Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week Eleven

Quote of the Week:

What the hell is MD ranting about?” –SmilyJ

Let’s get the bad news out of the way fast. TB lost my POTW. I’m now 4-6 on the year and have to win out to remain bowl eligible. The TBU was 6-13, now 110-102 for the year. I was 2-3 on bonus picks to move my record to 18-24-3 for the season. The TBU was 29-23 on bonus selections. Congrats to BR, Zeek, and Fish for hitting their DOTW’s.

It was a terrible week. You know what would’ve helped? If we had cheated. It would be easy and who would ever know? And even if they did know, who would really get hurt? Shouldn’t they just keep their damn mouths shut about it? If you really want to win at Thursday Pickin’ just ask yourself, “what would Auburn do?”*

Anywho, Larry won the week, all-in and plus two for playing along with my musical challenge. Sweet and RSR took home the regular tunage points. Here are the results of last week, remember, only the top six won their POTW and bonus picks are in parentheses.

  1. Larry  (all-in, plus 2)  52
  2. Face  50
  3. Pitalo  (2-2)  50
  4. MD  (1-1) 50
  5. Flyin’ J  (2-3)  44
  6. BR  (0-1)  44
  7. Fish  (4-1)  38
  8. BW Buzz  (3-1)  32
  9. Sweet  (3-2, plus 5)  31
  10. Tiny D  (2-1, plus 2)  28
  11. JLou  (3-2)  26
  12. TDW  (3-2)  26
  13. TKH  (1-1, plus 2)  22
  14. Smily  (1-1)  20
  15. Fig  (2-2)  20
  16. TB  (2-3, plus 2)  16
  17. RSR  (+2)  12
  18. Mac  (+2)  12
  19. Zeek  10
  20. CTJ  (couldn’t move because of a snake on his chest at 6 a.m. at some bartendress’ bungalow
  21. Irv  (the modern beatniks only TP when they feel like it)
  22. FF  (working extra to get his review to move to “slight improvement”)
  23. Harmony  (the best pop culture commentator ever in Thursday Pickin’)

Season Standings:

  1. Tiny D  479
  2. BR  444
  3. Pitalo  414
  4. Flyin’ J  398
  5. Smily  394
  6. Daily Wit  387
  7. JLou  385  (added back 12 points for a scoring error last week)
  8. Face  385
  9. Larry  367
  10. MD  365
  11. Fish  362
  12. Sweet  357
  13. BW Buzz  356
  14. Fig  355
  15. TKH  327
  16. RSR  315
  17. Mac  307
  18. CTJ  302
  19. TB  291
  20. Zeek  276
  21. Irv  182
  22. FF  164

Here are my picks for this week and here’s your link to the odds:

  • Iowa  -10
  • Indiana  +21′
  • Notre Dame  +5′  (DOTW)
  • Penn St  +17′
  • TCU  -27

POTW  Florida  -6′

Here are my tunes, dedicated to all who pull for one of the fine institutions of that certain league, we like to call the S-E-C. Especially Auburn.* Plus two to anybody who incorporates a greedy, lyin’, cheatin’ song. Or a jealousy song if BWBuzz or TD prefer.

  • Back Biters and Sydicators–John Lee Hooker
  • Money Compliments and Publicity–Todd Snider
  • Steal My Sunshine–Len
  • Lyin’ Eyes–Eagles

SOTW–I Heard It Through The Grapevine–CCR’s take

*For Aubie fans, see below for my disclaimer at the 17 second mark*

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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53 Responses to Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week Eleven

  1. Jessie Lou says:

    Thanks for giving me the correction – I really needed it last week!

  2. irvineredd says:

    In my defense, I did move this past weekend, so I was a little distracted. Didn’t get to watch a single game.

  3. Harmony says:

    A/AVOTW: Zooey Deschanel (Munchausen by Proxy) in Yes Man “Uh Huh (Who are you?)”

    COTW: Save Ferris “I want you to want me” ~ Not exactly the video I was looking for, but it’s the song.

    Duet of the week: Seether Feat. Amy Lee “Broken”

    FVOTW: The Ting Tings “That’s Not my Name”

    V/FOTW: Dance Motherfucker Dance ~ I decided they needed weekly coverage.

    Bonus Song: Jackson Browne “I Am A Patriot” ~ I’m having a hard time finding a video that I like for this one.

