A Major Announcement (lesser edition)

I have been meaning to direct those of you who haven’t seen it yet over to The Daily Wit’s blog. The link is to your right. You need to read “The Story” along with the posts immediately preceding it first. I promise you will laugh heartily. Then, check out his current post. In it he gives 15 topics and an invitation to the world to craft a story using each of them in the same way he wrote the original “Story.” I’m going to do it and post here. You can either post yours in the comments, email it to me for posting on its own page or email it to The Daily Wit for posting on his page. Irv, JL, Smily and Zeek, I’m calling y’all out in particular–this is up your alley–but if you are not one of those folks and feel like making a run at it, the more the merrier. As I understand it from the comments on TDW’s page, SM, Jess and Harmo are already in so be sure to check out their blogs this week too if you aren’t already a regular like me. I hope to have my submission in by Friday or Saturday at the latest. Here are the topics:

1. Toothpicks
2. Revenge
3. Bears
4. Glue
5. A fifth of Jack Daniels
6. Neptune
7. A tarantula
8. Micro-lending
9. Ugandan coffee
10. Torquemada
11. Blowing bubbles
12. 12 step program(s)
13. Some college sport
14. A vacant lot
15. Radioactive isotopes

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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5 Responses to A Major Announcement (lesser edition)

  1. Jessie Lou says:

    I actually checked him out this morning for no good reason other than I hadn’t been there in awhile and hadn’t had time. I was intrigued.

  2. I have a dram-edy version almost ready to go, but I may go another direction. Anyway, expect to see something from TB tomorrow on this.

  3. I can’t wait to see what you put together. I know it’ll be entertaining. Now that you called me out, I’m off to figure out how I’m going to fit Neptune and a tarantula into a coherent story.

    I wish I got paid for this crap.

  4. Harmony says:

    I am eager to see what you work up. I am still on the fence with this project…I am not that good of a writer. In fact, I am not a writer. But, I will try and not be a spoil sport…or a chicken. I definitely can’t stand to be called a chicken.

  5. I think when you see my meager effort your reaction will be more like, “hell, I can do better than that.” But the story pleases me, I must say, so I will go with it after I get a bit of unpleasantness in my workinbaen life out of the way this morning.

    As for your weakness to being called a chicken, let me be slightly judgmental and preachy here and say that is a very poor reason to do anything. Anyone knows you should hold out for a double dog dare at minimum and preferably a triple dog dare, so long as the challenger doesn’t make a slight breach of etiquette and skip over a rung on the ladder up to TDD, the ultimate point at which no task may be realistically declined.

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