Thursday Pickin Strikes Back

Quote of the Day:     “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”     –John Wooden

It’s time for a special edition of Thursday Pickin, the first round of the NCAA Basketball tournament. I’ll open a new post for pickin at the conclusion of each round. The TB tech staff doesn’t know how to post a bracket that can be written on, but I can link one up for you to look at. So I will. Post your Round One winners in the comments section. I’ll reward the winners of each round and eventually the winner of the entire tournament pickin. You get one point per win, no matter the round. Post your four day weekend playlist for the love of music only–no bonus. Also, in this first round, post your final 4 picks and your champion in a separate pickin contest altogether.

The Bracket, Click here

My Round One Winners for Thursday and Friday:

Midwest–Louisville, Ohio State, Arizona, Wake Forest, Dayton, Kansas, Boston College, Michigan St, 

East–Pitt, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Xavier, UCLA, Villanova, Texas, Duke

West–Connecticut, Tex A&M, Purdue, Miss. State, Marquette, Missouri, Cal, Memphis

South–North Carolina, LSU, Illinois, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Syracuse, Clemson, Oklahoma

Final Four–Duke, Kansas, Connecticut, Syracuse


Some hoops watchin tunes–

Midwest–Authority Song–John Mellencamp

East–Foreplay/Long Time–Boston (throw in Smokin too for the missing G)

West–Furnace Fan–Robert Earl Keen

South–Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again–Bob Dylan

Detroit Rock City–Kiss



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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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36 Responses to Thursday Pickin Strikes Back

  1. jester40 says:

    Midwest — Louisville; Siena, Arizona, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Kansas, USC, Michigan State

    West — U Conn, BYU, Purdue, Miss. State, Marquette, Missouri, Maryland, Memphis

    East — Pitt, Okla. St., Wisconsin, Xavier, VCU, Nova, Texas, Duke

    South — UNC, Butler, W. Kentucky, Gonzaga, Temple, Syracuse, Clemson, Oklahoma

  2. Madd Dawg says:

    I will be playing the role of Zeek today:
    So I get the same amount of credit for picking a #1 seed over a #16 seed as I get for picking the national champion?? That sucks. The BBRP will be up in Jackson if that stupid rule costs me the title.

  3. My score keeping software is pretty basic. Sorry.

    Or, to give you the answer I’d have given Zeek, just quit whinin and pick.

  4. jester40 says:

    Final four — Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, UNC

    Champ — UNC

  5. larry says:

    Mid West – Lville, Ohio St, Arizona, Wake, West VA, Kansas, USC, MIch St

    West – U Conn, A&M, Purdue, Miss St, Marquette, Mizzo, Maryland, Memphis

    East – Pitt, Tenn, Wisconsin, Portland St, UCLA, Villanova, Minnesota, Duke

    South – UNC, Butler, Illinois, Gonzaga, AZ St, Syracuse, Clemson, Okla.

    U Conn/UNC/Mich St/Pitt

    Champ – Pitt

  6. RockStarRambler says:


    Final 4 – Louisville, Duke, Memphis, UNC

    Champ – Memphis


    Elevation – U2

    Get Up – REM

    Because I Got High – Afroman

    Jump – Van Halen

    Such Great Heights – Ben Folds, cover of The Postal Service original

  7. quail09 says:

    I got a basketball Jones

  8. Jessie Lou says:

    Final Four:

    UNC, Duke, UCONN, Louisville


    Fire – Ohio Players
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
    So What – Pink
    Just Dance – Lady GaGa

  9. quail09 says:

    Jump Around….House of Pain…..pack it up, pack it in…let me begin, i came to win…battle me that’s a sin….

  10. tkh says:

    Midwest–Louisville, Ohio State, Utah, Wake Forest, WVU, Kansas, USC, Michigan St,

    East–Pitt, Tennessee, FSU, Xavier, VCU, Villanova, Minn, Duke

    West–Connecticut, Tex A&M, Purdue, Miss. State, Marquette, Missouri, Terps, Memphis

    South–North Carolina, LSU, WKU, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Syracuse, Mich, Oklahoma

    Final Four–Duke, Memphis, U of L, Gonzaga

  11. tkh says:

    opps Champ – Mempis

  12. BR says:

    wake forrest
    west virginia
    mich state

    texas a@m
    utah st.

    okla st.


    north carolina
    ariz. state

    final four

    North Carolina

    National champs

  13. coachteajay says:


  14. you put a lot of effort in to that, didn’t you coach?

  15. Jessie Lou says:

    We could call TJ’s entry an efficient use of time and brain power.