    Theme OTW: The Killers “Mr. Brightside”


  4. larry says:

    POTW – Auburn -7
    DOTW – Rebs

    Secrets – OneRepublic
    Eye in the Sky – Alan Parsons Projects
    Livin on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
    Money Talks – AC/DC

    SOTW – You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

  5. tkh says:

    As much as this pains me…
    All in – POTW/ODOTW Notre Dame +5.5
    Army pick’em
    Navy -15
    State +13.5

  6. FlyinJ says:

    Can I get personal? As I write down my picks today, HBO is on in the background. As an honor to veterans, they are playing Pacific (series – all ten shows). I can’t help but remember the lines in Private Ryan as Tom Hanks character tells Pvt Ryan “to earn this” I sit in my comfy hotel room thanking those doing the hard fighting, involved in the disturbing conflicts that keep us pampered in never having to see such violence. As Americans the least we can do is “to earn this”. Thanks Vets.

    Army (PK) – what
    Navy -15
    Air Force -32
    Georgia Tech -2.5
    Mississippi State +13.5
    POTW: Tennessee -2


  7. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Pittsburgh -5 1/2
    Iowa -10
    Georgia +7
    Houston -3
    Kent State Even

    POTW-Stanford -5 1/2
    SOTW-Born in the USA- Bruce Springsteen

  8. Madd Dawg says:

    well said Flyin J.

    MD’s Home Dawg of the Week:
    Baylor +3

    DOTW for TB purposes: TX +5.5

  9. ZEEK says:

    Yo TB, no bonus pts for Dotw win?
    POTW- Two Team Teeze
    Miss St. +19′
    DOTW- Baylor

    Bonus Vet Songs:
    My Country Tis of Thee- Samuel Francis Smith
    God Bless America- Irving Berlin
    Star Spangled Banner- Francis Scott Key

    SOTW- Dedicated to all the foreign, America-hatin’ terrorists trying to take down my flag. Lenny Kravitz- Come and Get it

  10. Sweet says:

    POW – CFla/USM over 54′


    For extra credit

    Vote for Jennifer

  11. Fish says:

    POTW= Southern Miss +9′
    Pittsburgh -5′
    Northwestern +10
    BYU -6′
    Georgia +7
    MS State +13′
    DOTW= Colorado

  12. Tiny d says:

    POTW Auburn -7
    Iowa -10
    Florida -6
    Notre Dame 5

    SOTW How come my dog don’t bark when you come around? Dr. John

    Watching the detectives Elvis Costello
    People are crazy Billy Currington
    Little less conversation Elvis
    Bonus SOTW Follow me Uncle Cracker

    • ZEEK says:

      LMAO!!!!!! WTF? Whassup with the dude in the 80’s sweater and the missing tooth? They seem awful “friendly” with each other. Are those your Nordic cousins MD? Or are they from your Polock side? The grills (and language?) indicate Eastern bloc, so probably your polish cousins,huh?

    • Jessie Lou says:

      That was almost as good as the little mexican boy video posted once. I could not get past the ears and the teeth.

  13. smilyj says:

    POTW Arkansas -28′
    DOTW Tennessee-1′
    also Army -1
    SOTW “I Cant Drive 55”-Sammy Hagar -TB, I got behind Sam the other morning after dropping the kids off at daycare. I was late for work and didnt realize who the slowpoke in front of me was. I was thinking “why cant this old man with big ears get moving already?” Then i realized it was SAM! He was just squeezing every mile he can get per drop of fuel in that lil’ truck of his. By the pace of his starts and stops and his top speed, I bet he gets about 50 miles to the gallon!

  14. TDW says:

    BUFFALO -3
    Boise St. -34½
    VIRGINIA +1′
    Southern Miss +9′
    Syracuse -3 (POTW)


    You Light Up My Life by that Boone girl
    Tiny Bubbles by that Hawaiian guy
    Who The F*** Knows The Names of Any Song from that master of the pan flute guy
    Some Long-Ass Instrumental Crap from Kenny G
    Feerings (Feelings) as sung by some drunk Oriental guy when someone broke out a karaoke machine at a party I once went to

  15. BW BUZZ says:


    KENTUCKY -14
    FLORIDA -6
    ARKANSAS -28

    I talked with the Huckster the other day , who for those of that do not know, is as big a fan of Alabama as I am for Auburn. He of course knew all along that Scam Newton as he now refers to Cam Newton, was guilty all along. I am sure he will be giving interviews to the local media any day now!

  16. Jessie Lou says:

    Deliver us all from that being on TV!

    • Piquui says:

      Thank you so much with regard to giivng everyone an update on this subject matter on your site. Please realise that if a completely new post appears or in the event any improvements occur about the current submission, I would want to consider reading a lot more and learning how to make good using of those strategies you reveal. Thanks for your efforts and consideration of other men and women by making this blog available.

