Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 8

Quote of the Week:

I do what I can with what I have. (which sux if you’re me. And I am.)”     —Zeek

TB’s been busy this week. Meaning, busier than usual. Too busy to do my normal routine, which includes TCB and TCB (takin’ care o’bizness, and takin’ care o’blog). So once again you get the preamble-free version of Thursday Pickin’.

TB lost my fourth POTW in a row last week, and I’m now underwater at 3-4 on the year. I went 3-2 on bonus picks moving my season total to 13-14-3. The TBU went 11-10 on POTW’s moving our collective season mark to 67-64. On bonus picks we were 19-27 and it would’ve been much worse without BW Buzz and Irv coming through. TKH and Sweet hit their DOTW’s and the music points went to JLou and Fig.

Last week’s results, remember the top 11 won their POTW, bonus results only in parentheses:

  1. SmilyJ  (2-1)  56
  2. Sweet  (all in plus bonus to stay with Smily)  56
  3. Face  56
  4. Flyin’ J  56
  5. RockStarRambler  56
  6. BR  56
  7. Larry  56
  8. Pitalo  (2-3 plus bonus point to stay ahead of biggest loser  BW Buzz)  45
  9. TKH  (0-1)  45
  10. Fig  (1-4 plus music bonus plus BWBuzz bonus)  45
  11. TDW (0-5–really got saved by BW Buzz)  45
  12. BW Buzz  (4-0)  44
  13. Irv  (3-0)  38
  14. TB  (3-2)  26
  15. JLou  (2-3 plus music bonus  19)
  16. Zeek  (0-1)  14
  17. Fish  (0-1)  14
  18. Mac  10
  19. MD  10
  20. Coach TJ  (1-3)  8
  21. Tiny D  (1-3)  8
  22. FF  (overslept til Sunday)

Season Standings:

  1. Tiny D  325
  2. Smily  303
  3. TDW  303
  4. BR  300
  5. Larry  288
  6. Fish  284
  7. Face  280
  8. RSR  276
  9. Sweet  266
  10. Pitalo  264
  11. Flyin’ J  254
  12. MD  253
  13. JLou  233
  14. Fig  223
  15. TB  219
  16. BW Buzz  212
  17. CTJ  195
  18. TKH  193
  19. Mac  193
  20. Zeek171
  21. Feidt’s Follies  144
  22. Irv  136
  23. Harmony  (the best DJ any Thursday Picker ever had)

Here are my picks for this week and here’s your link to the odds:

  • Penn State  -9′
  • Tennessee  +16′
  • LSU  +6  (Dog o’ the week)
  • Georgia  -4
  • DAbears  +9′

POTW–Michigan State  -5

My tunes, to help me find a little more time in the day:

  • 10 Seconds to Love–Crue
  • Lovin’ Every Minute of It–Loverboy
  • In the Midnight Hour–Wilson Pickett
  • Beautiful Day–U2
  • No Time–The Guess Who

SOTW, Elvis and the TCB Band

Now that all you Bear fans have a tear in your eye, let me add a little levity

About travellinbaen

I'm a 40 year old lawyer living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I'm several years and a couple hundred miles removed from most of my old running buddies so I started the blog to provide an outlet for many of the observations and ideas that used to be the subjects of our late night/happy hour/halftime conversations and arguments.
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47 Responses to Thursday Pickin’ Season III, Week 8

  1. irvineredd says:

    So did I not get my DOTW McNeese St. points?

    • You were probably makin’ signs the week I started DOTW, but no, the DOTW is an unscored outright underdog winner pick. In other words, McNeese would’ve had to win the game without points to be a DOTW winner. You did get your normal 6 points for winning that game against the spread though.

  2. Harmony says:

    Even though I have no idea what’s going on in Thursday Pickin’, I have found myself anxiously awaiting this day….oddly, for me, a good case of confusion and fantastic collection of music makes up for a pretty damn good day of the week.

    This week has been a total disaster, bringing, ever so harshly, to my existence the whole “when it rains, it pours” idiom. And, just for shits and giggles we had hail and thunderstorms to boot! I’m usually to spastic to go with a theme on my music collection and this weeks it is no different. However, I title the following Duck, Duck, Goose.

