Thursday Pickin Round IV

Quote of the Day     “Horse sense is the thing a horse has that keeps it from betting on people.”     –W.C. Fields

Welcome to the Premier Pick’em Game on the Worldwide Web.

You may be asking yourself, “why should I participate in this silly pick’em game?” My answer: you don’t really have anything better to do, right? Actually, there is also the pride of a wild guess made good, the ability to see your success published internationally and read by literally several people, and the potential for some mystery reward. TB has a couple of ideas. You can be certain the reward will have little to no intrinsic value, much like the American dollar. And if you were paying attention to the playlists last week, you got some real gems to add to your collection, be it on the ipod or cassette tape. Many of you collected on the music bonus last week, but the tune of the week had to go to Ed for his back story, linked live performance, appropriateness, and quality. All the others were so close that no tiebreakers were needed, though special thanks go out to Larry for contributing two new songs to my library. I hope ya’ll are enjoying the music sharing as much as I am, from the current to the oldies to the sublime and the ridiculous.

Here’s how it went down last week. Gripe if you want, but I’m awarding TB the first place 50 points for picking USM correctly as POTW, going 3-1-1 on the bonus picks, and choosing songs I definitely like. I took a tie on Georgia’s victory, even though the line went down before game time and I would’ve won (and did elsewhere) with that extra half point shaved off. I credited those of you who took the same game with the line as it stood when you made the pick. Two weeks in a row, TB’s on a roll. Rock Star was second with a very close NC State victory and an appropriately timed and rockin atom-smashing playlist. Supercynic took third with a winning POTW, 2-1 bonus record and a seasonal selection by Better than Ezra. Feidt’s Follies next with a POTW, 3-2 bonus, and odd choice of Patsy Cline–are you mocking the game Fido? I’ll be watching you.Stone regained a bit of respectability with a POTW and good list. RMac hit her second POTW in as many tries, and is obviously uninterested, though maybe she can find enough humor here to bring her back. Sweet was right on their heels with a POTW, 1-0, a timely Michigan retraction, and his Culture Club DVD. JLM was the last to get her POTW, though it was done outside the blog. Ed tied his POTW, along with MD (2-1 on bonus). POTW losers, with their bonus picks in parentheses were Larry, BR (2-0), TKH (3-2), Fig E (2-2-1), and OB in last place (1-4) though he was obviously hampered by Hurricane Ike. Smiley went 3-1 without choosing a POTW and Zeek jumped in early this week and gets a single point just for the hell of it. All you POTW losers get kudos for your tunes as well, even Smiley for his PHS carpooling song shout-out.

Here are the standings:

  1. Fig–112
  2. TB–95
  3. Rock Star–65
  4. Supercynic–56
  5. Ed–53
  6. RMac–52
  7. Feidt’s Follies–45
  8. OB–42
  9. JLM–37
  10. Sweet–30
  11. Larry–25
  12. MD–15
  13. BR–13
  14. TKH–11
  15. Smiley–9
  16. Stone–8
  17. Zeek–1
New players are always welcome. With heavy emphasis on nailing your POTW and backing it up with some good tunes, the standings can change fast. It’s 50 points for the weekly winner, dropping quickly to 40, 35, 30, then a lot of close scores from 29 down. No negative points this week and everybody’s Back in Black.
TB’s Picks this week
  • Arkansas +9
  • Notre Dame +8′
  • Tulane  -6
  • Minnesota  -6′
  • LSU  -2
Pick of the week — Georgia -6′
My Tunes, livin it up while I’m winning
  • Dizz Knee Land–Dada
  • Steady as She Goes–The Raconteurs
  • Elevation–U2
  • I’m Goin to Town–Robert Earl Keen
  • Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard–Waylon Jennings

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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49 Responses to Thursday Pickin Round IV

  1. sweet says:

    man this is b.s. – I chose Me So Horny with the sidebar that I was awake for 25 hrs straight (not freakin me and smi-LYs Culture Club collection) 25 hrs? Fox channel Red Eye? 2 nfreakin Live crew frontman as a guest? F u, F u , and F u, whos next?
    This week I will be going not with music but with a personality, an attitude, a voice, an icon. Bob Dylan hosts a show on XM radio. It would be worth the price of admission to get XM and listen to this dude talk. The epitome of coolness. Drug inhanced or not this cat is where its at.

    POTW – FLA – 7 vs TN (bet ur kids, if u have any)
    addl pick – LSU -2
    Tulane – 6
    GA – 6

  2. OB says:


    My house now has power and I can now focus on things that matter, like kicking some major butt in the weekly pickem. Look out Goula, the Eyes of Texas are upon thee.

