike, and if you have ever met us you are now laughing because it is like watching a monkey &%#! a football. Sweet is now on the phone with Sears trying to get assistance(missing a wire) with beer in hand(1:45pm). The expletives are flying. By the way the other substance at the Beach Boy concert Sweet was introduced to was Rush(jet fuel) which could be related to both of our current mental status’. I also remember his backseat molester as should some of you. I would like to point out that I was attempting to molest Nicole(HOT!!) in the front seat but did not get very far. I will be back with picks and tunes so stay tuned bitches!!

  29. zeek says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot, if you wanna hear a funny concert story ask Sweet, Fig, Scoop,and/or Sterno about the 1986 Ratt/Bon jovi concert and my mad dog 20/20 pukefest in the coliseum. I’m still pissed that Scoop would only give me the door key to Jane’s Cutlass to sleep it off. I would never leave a posse member stranded.!!!!

  30. There goes the neighborhood….kidding, Zeek, glad you’re here. Put your POTW’s in next week weigh in wherever you want to.

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