  17. Fig E says:

    BW Buzz, acknowledging you talked with Huck?….”Oh Baby”

    POTW: South Carolina +6′ @ FLORIDA (i still would carry Spurrier’s child in my decending colon if the Ol Ball Coach asked me to)

    Georgia +7′ @ AUBURN
    CENTRAL FLORIDA -9′ v. Southern Mississippi
    KENTUCKY -14 v. Vanderbilt
    ALABAMA -13 v. Mississippi State
    ARKANSAS -29 v. Utep
    TENNESSEE -2′ v. Mississippi
    Louisiana Monroe +33′ @ LSU

  18. Anonymous says:

    Potw: tenn-2

  19. br says:

    Me above tb

  20. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss + 2.5
    DOTW: Colorado State


    Would I Lie to You? – Eurythmics
    I’m No Angel – Gregg Allman
    River of Deceit – Mad Season
    Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band

    SOTW: It’s All About the Benjamins – Puff Daddy, Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Kim

  21. Mac says:

    POTW Bulldogs plus 13 vs the evil ones.
    SOTW because I obviously need those bonus points to keep me out of the cellar

  22. face says:

    POTW: Tulane -3.5 (If they can’t beat Rice, I’m done)

    SOTW: Money, Pink Floyd

  23. Jessie Lou says:

    Auburn – 7
    Utah – 5 1/2
    Ms State + 13 1/2
    Penn State + 17 1/2
    Kansas State + 13

    POTW – Oregon – 19 1/2

    Cheating was my theme about a month ago but I can oblige TB one more time.

    Careless Whisper – Wham
    Take a Bow – Rihanna
    Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon
    Dirty Laundry – Don Henley
    Girlfriend – Pebbles

    SOTW: Maybellene – Chuck Berry

  24. irvine redd says:

    UNC +3.5
    Houston -3
    Miss St. +13 (DOTW)

    Texas A & M -3

    Money for Nothing-Dire Straits
    Mo’Money Mo’Problems-Biggie Smalls
    If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve got the Time-Willie Nelson
    You Can’t Always Get What You Want-Rolling Stones

    Three is A Magic Number-Blind Melon

  25. Madd Dawg says:

    SOTW vote: Sweet for both Jammin and You Oughta Know (some powerful lyrics in that tune).

    Can we start doing an anti-SOTW as a new feature? Sorry IR, but Money for Nothing is my least favorite song of all time, I think it is the video that irks me the most. MTV, for obvious reasons, used to play that video 24-7 back when that song came out and that station actually played music videos.

  26. irvine redd says:

    I only picked it due to the title. Followed a theme. And it wasn’t my SOTW. But if we do an anti-SOTW, most of you should be prepared for the massive hate I will unleash.

  27. ZEEK says:

    Feerings…..noffin mor ban feerings……

  28. ZEEK says:

    LOTW- Sweet (that Marley tune reminds me of Beach Boys concert in 9th grade when you got molested by V.S. in the back seat on the way home while I got ignored in the front seat by your hot cousin)

    SOTW- MD -for comedic value only

    SOTW Hon Ment- MAC- awesome tune

    **I would just like to say that BW Buzz should probably be banned from site for openly admitting to willfull conversation with Huck, I’m just sayin’*****

  29. larry says:

    SOTW – Daily Wit – Zamfir and his pan flute – Theme from Once Upon A Time In America

    LOTW – Tiny d

  30. RockStarRambler says:

    SOTW: Harmony for Mr. Brightside – such a good tune
    LOTW: tiny d – great list; you bring it every week
    Special Tunes Shout Out: Smily for “[Sam] Can’t Drive 55!”
    Vote on Anti-SOTW proposition: Nay; I am ANTI-anti-SOTW

  31. Jessie Lou says:

    I’m with the wisdom of RSR – no anti SOTW.

    I’ll vote for Sweet and Ms. Morrisette, although I think it is an ironic song choice – pun intended.

  32. Madd Dawg says:

    yea, I was actually just kidding on the anti-SOTW.

  33. irvineredd says:

    I was on your wavelength on that MD. Jokes and jokes.

    But since my SOTWs don’t get much love, I am considering finding the worse things possible from week to week to expose all of you to. Just to see how much truly, abhorrently terrible music I can find.

    • SOTWs aren’t put out there for the love and adulation Irv, though God knows nobody gives a shout for TB either dammit….but I digress…..the tunage chosen has to be for love of the game man… for Art’s sake…..whoever that is

    • irvine redd says:

      Well this week I played the game, and pointed out the game I played to JL in an email, and she hadn’t noticed the game I played. Perhaps my game is too clever, or perhaps my game is so unclever that it’s actually a sign of my lack of cleverness and sophistication.

  34. Sweet says:

    I don’t know what game Irv is playing but he gets my SOW vote because I love Schoolhouse Rock
    TB gets my LOW vote

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