    LSU -2
    Va. Tech +2
    Notre Dame +8 ½
    Miami Fla Even
    Tulane -6

    My Play of the Week is Virginia Tech

    My inaugural playlist includes songs that remind me of my good ole Mississippi. I’ve also included an oldie by Glen Campbell, for those in Galveston, and another for my fellow Houstonians, who have had their homes swept away or have been affected in some way by Hurricane Ike.

    Mississippi (Bob Dylan)
    Biloxi (Jimmy Buffett)
    Jackson (Johnny Cash & June Cash)
    Roll On Mississippi (Charley Pride)
    Blues Man (Hank Williams Jr.)

    Galveston (Glen Campbell)
    Deep in the Heart of Texas (George Strait)

  3. zeek says:

    Well, in my first week I will begin to set into motion my plan of world domination of the TB site, anyone notice Baen’s moniker is the same as tuberculosis? This will be like taking candy from a babes. I shall begin with my tunes playlist with its reason for selection.

    1-“Easy Like Sunday Morning”-COMMODORES-
    Because the Rebels Will “easily” defeat Vandy.

    2-“Chokin’ Time”-LOU RAWLS-
    Because the Rebels could lose.

    3-“Live Wire”-MOTLEY CRUE
    Raise your hand if you ever rode in the
    trunk of Madd Dawg’s Zephyr jammin’ this hit.

    4-“Eye of the Tiger”-SURVIVOR”
    Summer of ’83 baby!!! Might write a screenplay
    with that title, one of if not the best ever.

    5-“The Ocean”-LED ZEPPELIN” All-Time Greatest
    Rock Band easily without question. My one that
    got away because I was born too late
    (like Buffet). Heard this song for first time
    Summer 85 at the “POINT” and I’ve loved Zep
    ever since.

    My picks are as follows:

    FLA- -7 was my potw but let sweet have it
    LSU- -2
    UGA- -6
    Fresno St.- -6′
    UCF- +11
    POTW- Ark. St.- -5′ (Mortal Lock)

  4. Jessie Lou says:

    East Carolina
    Wake Forrest
    Mississippi State

    POTW – Arizona State


    Hot Legs – Rod Stewart – They get you across the goal line

    Express Yourself – Madonna – What you do after you cross the goal line

    Renegade – Styx – The lucky guy who makes all the interceptions – See Moss Point Player Raqueen Richmond with 6 for year after 3 games

    My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crowe – when you can’t give up on your team – See MS State

    Luck Be A Lady Tonight – Sinatra – goes without saying.

  5. Greeg says:

    Since I have been getting my office pool picks from here, I might as well throw some of my own picks out there. I gave up on betting on football because you just can’t win, so my knowledge about the lines and everything is very limited. I will give some silly songs first.

    ‘I Like Beer’ – Tom T Hall – Because I like beer
    ‘Sweetheart from Venezuela’ – Harry Belafonte – Because Venezuelans are hot
    ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ – Althea & Donna – Because it’s a cool cut

    After throwing my darts, I ended up with these picks:
    Ga Tech -8′ (sorry Baen)
    BYU -28′
    USF -28
    Fla -7
    Bama -9′
    Toledo +7
    POTW – LSU -2

  6. Ed says:

    Rice + 30 at Texas…a shoe in.

    “The road behind was rocky
    But now you’re feeling cocky

    Ain’t nothin’ gonna breaka my stride
    Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no
    I got to keep on moving
    Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
    I’m running and I won’t touch ground
    Oh no, I got to keep on moving ”

    -Matthew Wilder

    You know you have hummed this to yourself.

  7. travellinbaen says:


  8. Jessie Lou says:

    Ed you have me singing……

    Greeg – no more betting? That was shocking news, and on your father’s birthday no less.

  9. larry says:

    You can bet on these all night long…


    Johnny Rebs -7′

    USM -7′
    Fla St -4
    Bama -9
    Auburn +2

    I am all over with my music this week.

    Fast as You – Dwight Yoakum
    Born a Rebel – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me – The Bellamy Brothers
    Sellin The Rain – Beanland
    Carmelita – Warren Zevon

  10. tkh says:

    No tunes as of yet

    USM -7′
    Mich ST +8′
    Auburn +2
    GT -8
    Vandy +7′

    POW UF – 7

  11. Smilyj17 says:

    POTW State.
    also Tulane
    and Arkansas

    Gotta Love “Delta Dawn” That song turns me on.
    “Ride On” AC/DC
    “Whats Goin on” 4 Non Blondes”

  12. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss -7′

    Playlist, inspired by everyone’s top concert picks:

    Just The Same Way – Journey (Ed)
    Do You Love Me – Kiss (MD)
    Say it Isn’t So – The Outfield (Zeek)
    Light It On Fire – Cowboy Mouth (Adam)
    Gringo Honeymoon – REK (TB)

  13. Madd Dawg says:

    POTW is LSU-3

    but also like

    and SMU +24 (they always cover)

    My song boycott continues.

