Bears and Eagles and Elephants, oh my

Quote of the Day:

Gordie: Alright, alright, Mickey’s a mouse, Donald’s a duck, Pluto’s a dog. What’s Goofy?
Vern: If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That’s easy-Pez. Cherry-flavored Pez. No question about it.
Teddy: Goofy’s a dog. He’s definitely a dog.
Gordie: I knew the $64,000 question was fixed. There’s no way anybody could know that much about opera!
Chris: He can’t be a dog. He drives a car and wears a hat.
Gordie: Wagon Train’s a really cool show, but did you notice they never get anywhere? They just keep wagon training.
Vern: Oh, God. That’s weird. What the hell is Goofy?

–Stand By Me (1986)

Just so I have all this straight……

Alabama’s icon is the Bear, they call themselves the Tide and their mascot is an elephant.

Auburn is officially the Tigers, but yell “war eagle” and are known as Plainsmen.

Tennessee is orange for chrissakes and call themselves the Volunteers but their mascot is a dog.

LSU is a tiger but they do that because of what a group of rebels called themselves, not the actual animal. And LSU hates the Rebels.

Now Ole Miss, who was once the Flood, but are revered as the Rebels are represented by a Bear. But Bama is still an elephant, right?

Just checkin’. The more I think about it, the more I think “Rebel Bear” makes perfect sense.

Go State!


(blank stare)

Bonus Song o’the Day, in honor of the Bear being unveiled against the, um Bear’s team, OM finally has a new fight song to replace “From Dixie With Love” between the third and fourth quarters.

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I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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12 Responses to Bears and Eagles and Elephants, oh my

  1. ZEEK says:

    TB, don’t get me started dude. If you have noticed, I have been ranting about this on FB already. I don’t understand how the powers that be could be so retarded and not simply do as I have suggested already. Just make Colonel Reb a more modern, less offensive to AA’s, riverboat gamblin’, swashbucklin’, rape and pillagin’ piratey, 21st century Colonel Reb. Can u imagine how cool our helmets would be with the navy blue base and a red and white Buccaneer/Pirate/Raider on each side? And Navy or red facemasks? Not to mention the sales of the cool new mascot on everything UM,and everybody coming to games with eyepatcheson, parrots on shoulders, peglegs, swords, and very cool hats. OMG, please tell me this isn’t happening. Can you hear all the teddy bear jokes already? I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!!!!!!

  2. Jessie Lou says:

    I’m just glad it wasn’t that queer Hotty Toddy dude – the other two options I can live with.

  3. I like the bear. But that’s because I’ve always liked bears. When I was a kid, I asked my mom for a grizzly bear like Ben from Grizzly Adams. She didn’t get me one.

    I also have an affinity for black bears now that I went toe to toe with one in Glacier National Park while TB ran like a little girl. At least that’s how I remember it.

    As far as mascots go, I really couldn’t care less. I care more about the scoreboard, which is actually sad for me because that usually means heartache.

    • Put it this way. If that bear had given chase and I was with Carl Lewis in his prime, and I didn’t necessarily have to outrun the bear, but just Carl, I’d still be typing up this crummy blog 4 times a week.

      Even old and spare tire carryin’ TB can scoot when I need to.

  4. ZEEK says:

    I understand where ur coming from TDW, scoreboard is primary concern, which is a whole other debacle, but it is a proven scientific fact that a team called, oh, let’s just say the Crushers, will play harder and stronger than a team called the Powderpuffs. They are already going against the wishes of the vast majority of alumni, students, and fans by changing in the first place. But a m*^&^$%$$#$%#f*&*(&(*&^%^&$in’ Black G*&&*^%&%$&*D(**$#@MN Bear!!!! What are we, Uncle Remus University?

    • Brer Bear? Sounds like a good name.

    • Actually the best name I’ve heard of for a team was a flag football team named “Off.” Their huddle breaking chant was “Don’t beat Off!” They also knew that other players would be asked about whether they won or not and they’d have to respond by saying, “Yeah, we beat Off.”

    • face says:

      Hey Zeek, I’m pretty sure they went against the wishes of the vast majority of alumni, students, and fans when the school was forced to admit AAs. Just because the vast majority is against something, doesn’t mean its right.

  5. Mac says:

    I sent the college a suggestion that the new mascot should be Ricky Schroeder from the tv show Silver Spoons. I never heard back from them.

  6. Jessie Lou says:

    Where is that Tar Baby? Perhaps he ran off with Colonel Reb……

    Bear was IR’s nickname as a child and his grammy still calls him that.

  7. irvineredd says:

    I never understood why we just didn’t go with old school revolutionary war style patriot. Still a rebel, and we could have bought all of the New England Patriots old uniforms, and just worn those. And everybody could have brought muskets into the stadium. When we scored everyone fires into the air. When the other team scores, we all take aim at one of their players legs and let loose. Win, win.

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