  16. irvineredd says:

    Midwest= Louisville, Siena, Utah, Cleveland St., Dayton, Kansas, Boston College, Michigan State

    West= UConn, Texas A&M, Purdue, Washington, Marquette, Missouri, Maryland, Memphis

    East= Pitt, Oklahoma St., Wisconsin, Xavier, UCLA, Villanova, Minnesota, Duke

    South= UNC, LSU, W. Kentucky, Gonzaga, Temple, Syracuse, Michigan, Oklahoma


    The Contenders-The Kinks

    Cissy Strut- The Meters

    Short People-Randy Newman

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want- Rolling Stones

  17. irvineredd says:


    My final four: UNC, Memphis, UCLA, Michigan State

    National Champs: UNC

  18. Jessie Lou says:

    Already getting forgetful are you, Irvine? That should not be happening to you just yet ….

  19. irvineredd says:

    I’ve got plenty of reasons. Between work and my habitual killing of brain cells it happens.

  20. face says:

    East- Pitt, Okla. St., FSU, Xavier, UCLA, Nova, Texas, Duke

    South- UNC, LSU, W. KY, Gonzaga, ASU, Syracuse, Michigan, Oklahoma,

    MidWest- L’ville, Siena, Arizona, WAke, West Va, Kansas, Mich. St

    West- Conn, BYU, Purdue, WAsh, Utah St, Misou, Maryland, Memphis

    Final 4- Michigan St, Memphis, Duke, UNC

    Champion- UNC

  21. Jessie Lou says:

    I can’t say much – I didn’t pick a final winner either but will now.

    UNC – Champs again – although I hate to say it.

    Then again, I had a certain feeling about Oklahoma which I did not put anywhere.

    Final Song – Rollercoaster – Ohio Players

  22. irvineredd says:

    Two songs for the finals:

    Semis- Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2-Pink Floyd

    Final-Burning Down the House- Talking Heads

  23. sweet says:

    MIDWEST – LV, Siena, Arizona, WF, WV, N Dak St, So Cal, Mich St
    WEST – Uconn, A&M, Purdont, Wash, Utah St, Mizzou, Cal, Memphis St
    EAST – Pitt, Ok St, Fla St, Port St, VCU, Nova, Texas, Duke
    SOUTH – UNC, Butler, W KY, Gonzaga, Temple, Cuse, Clem, Morgan St

    FINAL FOUR – Louisville, Pitt, Memphis St, UNC

  24. Feidts Follies says:

    Todays Picks
    Texas -4.5
    Byu -2.5
    VCU +7.5
    Memphis – 20.5
    Cal – 1.5
    Northern Iowa +8.5
    MS State +6

    Tourney picks

    Final 4
    Wake Forrest, Pitt, Memphis, UNC

    Winner PITT.

    VCU and Siena are gonna make runs and so are BYU and Gonzaga.

  25. Zeek says:

    Did Quail’s old a*s just quote House of Pain??

    Hey MD(and TB) go F**K yourselves…………..
    Are you done? I hear it doesn’t take ya’ll very long.


    West- UConn,A&M,PUR,MSU,MARQ,MIZ,Mary,MEM

    East- Pitt,Tenn,FSU,Xav,UCLA,Vill,Tex,Duke


    Final Four- Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, and UNC


    Holy Sh*t, I just noticed Sweet and I have same Final Four and Champ picks so you can hang that scenario up!!

  26. Jessie Lou says:

    Zeek – where’s the music man?

  27. MD’s picks

    MW–Louisville, Ohio St, Utah, Wake, WV, Kansas, USC, Mich St

    East-Pitt, OK St, FSU, Xavier, UCLA, Villanova, TX, Duke

    West–Conn, A&M, Purdue, Wash, Marquette, Missouri, Maryland, Memphis

    South–UNC, Butler, Illinois, Gonzaga, AZ St, Syracuse, Clemson, Oklahoma

    Final Four–Duke, Louisville, Gonzaga, Memphis


    Songlist–Obscure Baptist Hymnal Treasures as performed by Floyd Cramer

  28. Zeek says:

    You’re right JLou, my bad. I’ll select my tunes according to region.

    East- Janie’s Got a Gun- Aerosmith

    Midwest- I Fight Authority- John Mellencamp

    West- Stone in Love- Journey

    South-Melissa- Allman Bros.

    Bonus Pick: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been- Grateful Dead

  29. irvineredd says:

    You mean, Truckin’ Zeek?

  30. Madd Dawg says:

    thanks for posting my picks for me TB, but in order for Louisville to win it all, they must, according to my understanding of the March Madness rules, also be in the final four.

  31. Zeek says:

    Who is this Truckin’ Zeek guy?? Obviously a poser and imposter.

    Yes Irvinne Red, that is what I meant, a faux paus on my part that can be blamed on haste.

  32. irvineredd says:

    The nerd in me couldn’t help myself, Zeek.

  33. larry says:

    Zeek you are a faux paus

  34. Zeek says:

    Do you really want to start with me BOY? ^_ ^

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