    A/AVotW: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s “Night Man”

    COTW: Vanessa Carlton’s version of “Paint it Black”

    FVOTW: Mazzy Star “Fade Into You”

    Runner-up SOTW: Dinosaur Jr. “Feel the Pain”


  3. irvineredd says:

    Aha. Trying to keep fear alive cost me!

  4. Bobby Pitalo says:

    Houston +7 1/2
    Baylor -6 1/2
    Kent State -2
    Oklahoma – 3
    UCLA +25

    SOTW- Eli’s Coming- Three dog night.

  5. OREGON -25
    Notre Dame -6½
    Connecticut +1′
    Duke +26′
    MIAMI -6′ (POTW)

  6. Fish says:

    POTW- LSU +6
    DOTW- Connecticut
    south florida +7
    mich st -5
    notre dame -6′
    nebraska -5′
    Mississippi Bears +9′

  7. larry says:

    POTW – DaBears +9′

    DOTW – DaBears – I did hit my DOTW last week if it matters.

    SOTW – Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad – Jamey Johnson

    In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins
    Run Around Sue – Dion
    Grease – Frankie Valli

    • Kalpana says:

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  8. larry says:

    Bonus SOTW – My Home’s in Alabama – Alabama

  9. ZEEK says:

    Well, atleast I got quote of the week, bout as good as I can do this year.

    POTW- Louisville-1′


    SOTW- All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin’ Over Tonight- Bocephus
    (Live from Tupelo)
    *Maybe the University of Mississippi Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears can put
    some pig in the ground this weekend!!!!

  10. tkh says:

    No fancy extra bonus points for same team potw/dotw?

    POTW/DOTW Navy +6.5

  11. smilyj says:

    POTW: STATE -20
    DOTW: Louisville +1.5
    Also, Middle Tenn -12
    West Va -14
    SOTW: “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Cliff Crofford; The monkey at the fair had me singing this song all day after he took money out of my hand and stuck it in his pocket. Also, had to get a pic of my 5 year old with him. I could play with monkeys all day.

    Also, related songs. See if you can tell me how they are related.
    “Coca Cola Cowboy” Mel Tillis
    “I’ll Wake You Up When I Get Home” Charlie Rich
    “Six Pack To Go” Hank Thompson
    “I Can’t Say No To A Truck Driving Man” Carol Chase
    “Behind Closed Doors” The Silver Fox

  12. B.R. says:

    potw: arkansas -9.5
    dotw: mizzu

    sotw: ac dc :touch too much

  13. sweet says:

    Smily, do you still have those scars from the night we spent with that monkey? You were a bad boy.

  14. Tiny d says:

    POTW Georgia -4

    Arkansas -9
    Auburn -6
    Michigan St. -5

    Field tripping to the capital yesterday with an offspring inspired my play list…had time and necessity to listen to some old stuff
    Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs
    Just like a pill – P!nk
    Sweetest Thing – U2
    SOTW – Buddy Holly – Weezer

  15. Fig E says:

    POTW: South Carolina -12′ @ VANDERBILT

    Arkansas -9′ @ MISSISSIPPI
    lsu +6@ AUBURN
    Alabama -16′ @ TENNESSEE
    Georgia -4 @ KENTUCKY

    “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” – Freddy Fender
    “Fight The Power” – Public Enemy
    “Animal (F**k Like A Beast)” – WASP
    “One In A Million” – Guns & Roses
    “Nothing Sacred” – David Allen Coe

  16. Mac says:

    POTW Auburn -5 1/2

  17. RockStarRambler says:

    POTW: Ole Miss +9.5

    Feeling a little strung out after this work week.

    She Sells Sanctuary (guitar) – The Cult
    Bittersweet Symphony (violin) – The Verve
    Losing My Religion (mandolin) – REM
    Cello Song – Nick Drake

    SOTW: Little Lion Man (banjo) – Mumford & Sons

    Here’s to a great weekend listening to excellent tunes, including Dinosaur Jr. and Kaiser Chiefs (2 truly inspired selections)!

  18. Fish says:

    I vote for Smilyj for

    That’s funny!!!!