  14. RMac says:

    POTW – Boston College – they turn out good folk

    Rain in the Summer Time – Alarm
    Hold On – KT Tunstall
    In a Big Country – Big Country
    If you wanna be Happy – Jimmy Soul
    (in honor of Palin)

  15. Adam says:

    POTW – LSU -2 seriously under the new rules someone has to win and Auburn is not scoring.

    I also like Vandy getting 7 (may be a straight up win.

    Tunes for the week (inspired from the concert list.

    Light it on Fire – Cowboy Mouth
    Boy in the Bubble – Paul Simon
    Centerfold – The J. Geails Band

    Ring tone you want to avoid if your phone hoes off in church – Jimmy Buffett – Lets get Drunk and Screw

  16. Adam says:

    8 freaking points. Really, you stink.

  17. sweet says:

    Retraction of the week – LSU

    addition of the week – Wake Forest

  18. BR says:

    Picks :
    POTW : Ohio State

    Decided to go a little heavy this week.

    Iron Maiden : Run for the Hills
    Judas Priest : Living after Midnight
    Tesla: Modern Day Cowboy
    Dio: Holy Diver

    As you can tell the concert Blog has inspired me
    to list the music i listened to while cruising Market St. in the 80’s, suprised i can even hear anymore.

  19. Fig E says:


    Penn State -27′ vs Temple
    Va Tech +2′ vs UNC
    FSU -4 vs Wake
    Army +10 vs Akron
    E. Michigan +21′ vs MD

    POTW Missouri -34 over Buffalo


    *I Drink – Mary Gauthier
    *Baker Street – Foo Fighters
    *In Spite of Ourselves – John Prine & Iris Dement
    *When the Word was Thunderbird – Billy Joe Shaver
    *Barefeet on the Dash – Jackson Taylor Band

  20. Greeg says:

    Baen, can I retract my LSU pick and put U LALa in as my POTW?

    *****yep. Done*****

  21. Feidts Follies says:

    Heading to baltimore tommorow if anybody wants to talk its 843 329 9135. I wil be in the car for about 17 hours combined on Fri and sunday.

    My picks are as follows:

    #1 Larry Lee hangs his wet underwear out back.
    #2 LSU -3
    #3 Miami -3
    #4 Tulane -6
    #POTW – Vandy +7′ (unless u go thru BC and its +8 then load up.)
    #6 Me making out with a bridesmaid I will never see again!

    Tunes for the long ride I got:

    Summertime – Fresh Prince ( Because back then I really didn’t know what it was)

    US BLUES – Grateful Dead (Summertime done come and Gone) End of summer anthem

    Stop – Go Widespread Panic (version is 18 minutes long, I got a long drive, and the lyric is: I used to know where I was going)

    Good Vibrations – Marky Mark (goin to a wedding with a bunch of single horny bridesmaids that i will never see again, come on Feel it Feel it!)

  22. Feidts Follies says:

    Oh yeah On sunday all NFL ALL DAY on Sirius.

    I dont know if any of you have done this but I have done it many times. You get on the road by 1 for the early games. Piss break about 3:50, make picks, chase money, get back in car. Piss break about 5:30 beg for second half line, get back in car. Double stack about 8 pm, deal with somebody running the line about 2 points, make bet, get home late, just in time to watch the last 10 minutes. and the 2 points not matter.

    Best way ever to pass 432 miles on a sunday afternoon.

  23. Feidt, AC/DC has its own channel right now on XM, and i think Sirius too. It Freakin Rocks. Best. Station. Ever.

  24. sweet says:

    they do have it on sirius- hell ya
    when is the merger taking place so I can just listen to Dylan talk

  25. Jessie Lou says:

    It is amusing to watch the retractions and who cannot stick with what they initially choose.

  26. Sweet, the merger is done on the business side, but I don’t know when they will merge content. The AC/DC channel is the first example I guess. I expect most of the channel mergers will be in the next few months. The Dylan show is cool for his commentary, but usually the music is not so great–it’s like 30’s and 40’s stuff. The Jack Ingram show, Robert Earl Keen show and the Tom Petty show are the best ones for tunes.