  19. BW BUZZ says:

    ARKANSAS -10
    ALABAMA -16
    KENTUCKY + 4

    POTW AUBURN -5 1/2

  20. Madd Dawg says:

    Home Dawg POTW:
    Kansas +14

  21. sweet says:

    POW – Northwestern +6
    DOW – North Carolina

    For Luscious Larry

    For MaddDawg

    For Fig E

  22. Face says:

    POTW- Baylor -6

  23. Madd Dawg says:

    Nice song list. I can’t believe that Dio died. I remember seeing him in concert with Joel Grey and William Krebs in Biloxi in 10th grade on a school night (what were our parents thinking back then?). There were maybe 1500 people there.

    But my vote for SOTW goes to Fig E. with truly inspired raunchy selections. I can see where your mind is right now and feel sorry for Missy tonight.

  24. Madd Dawg says:

    Check out these tunes from around graduation year (DW, also on a “cassette tape”) I love the numerous references to beepers.

    and last but not least….

    Fig E still has Hammer pants.

  25. ZEEK says:

    TB- I think I started somethin with the QOTW comment, whaddya think?

    MD- You went WAY back on that one dog, you definitely got my vote for LOTW.

    Sweet- Munched on any nuts today?

    Smiley- You’re gay. (I’m just sayin)

    FigE- Missy Time…ho-oh, ho-oh, ho-oh, ho-oh, here we go……

    P.S.– Shout out to William Krebs….. Rest in Peace bro.

    • Yes, I haven’t decided whether to welcome the additional participation/interest or to be a stern autocrat and disqualify any attempts to overreach citizen autonomy……but TB has taken note of the grassroots movement

  26. coachteajay says:

    Navy +’

    Bonus Picks
    UAB +19′
    Kentucky +4
    East Carolina -12′
    West Virginia -13′


  27. Jessie Lou says:

    Iowa – 5
    Penn State – 9
    South Carolina – 12
    Arkansas – 9
    Kansas State +6
    POTW: Texas Tech – 2

    Songs are all from the year 1970 when most of you were being born I was listening to WTIX out of New Orleans – the only music station we could get around here:

    American Woman – The Guess Who
    Thank You – Sly and the Family Stone
    I Want You Back – The Jackson 5
    Green Eyed Lady – SugarLoaf
    War – Edwin Starr

    SOTW – Moma Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night

  28. ZEEK says:

    TB- the people have spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done.

  29. Feidt's Follys says:

    POTW Parley Over Arkansas 58′
    Kentucky +4

    Dogg O the Week – Tennesse +16′

  30. ZEEK says:

    Since MD has had me on youtube all morn listening to old skool, I have to throw this Bonus SOTW in since it is football/baseball all day and this is an old skool fav of mine alogt of ya’ll have probably never heard.

  31. Fig E says:

    Knelms: So, you assume the Hammer pants you found last week under Kathie K Knelms’ side of the bed were mine? I appreciate that.

  32. FlyinJ says:

    Once again, I am behind. The one team pick seem to work for me so here it goes. POTW Missouri +3.

  33. ZEEK says:

    I would like to note my POTW and DOTW both won, which proves my Costanza theory is working. I will now attempt to ruin Oregon’s season by taking them soon because I despise them for some reason, probably their PAC-10 affiliation along with their ungodly uniforms and overration?( Is that a word,TB)

    SOTW- I will go with Sweet for TNT
    LOTW- Definitely MD– “You don’t know ME, MAN!!!!” LOL!!
    QOTW- Smiley and his beastialitcal (Is that a word, TB?) comment on monkeys.

  34. RockStarRambler says:

    Both Harmony and tiny d are winners in my book:

    SOTW – Harmony for Feel the Pain and/or Fade Into You
    LOTW – tiny d
    QOTW – Harmony: “Even though I have no idea what’s going on in Thursday Pickin’, I have found myself anxiously awaiting this day….oddly, for me, a good case of confusion and fantastic collection of music makes up for a pretty damn good day of the week.” I’m right there with you, Harmony!

  35. sweet says:

    SOTW – TB and one for Pitalo since I forgot to vote for his last week
    LOTW – RSR and MD

  36. larry says:

    SOTW – TNT – Sweet
    LOTW – MD

  37. Harmony says:

    I remembered to vote, here it goes.

    LOTW: It’s a toss up between RockStarRambler and Madd Dawg for me.
    SOTW: Tinyd
    QOTW: Zeek: “Smily- I thought you did play with your monkey all day!!!!”

  38. Bobby Pitalo says:


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