  27. zeek says:

    Baen– I would like to throw a sort of Bonus POTW
    out there for this week.

    USA over Europe in Ryder Cup

    It is finally our year I think, no hopes pinned on Tiger. Rally the troops and win on for El Tigre!!

    Any thoughts or comments, I’m sure that we have the unpatriotic or cynical out there.

  28. OB says:

    I agree. We finally have some new blood in there for team USA. I was really growing tired of the Davis Love’s, David Toms’, and Tom Lehman’s of the world. Now if we could get rid of Micklefat, and Justin Leonard!

  29. sweet says:

    JLou (LJB) has inserted dagger #1 into sweet. will continue to count daggers throughout the year
    over/under 4

  30. Jessie Lou says:

    You are imagining things – still paranoid (Crazy) after all these years!

    As for the Ryder’s cup I think Phil Mickelson looks like TB, always have. I mean that as a compliment.

  31. OB says:

    If that’s the case I’d like to retract my comments regarding Mickleson being fat.

  32. Jessie Lou says:

    I was wondering if you would – almost made a reference to it. I think he is slimmer than he used to be – Mickelson and TB for that matter lasat time I was in his company. That said, I am only looking at the faces for this comparison.

  33. travellinbaen says:

    I usually get more comparisons to George Clooney. Sometimes Brad Pitt.

    And a couple of more ski trips should get me down to about 205 to 210, which is more like “pudgy” than “fat”.

  34. Madd Dawg says:

    could we please move the discussion off of the subject of TB’s physique and back to football?

  35. zeek says:

    What the F*** is wrong with being fat?? We can’t all be blessed with genetics or table restraint! That being said, weird that J-Lou made that comparison with TB and Phildo because I was just thinking the exact same thing, TB always had that same touch of arrogance on the athletic field as does Phildo,which has served them well and bitten them in the a** in the past.
    As for Sweet’s dagger Over/Under I will take the over because he usually leaves himself open for it and J-Lou is so adept at it after years of practice.
    Shut up Sterno, you can’t pick your nose.

  36. Jessie Lou says:

    Ya’ll are so easily led off the beaten path!

    You can now return to the regularly scheduled program.

  37. face says:

    I would like to point out that several of you have taken an 0-2 Tulane team that is giving almost a touchdown. I can tell you from experience this is not setting up well for the wave. I hope I’m wrong as I’ll be in the dome.

    I’ll take Fresno St as my POTW, and give me USM, LSU and Georgia.

    Since Zeek brought up the Ryder Cup and the europeans are off to a slow start, I’ll go with some British invasion tunes to spur a european comeback. House of the Rising Sun- The Animals, Sympathy for the Devil- Rolling Stones, and For Your Love- Yardbirds.

  38. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Lsu -2
    Oregon -10
    Indiana -3
    Wake +4 1/2

    Potw Utah -9 1/2

  39. zeek says:

    I never would have guessed you would be the traitor, Face. I am highly disappointed. I will now
    have to destroy you next time we meet on the course!!!! Spark that you Limey lover!!!

  40. sweet says:

    taking my cuz’s advice, retraction #2 Tulane – 6
    addition #2 Troy st + 22
    In summary

    POTW Fla – 7
    Wake Forest + 4
    Troy St + 22
    UGA – 6

  41. face says:

    Sorry Sweet, the Wave dominated from the opening kickoff. I am now predicting a bowl game for the Wave this year, and I wish USM was on the schedule.

  42. zeek says:

    Are we gonna allow this turd to just change his picks at will?? Some type of rule needs to be established to control the idiots and morons.
    You would think his so-called profession would
    cause him to know better.

  43. sweet says:

    The way I see it, my retractions went 2-0
    my additions went 2-0
    so I’m really 6-0 instead of 4-0

  44. Greeg says:

    I dont know how everybody else did but i kicked ass. Can I retract my retraction of LSU? Thanks Bro, I thought you knew what you were talking about. I still got my POTW though b baby. See what happens when I have no momey involved.

  45. sweet says:

    It could have gone either way, I prefer to pick easy winners

  46. zeek says:

    I went 4-2 with my potw(mortal lock)ARK ST. winning, and my playlist of tunes should have me cruising to a debut week victory. I’m sure it won’t be that easy though.

  47. sweet says:

    “Is that a dagger which I see before me?”
    Looks like Sweet and little Greeg pulled out the dagger that JLou(LJB) stuck in me and inserted it into the so called competition this week…ouch

  48. Feidts Follies says:

    Baltimore chicks are ugly

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